Now it’s your turn — by @RZ – 15 July 2011 (Malaysian Insider)

In Democracy, Malaysia on January 30, 2012 at 2:23 pm
On July 9, I did something for my country. I walked with my neighbours, my friends, and fellow strangers. Different and segmented as our personal lives may be, but in cause, there is no doubt in my mind, that we are one. There were eight different demands of Bersih, but to me, there is essentially one and it’s the only reason I came out on the streets. It is so that we can be heard and counted. It is so that, when election arrives, each vote will matter. As I shouted “Hidup Rakyat,” I felt a sense of belonging amongst the strangers around me. I looked around and, I realised, that skin colour doesn’t matter. As I looked into their eyes, I saw the same anger — the anger that comes not from hatred, but from crying foul. The anger came from injustice done to us, from the squandering of trust that the rakyat had given those in power. At that moment, I also saw hope. I saw an old Chinese couple hoping for a better Malaysia for their grandchildren, a middle-aged Indian woman crying for her future, and then I saw me, doing the least I can do for my country, for everyone. I thought to myself.
If this is not 1 Malaysia, then what is? We held hands, and we marched. My fear depleted and we became stronger. Our fear became our strength, because together, those bullies don’t stand a chance. I knew at that moment, if all else fails, I could rely on us — the rakyat. Because the rakyat are decent, whose dream is only to see our futures are chartered right, and our country prosper. To those against us, it’s okay. This is democracy and you have your right as I do mine. I may not agree with your beliefs and your stand against my cause, but I will defend your right to say your cause and your beliefs. Let’s not intimidate each other and let’s not be unjust. Because at the end of the day, it’s how just you are that will define you. On July 9, 2011, I did something for my country. Now it’s your turn. Register as a voter and vote. Vote for whomever you feel is worthy of your trust for your future and the future of your next generation, and vote for your country. Come back home, if you’re away, and cast your ballot, and get your neighbours, your friends and strangers around you to register and vote. Let’s make the country right. Hidup Rakyat.
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Just voting is half the story readers. The other half has not been presented to you by Malaysian Insider. Apart from the above do study the critical actions a citizen needs to take below : If you have the finances for it and find that all selectable candidates are bad, you must not only vote *BUT* ” Run For Candidacy ” as well. There is no excuse to not exercise your democratic right to run for candidacy against plutocrats, nepotists and racists of both BN or PR. Let’s make the country right indeed. Hidup Rakyat.

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