COE prices for S’pore cars rise across the board – by Malaysia Chronicle – 7th July 2011

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COE prices for S’pore cars rise across the board SINGAPORE – Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums rose across the board in the latest bidding exercise which ended on Wednesday. Hybrid Motors CEO Eddie Lo said the rise in COE premiums could be due to an increase in car sales brought about by the previous COE bidding, which saw a decrease. Mr Lo added taxis’ demand for COEs could be another reason for the higher premiums.
The premium for small cars rose S$5,745 to S$55,989. The COE price in the open category increased S$3,321 to S$68,811. Meanwhile, the premium for big cars rose S$801 to S$68,501, which Mr Lo said was a 14-year high. He added a reason for the increase in COE premium for this category could be that more new luxury car models had been launched recently. For goods vehicles and buses, the COE price was S$1,501 higher at S$32,590. The COE price for motorcycles climbed S$70 to S$2,360. Mr Lo said COE prices are likely to rise as customers continue to rush to buy cars, pending a further cut of vehicle quota numbers next month.
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Idiot Singaporeans, don’t let them report it like it was gospel. Vote specifically and only for MPs who will abolish COE entirely, if not run for election if no such MP’s exist. COE is dead if the people wish it.  Most of the world does not have COE you moronic Sinkies!
This is your country so please vote a MP who will end COE.
*** Commentary : Note that this article appears to have been removed by Malaysia Chronicle, including all comments. This could mean that Malaysia Chronicle which favours Pakatan Rakyat could be under the influence of PAP, thus USA and hence the Zionist-Globalists as well.

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