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Singaporeans wealthy but unhappy: report – Saturday, 31 December 2011 06:50

THEY are among the world’s wealthiest, ranking sixth highest in net wealth with a mean value of US$284,692 (S$370,170) per adult according to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook 2011 (net wealth is defined by a person’s financial and real estate assets without debt; however, experts say it ignores wealth distribution).

But Singaporeans aren’t necessarily a happy lot.

The median net wealth figure – which is less vulnerable to being pulled up or down by the very rich or the extremely poor – sees Singapore ranked eighth out of 160 countries, at US$101,033 (S$131,368) per adult.

The only countries that outrank it are Australia, Japan, Belgium, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Despite the fairly high ranking, The Business Times reported that Singaporeans were a gloomy lot, worried about property prices, taxi fares and the inconsistent public transport, with much of the angst stemming largely from the middle class.

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With a mean value of US$284,692?!?

This article is joking. with a mean debt of US$284,692 more like it. Go ask around. All Sinkies have is that flat their last generation bought. There is zero social or financial mobility in Singapore because like rats on a sinking ship (especially with the Isthmus of Kra canal), Sinkies are all quite poor and population is rising so fast from migration that prices are driven up artificially inflating invidual values but the same flat cannot be sold because the flat would be impossible to buy back later.

This survey is inaccurate as the wealthiest averages which are extreme to say the least matched to the poorest overall (inequitable wealth distribution posing as EVEN wealth distribution), results in something more like US$28,462  of any usable asset at all for the 99%. Or even 25% or that 99% at very most.

Without the numerology thrown it, disposable asset not tied up in a flat or evil COE, could well be USD$15 or less.

This survey is inaccurate as the wealthiest averages which are extreme to say the least matched to the poorest overall (inequitable wealth distribution posing as EVEN wealth distribution), results in something more like US$28,462  of any usable asset at all for the 99%. Or even 25% or that 99% at very most.

Without the numerology thrown it, if not tied up in a unsaleable flat or evil COE, disposable asset could well be USD$14,231 or less.


The year the government repeatedly changed its mind – Saturday, 31 December 2011 15:35

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KUALA LUMPUR — A growing public demand for accountability forced the government this year to make many about-faces and policy U-turns, characterising what critics would say was a weak administration but supporters might call responsive management.

And voters will get to eventually decide if they want to punish or reward Barisan Nasional (BN) when Datuk Seri Najib Razak calls elections.

The Malaysian Insider reviews some of the year’s notable changes in position and direction.

Bersih 2.0 rally

The first Bersih rally in 2007 was credited with shrinking the ruling coalition’s voter support in Election 2008 that led to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s early exit from government and his successor, Najib, appeared keen to avoid a repeat.

The Najib administration initially moved to nip the problem in the bud by detaining several individuals campaigning for the July 9 rally on suspicion of security risks to King and country and banning T-shirts bearing the images of communists as well as yellow-coloured clothes.

But days before the street march in the capital city, the Yang di-Pertua Agong stepped in to calm the rising storm and the seventh prime minister softened the government’s stance against Bersih 2.0, led by lawyer-activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, and offered the 62-member coalition the use of a stadium of choice for its rally demanding a cleaner and more transparent electoral system.

When the electoral reform movement demanded Stadium Merdeka, Najib said he meant the Shah Alam stadium in Pakatan Rakyat-controlled Selangor, leading to yet another stalemate.

The 72 hours leading to the rally became fuzzy as misinformation reigned.

City police issued a lockdown on the capital and got a court order barring entry to 92 individuals, including the movement’s leaders.

However, videos of harsh police action against the peaceful protestors went viral online and through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Faced with global criticism, the government conceded it may have mishandled the incident.

PSC electoral reform

On August 15, five weeks after the July 9 rally, Najib announced the set up of a bipartisan Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on electoral reform, addressing Bersih 2.0’s eight demands.

But the very next day, Najib’s deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the PSC would only fine-tune and not reform the electoral processes. It was not the first time Muhyiddin had voiced a different view from his boss, raising questions of unity within the Najib Cabinet.

The PSC kicked off its public hearings for feedback on November 11, and several recommendations have been made since. The Election Commission has endorsed recommendations like indelible ink for the next general election.

Bumiputera quota

Pro-Bumiputera quotas remain as part of the government’s economic policies.

On September 27, Najib said, “We want to do away from (with) quotas but we must support them (Bumiputera entrepreneurs) in a way that would allow them to grow” in a bid to calm growing unhappiness with the affirmative action plan that favoured one community.

After suggestions that the PM had decided to abolish quotas, Najib clarified three days later: “I did not say we want to abolish quotas, but I said we cannot be too reliant on them”.

National Feedlot Corp scandal

It started off with Najib being firmly with Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil, after story broke that her family members had been very liberal with the use of a RM250 million soft loan to a National Feedlot Corporation.

The company was set up to reduce Malaysia’s dependency on foreign beef. However the pasture for the company extended as far as Bangsar condominiums and other baffling purchases.

As the attacks grew on Shahrizat’s CEO husband, Umno’s resolve to defend its Wanita Umno chief weakened, as did the reluctance of the authorities to investigate the case.

Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency eventually started investigations after seeing widespread public dissatisfaction.

Peaceful Assembly Act/Bill 2011

On the eve of Malaysia Day on September 16 Najib went on live television and promised the end of oppressive laws such as the Internal Security Act, Banishment Act and a slew of laws used to suppress political dissent.

There was a collective sigh of relief, but within days his cousin Hishammuddin announced that there would be new laws to fill the void.

On November 24, as a show of progress since Bersih 2.0, the Peaceful Assembly Bill was tabled.

It was pilloried instantly by legislators, and citizens were not far behind.

Critics said the new law, despite its name, would create more restrictions on the right of the public to assemble than the laws it would be replacing.

The government was forced to modify part of the law but many social activists and opposition politicians remain unhappy with the legislature that was eventually passed by Parliament.


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This article went : ‘ And voters will get to eventually decide if they want to punish or reward Barisan Nasional (BN) when Datuk Seri Najib Razak calls elections. ‘

Nothing against Najib here (other issues like APARTHEID notwithstanding) but how is it that the 99.999% cannot decide but 1 man decides when to call elections?

MPs who want to be voted, need to change the law to allow the voters to decide when to call for elections rather than the PM or at least for the MPs at 66.6% quorum to decide when to call elections. Democracy means 66.6% quorums not a one man decision! Another dated law aspect of constitution to be amended! bar Council, still not hitting the books yet? WTF is Bar Council doing about things like these, much less neurotech abuse of citizens?

MPs who want to be voted need to change the law to allow ALL the voters (True ‘1-man 1-vote’ Democracy) at 66.6% quorum to decide when to call for elections rather than the PM alone, or at least for (Representative Democracy) the 222 MPs at 66.6% quorum to decide when to call elections than the PM alone. Democracy means 66.6% quorums not a one man decision! Another dated law aspect of constitution to be amended! bar Council, still not hitting the books yet?

What is Bar Council doing about constitutional things like these, much less neurotech abuse of citizens much less Section 377B, and University Colleges Act, Printing Presses Act? March around then hide and hope it blows over? Do you know how long the APARTHEID issue has been addressed by some of us that Bar Councul dare not even touch on?

Malaysia would be a better place without Umno – true or false? – written by Moaz Nair, Malaysia Chronicle – Saturday, 01 December 2012 00:50

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Malaysia would be a better place without Umno – true or false?

Who is responsible for destroying racial unity in this country? Which forked-tongue party with the tacit support of their soul mate – a xenophobic NGO – is using race and religion to divide the people?

It is palpably not the Opposition. The Opposition on their part are seriously working with the marginalized minorities as well as the majority race in instilling peace and unity in the society.

Ethnic diversity is no doubt a distinctive feature of Malaysia but the Barisan Nasional (BN) ruling parties – led by the ‘Big Brother’, UMNO – opt to promote individual self-serving racial schema all in the name of promoting the interests of their own ethnic group against the other. This has led to a divisive kind of politics in the coalition since the country’s independence and it has caused grave disunity among the people of various races and religions.

The only party in the country that often uses race, religion and ethnic ‘rights’ to stay relevant in politics is UMNO. For this reason, UMNO does not deserve to talk about racial unity.

Constitution was carved in good faith

Article 153 visibly states that it is the King’s responsibility “to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article”. Sadly, some racial zealots are using this Article as a weapon of aggression just to score some brownie points in politics. This symptom is not boding well for the country. Malaysians in general have never questioned the special position of the Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak. The minorities among them only demand that their positions too be acknowledged by the majority race.

Notably, the Constitution was carved with good faith to create a united Malaysian race. It explicitly covers the special ‘position’ of the indigenous and unreservedly recognizes the ‘rights’ of all Malaysians. The Constitution is not deliberately tilted towards any single group of citizens to favour them more then the others. The lexis ‘rights’ and ‘position’ are semantically disparate, though. Unfortunately, some UMNO politicians and their soul mates care more to argue on the deeper structure of the terminology.

A Malay lawmaker has this to say: “When politicians talk of the special ‘rights’ of only one group of people, it smacks of unfairness, as the Constitution also implicitly prescribes for the ‘rights’ of other Malaysians.”

There is a harmonious gamut to the positions of all races in the country in the Constitution, which some politicians prefer to ignore. They are immaturely trying to practise divisive politics by toying with the issue of ‘a chosen people’ versus ‘ the marginal group’ and this has perceptibly caused covert but marked disunity among people of different races and religions in the country.

As commented by the Malay lawmaker, “No one disputes the Constitution and no minority groups are for civil strife just by asking the majority to be fair to them as the rightful citizens of the country.”

UMNO and some deep-seated NGO leaders are too quick to demean those who bring to facade the above notion – erroneously implying that any attempt to honestly decipher the semantic of the Constitution is to question UMNO and undermine what they term as ‘the unity foundations they have long built’. Too many political observers, this is too opinionated in temperament.

The lawmaker added: “The Constitution belongs to all Malaysians and not any political party per se. Some politicians are actually destroying racial unity in manipulating the neat foundation of the Constitution when they insinuate that the minorities must accept themselves as second-class citizens.”

To reject a government

More often than not, the word ‘unity’ becomes a hallowed formulate expansively used by UMNO just before elections to win support. The word disappears from their political repository just after an election. Unity rhetoric is only for UMNO’s political expedient. In truth, national unity has virtually been shattered by the UMNO government.

Unity in its truest sense can only be seen if the rights of all Malaysians are taken care of. For that matter, safeguarding the indigenous rights does not come at the expense of the legitimate interests of the minorities. It is a fundamental human right that the minorities in any nation are treated fairly. When the minorities come to realize that they are neglected in all societal sectors they are bound to have animosity against the majority. They, therefore, deserve the right to reject a government that advocates injustice and unfairness.

A sociologist has this to say, “A social contract bounds the rights of all citizens. Nothing absolute pertaining to race is actually sealed in a social contract. The deprived in the society need to be helped. Poverty eradication involves people from all ethnic groups – not just confined to a single race. The poor among all races have to be factored in. Racial unity prevails when a government is sincere in narrowing this gap.”

Promoting racial unity for UMNO is like playing a hide and seek game. To the sociologists, the framework for racial unity has to be based on the true aspirants of the people – the majority and the minority. UMNO’s mode of silencing the parties representing the minority ethnic groups in the BN coalition with a ‘Big Brother’ mentality – on the issue of rights and special position of the indigenous has not helped promote good racial relations in the country. UMNO cannot call for unity and yet with the same breath spew out racist remarks against the non-Malays. Neither is it right for UMNO to rancorously create an imaginary Christian onslaught on Islam, as this has given rise to a widening gulf of misapprehension between the Muslims and the Christians in the country.

Cycle of poverty

It is an accepted reality that not all Malaysians are ready to totally shed their racial identity and call themselves Malaysians. For this ideal to morph into reality it may take another few generations. But UMNO does not seem to have the formula for this quandary. First, the poor and marginalized Malays, Indians, Chinese and the Indigenous are those that need to be helped to pull them into a level playing ground. As practised by UMNO, enriching a selected few among their cronies is not the solution to national unity.

Over 70 percent of the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak are still poor after many years of independence. Over 65 percent of the Malays are still in the poor category despite the long years of NEP. The marginalised Indians constitute 58 percent of the poor within this community. The Chinese too are not spared by poverty. 35 percent are still under the poor category within this community. Building richness solely within a single racial group is not going to bring unity or harmony to the society.

Many bigots, opportunists and self-serving leaders in UMNO prefer to ignore the fact that there are also many deprived people from among the minorities who need help in many ways. Unity does not mean that UMNO and their BN parties should come together to help themselves with the nation’s wealth, with UMNO taking the biggest share. Racial unity also becomes a mockery if all opportunities are given to a single race with crumbs thrown to the minorities. Practising tokenism for the minorities will only demoralize the marginalized more.

A local economist has this to say: “Preferential treatment of a single race may not augur well for the nation when there are many who are equally deprived in the society. In a need-based economic approach to nation building would see a better Malaysia for all. UMNO does not need to enrich the rich but empower the poor from among all the races to drag them out of the cycle of poverty and into the level playing ground. This will help promote racial unity in the long run.”

Destroyed by UMNO

Our Constitution holds dear that all persons are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of the law without discrimination on the basis of race and religion. One crucial factor that divides the people and can cause disunity is their economic status. If there is a wide economic gap among races in the country there is bound to be dissatisfaction and animosity. The deprived can be people of any ethnic group – Malay, Chinese, Indian or the Indigenous – and a government that does not address this problem is bound to cause widespread racial disunity.

Malaysia’s racial unity is actually being destroyed by UMNO. It is because of UMNO that Malaysia is more polarized then ever. It is because of UMNO that religious and racial tensions are wittingly brought up for political reasons without any regards to what harm it has done to our social fabric UMNO in the last five decades has used the diverse populace to divide instead of uniting them. They have been very successful in dividing and ruling them by using unfounded fears involving race and religion.

The racial composition in the civil service, the police, the judiciary and the armed forces does not reflect a Malaysian society. The education process itself has not brought to national unity. When affirmative action becomes a farce, racial disunity starts rearing its ugly head. The marginalized – in employment and education – among all citizens have to be factored in if Malaysians aspire to game together on a level playing field. Racial unity cannot be achieved by promoting a single race at the expense of the minorities.

A comment from a local educationist: “When educational opportunities are tilted towards a single race this breeds discontent among those deprived of the opportunities. When schools and colleges are built exclusively for a single race this breeds racial disunity.”

Only meant for a single race

Corrective measure to racial unity is to help all including the marginalized groups. The case of some ultra and extreme right-wing Malay NGOs and organisations that are vigorously promoting that this country is ‘only meant for one race and one religion’ – when others are forced upon them through the inconvenience of history – is off beamed and a perfidious scheme to distort racial unity.

Article 153 of the Federal Constitution safeguards the interests of all Malaysians – Indigenous and non-Indigenous. No single ethnic group in the country should claim absolute rights above and beyond others. If this Article is read and practised in good faith it should not cause any racial tension in the country. There is essentially nothing to debate on this issue. It is crystal clear that the rights of all people are guaranteed by this Article. It is UMNO and some malodorous NGO members that prefer to exploit on it to manipulate, disunite and alienate the Malays from the non-Malays.

UMNO seems to hint that the minorities should know their place and accept the status quo. Apparently, any challenge to they being the ‘master’ will invoke the ire of UMNO. There can never be national unity if a single ethnic group can own the biggest share of the nation’s wealth. There can never be national unity if schools and colleges are identified by race and religion or only meant for a single race. There can never be national unity if the minorities are not well represented in the government. Race and religion cannot be the excuse for UMNO’s failure in integrating the races.

A religious scholar from a local university remarked: “No Christians or Hindus would wish to make enemies of Muslims and vice versa. The minorities do not have the slightest inkling to provoke the majority.”

A change of government

The NEP has been soiled by the greed for riches. There has been twists and delusion of the policy that now has already divided the nation. The rich are becoming filthy rich and the poor are becoming dirt poor and this is apparent within any single ethnic group. Racial unity is debased when social and economic justice have been ignored.

The catchphrase “1Malaysia” remains an empty and meaningless slogan. The sloganeering is not about racial unity but just a red herring meant to draw away attention from the prolongation of discriminatory policies. UMNO is impeding the growth of a Malaysian culture by making bizarre claims and prompting others to sow racial divisions and animosities to tilt any balanced social relations.

It has been acknowledged by most political observers that UMNO’s political hegemony over BN and the country is tearing down the dreams of our founding fathers – to build a united Malaysia based on our race mix. As human beings the minorities and the marginalized among this mix are just asking for their basic rights as citizens. The onus is on the majority in any country to take care of these minor entities. Racial harmony cannot be preserved if the minorities, marginalized and downtrodden are deprived even of their basic rights. But the people cannot expect this to come from UMNO’s fanatical supporters.

The people are so disunited today that only a change of government can bring about a meaningful transformation to a better Malaysia.

Malaysia Chronicle

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

1) Some politicians are actually destroying racial unity in manipulating the neat foundation of the Constitution when they insinuate that the minorities must accept themselves as second-class citizens.”

Appeasement to racists.

2) Unity in its truest sense can only be seen if the rights of all Malaysians are taken care of.

If ‘rights’ of all Malaysians means disregarding ENTIRELY race or faith then no issue. If ‘rights’ refers to different rights, this article has been written by a crypto-racist.

3) Our Constitution holds dear that all persons are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of the law without discrimination on the basis of race and religion.

Then end all special privileges or even reserve land titles.

4) There can never be national unity if a single ethnic group can own the biggest share of the nation’s wealth . . .

Fear and distrust. There is no end to wealth and a socialist cap on sequestration of assets or maximum asset will end this problem immediately. Socialism can solve many problems, while uncontrolled Capitalism destroys a nation becomes an end to itself.

5) The rich are becoming filthy rich and the poor are becoming dirt poor and this is apparent within any single ethnic group. Racial unity is debased when social and economic justice have been ignored.

Unity cannot be debased unless below 3 items to endorse with intent to grant are ignored :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

This article cautiously approaches the equality issue though the fear to accept equality is likely due to the inability to limit asset maximums and inculcation to the desire to sequester as much wealth as possible.

Mankind will look back on plutocrats and nepotistic oligarchs and political careerists with disdain as ethics and common sense grows. Equality in law and constitution and wealth distribution (this precludes limits on maximum assets ‘sequesterable’) are the only way to harmony.

Moaz displays understanding of nuance, can approach many issues (doubless well read), now put the words into action and set the strategy for the rest of Pakatan’s dullard politicians. A visionary and useful article but too constrained due to inbuilt fears caused by Capitalist (cutthroat society) mentality as well as neglect to address nepotism and oligarchy as well as unlimited term careerists in Pakatan. Most glaringly no address of apartheid – crypto-racism is not a good stance, so declare stands on equality for all.

4 Articles on the ‘Failure to Act’ Habitual Malaysian Bar Council and 2 Article from Raja Petra – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 5th February 2012

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There is democracy and there is democracy – Raja Petra Kamarudin – 22 Mar 2010

1. Many people think that as soon as you accept democracy, then you will be practising democracy.

2. Unfortunately, mere acceptance is not enough. It is not enough because everyone, from the top most person to the ordinary people, be they from a political party or of a nation, can find ways to abuse and frustrate the true democratic process. As a result we see democracies failing to work in most organisations or political parties and in many nations.

3. Basically, democracy is about giving power to the majority. It is assumed that the majority knows what is best for the whole. The minority should therefore be prepared to accept the rule of the majority albeit after presenting opposing views and criticisms. The minority must be prepared to wait for the next election in order to make another bid.

4. In a mature democracy almost everyone respects the results of national elections. The majority forms the Government and the minority take their places in the legislature and try their best to influence policies and laws introduced by the majority Government. And so for the four or five years before the next elections, the legislature debates, approves or disapproves the proposals by the Government. But the minority and even the individual legislator may also move proposals or laws although in most instances they will not get through for lack of majority support. Playing their parts, both the majority and the minority would contribute to the proper workings of a democratic Government.

5. Political parties love democracy, as it seems to be fair to everyone. Anyone can bid for any place in the party, including the top most. That is the theory at least.

6. But the reality is that only certain people could aspire to lead because of the support of a substantial number of the members.

7. Ideally in a contest the one with the biggest number of supporters should win. Ideally, as with Government, the loser and his supporters should accept the decision of the majority.

8. Unfortunately, the loser or losers may not want to accept the results. This can ultimately lead to the party being split and weakened.

9. The process may have been very democratic but the objective of choosing a leader by majority vote has not been achieved. The losers must also remember that when they win they same can happen to them. In other words a democratic contest can only lead to the break-up of the party (I am speaking from experience).

10. I would like to cheer on the candidates who are contesting for any post anywhere through the democratic process. Obviously, only one would win. If those who lose cannot accept the decision of the majority of the members, then it is better not to talk about democracy. You really do not know what democracy is about (of course I am assuming the contest is fair).

Most people want me to ignore whatever Tun Dr Mahathir says or writes. Many are quite upset that I give Tun the time of day and layan (entertain) him or ‘dignify’ him by talking about him. These same people are perplexed that I am still able to look at Tun with respect after he had arrested me a few times and detained me without trial under the Internal Security Act (plus after what he did to Anwar Ibrahim).

Well, maybe this is my mother’s side in me revealing itself. Asians normally practice a winner takes all and loser loses all culture. You wipe out all your enemies and their family members for seven generations. The British prisoners of war, however, salute their German captors who are higher in rank than them. Yes, you might be a prisoner of the Germans, but if that German officer is senior in rank to you, then you salute him. That is the British way.

Dr Mahathir is a Tun (equivalent to a Sir) and I am not. He is the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia and I am not. He is also a fellow Blogger, although ‘the enemy’, and I give respect to fellow Bloggers — even to people like Rocky and all those other Umno Bloggers whom I personally know but who have now declared me ‘the sworn enemy’.

Yes, I would still like to sit down and treat my ‘enemy’ Bloggers to a meal if the opportunity ever arises. They are still my friends even though we are on opposite sides of the political divide. Tan Sri Sanusi Junid can testify to this (he knows what I am talking about). We can do battle in the gelanggang politik (political arena), but outside ‘office hours’ why can’t we sit down and buy each other a drink and act civil towards each other?

Nazri Aziz is another ‘enemy’. But we treat each other with respect and when we met for dinner more than a year ago I sat beside him and we treated each other like old buddies. After dinner, we debated various issues in front of an audience of 80 or 90 ‘Old Boys’ of the MCKK. We of course disagreed on almost all the issues but we debated like gentlemen and addressed each other with nothing short of the highest respect. And this was no show. This was sincere and for real.

In his Blog, today, Tun Dr Mahathir talked about democracy. So, today, I too want to talk about that subject. I do not, however, want to agree with everything that Tun Dr Mahathir has to say. I shall disagree with him. But I shall do this with civility.

The previous Information Minister, Zainuddin Maidin (Zam), told Al Jazeera back in November 2007 that Malaysia is a democratic country because we have elections once every five years. Hitler won the elections as well and became Nazi Germany’s leader. Saddam became Iraq’s leader when he too won the elections. Does this make Nazi Germany and Iraq democratic countries?

Democracy is more than just about winning elections. Hitler became Germany’s leader with less than half the votes while Saddam garnered almost 100% of the votes because no one dared vote against his party lest they disappear in the middle of the night. Just because someone gained power through an election (whether by fair means or foul) does not make that particular country democratic. It takes more than an election to declare a country democratic. After all, elections can be won though many methods. And not all are fair.

We must not just talk about free elections, like how Malaysia argues. Elections must be free AND fair. Most times, elections may be free but they are far from fair. This is what most Malaysians do not understand. And they do not understand this because they just can’t figure out in what way Malaysian elections can be classified as not fair.

In Malaysia, the political arena is not a level playing field. The media is controlled. You need a licence to start a newspaper, magazine or radio/TV station. And if you ‘violate’ the terms of your licence then you lose it. And so-called ‘violations’ are not clear. There is no hard and fast guideline. It is within the powers of the Minister to decide what constitutes a violation. And if the Minister, and only the Minister, is of the opinion that you have violated the terms of your licence then he can cancel it.

The mainstream electronic and print media gives space or airtime to only the government. The opposition is not given equal space or airtime. And if the opposition is given space or airtime, the ‘offending’ news agencies will lose their licence.

So they do not give space or airtime to the opposition for fear of incurring the wrath of the government. And whatever publicity the mainstream print and electronic media gives the opposition it is always in a negative light. Only bad news about the opposition is featured. The mainstream media never says nice things about the opposition. If they do, they will lose their licence.

No doubt, you have the alternative or ‘new’ media to counter what the mainstream media says about the opposition. But how many Malaysians have access to the Internet? More than 90% of Malaysians have access to the government-controlled TV stations. So TV is by far more effective than the Internet. And the TV stations are used as the main propaganda arm of the ruling party. The opposition is fighting a losing battle in trying to counter what the TV stations report.

In a true democracy, the TV stations would give equal airtime to the opposition. This does not happen in Malaysia. In Indonesia, surprisingly, it does. Therefore, in spite of elections being held once every five years, Malaysia has a long way to go in achieving the status of a proper democracy.

Do I even need to talk about how the legal process is being abused to target the opposition? We have many archaic laws that are being used against the opposition. Government supporters can get away with murder, sometimes literally as well. But the opposition supporters face all sorts of investigations and indictments, even key leaders from the opposition.

I really do not need to expand on this point, as most Malaysians know exactly what I am talking about. Prosecution has been fine-tuned to persecution. The government hides behind the legal system in its attempts to drive the opposition out of business.

Let us deliberate on one point, how the Prime Minister is chosen.

Now, the Prime Minister is not voted into office, like the President of the United States. His party is voted into office and the leader of that party automatically becomes the Prime Minister. This is because Malaysia follows the British Westminster system. But how does the Prime Minister become the leader of his party, and therefore the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Barisan Nasional won the most number of seats in Parliament. So the Chairman of Barisan Nasional would automatically become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. But is the Chairman of Barisan Nasional voted into office? No! The President of Umno automatically becomes the Chairman of Barisan Nasional and, in turn, automatically becomes the Prime Minister.

Does this make him the legitimate Prime Minister? Legally, yes! Morally, no! But we are talking about legal and not moral here. And what may be legal may not also be moral.

How does the Prime Minister become the President of Umno? Since the President of Umno automatically becomes the Prime Minister of all Malaysians this is an important point to consider.

Umno is supposed to have three to four million members spread out over more than 20,000 branches in 191 divisions throughout Malaysia. The 20,000 or so branches nominate their division leaders. Most times the three or four million Umno members have very little say in this. The branch elections are rigged and those not in ‘the gang’ are locked out from this exercise of choosing their 191 division leaders.

Then the 191 divisions send their 2,500 or so delegates to the Umno annual general assembly. Again, those who get to attend the general assembly will be decided by the division leaders. Those not in their gang are, again, locked out. So a mere 191 Umno leaders decide the fate of the entire country.

The 191 Umno division heads will tell the 2,500 or so delegates whom they should elect as the Umno President and Deputy President. These two will become the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively. For anyone to even contest the Umno Presidency and Deputy Presidency they must first obtain nominations from almost 50 of the 191 Umno divisions. This is almost impossible to do.

The 191 Umno division heads will ensure that their divisions will block any contenders to the post of the Umno Presidency and Deputy Presidency. All other aspirants will be blocked and they will receive no nominations. At best they can receive just one nomination, from their own division. They can never receive more than one, let alone 50.

In short, 191 people chose the Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is not three or four million Umno members or 11 million voters or 27 million Malaysians. It is just 191 people. And these 191 people can be bought, controlled, compromised, blackmailed, and so on. And these 191 can, in turn, ensure that their divisions ‘toe the line’.

Is this true democracy? Is it democratic that 191 Malaysians decide on behalf of 27 million other Malaysians who get to lead this country? This is the system. And it is legal. But legal does not make it fair or moral. It also does not make it truly democratic.

Tun Dr Mahathir says we should accept the decision of the majority. Okay, slightly over 50% of Malaysians voted for Barisan Nasional in March 2008. So, since the majority voted for Barisan Nasional, then we should accept the decision of the majority.

First of all, only 191 people decided on who should be the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Do these 191 people represent the majority? Yes, it is legal. But is it democratic from the moral viewpoint? It is not 27 million Malaysians who decide this? It is not 11 million Malaysian voters who decided this? It is not three or four million Umno members who decided this. It is not even the more than 20,000 Umno branches that decided this. It is 191 Umno division leaders.

Now let us look at the system of general elections in Malaysia. The gerrymandering, which I have already written about before many times, is downright criminal. The variance between constituencies is just too large. The variance should be plus-minus 15% or 20% like many other countries and like what the Reed Commission proposed in the paper on Merdeka. Currently, we have seats as low as 5,000 voters, as opposed to the larger seats that have 120,000 voters or more.

Is it a coincidence that those low voter seats are pro-government while the high voter seats are pro-opposition? Is it a coincidence that the ruling party can win three or fours seats with the same number of voters that allows the opposition only one seat? This is called gerrymandering. It is of course legal. The question is, is it also moral? And do we decide whether it is democratic from the legal or moral viewpoint?

How can this system be considered one-man-one-vote? And the system of first-past-the-post makes it worse. It is seats and not votes that determines the winner. You can form the government with only 40% of the votes, or less. Did not Hitler become Germany’s leader this way, with less than 40% of the votes? And did this not result in tens of millions of deaths when Hitler took the world through another World War?

Yes, it is legal. But that does not make it moral as well. And whether it is democratic is a matter of opinion.

There are probably half a million or so Malaysians overseas. But these Malaysians can’t vote. To vote they must return to Malaysia on Polling Day. How many can afford the time and money to do that? Why can’t overseas Malaysians vote at the Embassies and High Commissions in their respective countries? Those who are overseas ‘on government service’ can. But the private citizens can’t. This is denying Malaysians their right to vote. Even Indonesian maids and labourers can vote in the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. And this represents two million or so Indonesian voters, just in Malaysia alone. Malaysians can’t do the same.

Of course, if overseas Malaysians vote via postal votes then this would raise other problems. As it is, the 250,000 or so ‘postal’ votes are a bone of contention because the ballot boxes are switched. But that is merely an implementation issue, which can easily be overcome.

Political parties can send observers or representatives to monitor the overseas postal voting and the votes can be counted ‘in situ’ in each respective Embassy or High Commission. Only the results need to be sent back to Malaysia, not the ballot boxes. This will ensure that the ballot boxes are not switched, hijacked, lost in transit, or whatever.

Aiyah, if I want to talk about true democracy, there are just so many points I can raise. Just these few issues I mentioned thus far have already made this article so long. Can we abolish the Official Secrets Act and replace it with a Freedom of Information Act? Can we abolish the Internal Security Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights? Can we abolish the PPPA and UCCA and allow publications and periodicals to operate without the need of a licence and allow university students to get involved in politics?

What about the Police Act that forbids an assembly of more than four people and forbids public speeches? Government supporters can attend public functions and can give speeches at these functions. Opposition supporters must first obtain a permit and, according to the permit, speeches are not allowed, even for dinner functions in a private hall. If anyone gets up onto the stage to deliver a speech then the police will step in and close the function down. The police will also confiscate the PA system and haul in the organisers and speakers for ‘interrogation’. The government supporters are not subjected to all this.

Yes, if you want to talk about democracy I can also talk. And I will have more to say. And to argue that what the majority wants count and that the minority view does not matter is not democracy at all. Minorities too have rights and their views also matter. Did not Saddam become Iraq’s leader with almost 100% of the votes? So he murdered the minority Kurds. So what? Is that reason to remove him when the minority view does not matter and only what the majority wants count?

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

RPK details representative democracy and true democracy here. The article is very good but RPK also has the occasional and somewhat fatal shortfall of practicing what he preaches. MCLM has disgraced itself in 2012 by speaking against LGBTs and turning on Opporisiton leader Anwar. This has led to Tengku Dr. Haris Ibrahim and several other prominent member quitting MCLM to work on ABU instead, However MCLM still has the 20 candidates it has earmarked, doubtless many of which are less than ideal but not being entrenched politicians and fresh faces, also non-family nepotism linked and amenable to non-partisan non-hegelian dialectic politics, would be better than the Pakatan Oppositions term limitless and nepotistic paradigms, or BN’s corrupt, authoritarian racist AND term limitless and nepotistic paradigms.

MCLM still represents 3rd Force as it is supportive of neither old school camps, unfortunately RPK has mishandled what could be his peer – Anwar by for no apparent good reason (I’d say Anwar was too arrogant to meet RPK or somesuch, I had the same closed clique attitude from Pakatan too while indirectly showing interest for membership) supporting section 377B and effectively condemning private sexual freedoms of hetero and non-hetero comples married or unmarried. See the below article :


Anwar morally unfit to become PM, says RPK – by Shazwan Mustafa Kamal – January 01, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 1 — Popular blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin denounced Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as morally unfit to become prime minister, saying that Malaysians are unable to accept a homosexual to lead the country.

Better known as RPK, the self-exiled editor of the Malaysia-Today news portal was quoted in an Umno-owned national daily as crediting Anwar’s huge support to widespread public perception of the opposition leader as an “alternative” to the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN).

It did not necessarily mean Anwar was a better leader or PM-designate, said the man who was once seen to sit in the PKR de facto chief’s inner circle.

“I don’t care. If you say is Anwar gay? I say maybe. But you cannot become prime minister. That is the reality,” said Raja Petra (picture) in an interview published today the Malay-language Mingguan Malaysia.

Raja Petra did not explicitly call Anwar a homosexual but said there was no room in Malaysia for someone who is gay and wants to become PM.

“In Australia, you can. You can be gay and even become a minister. In Malaysia you have to choose. I personally have no problems but if you want to become PM and be gay, in Malaysia you cannot.

“I am not defending immoral behaviour but that is your choice. If you choose that you cannot have this. In [the] UK, Australia you can have both,” he said.

Anwar, 64, is currently awaiting his verdict on his second sodomy charge, where he is accused of sodomising a former aide.

The High Court is scheduled to deliver its ruling on January 9.

The former deputy prime minister has vehemently denied the charge, saying that it was part of a ploy to destroy his political career.

In his harshest remarks against Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat yet, Raja Petra said the opposition pact needed to cut down on its campaign for Anwar, and that the fight for reform was beyond the political future of one man.

Saying that PR had “bigger fish to fry”, he stressed that the “future of this country does not depend on this one man.”

“I do not know if Anwar is guilty or not. For me the issue is not important. The question is, is he the best candidate to run the country? If you are a good person, you are surely ‘clean’. But if you can’t run the country, you can’t, it’s that simple.”

Raja Petra charged that Anwar’s performance as Selangor Economic Advisor has been unimpressive, and that he spent too much time going overseas for functions and lectures at universities.

The controversial blogger claimed he received complaints of rampant corruption in Selangor, saying that nothing had changed since PR took over from BN there.

“We tell him [Anwar] stay in the country and do your job in Pakatan. More than 60 trips abroad is too much…it is as if he is running away not knowing what to do,” Minguan Malaysia reported Raja Petra as saying.

Raja Petra stressed that politics in Malaysia needed to move beyond national leaders like Anwar or even PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak and more on structure and ideas.

“I think we do not need to talk about Anwar anymore. It is not about Anwar. When we talk politics, we talk about Najib-Anwar, Najib-Anwar.

“What if Najib gets a heart attack like his father? What if something happens to Anwar? He is not young, he is older than me…we will get new leaders…we must move on,” the blogger said.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

So much for MCLM? 377 is illegal, so why attack LGBTs rather than Section 377B and with a fundo angle? This shows RPK is letting some UMNO guy or some poor ghost writer do the writing for him. Too unsubtle to be RPK, otherwise was written while drunk or stoned or boning some chick (I won’t say stud . . . yet, ‘Mr.Chub’ – thats for supporting 377B. . . this is no neurotech threat . . . warn me to remove the post if you feel the urge to file 100 million ringgit lawsuits . . . lol . . . 377B is indefensible . . . )

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Endorse 3 items or MCLM is merely a BN false flag.


Bar Council’s Silence Over ‘Free Anwar 901’ Campaign Questioned – Saturday, 31 December 2011 08:53

KUALA LUMPUR – Umno Youth deputy chief Razali Ibrahim has questioned the Bar Council’s silence over the “Free Anwar 901” campaign to defend opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Describing it as irresponsible, the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister said it would only lead to collapse of the country’s judicial and legal system.

“The Bar Council must make a stand. Will the accused in all cases taken to court such as rape and murder do the same thing (protest while the court has not decided),” he told Bernama on Friday.

The “Free Anwar 901” campaign is seen as a form of provocation on the sodomy case involving the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court will announce its decision on Jan 9. (Bernama)

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Get any and all non-Bar council lawyer members who are aware of the inaction, to request world legal bodies to dissociate with Bar Council, and the Universities of current bar council members to withdraw all legal degrees from all Bar Council members. Their tacit approval via silence and inaction on too many matters makes them but a tool of the racists, oligarchs and nepotists.




Now it’s your turn — RZ – July 15, 2011

JULY 15 — On July 9, I did something for my country. I walked with my neighbours, my friends, and fellow strangers. Different and segmented as our personal lives may be, but in cause, there is no doubt in my mind, that we are one.

There were eight different demands of Bersih, but to me, there is essentially one and it’s the only reason I came out on the streets. It is so that we can be heard and counted. It is so that, when election arrives, each vote will matter.

As I shouted “Hidup Rakyat,” I felt a sense of belonging amongst the strangers around me. I looked around and, I realised, that skin colour doesn’t matter. As I looked into their eyes, I saw the same anger — the anger that comes not from hatred, but from crying foul. The anger came from injustice done to us, from the squandering of trust that the rakyat had given those in power.

At that moment, I also saw hope. I saw an old Chinese couple hoping for a better Malaysia for their grandchildren, a middle-aged Indian woman crying for her future, and then I saw me, doing the least I can do for my country, for everyone. I thought to myself. If this is not 1 Malaysia, then what is?

We held hands, and we marched. My fear depleted and we became stronger. Our fear became our strength, because together, those bullies don’t stand a chance. I knew at that moment, if all else fails, I could rely on us — the rakyat. Because the rakyat are decent, whose dream is only to see our futures are chartered right, and our country prosper.

To those against us, it’s okay. This is democracy and you have your right as I do mine. I may not agree with your beliefs and your stand against my cause, but I will defend your right to say your cause and your beliefs. Let’s not intimidate each other and let’s not be unjust. Because at the end of the day, it’s how just you are that will define you.

On July 9, 2011, I did something for my country. Now it’s your turn. Register as a voter and vote. Vote for whomever you feel is worthy of your trust for your future and the future of your next generation, and vote for your country. Come back home, if you’re away, and cast your ballot, and get your neighbours, your friends and strangers around you to register and vote.

Let’s make the country right.

Hidup Rakyat.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

And if you have the finances for it and all selectable candidates are bad, you need to not only vote BUT run for candidacy as well. There is no excuse to not exercise your democratic right to run for candidacy against plutocrats, nepotists and racists. Just voting is half the story readers. The other half has not been presented to you by Malaysian Insider.  If you have the finances for it and find that all selectable candidates are bad, you must not only vote *BUT* ” Run For Candidacy ” as well. There is no excuse to not exercise your democratic right to run for candidacy against plutocrats, nepotists and racists of both BN or PR.

Let’s make the country right. Hidup Rakyat.

(2 Articles on how) Malays, (are) the enemy of Islam – Raja Petra Kamarudin – 29 Aug 2008

In Abuse of Power, bad laws, Bumiputera Apartheid, checks and balances, Islam, Malaysia, Muslims, Orwellian, separation of powers, social freedoms, spirit of the law, word of the law on February 5, 2012 at 1:18 pm


If you really, really have nothing to do with your time, then you should attend the noonday Friday prayers at the mosque and listen to the imam lament about the enemies of Islam who all have an agenda to destroy Islam. If not, then don’t waste your time. Do something else instead.

Yes, non-Muslims are the enemies of Islam, according to these imams, and they are all united in their effort to ‘kill’ Islam.

Actually this is not true at all. The enemies of Islam, at least in Malaysia, are the Malays themselves. The only thing is the Malays are just too bodoh (stupid) to realise this. Malays say that there are two types of bodoh. One is bodoh sepat — you pretend to be stupid but are actually very devious. Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would probably fit this bill. He pretends to be bodoh but is actually very crafty. The second is bodoh sombong — you are actually very stupid but are too stupid to realise that you are stupid and think you are very clever.

Most Malays fall into this category of bodoh sombong.

On 17th and 18th January 2008, a case is going to be heard in the Kuala Lumpur High Court. I was told this is the new courthouse near the Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque along Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur. A woman is suing the Malaysian government, the Federal Territory Religious Department (JAWI) and RELA (a volunteer paramilitary force that is infamous for extorting immigrant workers of their hard-earned money), plus one or two other Malaysian government agencies. Karpal Singh is the solicitor for the plaintiff, which promises to be a very exciting case indeed considering Karpal is known to take no prisoners.

It seems this woman, a Muslim, was arrested during a ‘vice raid’ on a certain disco in Kuala Lumpur. She was an employee of that disco and, according to the ‘rules’, Muslims are not supposed to work in any establishment that sells liquor. So, for that ‘crime’, she was arrested together with about 16 or so other Muslim men and women.

Now, when the authorities issued the disco its licence, it was not stipulated anywhere in that licence that any establishment selling liquor is prohibited from employing Muslim staff. If this is the law then certainly our national airline, MAS, would have to retrench all the Malay staff and employ only non-Muslim Chinese, Indians, Portuguese, Dayaks, Kadazans, etc., because MAS serves liquor. Not only the cabin crew would have to be sacked but the entire staff including the ticketing staff, administration staff, accountants, managers, board of directors, and so on, would have to go.

The ‘haram’ ruling would not only affect those directly involved in serving the liquor on-board the flights but anyone whomsoever even remotely linked to the organisation. I mean, the ‘criminal’ is not only the stewards and stewardesses who serve the liquor but anyone who may be ‘collaborating’ with the stewards and stewardesses to make it possible for the stewards and stewardesses to serve liquor on-board the flights. So, those who sell the tickets and those who check you in and those who handle your baggage and those who usher you to the plane and those who sit in the office to count the money and those who sit in the boardroom to conduct meetings, and many more, are ‘partners-in-crime’ and would also have to leave the organisation.

If you drive the car that the bank robbers used to rob the bank you too would be arrested for bank robbery although you just sat in the car and did not walk into the bank to rob it. If you lent the bank robbers the car that they used to rob the bank then you too would be arrested for bank robbery although you did not follow them to the bank but just stayed home. If you lent the bank robbers the guns they used in the bank robbery you too would be arrested for bank robbery although you did not follow them to the bank but just stayed home. If you gave the information to the bank robbers on when and how they should rob the bank so that they can maximise their takings and make a successful getaway you too would be arrested for bank robbery even though all you did was just offer them information and did not actually take part in the robbery.

Yes, all of them would be regarded as being part of the bank robbery ring even though their only role was to assist the bank robbers in pulling off a successful bank robbery and did not actually take an active part in the robbery and were not even there.

So, are Muslim waiters and waitresses who work in discos committing a crime? Yes, according to the Federal Territory Religious Department who arrested 17 or so Muslim staff who were working in a disco in Kuala Lumpur. And all except one pleaded guilty and paid the RM400 fine. One, however, decided to sue the Malaysian government, the Religious Department, RELA and two other government agencies for RM5 million. And Karpal Singh is handling the case.

According to the police report that this Muslim woman made, which is the basis of the suit, she plus all the others were handcuffed and placed in the police truck. After some time she needed to answer the call of nature and requested permission to go to the toilet. However, they refused to allow her to go to the toilet and asked her instead to just pee in the truck.

This woman could not hold her bladder and had no choice but to pee there and then. Her colleagues helped guard her modesty by placing a scarf in front of her so that she could at least have some privacy. But the RELA officers pulled away the scarf and started taking photographs of her peeing, of course with her private parts fully exposed.

In the police station, the men were separated from the women. The women were then taken to a secluded part of the police station and photographed. But they were not photographed in the normal ‘criminal’ way with their numbers on their chest and so on. Instead, they were told to assume sexy positions — bend forwards, backwards, sideways, etc. Basically, they were asked to pose in erotic and sensuous positions for the benefit of the cameras, sort of like the centrefold of Playboy or Penthouse, if you know what I mean.

Then the women were told they could avoid getting charged by settling the case ‘outside court’ in exchange for sexual favours. All they had to do was drop their panties and after a quickie they would be allowed to go home without any further action taken against them.

Actually, this sort of thing is not new. This has been going on for more than 30 years. Why do you think these perverts fall over each other and rush to sign up as RELA guards? And they would drop everything and volunteer their time free-of-charge to participate in a ‘vice raid’. Of course, they will tell their wives and children they only have the interest of Islam at heart in arresting ‘immoral’ Malay men and women who work in discos that serve liquor. Their interest is only to protect the dignity of Islam. Yeah, sure, and I with five children and four grandchildren am still a virgin.

No, if you have free time on your hands don’t waste it by going to the noonday Friday prayers to listen to the imam scream, rant and rave about the enemies of Islam plotting against Islam in their secret agenda to destroy Islam. Instead, go to the Kuala Lumpur High Court at Jalan Duta on 17th and 18th January 2008 and hear the case that Karpal Singh is going to argue. Hear how the ‘moral police’ — officers of the Federal Territory Religious Department and RELA — round up women and photograph them nude and demand sex as out of court settlement.

Yes, these are the upholders of the dignity of Islam. These are the defenders of Islam. These are the officers of Islam Hadhari, the new Islam, the invention of Abdullah Badawi. Now do you know why the non-Muslims fear the prospects of Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State? Hey, I don’t blame them. If this is the Islam they are talking about then I too fear Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State. I fear my wife and daughter getting picked up by these perverts because they are perceived as dressing too sexily and then being asked to grant these ‘officers of Islam’ sexual favours as out of court settlement.

Hmm, this reminds me of another RELA officer from Terengganu whom I personally knew who raped and murdered a Malay schoolgirl. They eventually hanged him of course but this did not bring the unfortunate schoolgirl back to life. I suppose after getting horny from photographing waitresses in the nude they need to let off some steam by raping schoolgirls and then murdering them after that to prevent them from talking.

Yes, let us all go to the Kuala Lumpur High Court at Jalan Duta on 17th and 18th January 2008 and take a good look at the defenders of the dignity of Islam, those ‘moral police’ who arrest Malay girls and boys who work in discos and then photograph them in the nude and then demand sex as out of court settlement.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The worse of the above is generally unheard of 4 years later this day in 2012. But doubtless these events may occur if Muslim regular citizens are not alert and pay attention. This again is for Muslims to address, though non-Muslim businessmen occasionally get caught up when dealing with Muslims. That is why when a politician or even ex-PM says how much any non-Muslim community earns, all must be conscious that it is business not between races but rather within the race. Turnpver is not because of great mixing, but primary production and export which is reliant on the homelands of the minorities who are subject to harmful and disenfranchising apartheid in law and constitution which racist politicians will not change for their own benefit. See below for another occurance of less than exemplary Islam :


Hasan Ali joins Jais raid – Sunday, 01 January 2012 08:53

SHAH ALAM- Controversial PAS leader Datuk Dr Hasan Ali joined a rare raid on drinking spots at Mutiara Damansara and Petaling Jaya, which saw the arrest of 41 Muslims.

Among those nabbed in Ops Mungkar were 18 people who were caught taking alcohol, an offence under Selangor’s syariah law.

They include six women.

Dr Hasan said the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) has strong evidence to charge them for alcohol consumption under the Syariah Criminal Enactment 1995, which provides for a jail term of up to two years and a fine of not more than RM3,000, or both.

Unlike other states, Selangor does not whip offenders caught drinking alcohol.

Dr Hasan said the other 23 pub goers caught in the raid, including 13 women, would be required to attend counselling sessions.

“They will have to give their statements on Jan 11 and 12, before Jais fixes the dates for counselling,” he said at the Jais office here yesterday.

He said the raiding party, which included the Bukit Aman police, was led by Jais director Datuk Marzuki Hussin following a tip-off. Those arrested were aged between 18 and 58.

“We could see there was entertainment going on and the drinking (of alcohol),” said Dr Hasan, who is in charge of Islamic affairs in the state executive council.

He refuted suggestions that the operation was connected to the recent controversies surrounding him.

Dr Hasan, the former Selangor PAS commissioner, is embroiled in a feud with the leadership over the party’s policy switch from an Islamic state agenda to a welfare state.

In August, he defended the Jais checks on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church and had also locked horns with the state over the sale of alcoholic beverages at convenience stores and the mushrooming of massage centres.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Although personal sins cannot be persecuted in REAL Islam, Jais has by right of law (though this law is probably illegal in properly Interpreted Islam) a right to haul up Muslims not following their vows but not non-Muslims nor impose Syariah prohibitions on outlets and activities deemed un-Muslim on non-Muslims. Also, does Malaysian Syariah system respect the :

UNHCR Article 18.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

; for Muslims who were prevented from going apostate so that they can have alcoholic drinks? A UN delegation should meet the Syariah court council and any aggrieved parties unable to change religion in a manner that resulted in such haul ups. There can be no coercion in religion says the Prophet, thus there can be no coercion in remaining in religion as well.

Given that a Malay in fact even loses his Bumiputra rights and effectively becomes a minority (minorities in Malaysia by ethnicity and faith are subjected to Bumi-Apartheid) as well, the UN needs to communicate with the Federal Government on religious apartheid as well. These are true blood Malays that should not be deprived of their rights because they change religion much less be persecuted or prevented from leaving the religion. This raid could be a symptom of abuse of power in many ways.

Could an open discussion on the above with all parties mentioned be initiated by the UN?

3 Articles on Vote Buying In both Pakatan and Barisan – repostedby @AgreeToDisagree – 5th February 2012

In 1% tricks and traps, 3rd Force, 99%, Abuse of Power, Assemblymen have not declared assets, asset declarations, Bad By-Laws, bad laws, Bumiputera Apartheid, failed asset declarations, hegelian dialectic, Invasive Laws, Malaysia, MPs have not declared assets, out of context, partial asset declarations, unprofessional behaviour, vested interest, voting methods on February 5, 2012 at 6:29 am


GEORGE TOWN – The DAP-led Penang government proposal to give cash aid of RM100 for each newborn baby has been described as vote buying for the general election.

Penang Barisan Nasional deputy chairman Zainal Abidin Osman condemned the state government’s ‘Program Anak Emas Pulau Pinang’ as it is clearly politically motivated.

“The proposal to give money to voters with new born babies is not a good way to govern the state,” he told reporters after a walkabout by Penang BN leaders at Air Itam market here yesterday.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said on Sunday the state government proposed to give RM100 for each new born baby provided one of the parents was a voter with income not exceeding RM4,000 monthly.

‘Program Anak Emas Pulau Pinang’ is expected to cost the state government up to RM10mil annually.

Zainal said the plan could cause dissatisfaction among those not registered as voters and proposed that the cash aid be given to all parents with new born babies.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Very cynical move. A child will cost FAR MUCH MORE than $100 from the basic necessities needed from age 0 to 1 alone. This is a very cynical and calculative consumerist you have as CM. This is typical influence from PAP and a mockery of new parents.Taking from the taxpayers to indulge DAP’s ego if anything. Who was consulted in the giveaway?  Institutionalized bribery rather than improvements to the system itself that should be instead of grandstanding at the taxpayer’s expense :

Hey idiot voters, vote for someone who will remove the bridge concessionaire usage fees for those earning below $4000, or lower the Election deposit from 15,000 to 150 ringgit. Remember that this is the same party who would assign itself (actually LGE and Wife) tax payer monies of 750K (Chiefminister LGE himself) and 120K (Assemblyperson LGE’s wife) respectively for their own funerals. Or similarly the old folks giveaway cash which some old folks out of ethical concerns refused?

Penang could go independent as a state from Pakatan and the policies could be the same – WITHOUT the egomania with YOUR tax funds. Just look at the red take based abuse cases under LGE’s hatchetmen Ng Aik Wei and Chow Kow Yeow since recent times :

It’s no nirvana for cafe – The Star Online (help them not take away their livelihood)

Buah Pala Ethnically Cleansed

Gas Tank Spat

Foul of Law



Funding Social Welfare Schemes In Breach Of EPF Act 1991 – Tony Pua – Saturday, 04 February 2012 07:57

Both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Federal Territories tried to justify the use of RM1.5 billion from Employee Provident Fund (EPF) to provide loans for social housing yesterday after being criticised for abusing workers’ retirement funds for political purposes.

Najib claimed that RM1.5 billion needed was “not substantial compared to EPF funds”. He further added that “the scheme does not undermine the interests of the EPF because the value of the housing units in the market is far higher than the purchase price… If a buyer is unable to or does not repay the loan, the unit can be sold for a higher price.”

Raja Nong Chik also explained that “To the EPF, this is a secured business transaction, a secured loan, it is more secured than other corporate land property which is guaranteed by a government agency – the DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall).”

Firstly the Prime Minister must be castigated for having the cheek to claim that the RM1.5 billion is an insignificant amount relative to the EPF fund size. Regardless of whether it is RM1.5 million or RM1.5 billion or even RM15 billion, the EPF funds must be managed stringently and not be subjected to abuse. Similarly whether the amount is a RM100 or a RM1 million bribe, if its a crime, being the lesser amount provides absolutely no justification.

Secondly, if the low-cost properties are so collateral-worthy, that the market price is much higher than the purchase price, then why can’t these loans be made via commercial banks and not through EPF social lending programmes? If DBKL is able to provide the guarantee, and the guarantee is even “better than normal corporate property”, then surely, banks will be rushing to provide the loans and not shy away from them.

The EPF on its website says that it “aims to provide financial security for its members’ retirement purposes. The fund is committed to preserving and growing the savings of its members in a prudent manner in accordance with best practices in investments and corporate conduct.”

Therefore the EPF is not a lender of the last resort for the poor and neither is it a social welfare organisation.

Finally, the social housing loan scheme is in breach of the EPF Act 1991 which regulates the fund in terms of permissible investment activities. Under Clause 26 the Act, the EPF may lend money to Federal and State governments. It can also provide loans to and subscribe to bonds of registered corporate bodies in the country.

It may even provide loans to members of the Fund “for the purpose of purchasing or building a house”. The EPF housing loan to its members is based on a proportion of the worker’s contribution to the Fund.

However, no where in the Act does it say it can provide loans to individuals to acquire low-cost apartments using the property as a collateral. Despite the “guarantee” from DBKL, the loans are being made out directly to the property owners who may or may not have contributed to EPF.

We fully support measures by the Government to assist the poor to own their own properties. However such measures cannot be at the expense of abusing Malaysian workers’ retirement savings as specifically outlined in the EPF Act.

The Federal Government if need be, can borrow directly from EPF as it does normally, for its social welfare programmes. The EPF should not however be directed to provide loans directly to the general public and put itself at risk of default by the individual borrowers.

Najib who is also the Finance Minister must stop the social housing loan scheme in its current form to not only ensure compliance with the EPF Act, but more importantly, ensure that the workers’ hard-earned savings will not be jeopardised in the guise of politically motivated charity.



[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Pot calling the kettle black Pakatan? As mentioned in a comment elsewhere, scrap ALL handouts and ‘steal-outs’ (like Toll Concessionaires) and give only to the poorest of all races. There is no pie for the 99% when the 1% toll keepers keep taking money from the voters. Meanwhile lower the election deposits so that the POOR can take seats, join politics and write policies. Have you declared your assets yet Tony Pua? People in Pakatan? But you still want to keep election deposits high eh? WHys should anyone vote for a ‘new’ coalition that doesn’t change anything yet? Almost an entire term has passed but no local council elections or asset declarations BY POLITICIANS, EXCO declarations do not count in the context spoken of by Pakatan when wooing voters in 2008.

Meanwhile though loathe to quote ‘ . . . “Unhappy things” happening in states under opposition rule . . . Mahathir” . . . ‘

Try the below : Article 3 for details . . .




Workshop Operator Fails In Bid To Embarrass Guan Eng – Thursday, 12 January 2012 06:38 – Bernama

GEORGE TOWN — An operator of a workshop which was allegedly torn down by the Municipal Council of Penang Island failed in his attempt to present a replica of the workshop, a toilet and a bulldozer to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on the first anniversary of the alleged incident in Jelutong here.

Mohd Yacoob Mohd Nor, 23, arrived at the lobby of the state government office on the third floor of the Tun Abdul Razak Complex (Komtar) at 2.40 pm, yesterday accompanied by several members of the Penang branch of the Malay right-wing group Perkasa.

Security guards denied them permission to enter the office and they left after waiting for 45 minutes, leaving the items wrapped in red cloth at the counter of the guards.

Mohd Yacoob said he was unhappy with the alleged demolition of his workshop, Mega Xtreme Motor, claiming that he had a licence to operate the facility located on his own land. “The demolition should not have taken place, and prior notice should have been given,” he told reporters.

He said that following the alleged demolition on Jan 11 last year, he wrote to the council president requesting the reason for its action but said he has yet to receive a reply.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

DAP has a habit of destroying people’s livlihoods or harrassing people about their property. Though racism and apartheid typify PERKASA, I am on Nor’s side here. It’s his private property and he’s just making a simple living you Gambier Threat, KOMTAR Lockdown, Beachboy harrassing, gas tank stealing, Condominium staircase trashing political party! Whats wrong with DAP? Even if someone was racist (wich DAP did not address so far), you cannot invade their property and destroy their livlihood. Take heart Nor, this news is already embarrassment in itself, your bid succeeded because most people detest such behaviour by political parties, regardless of race, and with the nepotism and limitless term issue, DAP is as bad a guy as PERKASA this day.

DAP has a habit of destroying people’s livelihoods or harrassing people about their property. Though racism and apartheid typify PERKASA, I am on Nor’s side here. It’s his private property and he’s just making a simple living you Gambier Threat, KOMTAR Lockdown, Beachboy harrassing, gas tank confiscating, Condominium staircase trashing political party! Whats wrong with DAP? Mentally ill? Want to control which people are allowed to make a living?

Even if someone was supportive of apartheid and racist (which DAP did not address in any clarity with intent to end so far), a political party cannot invade their property and destroy their livelihood.

Take heart Nor, though most of us equal minded citizens detest you for being associated with PERKASA, we sympathise with what you faced, and this news is already embarrassment in itself. Your bid to embarrass DAP succeeded simply because most people detest such behaviour by political parties, regardless of race, and with the nepotism and limitless term issue, DAP is as bad a guy as PERKASA this day.

Both Pakatan (misrepresenting campaign promises, nepotism) and Barisan (apartheid, corruption, nepotism) are different sides of the same coin in many ways, vote 3rd Force (possibility of corruption but no nepotism and will have no choice but to use ending APARTHEID to win GE13 and the 40% non-Malay vote to end the sin of Asabiya and abuse of Article 1 of the UNHCR)  instead : KITA, MCLM, PCM, Borneo Front, Konsensus Bebas, HRP, PSM to achieve the below 3 items.

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Will MCA/MIC/Gerakan/PPP leave BN to support 3rd Force and perhaps survive on the liberal ticket that legislates rather than keep things one eye closed? Stop being an APARTHEID accepting lapdog and by leaving BN endorse and grant the 3 items. It’s just equality where Najib has the mandate to grant the above 3 items to ensure BN coalition wins but has not . . .

Israel-Palestine Mentioned, Israel-Palestinian Related Articles – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 5th February 2012

In Egypt, historical, Israel, Jewish State on February 5, 2012 at 5:58 am

Utusan scraping the bottom with ex-IGP Rahim Noor, scoffs Kit Siang – Written by  Lim Kit Siang – Tuesday, 19 July 2011 18:21

UMNO’s spin doctors in Utusan Malaysia are scraping the bottom of the barrel bringing out of the woodwork discredited personalities to weave lies which positively damage Malaysia’s national interests and international image.

The latest incident is the surfacing of the discredited Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Rahim Noor who gave an interview with Mingguan Malaysia on Sunday alleging the Bersih 2.0 rally could open the door to Jews and Israel to infiltrate Malaysia as there were parties who wanted countries like Malaysia that was against Jews and Israel to be toppled.

Although Rahim Noor established his professional career as Special Branch Director (just as he destroyed his service as IGP because of his criminal assault of Anwar Ibrahim in the infamous “black eye” episode in 1998), he could have no evidence for his sensational allegation in the Mingguan Malaysia interview apart from a very fertile figment of imagination.

However, based on Rahim Noor’s unsupported allegation, Utusan Malaysia carried an editorial yesterday as good as warning that the “Jew are coming” as a result of the Bersih 2.0 rally.

Either the Utusan Malaysia spin doctors  have the full endorsement and a blank cheque from the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib  Razak and the Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein to spin their worst, or  the Umno spin doctors are totally out of control and  neither the Prime Minister nor the Home Minister has the  power to exercise any control over them even when they go on a rampage positively damaging Malaysia’s national interests and international image.

Which is which, Najib and Hishammuddin?

– Lim Kit Siang is DAP adviser and MP for Ipoh Timur


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

If the Jews offer :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

BN or any party that does not offer the above would stand no chance. See what happened in Libya? But this will not happen as Israel cannot even handle affairs in their backyard or treat Palestinians fairly by abiding the 1967 Green Line deal though the below land swop is a much better solution :

Green Circled areas are where many Jews traditionally reside. Red Circled area shows Palestinian dominant areas that will be ceded only because a Gaza type seperation between states is indefensible. Reparations for Palestinian majority area ceded Red Circle areas are in order.




Santorum: ‘There Is No Palestine’ – Submitted by Douglas Bloomfield on Mon, 01/02/2012 – 07:29

GOP Presidential contender Rick Santorum, who appears likely to come from far behind to finish in the top 3 in Tuesday’s Iowa Caucuses, is trying to out-do his former Congressional colleague Newt Gingrich when it comes to insulting Palestinians.

Gingrich called the Palestinians an “invented” people who didn’t exist until sometime in the 20th century. Santorum criticized Gingrich’s widely-reported remarks as “provocative,” but his own more extreme views got little attention at the time because he was considered a hopeless back-of-the-pack candidate and not being taken very seriously.

But now that he is rising rapidly in the polls, his comments deserve a second look.

As far as Santorum is concerned, Palestinians don’t exist.

“There are no Palestinians,” he told a questioner at a campaign event in Iowa. You can see the video here.

“All the people who live in the West Bank are Israelis.  There are no Palestinians.  This is Israeli land,” the former Pennsylvania senator said.

“The West Bank is part of Israel,” which won it as “part of an aggressive attack by Jordan and others” in 1967.  Israel doesn’t have to give it back any more than the United States has to give New Mexico and Texas to Mexico, which were gotten “through a war,” he said.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Look up PHILISTINES and PHILISTIA and you will find a historical map of their original territory. They do exist. Santorum should not pretend they don’t. Just too dishonest and a sign of a potential bad president. How about it Santorum, own up that Philistia does exist and save your presidential campaign.




Misdirected Rage – by Jim Kirwan – 1-18-12

For so many people today there is no longer that something that so many call ‘The Self,’ that person that thinks for themselves, and acts according to their own private consciousness. We have instead chosen to live within a pleasure-dome of gratifications, toys and appetites that cannot support actual lives, but only those outcomes that feed those who have designed our lives to supplement their own agendas.

David Icke speaks to this giant chasm between what we have become and what in reality we actually are in the universal connectedness of our being: The fact that we are all human beings. The key to the whole understanding of who we are and what we are attempting to reach is in the word “potential” as that affects literally everything we think or say or do. See the first 2 minutes and 15 seconds of this video (2)

This awareness is mind altering, but it is also far beyond where most of us are trying to live today, largely because of something that most didn’t consider to be mind-altering: Yet this act has permanently altered the entire landscape of the current world of today. What was it? It was the tearing down of the wall between Church & State as that was designed and implemented by Reagan, Bush senior and Clinton that was finished off by George W. Bush the lesser.

What separated the old United States from other nations was that wall of separation between the various religions and the religion-neutral State. Once that wall fell, the US government became a target for dozens of religious groups that each saw possibilities for the advancement of their own agendas. Possibilities that could hide as religious organizations when they were in fact political parties that paid no taxes, because of “religious affiliations,” but because they were now seen as valid political movements which people began to treat as legitimate political interests instead of as the biased religious entities they still are—these deceptive groups began to destroy what it meant to be just an American. This was the curse that had killed old-world Europe for centuries and the old USA had remained free of this curse, until Reagan (as the sock-puppet of that day) decided to knock down that wall!

The proof of that lies in the fact that whenever anyone is asked what they are the first word is usually a party-affiliation, rather than a national character-identifier: Democrat or Republican or Independent ­ rather than “American.” And when the survival of the nation is on the line such a failure of understanding is critical to survival.

One key consequence of this is what was the 70 million strong Christian-fundamentalist-sect a great many of whom are today the Settler’s in Israel, behind all those walls that were built to keep out the Palestinians in their own country. That same group has also totally taken control over the US Air Force Academy, and turned the old US Air Force into the New US Luftwaffe, where the only people welcome at the Air Force Academy are members of this extremist organization. One has to wonder how many of the cops and GI’s today are also members of this crazed sect that sees the arrival of Armageddon as the greatest possible outcome of all the global disasters at work in the world today?
“And when I finished reading the recent Harper’s story, about The New Christianistas in the US military, I couldn’t stop thinking about the direct connection from the Crusades that were begun in the Eleventh Century, that have never stopped, and the millions of perverted passions that still drive so many twisted extremists in the world today. Of course this too is part of the reason for the difference between Baghdad in 1985 and what is there now.

When the Colonial Western powers were defeated (five times in the Middle Eastern Crusades), by the end of the Thirteenth Century, they turned their attentions toward the southern hemisphere of the Americas and did unto those nations exactly what we just did to Iraq. “The West” then succeeded in Central and South America, where they had failed against Islam, in the Middle-East. These ‘conquests’ were also chartered corporate ventures ­ even then.

Now after well over a hundred years of the hatred and barbarity that we inflicted, our past crimes have returned to haunt us from that long dead era. Nation by nation we are being vanquished from those countries where ‘karma’ also played a major part in those crimes that have risen from the silence of their unmarked graves: Those crimes of conquest just like the 2000 pictures of the torture-photos must now be paid for. The elites of the planet have learned absolutely nothing from the hundreds of years which they have used to attempt to steal the “wealth” of the whole planet. And as Americans we have forgotten the lessons that Marine Major General Smedley Butler tried to remind us of, when he proclaimed after 33 years of experience on three continents that “War is a Racket.” (1)

There is something we could do to stop this ‘new’ Christianista takeover of the US military and it’s already on the books: All we need to do is enforce it! We need to retroactively TAX every so-called religious organization that has crossed the line into politics; beginning with the date of their first transgression, because religions by law cannot take an active role in politics.” (3)

Yesterday I received this link to some of what is apparently still happening today, but this time it goes by the name of Christian Zionism. If the constitutional wall between Church and State had been left intact, this subject could never have come up—think about it! (4)

When I asked about this of a few people that I trust, they hastened to point out that currently there is a bloodlust among the electorate that wants to simply KILL the people of Iran (largely in sympathy with Newt ­ the idiot who closed down the US government) and his own twisted beliefs. I wondered why so many have consistently FAILED to understand who their real enemies are—so I said:

If you want to get them to see reason just ask them this:

“Why are you so intent on killing strangers when your own government is stealing everything you have and murdering so many of your own people in wars that they don’t even have a voice in? You want to kill somebody, then look at the people that caused it all – the government that just made all of us into ENEMIES OF THE USA! Those people you want to KILL are defending their own country ­ which is more than any of you will do, right here, right now! And worst of all this government is LAUGHING AT US BECAUSE ‘we’ STILL DON’T GET IT!!! We are the TARGETS of this TREASON and all these wars against humanity, and yet our people still REFUSE to physically reject everything which they have just done to end the government, the Constitution and all the laws, that once existed here. Beyond that these same idiots still want to vote for these same people that just stole everything we had, our jobs, our retirement funds, our homes and our dreams ­ in a place that no longer has any laws to protect the public from the government ­ and to top it all off ­they don’t want to send any of those creatures to jail or to the gallows where they should be after having faced trial for global crimes against humanity, on top of what they’ve done to everyone in this country that used to be a nation?

Where’s the RAGE, where’s the spontaneous ANGER that would free us from this CURSE of the OVERLORDS of AUTHORITY that masquerade as leaders of the place they have just sacked and looted for the umpteenth time since Reagan did his thing and brought this obscene curse down upon the world—AGAIN!

Before the people of this country can begin to contemplate who we actually are and what our lives ought to be about—we need to free ourselves from this delusion that is threatening the entire planet ­ NOW! And while love is the way to understanding and to actual life; no sentient being can continue to ignore this continuing threat to the existence, not of just ourselves, but of the viability of the people of entire planet as well. It truly is in our hands to end this nightmare.

The administration has announced that on March 3, 2012 the new military provisions of the NDAA will begin to be enforced. By then the Enemy Expatriation Act will also be included, along with the censorship of the global NET. Add to that the probability that the global financial order will most likely implode by the twelfth of March so that by the time The Ides of March arrives (the 15th), the globe will most likely be in a major conflagration that will end our chances of surviving this impending thermonuclear-war that will open WWIII.

Can we afford to continue to placate Israel’s obscene behavior while they continue to plan for the reactivation of CAST LEAD against the Palestinians, just because they were interrupted in their plan to attack Iran? Action is called for on all fronts; and that ought to begin with Americans in the streets in protest and revolt against this totally criminal government that is completely illegal—and has yet to be called on any of what it has done since the signing of the NDAA on New Year’s Eve of 2011? Where for instance are the so-called candidates who apparently want to represent this entirely illegal nation? How do they explain what has happened to the USA! Ask them and DEMAND clear and legally based reasons.

To the Police & Military Was Your Oath Sincere?

David Icke ­ We think we are humans 13 min. video

Crusaders Inc.

Christian Zionism in USA to protect Israel?

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

1) ‘David Icke speaks to this giant chasm between what we have become and what in reality we actually are in the universal connectedness of our being: The fact that we are all human beings.’

Isn’t Icke supposed to be a reptillian? Wats Icke know about humans?!?

2) Israel may get desperate when Iran overruns them and launch nukes. Iran will also do the same. Both may become irradiated. Then it is up to the USA to decide to ‘join’ in – best they only do with conventional weapons. Israel is not going to survive WW3 in any good sense if irradiated, and both Iran adn Israel may be the prime victims of their own nuke lobbing. Israel though cannot fight Iran conventionally. It looks set to be Israel (blame the Jews will go down in history FOREVER and the Nazis will end up being hailed as the people who could have prevented the new iradiated Earth, or Middle East at any rate . . . ) that lobbs the first nuke (throws the first punch) and IF USA’s weakminded neocon dominos fall from greed or war-lust, then humanity may be doomed. Voters understand who needs to be thrown out of congress, oout of senate? Congress and senate, get the ‘conventional weapons only’ message? There is nothing to be won if it is irradiated to uselessness.

3) ‘This was the curse that had killed old-world Europe for centuries and the old USA had remained free of this curse, until Reagan (as the sock-puppet of that day) decided to knock down that wall!’

True. Jim don’t use Marxist/Commie language here! Avoid that because those who do not understand that Capitalism and ‘Maximum Assets Sequesterable’ need limits for progress via wealth distribution to occur, will use this to accuse you of being a ‘leftist’. Again Jim, HOW ABOUT AN OPEN COMMENTS SECTION. Don’t fear the flamers or psy-oppers hurling NLPs no end, how authoritarian and insular or fearful of communication and discourse can you get? Or is it something I’m missing?

4) One has to wonder how many of the cops and GI’s today are also members of this crazed sect that sees the arrival of Armageddon as the greatest possible outcome of all the global disasters at work in the world today?

Arameans the founders of Xianity were the Near-Middle-Eastern Judaism (Egyptian Priesthood) derived cultists who sought the power of ancient Egypt now in Judaic form (very true there is some power – but it is not the nice or goodly kind that the bible promotes, quite dark and fighting for the Monotheism franchise), most Americans were from Western Europe or Eastern Europe, they are somewhat crazed – Christ the Egregor (killed in prime to become one, as some people here now were aware of the methods in Xianity to do that to any persons targetted for ‘martyrdom’ – psychic slavery more than anything else – the Earth itself is aware and detests this sort of occult behaviour) . . .




Jewish Imperial News Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 8:42AM Gilad Atzmon – – by Gilad Atzmon

This last weekend brought with it some vile manifestations of Jewish politics in its most horrific forms.

United Against the Goyim


In the USA, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu should consider ordering a Mossad hit team to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama so that his successor will defend Israel against Iran.

Actually, it wasn’t just Obama whom Adler suggested to eliminate, the Atlanta Jewish Times listed three lethal options to help Israel counter Iran’s nuclear capability. The first, to launch a pre-emptive strike against Hamas and Hezbollah, the second to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and the third is to assassinate the current American president.

Devastatingly, Adler’s murderous attitude towards politics is wholly consistent with some Biblical and Talmudic anti-gentile teaching. It recalls clearly certain Old Testament genocidal verses such as Leviticus 26:7-8:

‘You will chase your enemies, and they shall fall by the sword before you. Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight; your enemies shall fall by the sword before you.’

It is also consistent with the appalling way in which Palestinians are abused by the Jewish State.  But it is also consistent with the Jewish cultural wrath towards the dissenting Jesus and towards dissent in general. May I remind readers that the word Yeshu – Jesus in Hebrew – is the abbreviation of the Hebrew phrase

“may his name and memory be blotted out”.

Without comparing president Obama to Jesus, Adler’s homicidal inclination is somewhat similar. Seemingly, some Jews have yet to forgive Jesus – nor President Obama. .

The American Jewish Committee in Atlanta condemned Adler’s article, saying that Adler’s proposals were

“shocking beyond belief.”

– a pretty bizarre reaction, considering  that the American Jewish Committee is itself an enthusiastic advocate of a war against Iran. Similarly, warmonger Alan Dershowitz listed recently the ‘legal’ reasoning behind an Israeli attack on Iran. True, he has yet to call for an American President to be murdered, he just thinks that launching another world war is a ‘reasonable’ thing to do. And, as far as I can remember, the American Jewish Committee didn’t rush to denounce Dershowitz or to apologise on his behalf or in the name of the Jews.

United Against Freedom

In Britain, following some relentless Jewish Lobby pressure, Press TV, The Iranian News Channel was forced off the air after Ofcom  (The ‘Independent’ regulator for the UK Communications Industries), revoked its licence for ‘breaching the Communications Act’. This should come as no surprise. Bearing in mind that 80% of British Tory MPs are Conservative Friends of Israel, we in Britain must expect the rapid fading away of some of our most elementary freedoms.

United Against Palestine

On Saturday the Islamophobic blog Harry’s Place and the Zionist mouthpiece Jewish Chronicle completed their takeover of UK Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC). In the last two years, the PSC EC has expelled and marginalised some of its leading intellectuals amongst them some prominent Palestinian and Muslim activists and now, at last, they are beginning to receive their just credit.

In the last two months we have noticed that the PSC has been praised by both the notorious JC and Harry’s Place. Two weeks ago, pro-war Harry’s Place thanked the Jewish ‘anti’-Zionists for promoting Jewish tribal interests at the midst of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and this weekend a PSC Executive member confirmed that PSC’s latest maneuvers against ‘anti-Semitism’ were in response to criticism from the rabid Zionist website Harry’s Place and the Jewish Chronicle. Like others, I am confused.  Should a Palestinian solidarity group surrender to an Islamophobic blog, a Zionist paper and other ‘Jews-only’ pressure groups?

Judging by the scale of the  celebration on Islamophobic Harry’s Place, you’d be forgiven for assuming that PSC – now firmly committed to the struggle against anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial – is now just one more Zionist outlet, whose prime interest is in promoting Jewish tribal interests. I’m sure that the Palestinians in besieged Gaza and in refugee camps all over the Middle East are over the moon.

However, to counter the now complete Zionist takeover of PSC EC, a bunch of leading solidarity  activists, journalists and intellectuals have launched deLiberation, a new UK dissident magazine. We aim to become a leading UK media outlet, to provide news, analysis and fearless criticism – exactly where The Guardian and the BBC so miserably fail. And we will fill that space now created by the current PSC Executive Committee.

United Against The Guardian

Two days ago, I discovered that CIF Watch, a Jewish supremacist site interested solely in cleansing British press of any criticism of Israel and Jewish power, was boasting that the Guardian surrendered to their pressure and

‘removed an Atzmon passage.’

Apparently the Jewish site was annoyed that Khaled Diab quoted me as saying

“The Jewish state is pretty devastated by the idea that a bunch of ‘indigenous Arabs’ are far more technologically advanced than its own chosen cyber pirates.”

Specifically, it didn’t approve of the Guardian printing the word ‘chosen’ in reference to Jews.

The CIF Watch site says of itself that it is

dedicated to monitoring anti-Semitism and combatting the assault on Israel’s legitimacy in the Guardian newspaper’s

Comment is Free’ blog.” So, it is not against racism or discrimination in general, but solely interested in matters to do with one group and its tribal interests.

Shocking but typically, the Guardian surrendered immediately to the Zionist’s demands. As the Guardian rushed to admit: the word ‘chosen’ “is at odds with ‘Guardian regulations”. But the Guardian needs reminding that ‘Choseness’ may be at odds with ‘Guardian regulations’ but it is clearly not ‘at odds’ with Israeli practice, the Israeli legal system, the Jewish Lobby and even Jews-only Palestinian solidarity groups.

United Against Truth

Three months ago I published ‘The Wandering Who’. This book presented a harsh criticism of Jewish identity politics, Left, Right and Centre. It openly argued that contemporary Jewish identity politics is exclusivist, in most cases, racially driven and, in many ways, is a threat to world peace. In some ways, as in Adler’s call to assassinate Obama, it actually also endangers Jews.

The book attempts to grasp the bizarre continuum between Israeli barbarism, Adler’s homicidal inclination, the PSC EC surrender to rabid Zionist bodies and the ‘Guardian’s regulation’.  The book points to the political culture that made Jewish identity politics so powerful and, at the same time, so blind. And in spite of a united front’s attempt to silence the book and its message, in just a short space of time the book sold thousands of copies and its message is spreading like a forest fire.

I’m not one bit surprised by the surge of Jewish power. I wrote a book about it. But, being intimately familiar with Jewish history, I know exactly where it will lead. Jewish political arrogance has always proved to be, above all, devastatingly dangerous for Jews.

For the sake of peace, both Jews and gentiles must confront the prominence of Jewish identity politics. We should never be afraid to question ideologies and lobbies that impose a threat to peace, our value systems, freedom of thought, humanity and humanism.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Israel has subsumed the distinctness of 11 other kingdoms within it’s territories and compared to Egypt, Rome, The Mongol Golden Horde, Persia, India, China perhaps and Colonial Western powers at their height 200-300 years ago and also before the War of Independence, Soviet (or resurgent Soviet) Russia, in USA, Israel hardly can be considered an Empire unless USA is it’s slave in which case the locus of authority is not even in Israel itself. Most importantly though, no empire lacks a monarch constitutional or absolute and no empire can have a monarch that has no pure bloodlines to base itself on or base itself in secret societies where imperial authority a shadow of what empire means.

Let the 11 kingdoms revive and exist first THEN see if the 11 kings reinstated pay allegience to Israel as vassal Royalty, only then can ‘Empire’ be used as a term to describe Israel. An Emperor cannot be without vassal Royalty, Israel has no royalty at all, much less recognises it’s own 11 royal lineages to any respectable degree with Solomon’s Throne empty. How can Israel be an Empire? And even then due to size concerns unless Egypt reinstates a Constitutional Pharoanate which somehow recognizes and absorbs Israel (Judaism being based on skills of the Priesthood caste of Egypt rewritten as Judaism with elements of the tablets of stone chiselled by Moses – sticks to snakes anyone?, Solomon being a sorceror using Egyptian occult/Magick skills) Israel is still more like a colony of the Empire back in the White House, which is not even an Empire by democratic principles USA is based on, and without any constitutional monarch or if any hidden in secret societies and disallowed the majesty of OPEN MENTION and OPEN ACCEPTANCE in society. Try the revival of the 11 Kingdoms (more like Principalities due to the tiny size) then the rejoining with Fatherland Egypt under a Constitutional Pharoanate. Israel is accessory, cannot be Imperial, by history and by primogeniture, with USA entirely unsuitable by it’s structure and society.

3 Articles on Malaysian health system and a slide into England’s NHS style failure – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 5th February 2012

In 1% tricks and traps, Abuse of Power, collusion, Education, Health, healthcare, unprofessional behaviour, vested interest on February 5, 2012 at 4:42 am


What is happening to the medical profession — Concerned senior citizen – July 20, 2011

JULY 20 — As I write this I am saddled with a sadness wondering if the years of hard work and effort spent at the medical college by medical students before they can be certified as medical graduates is indeed worth all the labour and time.

I have spent more than 30 years serving the people but today I am at a crossroads wondering if I am witness to the beginning of the end of the glorious and noble profession that is the medical health sciences. Sadly there are growing signs that the sacrosanct ideals of the profession seem to be fading.

My close observation of the profession — and that includes all healing sciences be it medical, dental or any other as long as healing is involved — is that the number of doctors present in this country is ever increasing. The number of hospitals is equally impressive; both government and private.

The private establishments attempt to equip themselves with the most expensive facilities in terms of style, décor and sophistication in terms of equipment for diagnosis, treatment and of course patient recovery. This must also be accompanied by patient comfort. Having said this, my observation is that the cost of patient care has become inflated to an extent that it is hugely frightening for a citizen when he/she falls ill.

Is the medical cost in tandem with the citizens per capita income or within his/her means? If a patient is struck with an illness like stroke or cancer or organ failure then the fear of not being able to meet the cost is even more frightening. If this is really the case then are the doctors still holding on to the sacred belief that their duty is to heal the patient at all costs.

Now, the phrase at all costs may be contentious for a debate but not forgetting that it is the aim of every doctor to heal the sick. If a patient cannot be healed by a doctor then it defeats the purpose of that visit and it also defeats the purpose of the doctor meeting with the patient. What does a doctor do then? Has he a choice of doing anything else to achieve that goal. This is something that is left to the doctor himself/herself.

The point I am driving at is this. Being able to come to a correct diagnosis is good and this can be obtained with expensive technology.  But is this going to make it impossible for the patient to afford this service? If it is really the case then how does the doctor adapt himself to make it possible for him to do what he is supposed to do and that is to attend to the patient and achieve the healing.

Now the question: Is healing based on all the expensive machinery and the most expensive drugs available in the market? This is something doctors must most honestly search their minds and answer. Then again I have to ask. With all the expensive machinery and drugs available, why is it that many of the diseases are still left incurable. Is cough and cold curable? How then does it get cured? Is cancer curable? Is diabetes curable? Is eczema curable? When I say cure I mean that the disease becomes non-existent.

This is what I mean. If a patient has to be on a drug on a lifetime basis then it is not a cure. The disease is still inherent with the symptoms merely being blanketed by drugs till death takes over. The aim of a doctor is to heal the sick. If the healing has not been obtained then it is only logical that the treatment could have been either wrong or insufficient.

This unfortunately is the saddest part of being a doctor. Where then is the missing link? This is food for thought. Is it the training or the modus operandi of the system that has led to this sad state? Or is there a divine anomaly somewhere that doctors have lost sight of. The answers to healing is available in this universe. It is all left to the doctors to go and look for the answers.

There seems to be blatant disregard for ethics. Advertising seems to be rampant though however hidden it may appear. Lighted neon lights are being flashed around at the place of business. Many doctors are found to be rude, arrogant, and dishonest with their diagnoses. The dishonest diagnosis is meant to scare the patient into accepting the expensive treatment. This is not a myth or fault finding but is a real happening in the market.

Doctors’ behaviour towards patients can be a rude awakening for patients. They shout, scold and threaten as if the patient can be subject to bullying at his whims and fancies.

I have personally seen and witnessed doctors being rude, disrespectful and even threatening to patients in the presence of their spouses and children. This cannot and should not be condoned.

I have seen doctors even quoting their fees to patients based on whether he/she wants a second-hand Proton or a Mercedes Benz. I have seen doctors who despise other doctors with no care for their reputation or welfare. Everyone else is wrong except himself.

The extent to which professional jealousy exists is frightening. If one doctor begins to do well in practice out of sheer dedication and hard work, then the others in the same profession would do everything to cause him/her harm. This indeed is despicable.

Are doctors waiting for the day when patients will begin to lose their patience and bring in gangsters into clinics and beat up doctors before the other patients. Please do not wait till that sad day.

Remember, the people are becoming wiser and more knowledgeable day by day due to technology. Or are they lost in their own time wrap? Time to wake up.

These days it is common for one doctor to derecognise another doctor when he/she comes for treatment. They charge fees as they like. Of course there is nothing wrong with charging a decent fee to cover costs, no sane person would deny a doctor this.

But it is the blatant mercenary attitude that I condemn. There have even been instances when a colleague has been “detained” in the clinic/hospital till the full fees have been brought by family members. How low and despicable is this.

Today, private hospitals have become a business enterprise and that is why so many businessmen have started investing in them. It costs almost half a million ringgit to become a doctor today and there one must make his or her first million in the first year of work. This seems to be the prime motivation of every medical graduate. This is shameful.

My honest suggestion is that every doctor should open their doors to cater to patients at least once a week and start healing the sick at no cost. If you can do this for the rest of your life then and only then will you realise what healing the sick really means and then you will begin to value the great and sacred virtues of the profession. Till then I offer my prayers for each one of you.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.

Double taxing the public via 1 Care — Yow Hong Chieh February 05, 2012

JAN 5 — A tax by any other name is still a tax. And that’s exactly what the 1 Care healthcare proposal is, if reports about the scheme are true.

Central to 1 Care is the National Health Financing Scheme (NHFS), a government insurance fund that both employees and businesses will have to pay 10 per cent of their monthly income to, similar to our Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF).

But unlike the EPF, it’s very likely we will not get our money back. So it’s basically a tax, plain and simple, however you try to dress it up.

I have no issues with progressive taxes, which is what the NHSF appears to be; those who can afford it will subsidise healthcare costs for those who can’t.

Given that only 10 per cent of the work force, or about one million, now pay for public goods enjoyed by all 28 million Malaysians via income tax, that seems par for the course.

But we already pay taxes, not only in the form of income tax but sin tax on booze and tobacco products, among others, to the government as payment for all public goods, including healthcare. Where’s the money going?

I don’t deny that healthcare costs may be spiralling upwards but it seems rich to propose a new levy on Malaysians when the government does not seem all that keen on tackling the leakages and illicit outflows, which are at an all-time high, by all independent accounts.

At the same time, Putrajaya seems bent on encouraging the poor dietary habits of the general population by increasing its sugar subsidy, which would only add to the burden on the healthcare system in years to come.

Malaysians already consume an average of 26 spoons of sugar daily and, as the Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) has pointed out, excessive consumption of the sweet stuff has been linked to over 60 diseases, from cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, osteoporosis and kidney problems to asthma and allergies.

The prevalence of diabetes in Malaysia alone has jumped from below two per cent in 1960 to 14.9 per cent in 2006, or about 4.2 million patients. That’s 15 per cent of the total population, or almost one in seven persons.

CAP also pointed out that the federal government would save some RM567 million if it sells sugar at market price, due to lower healthcare costs in the long run, and I don’t doubt that they’re right in this case.

So if the government is sincere about preserving the health of Malaysians, it should get rid of the sugar subsidy, nix the 1 Care insurance scheme and find more efficient ways to employ the tax ringgit we have handed over to provide for fundamental public goods.

The very last thing it should be doing is double-taxing Malaysians just because it has failed to do its job properly.

* Yow Hong Chieh is a journalist with The Malaysian Insider


Dissent grows over rumoured healthcare tax under ‘1 Care’ scheme
By Clara Chooi
February 01, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 1 — Public outrage is growing over a proposed “1 Care” scheme to restructure the country’s healthcare system that critics claim would force employees and businesses to contribute 10 per cent of their monthly income to a government-run insurance fund.

Although details of the scheme are still vague and Health Ministry officials have insisted it is still “too early” to sound warning bells, medical practitioners and consumer associations have banded together since last December to kick off the “Tak Nak 1 Care” campaign, hoping to shelve Putrajaya’s plans before they come into force.

Critics claim the scheme would force employees and businesses to contribute 10 per cent of their monthly income to a government-run insurance fund. — Reuters file pic
Calling themselves the “Citizens’ Healthcare Coalition” (CHC), the group have taken their cause online, using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube to spread information about the scheme and gain wider public support.

Among others, the group have started a “#TakNak1Care” Facebook community page, a Twitter account using the handle @taknak1care and uploaded on YouTube, several video clips urging Malaysians to reject the scheme.

Their efforts appear to be gaining traction among netizens and have even caught the attention of Health deputy director-general (Medical) Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, who has been personally involved in lengthy discussions with the group via their Facebook page.

The Malaysian Insider understands that “1 Care” is modelled in its entirety after the United Kingdom’s National Healthcare Service (NHS), a publicly-funded healthcare system, and was mooted in the 10th Malaysia Plan for the Health Ministry’s 2011-2015 strategic plan.

It is believed that the five-phase scheme has already entered its third phase, and the full initiative, post engagement with doctors and pharmacists nationwide, is due to be presented to the Cabinet by March.

According to one CHC member, “1 Care” will replace Malaysia’s current two-tier (public and private) healthcare system by integrating both private and government hospitals, in hopes of ensuring more “equitable” healthcare for Malaysians across all socio-economic statuses.

Under the present two-tier system, Malaysians can choose to either seek treatment at private clinics or hospitals and pay out of their own pocket or via health insurance claims, or opt for treatment at government clinics or hospitals and pay only a nominal fee for basic, government-subsidised healthcare.

With “1 Care”, CHC said it would be made compulsory for all wage earners, excluding government servants and pensioners, and businesses to contribute 10 per cent of their monthly income to a government-run Social Healthcare Insurance (SHI).

“So those who can pay, will pay, while those exempted from paying, such as the poor and so on, would still qualify for free basic medical benefits offered under the scheme … Basically, those who can afford it will pay for those who can’t,” the member said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

But, apart from the “fee-before-service” system under “1 Care”, CHC is also griping over the limited healthcare benefits offered under the scheme such as: a patient is assigned to a specific general practitioner (GP); visits are limited to six times per year; visits are limited to one ailment per visit and GPs or primary healthcare providers (PHCPs) are given Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to meet and would be subjected to penalties.

“Under this system, PHCPs only profit by billing the SHI for their services. Like all insurance, the SHI won’t approve too many claims to minimise cost. PHCPs may be penalised for giving too much service … or referring too many patients to hospitals or specialists.

“1 Care” is believed to be modelled after the UK’s National Healthcare Service (NHS). — Reuters file pic
“Doctors may have to provide less healthcare to avoid penalty… but you don’t stop paying or pay any less to SHI,” the group claimed in one YouTube video.

The CHC member explained to The Malaysian Insider that “1 Care” budgets a maximum claim of RM360 per patient for each GP from the SHI, which amounts to only six consultations a year at RM60 each.

“And with the KPI quotas to meet, GPs would try to delay referring too many patients to hospital. Those who need to seek treatment urgently would then have to go to the hospital on their own and pay out of their own pocket,” the member complained.

When attempting to allay fears over “1 Care” recently, Dr Noor Hisham explained that the proposed scheme was merely at “conceptual stage” and that reconstruction of the country’s healthcare system was badly needed.

“Now in the public sector we spend RM16 billion and only recoup two per cent. On the other hand, we wouldn’t want to burden the rakyat so we are currently looking into various options and models.

“At this point of time nothing has been agreed upon. Until everything has been agreed to by the public and such, we need to study the cost analysis. However, there are already lots of assumptions and speculation and bad branding of the system like this ‘Tak Nak’.

“I wonder where they pluck the figures from without substantive data to support,” he wrote in one response.

But the CHC claims a new “1 Care Act” is due to be tabled in Parliament imminently, possible as early as the next sitting in March.

The CHC will brief reporters on the issue tomorrow in the build-up to the Selangor/Kuala Lumpur Healthcare Public Forum on February 12. The Malaysian Insider understands the forum will be opened by Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and attended by Health Ministry officials.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Medicine should be a tenure reward based profession so that professionals do not spend their time thinking about money and healing instead (i.e. free education, free housing, free food stamps etc..), and prices controlled by government so that doctors do not focus on becoming multimillionaires, though prices of education need to be lowered and spaces in the medical institution need to be increased. As of now medicine and education for is too expensive, too much hazing and abuse occurs in housemanship also government,  and this contributes to the ‘payback’ mentality which is too prevalent.

To study medicine in dignity, people need to spend astronomical amounts overseas often at extreme cost to unhappy parents that may need to sell off family properties and pressure the student and young person needlessly, resukting in later bad behaviour from the now graduated doctor or if in the psychiatric or pharma establishment, intentional unecessary profiteering by prescribing expensive and unecessaery medications and treatments.

The local universities are abusive, the professors arrogant – even the receptionists and security guards snarky and status conscious due to the behaviour of their superiors (it trickles down), trainee doctors driven through entire periods of borderline insanity on the extreme hours in houseman shifts intentionally by the establishment WHILE bombarded by well rested political administrators/inculpators of certain mindsets that support the establishment thinking and sense of collusion – a corrupt culture if the government of the day is corrupt.

This is how a respectable institution like medicine becomes a tool of abuse and profiteering, and how the medical workers and doctors are wont to extract a pound of flesh at every turn, their rise to status of professional comes at tremendous personal psychological cost compounded by pressure by vicious bouts of housmanship, government harrassment and in some cases a general dislike for closeness to people but a desire to get the ‘Dr.’ in front of their name.

Most doctors (actually even other degree disciplines) are not interested in their field (this is intentional IMHO, people slated for exceptional careers must be interested in their field and this is ONLY afforded by selective political or in power persons children being placed there who do have interest while everyone else gets a seat for a degree they have no interest in to make their career mediocre, the politically unaffiliated or non-earmarked are only able to earn a living, not excel and compete on an even playing field, those who can afford to go overseas to take a degree they want may face the problem of selective offers in jobs vacancies and hiring in collusion with industry people . . . again reserved for certain cliques etc. so do not spend on education as if it will change anything in your child’s life . . .

If you are not politically favoured locally especially in the 3rd world, preserve those properties and focus on other debt free earning methods . . . ) or even emotionally suitable to dispense healing, the typical ‘doctors’ are into prestige and greed egged on by family pressure, in some cases brand obsessed wives and education of children in ever increasingly expensive schools and university funds (education should be free, as medicine should be free)- and this is reflected in unhappiness, manipulative behaviour and collusion with government described the above articles. When you step into a medical institution run by or staffed in the above described cases, you are walking into a pit of vipers, not a place of healing. Don’t get ill or try to recover on your own by keeping healthy eating well (again careful of WHERE you eat or go, collusion between unhealthy eateries/franchises and medical establishment is not impossible or unknown, the conscience and ethics upon the heads of the service providers derermined by the economy . . . ), exercising and keeping away from negative people . . .