Is this Marina Mahathir? – by Stan Lee – 10 July 2011

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(Malaysia Chronicle) Is this really Marina Mahathir? Did the eldest daughter of despot Mahathir Mohamad really take part in the Bersih 2.0 rally for free and fair elections? This photo is making the rounds in Facebook. Recently, Marina – a patron of several local NGOs – condemned the Najib administration’s crackdown on Bersih supporters, saying only people with something to fear would behave in such an extreme way.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Enough of this photo op or self promotion nonsense. I am concerned that while posing as one of the good guys, this daughter of one of the worst policy makers and dictators in history yet to be brought to book, has NEVER mentioned APARTHEID against the minorities in any direct manner very much the same way Tengku Dr. Harris and Raja Petra Kamaruddin of MCLM have yet to (Marina is a committe bearer in that outfit though). She has though mentioned feminism in an apartheid manner but never spoke out against the method of acquisition of the massive wealth of her parents or brothers either.
Shows that Nepotism triumphs over honesty to the people. One more reason never to vote for family blocs in government. They will not look after citizens’ interests, they will be looking after their own family interests. Nepotism is especially bad in the 3rd world with the people egging them on as well because they too are too selfish or uneducated to see the difference – as in Yingluck’s recent taking of te PM’s seat in Thailand.
Let’s put it another way, APARTHEID is APARTHEID and you might as well vote your own relative as MP or PM (followed by yourself upon their passing??? Think Nuruls and KJs . . . ) than anyone else’s relative. In which case you would be no better than these very same self serving people. NO to sequestration of political seats within 1 family ! Speak against APARTHEID unambiguously Marina, or endorse the 3 items.
1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.
*** Commentary : This comment was not allowed on Malaysia Chronicle, removed minutes after posting. It would appear that Marina has Malaysia Chronicle in her pocket as well. Given that Pakatan Rakyat is also in on Malaysia Chronicle’s ‘protect’ list and the skewed nature of reporting, I fear that the 3 items will have difficulty materialising simply for political expedience, even though being a signatory of the Human Rights Charter, Malaysia is bound to comply with EQUALITY (which Bumiputra does not ensure and instead creates 2 classes of citizenship, one superior and one subordinate) : Article 1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Article 2. Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. ;and being a Muslim country has not yet applied : This sermon delivered on the Ninth day of Dhul al Hijjah 10 A.H. in the ‘Uranah valley of Mount Arafat. “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a White has no superiority over a Black nor a Black has any superiority over a White except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly.” There was never mention of a Bumiputra Race and there was no denunciation of Bumiputra and the obvious fostering of APARTHEID via the same thus far by Marina ‘Evil’ Mahathir.

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