The world’s most amazing car showroom: 600 Volkswagens stacked into 200ft tall silos ready for delivery – By Daily Mail Reporter – Last updated at 4:55 PM on 28th January 2012

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These futuristic garages are the ultimate car showroom – with millions of pounds worth of new vehicles sitting in the stunning glass towers.

Each day about 600 cars are picked up from the two 200ft tall silos by their new owners – making it the world’s largest vehicle delivery centre.

Incredibly, the cars are built at the manufacturer’s main plant, in Wolfsburg, Germany, and transported by conveyor belt to the adjacent towers’ basement.
The futuristic high-rise garages in use, with new vehicles being moved around the complex

High tech: The futuristic garages in use, with new vehicles being moved around the complex
Each day about 600 cars are picked up from the two 200ft tall silos by their new owners

World’s largest vehicle delivery centre: Each day about 600 cars are picked up by their new owners

From there they are lifted into position at a speed of two metres a second via a robotic arm that rotates and run along a central beam.

Each tower contains 400 brand new Volkswagens.
Choice: Shiny new cars line up waiting for purchase and new owners to collect them

Ultimate showroom: The two buildings at the Volkswagen theme park, the Autostadt, are 200ft tall

An underground tunnel connects the two buildings, and the cars roll along an internal track to arrive to be fitted with license plates.

New owners can watch as their car is picked up from a bay and delivered to them at the Autostadt CustomerCenter, with the speedometer at zero.
When the cars reach their new owners, the speedometer still reads zero

When the cars reach their new owners, the speedometer still reads zero

Scenes from the latest Mission Impossible film – starring Tom Cruise – were inspired by the Autostadt

The 20 storey buildings, which were the inspiration for a huge garage in the latest Mission Impossible film – Ghost Protocol – are housed at the Volkswagen theme park, the Autostadt, which translates as ‘car city.’

The stunning glass towers house millions of pounds worth of new vehicles

Last year 175,893 new cars were handed over to their new owners.

The theme park also features a three Michelin star restaurant, the world’s largest glass doors and the world’s longest printed line – four miles.

A spokesman said: ‘Taking possession of a new car is a special event and each customer is made to feel like a king.

‘Each handover includes professional advice from a personal consultant.

‘It is no surprise the CustomerCenter is one of the main attractions for people visiting the Autostadt.

‘This automotive theme park attracts people who have a passion for cars as well as those who enjoy culture and unique kinds (of) events.

‘Instead of focusing on vehicle production, the presentations highlight the many different aspects of human mobility.’

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Polly, UK, 28/1/2012 17:23 – It ‘s way too impractical to be used for a car park design…the cars on one floor would all be facing in different directions so which way would the traffic go!

– Paul, Wales, 28/1/2012 18:14
Rating (0)

Of course, ‘someone’ has to pay for this, and it isn’t Volkswagen. In my experience of VW engineering, that building will collapse in under six years. Every car I’ve owned from them and their subsidiary companies has been beset with faults, costing me a fortune to keep running. They’re great when new and maintain under warranty, but they age terribly after 4-5 years.

– David Watson, Leeds, UK, 28/1/2012 17:58
Rating 1

I seen this years ago DM. Your about 4 years or so behind everyone else…. catch up guys. And a final thought, how is this news?

– Davy, Edinburgh, 28/1/2012 17:53
Rating (0)

“A spokesman said: ‘Taking possession of a new car is a special event and each customer is made to feel like a king.” ——– Oops, that sounds sexist…. or do German women buy a car other than a VW ????

– Ernie, Tring City, UK, 28/1/2012 17:50
Rating 5

Thunderbirds did it first. Gerry Anderson is an engineering genius.

– Kuryakin, Orwell’s Dystopian Nightmare, 28/1/2012 17:47
Rating 3

I’ve actually picked a car up from Wolfsburg and it’s a great experience! You’re given a €20 voucher which you can use in the onsite restaurants (excellent quality by the way) or in some of the souvenir shops they have. They have car museums, a Simulator, an ice rink, themed huts (we had a drink in front of a log fire in an Alpine hut) and you can go on a tram tour through the manufacturing plant. It really is incredibly impressive and well worth the visit. After all that you almost forget that you are actually there to pick up a car! You get assigned a pick up time and at the appointed time (this is Germany of course) someone comes along, takes you to your new car, gives you a brief rundown of the features and then takes your photo which they send to you a week or so later. All in all a great day out.

– Deutsch Mark, Frankfurt, Germany, 28/1/2012 17:31
Rating 17

I agree with Paul, Swindon, what a great idea for car parks. Am sure an architect can get inspiration from this.

– Polly, UK, 28/1/2012 17:23
Rating 5

First seen on Thunderbirds as a futuristic car park. It could be standard kit on all high rise office blocks as a space saving design feature?

– wingmaster1, Buckinghamshire England, 28/1/2012 17:21
Rating 1

very impressive building and technology….BUT, do cars really need light, and a nice view? surely this would be better built underground and the cars brought up?. That way the surface can still be enjoyed by us.

– Alison, Kent, 28/1/2012 17:14
Rating (0)

Yeah……. & if the powers cut, how’d you get your car down…….. is there an optional parachute system ?

– himy henderson, London, 28/1/2012 17:12

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Dull. How many different models out of 600? 20? Just a glorified storehouse. How about having the cars of EVERY model and make and era available for sale instead. Look at UK Classic Car site ( and build a building with entire floors dedicated to each model, era and make . . . then a nice swatch/colour room to pick a colour (hologramise the coloured vehicle or beam light on an actual car on a base that can be coloured on the spot) and who knows add a textured surface that will be installed LIVE in 30 mins. Now that sort of museum/sales point would catch the attention. Nice concept with the glass making it a glorified hi-rise multistorey carpark. but only 1 fairly conventional brand in a creepy warehouse? Big deal.

Don’t be surprised that China beats you guys to this again, and is able to manufacture cheaply ANY vehicle ‘out of production’ or ‘limited edition’ AND ignore all the selfishness and problematic behaviour over design ownership replication as well. I can imagine the Chinese ‘museum/sales point owner saying that he’s not responsible for what so many vehicle customisation companies replicate or manufacture or sell and display there, meanwhile a very happy migrant car enthusiast of whatever race will get to drive what would have been overpriced with old parts at a fraction of cost and brand new to boot in China on China’s roads with no problematic laws and requirements . . . in ‘American-town’ areas that well nigh replicate Malibu, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, the best of New York or whatever in China as well!

Hey how about relocating Hollywood over to China? White House? Playboy Mansion? Nevada Strip? Detroit Ghetto Combat Zone? I hear a massive quake is about to hit California and Arizona anytime . . .


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