Queen ‘Bersih’ meets Najib – by by Wong Choon Mei – 15th July 2011 (Malaysia Chronicle)

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Queen ‘Bersih’ meets Najib Britain’s Queen Elizabeth greeted Prime Minister Najib Razak during an audience at Buckingham Palace in central London on Thurdsay. What could not be missed was the bright yellow dress worn by the British monarch, known for her subtlety and wit. But amused or not, Najib and wife Rosmah Mansor bowed low before Her Majesty despite the unmistakable the shade of yellow she sported and which had been adopted by Bersih, a Malaysian movement for free and fair elections that was recently outlawed by Najib. In the scandal sheets again over a gargantuan diamond ring said to be worth RM24.4mil (or about US$8mil), Rosmah also made sure to keep her hands tightly clasped during the photo-shoot. But even so, she could not resist wearing a string of pearls the size of marbles. However, it was not Rosmah’s jewellery or lavish spending that set tongues wagging.
It was the yellow of Queen E’s dress that drew attention. Even the flowers in the vase were yellow, and it is believed the Queen chose the colour to send a strong signal to Najib, who had ordered a harsh crackdown on a peaceful citizens march organised by Bersih last Saturday. The July 9 Walk for Democracy saw police shooting tear gas and chemicalized water directly into the crowds that thronged the streets of Kuala Lumpur, leaving thousands injured and one dead. More than 1,600 were arrested and several remain in remand without trial. Calls to resign Calls are mounting for Najib to step down but he has ignored these, galling his countrymen further with comments that underscore a growing arrogance and desperation to cling to power at all costs. “It was quite mild because although they were taken in, they were released after eight hours and they were treated really well. There was no undue use of force and the demonstrators were dispersed using minimum force,” Najib told CNN.
The United Nations and Washington have earlier in the week issued separate statements rebuking the Malaysian crackdown. “We are very concerned by the recent crackdown on peaceful demonstrators by the government in Malaysia,” Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights told AFP. “We are alarmed at the targeting of individuals for championing the rights of Malaysian citizens to express their opinions and to peacefully assemble.” At 10, Downing Street Bersih is a coalition of 62 top NGOs and had organised the July 9 march to draw citizens’ support for free and fair elections. But Najib insists there is nothing wrong with the existing system and has blamed Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim for stirring up trouble. Meanwhile, in London, Najib also met his British counterpart David Cameron for talks aimed at boosting bilateral relations. Earlier, the Malaysian leader was met on arrival at at the UK Foreign and Commowealth Affairs Office by its Secretary of State William Hague, before walking a short distance to meet Cameron at 10, Downing Street. In the Malaysian delegation was also Najib’s cousin, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. Hisham had outlawed Bersih in a bid to suppress its call for a cleanup of the country’s notoriously corrupt electoral system. He also gave the green light for a string of arrests that have been described as a “binge of madness” by the Malaysian civil society. Anyone who wore yellow in the days running up to the Bersih rally was arrested on the spot. Would Hisham arrest the Queen then? – Malaysia Chronicle
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
@Robert, the Queen need not raise her displeasure.
@so funny, blimey QueenE II is still sharp as ever!
@turby, ‘LONG LIVE THE QUEEN !!!!!’ @summerman, ‘express our sincere thanks to HRH Queen Elzabeth for her not so subtle message to this scandal ridden couple from Malaysia.’
– A hint of neo-colonial in all of you? Or menyindir our Sultans? A royal salute to the Commonwealth – Telegraph – 1st Jul 2011
@Lord Jim, you got your several comments right. @Sree J said, ” . . . what our dear lady AMBIGA had said . . . “
In case you forget, it was Ambiga in her pro-BN heyday who caused rightful MB Nizar to lose Pahang. Maybe she has changed, but the fact that she said she’s not running for candidacy leaves her intent and loyalty to the Rakyat rather than BN doubtful. @harimau, you don’t know what England and this visit might represent to the free world, do you? Try half a century of colonialism, and the more recent Falklands War
@Hope said ‘They say what goes around comes around – and it has – in the form of the Queen in Yellow dress.’
@OZserver said ‘This queen is caring and compassionate, and, although her role as head of the Commonwealth is only symbolic, she is well briefed on it. She has in the past, displayed disagreement even against he own prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, when the latter was showing sympathy to the racist regime of Ian Smith in Rhodesia, or the modern day Zembabwe. It is unfortunate that Mugabe has since made such a mess of Zembabwe. But the Queen’s instinct in sympathy with the African people is laudable.
@Ho Sai Yuen said, Queen Elizabeth is know for her wits even though as the British Monarch, she is strictly impartial and non partisan according to the British Royal tradition. @malaysia supporter said, the brits are ever so subtle….long live the queen.
Response : @Hope, @OZserver, @Ho Sai Yuen and @malaysia supporter, try the the Black Ruby of Abu Said, the Star of India, the Star of Africa AND the gemstones from the Peacock Throne of Iran, and any treasures from the Summer Palace held by any Englishman of any breeding ‘coming around’, aka being returned to their rightful nation owners first then praise. I’ll believe the compassion, impartiality and subtley bit when the above stolen loot is returned with a formal apology and appropriate monetary reparations with interest added, otherwise you’re just wanking on Mdm.Gotha’s (aka Queen Windsor) behalf.
@Ho Sai Yuen said, ‘The Chinese have an appropriate proverb on this: “When the mountain seems high, the bully tend to bow down and worship it, but if the mountain is no higher than himself, he will try to piss on it…”‘
Response : First you must be able to see clearly to decide if it really is a mountain or a molehill. You worship poorly.
@hahaha – holy laughter ! ! ! . . . the Holy Father, the Pope must finish the job in the Vatican . . .
Response : I think you forget the Russian and Greek Orthodox Popes are more valid and older than the Catholic Church which after being corrupted by European Royalty and society for centuries, in turn leading to the Protestent faction forming and their departure and colonization of USA (and formation in Ireland) which too many indulged in killing of Red Indians, the Orang Asli of USA.
So when the English claim to be Christians, they really are forgetting their REAL faith and cultural roots, the polytheistic Tuatha Dé Danann of Celtic Druidism and the Holy Book of the Isles being the Mabinogi. Monotheistic Christianity is the 2nd incarnation of Judaism (nominally derived from Ra-worship of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV – named ‘Heretic’ for being who was too lazy to worship many gods and thus invented Sun or Ra-Worship)), with Islam the 3rd form of monotheism originated from Prophet Mohammed who was supposedly contacted by Angel Jibril. Put it simply, the ‘whites’ copied from the Middle Easterners wholesale what they call Christianity and they went about proselytizing the same during the colonial era and beating up all other civilisations, out of sheer emptiness in their hearts than cultivate and seek their roots.
@Non Umno said, Her majesty keeps track of all her former colonies.
Response : England is a colony within the world, the world is dominated by 4 races making up 3/4 or more of the population and landmass, Russians, Africans, Indians and Chinese. Friday, 15 July 2011 11:09 posted by pt
@pt said, ‘Poor Queen E must have been furously washing her hands after that.”Will these stains never be washed”‘.
Response : I think it should be the other way around but Najib though les sinful has not addressed apartheid or national issues honestly or with a PM’s authority.
@armchaircommentator said, ‘Her majesty is apolitical and has no foreign agenda. However she is well read and knowledgeable about members of the commonwealth and I suspect she was showing respect to Malaysia’s royalty and NR’s heritage?’
Response : If I were you, I’d stop being so pro-English. Colonialism and the after effects of Colonialism are indefensible. You’re allying with the wrong team fool.
@bigjoe said, ‘Well, if UMNO/BN does not change, maybe we should all say GOD SAVE THE QUEEN????’
Response : How about an Asian Monarch instead? What do you think the Agong is, chopped liver?
*** Commentary : This comment was not allowed on Malaysia Chronicle media portal. Either they are pro-Monotheism and fear Theological discussion based on truth, have been frightened into submission by who knows, the comments are against their agenda (whatever it is), or some of the commentators are within the clique. A media portal that does not respect freedom of speech does not deserve respect from it’s readers. This censorship trend on among the best of Malaysia oriented media portals, is quite disturbing. You serve the Rakyat and the reader, not your paymasters which if occurring makes you another media mercenary without journalistic ethics.

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