Yingluck, Asia’s new flavor and Pakatan has Malaysia’s reply – Nurul Izzah – by Wong Choon Mei, Iskandar Dzulkarnain – 5th July 2011 (Malaysia Chronicle)

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 Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand’s new and first woman prime minister, is now the hottest name in all of Asia. Not only because this is a landmark political change for Thailand, but also because of her ‘X’ factor, her special oomph due to a combination of fantastic youthful looks and charisma. It remains to be seen how Yingluck performs as a leader but she has already won the hearts and minds of the Thais. In Malaysia, we have someone waiting in the wings. She is not yet ready , not for a few years more but she is definitely a potential with a capital P, much to the chargin of another youth rival, UMNO’s Khairy Jamaluddin. Of course, we are talking about Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. She is young, ambitious, bright and has all the qualities needed to lead. Especially the ones that have gone missing for ages in the scandal-tainted Malaysian political scene – integrity and honesty. Even so, within the Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition, there is so much talent, she will have to wait her turn. However, in the wake of the Yingluck victory, Izzah had better prepare for the UMNO spin mills to churn plots and conspiracies aimed at sowing dissatisfaction amongst the Pakatan leaders. Why do you think some former UMNO leaders were so kind as to start an Izzah-for-PM campaign if not to shoot poison arrows and to demoralize the other deserving candidates in Pakatan? But Izzah is smart enough to catch this. She also knows she has to tread carefully. One of the main reasons is that supporters in Pakatan tend to be more realistic than those in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s UMNO-BN. Especially rife in UMNO is the culture of hero-worship, while dynastic politics is also the order of the day. In fact, no one can be prime minister of Malaysia except for Najib cousin’s Hishammuddin Hussein, Mahathir’s son Mukhriz and then back to Najib’s son. In between will be the seat warmers like Abdullah Badawi and soon-to-be-PM Muhyiddin Yassin.
Even wannabe Khairy Jamaluddin, Badawi’s son-in-law who tried to break into the old-boys-club, has slim chances and the only way for him would be to use a lot of money if he seriously wants in at the very top. Talent parade As hero-worship and family politics still rule the local scene, Nurul must be very careful she does not trigger the same sort of crticism for the Pakatan and her own PKR party. Even though she is a first-time MP, her passion for truth and capacity for hard work has set her apart. But people being people, they are to bound to say she got there the easy way, through her famous dad and mum. And this is why she has had to work all the harder. But surely, if Izzah continues, she will get somewhere one day. Who amongst the women in Malaysia has really been successful so far – Rafidah Aziz? Ng Yen Yen, Shahrizat Jalil? Would you vote for them? Within Pakatan though, women who can give Izzah a really tough challenge are many and these include, Dr Siti Mariah Mahumud, Lo’Lo Ghazali, Teresa Kok, Fuziah Salleh and the very gutsy Zuraida Kamaruddin. If we take away the gender wall, there are even more talents she has to get past. Her male contemporaries would include include Azmin Ali, Nizar Jamaluddin, Mohamad Sabu, Lim Guan Eng, N Surendran, Nik Nazmi, Tian Chua and Tony Pua, Khalid Samad and Dzulkefly Ahmad. These are just some names plucked because of their visibility. What about those still unknown and still waiting to be honed? In 10 years or so, when current batch of top leaders – Anwar, Hadi, Kit Siang, Karpal, Nik Aziz, Chua Jui Meng – give up their positions, the current second-liners must step in. Nurul and Co. would be ‘old’ faces by then. Spine of steel But for now, there is a quest for excellence that she and her colleagues must keep chasing and not rest on their laurels. Youth is wonderful but to govern a nation, maturity is essential especially political maturity. Or Pakatan would become like Najib and the UMNO elite, resorting to Datuk T and Commie plots to stay alive.
Pakatan Rakyat, when it comes to power, must make sure it stops emulating extinct UMNO culture and transform the nation into a democratic government that embraces new politics. Malaysians must start getting used to younger and more energetic leaders helming the nation. Age and gender should never be the criteria but obviously, aspirants must be fit, healthy and above all honest and accountable to the people. It won’t be so soon for Nurul and she still has to prove herself. One reason why some ‘evil’ people tried to make her compete against Azmin the PKR No. 2 post was to try and make her overconfident and become arrogant like Khairy. But Wan Azizah, her mother, has done a good job. Search for Izzah and you find a lady – tall, skinny, a little bit geeky and very determined. But rooted to the ground and very filial. This is why her enemies failed. Even so, she must be careful because more and more devious tricks and traps will be designed for her in the days ahead. This was why some of her colleagues advised her not to go for the vice-presidency so as not to fuel the image of UMNO family politics in PKR and to shield her from harm before her time really comes. But she is too popular and the members demanded her inclusion. Not surprisingly, in a one-member-one-vote election, she topped the list. After winning, she has been smart enough to hold back and watch and learn from her more experienced team-mates. Truth be told, it is very easy to gather experience. It is an essential quality but should never be used as a tool against her or other young leaders when their time comes. But our guess is she will be too smart to rush for it. With fresh looks, new ideas and an energetic ‘corporate’ feel on her side, Izzah has the potential to lead the country to new heights and put it on a more credible international footing. Malaysians are looking for a more moderate, modern and functional democracy. And Izzah should be able to achieve this for them. She has the political will and courage to make the break from the past.
Don’t underestimate her youth, there is steel in her. And she doesn’t blow with the wind. All she needs is a competent team drawn from the three Pakatan parties to help shape vision, strategy and execution. Riding on the Izzah gravy train On a personal level, she is married with 2 kids and juggles her political career with her family life. She is also academically well qualified, with a Masters degree from the United States. She speaks flawless English, which will help Malaysia’s international image. Although even if she couldn’t, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. She is also musically inclined, able to sing and play the guitar. She is a down-to-earth person, who is already a hit with the people. Like her famous father, she can hold an intelligent argument, articulates well on most platforms and issues and writes well. Just like Anwar Ibrahim, she can unite the Pakatan Rakyat although the coalition is already settling down and less glue than before is needed to get the parties working together. Yingluck’s win must have set alarm bells ringing in Putrajaya, with the top bosses and their strategists furiously plotting ways to fend off the new and unwelcome threat of young opposition leaders catching fire with the masses. They will surely try to neutralize Izzah’s instant appeal. Like Yingluck, she has a face worth a million votes, and Pakatan Rakyat is lucky to get a chance to ride on her gravy train. It is possible UMNO Puteri is now under pressure, and Umi Hafilda would have been an option if she was 10 years younger and had made less a villianess of herself. These are changing times. New trends have to yet to settle but the people have reached a point where they know what they want. It is inevitable Malaysians will follow the flavor of the world despite the hyperactive machinations of the existing ruling regime. In fact, the more they show their hand, the greater they instil in the people the sense and urgency for change. So political Malaysia – at the highest echelon – will not remain the domain of men. Unlike UMNO’s Hamidah Othman, who once famously said, women can never be chief ministers, Malaysian women will stride out. They are unstoppable! Watch this trend unfurl in GE14 and 15. – Malaysia Chronicle
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
“Not surprisingly, in a one-member-one-vote election, she topped the list. . . . With fresh looks, new ideas and an energetic ‘corporate’ feel on her side, Izzah has the potential to lead the country to new heights and put it on a more credible international footing.”
HOOOOOIIIIII Hold your horses you LIARS !!! That election quorum was only 8% rather than a 66% minimum. HONEST REPORTING PLEASE. This is OLD UMNO style politics, NEPOTISM style. Zaid is the honest one, because he left PKR in disgust. Chegu Bard is the honest one because he refused the PKR-VP’s post. Another one or 2 other MPs who at least protested are the honest ones because they were unsupportive. This ra-ra family oligarchy nepotism rubbish has to stop. Also Yingluck is a blight on the Thai political scene and a damning confirmation of the uneducated voter mentality in Thailand. Read the below if you are educated enough to grasp what I post : Try this one in relation to NEPOTISM on top of a failure to address seperation of powers, they can’t even seperate family from political party :
(1) If Thakshin becomes the PM, Yingluck cannot become PM in succession, or a dynasty will be formed and will set a bad example to politicians who lack the ethics to want the same. Love your family but not at the citizen’s expense. Not having the PM’s post in one’s family for generations is no sacrifice. Millions of Thailandns do not have the opportunity, so why should they vote for people who do not see the harm it can cause. If they do this will not come to past, but if it does (Thakshin as PM then Yingluck as PM in turn), then be prepared to vote for a 3rd Force Coalition for Pheu Thai merely replaces the existing Oligarchy of BN. This is what PM Badawi intended for Khairy in Malaysia and makes Pheu Thai citizen no better than Barisan in Malaysia. Nepotism is a sickness affecting too many of Thailand’s politicians, and their supporters know no better than to egg them on. This will create conflict of interest and make Pheu Thai’s governance and ethical paradigms untenable and begin a trend towards neopotism that will end in much misery for the people. Even blocs of MPs from the same family are causing conflict of interest in Parliament as of now. Only Tok Guru has had the statemanship and sense of ethics to demand his son-in-law to step down rather than fette him for leadership in PAS or GLCs.
(2) Anyone can look good on the podium, but to apply ethics and prevent conflict of interest via nepotism is the preserve of a handful of rare men like Tok Guru whom must propagate awareness of such ‘creeping individuals’. There are no such things as good actors. Only good roles.
(3) This country belongs to all Thais, no single family or group of families must be allowed to reserve seats much less the PM’s post, directly or indirectly because it insults the people’s intelligence. Why should they allow you to become a dynasty? Why not run as independents on this premise of preventing dynasties alone? In fact all those who have had MP posts in should step aside after they retire (or train UNRELATED proteges specifically to prevent conflict of interest to continue their good work) so that other families of this nation (names not of that current ‘MP Family’ via Oligarchy and reserved seat so unsubtle . . . ) can experience governing a nation and share that pride further among the populace in a manner that distributes this indirect influence having a PM or a former PM in a family offers.
(4) This right to be an MP or PM is to be shared by all Thailand citizens and if sequestered within ONE family, or a group of families results in Oligarchy and subsequent Dictatorship – not by 1 family but 222 families or less if you count the blocs of relatives within parliment and the personal networks that ultimately become oppressive of the people in time. (Google ‘Unmoderated Malaysian’ + The column that wasn’t – Marina Mahathir)
(5) Not having sons and daughters or relatives take up relinquished or retired seats is the essence of First World thought, this is the way REAL democracies must apply safeguards against nepotism to prevent conflict of interest, via strict and ethical politicians. I hope this warning will be taken to heart by the voters in preventing an Oligarchy or Fiefdoms and successive reservations of MP-ships or worse still Ministries and the DPM’s or PM’s post. There are unwritten rules clearly evident in application of ethics and prevention of conflict of interest via nepotism, and some of us aware will ensure that Dictatorship via an Oligarchy does not come to past. We can all be supportive of Thakshin or Yingluck alone (but only after both parents have retired) being PM, but not both in succession one after the other on the PM’s post. We also do not appreciate the fact that Thakshin, Wan and Yingluck, Kit and LGE, Karpal and Dio, Ngeh and Nga and a few others are forming the same family bloc style governments in PR as BN had. But if this continues when they become the mainstream dominant party, to intend to have Yingluck become PM after Thakshin becomes PM will result in the early death of Pheu Thai.
(6) Could Pheu Thai citizen promise the people they will not create conflict of interest via nepotism after they gain power? Likely Tok Guru is already there in such understanding and statesmanship, what of the rest? This country belongs to all of us equally, please ensure all of our families have achance to have had arelative who was PM or Minister or MP. The citizen expects the best from REPRESENTATIVES voted by citizen, not conflict of interest and nepotism via reservation of seats. FINALLY Yingluck (like her BN countepart KJ) is too young to be PM and if Thakshin becomes PM (like Pak Lah has earlier before . . . ), then Yingluck should never be PM to prevent nepotism and oligarchy. It was nepotism that tore BN apart as the sons of former PM’s fought for the future right to be PM, while they were fighting they became so weak that Pheu Thai easily took over as the non-nepotists within BN and the citizen became disgusted with BN and went to Pakatan seeking a difference.
Thakshin/Yingluck trend is no different from Pak-Lah/KJ trend. Beware you nepotists of Pheu Thai! You’re headed down BN’s path . . . If Yingluck means business, she will ensure the best for her fellow citizens by sacrificing her ill gained opportunity to be PM to set an example to all would be Oligarchs within Pheu Thai citizen and even BN. There is no shortage of arrogance among Pheu Thai citizen’s MPs and adun as of now, this fetting of Yingluck as PM after Thakshin’s PMship could be the straw that breaks the Pheu Thai camel’s back – do not test the tolerance of the citizen, administer and form no dynasties or the individuals mentioned could also get out of Pheu Thai and let ETHICAL statesmen arise to govern Thailand . . .
Otherwise we will need to vote for a 3rd Force coalition instead with best invites to a most respected and ethical PAS party to join 3rd Force and lead by example (though minor technicalities remain unclarified) We do not need nepotists tearing up DEMOCRACY, they will find they have bitten off more than they can chew. Remove these feral political animals from our midst ! I do not care even if English Caucasian neo-colonial crowds love them. They are HARMING DEMOCRACY ! This shameless and bold faced promotion of a dynasty in waiting has gone on far enough, beware the teeth of the citizen, we will not tolerate a second BN via this NEPOTISM . . . just imagine if an Ayatolla appointed his son as the next Ayatolla, same thing with PMs or Heads of Political parties ! NO TO CONFLICT OF INTEREST ! YES TO ETHICS ! YES TO EQUALITY ! YES TO FREEDOM !
***Shame on you. How could you betray the citizen with nepotism? Ethics and conflict of interest are something you have yet to learn . . . I’d rather deal with negotiating about an Islamic State than mindlessly accepting a far more dangerous Nepotistic State, for people lacking ethics will stop at no lengths to retain power and even murder with C4 in time to come . . . I will concede that Nurul  could be a leader IN THE CASE that no PKR second liners who have had no relatives in PKR fail to become popular enough.
The ethical choice for Thailand would be someone causing the LEAST conflict of interest, and between Yingluck who has had her brother as PM (even after they retired), and an unknown second liner Phuey Thai Paty member (don’t tell me there isn’t anyone?!?), the latter would be a better choice simply by lack of having an advantage via oligarchy. Those who have had all the opportunities MUST ALWAYS defer to those who have not. And that would be true leadership being displayed, not this cult of family/mindless follower mentality promulgated by supposedly ‘erstwhile’ cybertrooper article writers and the globalist hegemonists.
Talk about 3rd world mentality in unprincipled treatment of politics and lack of statesmenship in Thailand! Thai voters your memories are short, did you forget that Thaksin tried to defraud with the aid of SingTel USD$1.9 billion from the Thai people with Yingluck in Charge of Thai Telecom? Do you know who the SingTel counterpart was who colluded with Thaksin’s son and sister, now PM? Lee Kuan Yew’s son both exact parallels an colluding to harm the citizens of both nations. If you cannot put 1 and 1 together, then you will get ZERO for your country as the international collusion destroys you and your country in time. Why do you encourage this Wong Choon Mei? HONEST REPORTING PLEASE. If this is a feminist foray for you, then readers, you already know where this is childishly leading. Gender politics cannot override GOOD and ETHICAL POLITICS. Nurul has no business in politics until both her parents are no longer active in politics and if Anwar does become PM, Nurul should not in tuen become PM as well, we might as well be back in Pak Lah’s time when KJ was slated to be OM immediately after him but dr.Evil wanting Mukhriz tore UMNO apart internally even as hatred for APARTHEID grew. This is a promotionary propaganda piece for PR by Wong Choon Mei and Iskandar Dzulkarnain neglecting so many facts ! Tsk tsk tsk, a Pakatan Rakyat Information Ministry in the making !
*** Commentary : This response was not allowed on Malaysian Chronicle. Most Information Ministry worthy. I am disappointed that instead of refuting or rebutting, Malaysia Chronicle has decided to be an authoritarian media portal favouring PR and ignoring the citizens’ comments. Beware voters, as mentioned many times before, it could be critical that Selangor and Penang MUST be controlled by neutral parties neither BN nor PR dominated, and East Malaysia controlled by East Malaysian local political parties ONLY, with the remainded left for Pakatan Rakyat, OTHERWISE Pakatan Rakyat with its burgeoning nepotists and oligarchs will become a second BN. The treatment of the comments in complete removal and censorship, are an indicator of the mentality that Pakatan Rakyat likely has. As in the title of this dishonest article, Yingluck is indeed like Nurul – both nepotists and from oligarch form political parties. #rd Force, Independent MPs, remove the 50% of nepotists from Pakatan by challenging them ! A RELATED REPOSTING WARNING ABOUT NEPOTISM : Please note the Oligarchs in Pakatan as listed below : NEPOTISM IN PAKATAN RAKYAT Three of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains : Lim Kit Siang (MP Ipoh Timur – Perak) Lim Guan Eng (MP Air Puteh – Penang) Chew Gek Cheng (Assemblyman Kota Laksamana – Malacca) Guan Eng’s wife Lim Hui Ying Guan Eng’s sister (Vice-Chairman) Two of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains : Karpal Singh (MP Jelutong – Penang) Gobind Singh (MP Puchong – Selangor) Karpal’s son Jagdeep Singh (Asssemblyman Dato Keramat – Penang) Karpal’s son Two of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains : Anwar Ibrahim (MP Permatang Pauh, Seberang Prai) Wan Azizah Nurul Izzah Anwar(MP Lembah Pantai – Kuala Lumpur) Anwar’s Daughter Also either Ngeh (Pantai Remis) or Nga (Sitiawan) must go to prevent 2nd degree nepotism and the kind of environment that caused DAP’s Kulasegaran, PKR’s Gobalakrishnan, to be kicked out possibly an act of racism but more likely at the order of the Lim Dynasty clique. BN of course we do not need to discuss, blocs of relatives galore. Nepotism: Umno controlled by 3 families. – by Patric McClean
For even stronger consideration, I also list seats that HRP demands : 1. Padang Serai (Incumbent: PKR – N Gobalakrishnan) 2. Batu Kawan (DAP – Ramasamy) 3. Sungei Siput (PSM – Dr D Jeyakumar) 4. Ipoh Barat (DAP – N Kulasegaran) 5. Bagan Datoh (BN – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) 6. Cameron Highlands (BN – SK Devamany) 7. Hulu Selangor (BN – P Kamalanathan) 8. Kuala Selangor (PAS – Dzulkefy Ahmad) 9. Klang (DAP – Charles Santiago) 10. Kota Raja (PAS – Siti Mariah Mahmud) 11. Rasah (DAP – Anthony Loke) 12. Teluk Kemang (PKR – Kamarul Baharin Abbas) 13. Alor Gajah (BN – Fong Chan Onn) 14. Tebrau (BN – Teng Boon Soon) 15. Lembah Pantai (PKR – Nurul Izzah Anwar) HRP might very well be aware of some things we are not aware of to list some surprising choices as well, do not discount their reasons. PSM’s Jeyakumar appears to have been bought by BN though, so their viability is uncertain until PSM’s clique leadership changes. I have done some probing and casual calls to PSM, they are not very grassroots, DAP of course (also tried earlier) is far worse and absolutely TREACHEROUS and clique based and beholden to SINGAPORE’s PAP. I would not be surprised if the nepotists in DAP are rounded up a 2nd time, for collusions with Singapore to subvert Malaysian Federal authority instead amongst other things like ‘neurotech abuse’. Everyone else, should meanwhile stand as independents in any constituency with bad assemblymen or MPs or people who do not endorse term limits and asset declarations. Here’s something that will help voters decide if candidacy is not their thing or too expensive : Barisan – Apartheid, Corrupt and Nepotistic-Oligarchs Pakatan – Corrupt and Nepotistic-Oligarchs (excepting PAS) 3rd Force – Corrupt Only (watch Marina’s cliques as well) Pick the coalition with the least flaws. End the APARTHEID ! Destroy the Oligarchs in all political coalitions ! 3rd Force is best.

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