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High toll charges for new highway earns the public’s wrath – By Nelson Benjamin and Tresa Gasper –, – 6th February 2012

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Easing congestion: The 8.5km Eastern Dispersal Link is being criticised for its proposed toll rates.

JOHOR BARU: Public outcry over the proposed toll rates for the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) seems to be gaining momentum, especially since it is expected to open to motorists anytime soon.

The unfair toll fee issue has been raised by Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad and Stulang assemblyman Mok Chek Hou.

Mok raised the issue twice at the Johor state assembly, pointing out that the project would help ease traffic congestion along Jalan Tebrau and Jalan Tun Razak but the toll levied on all road users might hurt the Government’s image.

There is even a Facebook page on the matter to gain support against the high toll rates proposed, for the project.

Now, Johor PKR chief Datuk Chua Jui Meng joins the bandwagon saying PKR would stage a demonstration if the Government insists on implementing the high toll fees for the EDL scheduled to open this month.

Chua said although the Government has not officially announced the rates, many blogs and online media have speculated that it would five times higher than what motorists are currently paying.

Presently, motorists travelling into Singapore via the Johor Causeway only are only required to pay RM2.90 to Plus Bhd, for a return journey, which works out to RM1.45 per way.

Under the new toll scheme proposed, motorists have to pay RM6.20 for the EDL and RM1.45 to Plus Berhad.

This means, the total toll charge is RM7.65 one way which works out to RM15.30 to enter Singapore and return to Malaysia, irrespective of whether the motorist has used the EDL.

“We have also have written to Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB), which is constructing the link demanding an explanation as to why the toll booth was built within the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex and not at the end of the link,” he said during a press conference at the Chinese Press Club recently.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Use approximate monthly fuel costs of various cc of car.

Based on the fuel usage monthly, and a 5 day week, toll fees should be no more than 10% of the fuel expenditure. So if a typical 1800 cc car uses RM1000 monthly in fuel toll fees should be no more than RM100 divided by 20 days which means RM5 ONLY.

Actuallyy if the voters are smart, they would vote specifically for a MP and Assemblyman who would end the toll entirely like PAS bulldozes their tolls.

In fact why not vote for an MP or Assemblyman that will REMOVE the worst laws and abuse of society, lower income taxes and drop rent seekers laws, remove cronies and have clean governance?

This would mean having a fresh unknown candidate who will promise to vote aye or nay in critical issues like removal of tolls. If 66.6% of the 222 MPs decide that there will be no more concessionaires, there will be no toll problem as in the above article on high prices. So determine if your MP will be votable by getting them to pass a bill, or make your MP candidate sign a contract on penalty of resignation, that if they do not grant to endorse after passing a bill for :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;you the voter should know that the MP or candidate is unvotable. If your MP or candidate cannot and will not promise to pass a bill and later vote aye or nay as necessary to end toll booth concessionaires and grant the above 3 items, they are unvotable.

Now let me tell you that BOTH Barisan and Pakatan have been very dodgy about the 3 items above. UMNO is too racist so Barisan cannot be votable. PAS intends to have a very strict Hudud society and DAP keeps mum on the above 3 items so  Pakatan too cannot be votable. This leaves 3rd Force parties like : KITA, JATI, MCLM (whats left of it, but homophobes could find it a good party that has 20 candidates), PCM, Borneo Front, Konsensus Bebas, HRP and PSM to grant the above 3 items. Look at the below form as well and choose your canidates who will end all toll concessions and make all citizens equal.

(errata on the pic, GDP should read national average wage)

If the 66.6% of MPs decides to endorse with intention to grant whatever the voters want, the voters will get what they want in this case removal of toll booths and toll concessionaires. Note that there are also bad voters who will benefit from certain policies so they are in fact going to sabotage everyone else or talk down or talk around (suddenly talk about movies or even begin an argument or pretend to get angry abut religion etc. – ALL false flag, so don’t fall for it and ignore them and talk to REAL people instead.) or waste time and confuse the toll hating 99% with all sorts of strawmen and even personal insults and attacks.

Anyone who is not a in the receiving company, is a relative (think nepotism in DAP) who does not have access to VIP so and so, or already have applied for certain licenses etc., will likely do their best to confuse or run ‘scrimmage’ to ensure that the toll concessionaire gets the highest toll fees and the longest time to steal all the Rakyat’s money for themselves. Making money should be honest, nopt stealing from other citizens who do not have the network and contacts in this unethical and shameless manner. So voters, choose your candidates and get them to sign contracts, otherwise run for election yourself!

Madonna reinvents herself yet again – this time into Egyptian Queen for Super Bowl (or is Maddie a Roman gladiator?) in Givenchy couture – by Deborah Arthurs Last updated at 3:13 PM on 6th February 2012

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At last night’s Super Bowl, 53-year-old Madonna high-kicked and cartwheeled her way through a high octane performance. (No somersaults and backflips?)

But her physical and musical prowess were not the only things to get fans excited: Madge’s costumes proved to be top talking points too. Given the furore Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction caused back in 2004, the notoriously risqué singer wisely kept it all well above board.

Her wardrobe was a stunning series of bespoke Givenchy Haute Couture creations by Riccardo Tisci, designed with a melange of themes that embraced both Roman gladiatorial style and the elegant excess of Egyptian queens.

Egyptian queen meets Roman gladiator: Madonna’s Givenchy Couture look for the half-time performance at the American Superbowl

What that translated to was a set of architectural pieces heavy on gold embellishment, featuring statement flourishes lavish in detail, with plenty of sequins, leopard print, metalwork and evocative cuts channelling Tisci’s work for Givenchy over the past few years.

There were three main designs: a gold, hand-embroidered full-length gown with headdress; black and gold miniskirt with hand-studded warrior-style belt, and the final design – a heavily embellished black coat with high collar.

The transition between costumes took place on stage, and was choreographed to form part of the spectacle. ‘Following my collaboration with Madonna on her last tour three years ago, it is a great honor for me to be a part of yet another historical and iconic moment,’ Riccardo Tisci said of the collaboration.

Egyptian queen meets Roman gladiator: Madonna’s Givenchy Couture look for the half-time performance at the American Superbowl
Madonna in the gladiator look

Black mini dress in silk cady, worn with leopard print short cape in silk charmeuse hand-embroidered with gold metal cut out pieces, studs, crystals, sequins and paillettes, worn with a black python hand-studded and hand-embroidered belt with removable matching flaps

‘People say everything has a limit, but limits do not exist with Madonna.

‘I am so happy that, after being busy in other scenes, she decided to go back on a music stage. Not only to bring us music, but also to make such a statement of performance and fashion.’

All of the outfits were worn with hand-embroidered nappa leather gloves – an essential accessory, given that Madonna has rarely gone without gloves in public over the past few years.

Her bespoke headpiece was designed by Philip Treacy; the jewellery was Bugari.

For her set, Madonna performed a greatest hits selection of her classics, including Vogue, Music, Express Yourself, and her new single, Give me all your Luvin, featuring Nicki Minaj, who appeared on stage with the star.
In the gold cape for the Bridgestone Superbowlhalftime show at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana
Madonna in the black coat, embellished with rectangular sequins

Left, Madonna in the hand-embellished gold coat, and right, wearing the final outfit, the black coat, embellished with rectangular sequins

Egyptian queen meets Roman gladiator: Madonna’s Givenchy Couture look for the half-time performance at the American Superbowl

Left: Gold cape with all-over hand-embroidery, gold metal cut-out pieces, studs, crystals, sequins and paillettes, lined in leopard-print chiffon. Right, black coat in silk cady, hand-embroidered with shiny black rectangular sequins and micro-pearls

Madonna in the controversial 1989 video for Like A Prayer in which she seduced Jesus; right, in white lace gloves and corset – a look that she would make her own – at the MTV awards in 1984

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. The comments below have not been moderated.

the QUEEN came ….and the QUEEN conquered!!! the bar was raised sooooo high from her amazing performance last night…that next year’s performer will need a rocket ship to get over it!! Bees, Ohio and glen1946 Texas…don’t forget to take the dishes out of the sink before you pee in it!

– Mattress, Minneapolis, MN USA, 06/2/2012 15:07
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There is nothing elegant about Madonna. Nothing.

– Sophie , East Side, 06/2/2012 15:02
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We switched over to ‘ How its Made’ while she was doing her act. Why would the Super Bowl Committee choose this woman to perform on a family show when she is renowned for nudity, sexually provocative film roles and other unsavory antics? What message are children supposed to take from this? Ah well, At least the Giants won.

– glen1946, Texas USA, 06/2/2012 14:57
Rating   4

One word for “Madge” : RETIRE

– Bees, Ohio USA, 06/2/2012 14:26
Rating   13

Madge totally ripped off Kylie’s Aphrodite Tour!

– daniel, melbourne, 06/2/2012 13:18

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Don’t create a fusion culture between the 2 distinct cultures and peoples. Relations between Rome (bronze, dark eyed) and Egypt (darker/dark-eyed-pre-Arab) were one of unhappy vassal and colonial oppressor/aggressor – if not reading wrongly this ‘concert’ sets Rome against Egypt again bringing back to mind the enmity between the 2 great cultures and their faiths in those barbaric times where there was nothing to do but wage war. The entire pantheons of gods were different. So in the interest of cultural purity and peace between 2 massively popular cultures, let us not write articles or present the concert in a way that ends up reminding of how warring Rome destroyed Egypt in those un-PC barbaric times. Ethnic purity and cultural-religious purity should be attenuated where possible, this pro-fusion article is a subtle apologist thing for mixing to oblivion what are 2 distinct cultures – if so intended. If the push and shove trend towards continual fusions occur, we’ll have a ‘too many cooks’ scenario, guess what the kings of the empires at their peak would feel? Not happy about Givenchy’s treatment of their unique cultures! Pastiche!

Or ‘hiply’ put, ‘Fusion’. Talk to some pet breeders some day to get an idea of how much purity is valued. Then apply to culture . . .

Doubtless the awareness of Roman and Egyptian are present though in another ‘time’ and era, and would appreciate the blessed who would make the distinctions clear than blur for the expense for a single people – the Angles who are from Germany and worse, after terrorizing and subjugating the Irish, Welsh and Scots (original dwellers of the Isles – the hinterland being Scandinavian and Viking – Pan -Germanic Paganism, Nordic pantheons etc. . . .), tried to destroy Germany later on in WW2, talk about ungrateful !

There is no Britain or United Kingdom, and Xianity the selected religion of choice, was from Aramea (created by dark haired dark eyed Jesus). The true original peoples and faiths long predating Xianity were Celtic Welsh of Wales, Druidic Irish Ireland, and Scotland’s Faerie(Wiccan?)Tuatha Pantheon of the Scottish all 3 nominally red haired and green eyed peoples, woad painted dear skin warrior peoples etc.. These were the ONLY and righful sovereign peoples of the North Atlantic Isles (call them the Triple Crown) until the Angle invaders made landing there and brutalized the unique people and converted them with force, denouncing them as pagas and what not. They shuold each have a seat on the UN and their own Kings and governments, the Angles can go back begging to Germany if Germany will have them, who knows Wales after independence could under the issue of invasion reclaim the entire eastern region where ‘England’ is now.

This I guess is what the Mayans meant by the end of an era . . . the end of the violent colonialist era that is. Everywhere they went the Angles colonized and brutalized, AFrica, India, China, and even a shot at their original homeland where Charlemagne reigned! Worthy of historical mention but not worthy of keeping lands effectively stolen and colonized. The IRA wouldn’t exist otherwise, not would all the negative or harmful memes floating about on the North Atlantic Isle (NAI) genotype. So Rome and Egypt should not have to suffer this fusion, and Madonna should go back to her Italian roots and perhaps lobby the Italian Court or whats left of them and take up the challenge of getting a title or few before retiring, figure out where Italy belongs in a resurgent Roman Empire (even as Israel should consider getting buddy-buddy with the Egyptians who were their patrons and sovereigns before Egypt fell to the Romans and they became Jews . . . ! ) not necessarily by force of arms, but because they are well loved and thought highly of in history and in the present. How about it, Miss half Italian half Scandinavian Judaic entertainer extraordinaire? Graduate from the circus yet?

By the way Maddie, take a look at the below link and drop a few ‘quid’ for the ‘Fam’ eh? Their poor state does not dignify Maddie or the Cicionne clan, *sel….

A clean sweep for Bersih: Grim and uncertain future for the cousins – Written by Clive Kessler – Saturday, 16 July 2011 22:05

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It was quite a day.

Last Saturday Kuala Lumpur saw two foolish men destroy not only themselves, the government that they lead and their remaining reputation for political sagacity and moderation. They also ended what was left of the indispensable myth of a benign Malaysia.

Unhappily for Malaysia, its fate and future these last two weeks have been largely in the hands of two weak, brittle men who wish to be seen as strong and act tough — and who were always susceptible to the insinuations, challenges and “helpful” advice of the genuine “hard men” around them.

The cousins and the King

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and the Home Affairs Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein are cousins. Their fathers, married to two well-placed sisters, were the nation’s second and third Prime Ministers. Najib is now the sixth, and Hishammuddin, it is assumed, would like to follow him some time.

Both were born to want, and from early in life sought, to emulate their redoubtable fathers, and were probably destined to fail. Their moment of truth came this week.

From the moment that Bersih (“Clean”), the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, in its “second edition” began to campaign, the two cousins have responded with a losing amalgam of bravado, fear and intimidation. As Saturday’s day of protest drew near, they sought by all means to frustrate and then block that expression of widespread popular dissatisfaction with the compromised electoral system that has served as the mechanism of their rise to power and their party’s grip upon national leadership.

In a remarkable intervention, the Malaysian King as head of state the previous weekend had urged both sides to “climb down” and start talking. Bersih responded with alacrity to this gesture of royal recognition, so different from the government’s branding them as wreckers of the nation. Najib signalled that he too would do as the King suggested, but then, under pressure from his more adamant cabinet colleagues whom he could not control or win over, began to weasel out of his agreement.

And then it happened

As he did, the great “shutdown”, mainly of Kuala Lumpur and its environs but with it in lesser degree of the whole country, began. Roadblocks, police inspections, and targeted but legally dubious arrests grew in intensity in the days leading up to Saturday. The city was by now under siege by the government — one that wants to be seen internationally an exemplar of “moderation”.

Ironically, the government whose leaders chose to defy the King’s principled and widely welcomed intervention instead arrested the members of a small opposition party on charges of “making war against the king” — not by force of arms, but by wearing and distributing yellow Bersih T-shirts! Wearing the colour yellow was prohibited nation-wide as subversive; anyone wearing yellow could be arrested, by policemen identified by their yellow vests!

On the day, some 50,000 Malaysian citizens made their way peacefully to the blockaded city centre to join the protest march. Had the rally been permitted, the attendance would clearly have been several hundred thousand. Those who did head to the city were intimidated, tear-gassed, blasted with water cannon, and subjected to random brutalization. Over 1,400 people were arrested.

The city fell into an uneasy quiet on Saturday evening, the government sulking, the police denying wrongdoing, and the Bersih people seeking balm for their wounded bodies but rejoicing in the spirit that so many ordinary citizens had displayed.

Clinging on

But the trouble is not over yet.

No sooner had the protesters dispersed than the Islamic party PAS issued an ultimatum: unless the government released all those arrested within 24 hours, they would put a million people onto the streets, to surround the national police headquarters. The police heard. All those detained, they announced, would be released before the day was over.

Yet instead of now tapering off, heavy policing will continue, and resentment will grow. The two cousins face a grim and uncertain future. The outlook for the government they lead is now bleaker than ever.

There is just one bright spot for them. They had hoped to go to the polls in the next year, allowing Najib to secure for himself a personal mandate by winning back some of the political ground lost at the 2008 elections.

He was never likely to succeed. Now, after the mayhem of last weekend, there is no way his government can face an election soon. So they will manage, and hope to continue governing, without having one. Using last weekend as their reason, some way will be found, if they remain in power and have their way. The authoritarian, police-based regime will simply be entrenched. Electoral reform? Who needs elections anyway!

Through its foolish response to Bersih — by its complete and remorseless strangling of ordinary, everyday social life, its assault upon routine civil order — Najib’s government has begun burying itself. Worse, in their deep, unrelieved insensitivity, its two key leaders would not see that this outcome was the inexorable effect of what they were doing.

Instead, they managed genuinely to convince themselves that they and they alone could govern the country — and now might save it from the chaotic mess that they themselves had brought about. So anything and everything that arguably might need to be done to save their own leadership was — in their honest if deluded opinion — justified on the highest moral grounds of national and public interest.

Making Badawi look good

It is hard to believe. We need not speak of the now widespread nostalgia for the Mahathir era. Today people here are looking back on the undistinguished era of Najib’s predecessor, and Dr. Mahathir’s successor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi — a deadlocked and becalmed, though hardly calm, interlude — as a glorious age in Malaysian political life.

Yet, to understand what happened last weekend and its far-reaching implications for Malaysia, it is wrong to focus on individuals: on the two bungling cousins and, even moreso, on the internationally beloved opposition icon, Anwar Ibrahim.

The situation, now more than ever, is far greater — the problem is far deeper, more worrying and intractable — than the fate and prospects of that one individual, Anwar Ibrahim (appalling though his legal treatment has been). The drama and “passion” of Anwar Ibrahim is at best a symbol or symptom of, but more accurately and ever more evidently a diversion or distraction from, that the nation’s underlying crisis.

That is why, over recent weeks, the government (and its strident Malay-language press) have so assiduously and unrelentingly sought to portray and stigmatize, and in that way dismiss, Bersih as “not genuine or sincere”, but simply a stratagem to rescue Anwar Ibrahim’s career by distracting attention from his latest (and officially confected) “scandals”.

Indefinite deferment of elections

Now, more than ever, the situation here is what it has been: at least, and quite evidently, since the March 2008 elections whose results blasted away the underlying scaffolding and enabling mechanisms of the political domination of Najib and Hishammuddin’s party, the UMNO and the Barisan Nasional coalition that it heads.

Now, and since 2008, there has been in Malaysia a basic “regime crisis”. This crisis is not a division or split within the “ruling group” but a basic “disarticulation” (or “disconnect” as people now like to say) between state and society; a malfunction or disorder of the key connection that is made between those two via the “ruling group” or party by means of its proper identification and selection, then its duly ensuing formation and shaping, via a credible electoral system.

This is where the challenge of Bersih is made and why it has been so effective.

It is powerful because from beginning to end — from the delineation of boundaries to the conduct of elections and the counting of votes — the existing Malaysian electoral system, as a succession of scholarly studies have shown, is now fundamentally, undeniably and irreparably broken, discredited. It is distorted, politically suborned, and manipulated.

Had last weekend’s events not occurred, and its rally instead been allowed to proceed, Bersih’s demands would likely have developed a momentum that would have made them irresistible.

The result? The government might then have been able to go to the polls over the next year, but under new rules of the electoral game that would have precluded Najib’s party from gaining any kind of convincing win.

So the indefinite deferring of elections, on grounds of Bersih’s unacceptable challenge, may be just what the currently beleaguered lords of the land really want.

“I hope what happened today,” Najib soon said, “will be a lesson to the citizens of Malaysia”. He will draw his preferred lessons. Many Malaysian citizens will draw theirs, and they will be rather different.

–  Clive Kessler is Emeritus Professor, Sociology & Anthropology, School of Social Sciences & International Studies, The University of New South Wales

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

If the voters want to be rid of Taib or Mubarak style Oligarchs and nepotists, or dr.Evil cliques (Mokhzani and Mirzan worth near (more than?) 3 BILLION between them from ill gained assets), YOU VOTERS MUST be very conscious of the family links here. To be entirely safe, I advise the Orang Asli, to vote THEIR OWN family Oligarchs and East Malaysian political parties into power instead of non-Asli outsiders like the Yong or Tiong or worse, Lim Dynasty Clan of DAP. They will not need the power, some in Pakatan already have the wealth and are being power mad trying to take East Malaysia when they can’t even handle Peninsular Malaysia. Also demand they step down after 2-3 terms at most. We do not need unlimited ‘careerists’ that become another BN or Mubarak and Sons or Gadaffi and Sons, regardless of what good they did before, because they become STALE after 2-3 terms and begin colluding with big business rather than think of new and better laws and things for the people like fresh MPs and fresh assemblymen. Nothing worse than an old jaded man in your constituency, he will not serve you, he will serve himself WITH your tax monies.

Please note the Oligarchs in Pakatan as listed below :


Three of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains :

Lim Kit Siang (MP Ipoh Timur – Perak)
Lim Guan Eng (MP Air Puteh – Penang)
Chew Gek Cheng (Assemblyman Kota Laksamana – Malacca) Guan Eng’s wife
Lim Hui Ying Guan Eng’s sister (Vice-Chairman)

Two of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains :

Karpal Singh (MP Jelutong – Penang)
Gobind Singh (MP Puchong – Selangor) Karpal’s son
Jagdeep Singh (Asssemblyman Dato Keramat – Penang) Karpal’s son

Two of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains :

Anwar Ibrahim (MP Permatang Pauh, Seberang Prai)
Wan Azizah
Nurul Izzah Anwar(MP Lembah Pantai – Kuala Lumpur) Anwar’s Daughter

Also either Ngeh (Pantai Remis) or Nga (Sitiawan) must go to prevent 2nd degree nepotism and the kind of environment that caused DAP’s Kulasegaran, PKR’s Gobalakrishnan, to be kicked out possibly an act of racism but more likely at the order of the Lim Dynasty clique.

For even stronger consideration, I also list seats that HRP demands :

1. Padang Serai (Incumbent: PKR – N Gobalakrishnan)
2. Batu Kawan (DAP – Ramasamy)
3. Sungei Siput (PSM – Dr D Jeyakumar)
4. Ipoh Barat (DAP – N Kulasegaran)
5. Bagan Datoh (BN – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi)
6. Cameron Highlands (BN – SK Devamany)
7. Hulu Selangor (BN – P Kamalanathan)
8. Kuala Selangor (PAS – Dzulkefy Ahmad)
9. Klang (DAP – Charles Santiago)
10. Kota Raja (PAS – Siti Mariah Mahmud)
11. Rasah (DAP – Anthony Loke)
12. Teluk Kemang (PKR – Kamarul Baharin Abbas)
13. Alor Gajah (BN – Fong Chan Onn)
14. Tebrau (BN – Teng Boon Soon)
15. Lembah Pantai (PKR – Nurul Izzah Anwar)

HRP might very well be aware of some things we are not aware of to list some surprising choices as well, do not discount their reasons. PSM’s Jeyakumar appears to have been bought by BN though, so their viability is uncertain until PSM’s clique leadership changes. I have done some probing and casual calls to PSM, they are not very grassroots, DAP of course (also tried earlier) is far worse and absolutely TREACHEROUS and clique based and beholden to SINGAPORE’s PAP. I would not be surprised if the nepotists in DAP are rounded up a 2nd time, for collusions with Singapore to subvert Malaysian Federal authority instead amongst other things like ‘neurotech abuse’. Everyone else, should meanwhile stand as independents in any constituency with bad assemblymen or MPs or people who do not endorse term limits and asset declarations.

Here’s something that will help voters decide if candidacy is not their thing or too expensive :

Barisan – Apartheid, Corrupt and Nepotistic-Oligarchs
Pakatan – Corrupt and Nepotistic-Oligarchs (excepting PAS)
3rd Force – Corrupt Only (watch out for Marina’s Mahathir infiltrated cliques as well)

Pick the coalition with the least flaws. End the APARTHEID ! Destroy the Oligarchs in all political parties ! 3rd Force is best. And don’t feel bad about kicking Oligarchs out, the Taibs, Tiongs? and Yongs? are multi-millionaires (billionaires) with immense assets that are just greedy for power now that they have wealth. They will still be extremely wealthy without that political power.

They will NEVER write good laws from where they stand when in power so drop them and vote in the REAL Orang Asli (not the BN lapdogs) independents or at least local East Malasyian political parties than any party from the Peninsular. DAP East Malaysia splitting off to form it’s own party rather than answering to the Lim Dynasty will also be good.

Beware voters, as mentioned many times before, it could be critical that Selangor and Penang MUST be controlled by neutral parties neither BN nor PR dominated;

AND (most importantly) :

East Malaysia must be controlled by local East Malaysian  political parties like SUPP (SUPP must leave BN first) ONLY (not Peninsular Coalitions like BN or PR), with the remainder of Peninsular States left for Pakatan Rakyat,


Pakatan Rakyat with its burgeoning nepotists and oligarchs will become a second BN. I’d like to see SUPP sweep Sarawak and even Sabah rather than let DAP take over East Malaysia. But with the shadow of UMNO domination and SUPP’s acceptance of 2nd class citizenship and Bumiputra APARTHEID hanging above their heads by being part of BN, SUPP has no chance at all of gaining the minority vote.


Leave BN SUPP, if you stay in BN SUPP will be finished and we citizens will have to find a non-BN altemative to dealing with DAP then. Pakatan Rakyat must not dominate either Peninsular Malaysia or East Malaysia, East Malaysia must be dominated by local East Malaysian parties that are not beholden to UMNO-BN and Bumi-APARTHEID.

Pick the coalition with the least flaws. End the APARTHEID ! Destroy the Oligarchs and Plutocrats in all political parties ! 3rd Force is best !

6 Articles on older authoritarian mentality types holding back progress in Malaysia – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 6th Feb 2012

In Bumiputera Apartheid, Democracy, Fundamentalism, Invasive Laws, Islam, Malaysia, social freedoms, spirit of the law, strawman NGOs, voting methods, voting strategy, word of the law on February 6, 2012 at 10:08 am


Senior SUPP Leaders Should Leave, Reiterates George Chan

Tuesday, 19 July 2011 14:51

KUALA LUMPUR — Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president Dr George Chan Hong Nam said the party’s senior leaders should leave with him at the party’s Triennial Delegates’ Conference (TDC) in December.

In an interview published by the New Sarawak Tribune today, Dr Chan was quoted as saying that he did not mince his words when he said the “old guards” had to do their bit for the sake of reviving the party.

“The party is grateful for our efforts all these years and now we should leave the party to new and young people who can work together without thinking of racialism, regionalism and being clannish,” he said.

Dr Chan said he had personally written to the party branch leaders and asked them to retire and some had replied and agreed with his suggestion.

SUPP suffered its worst ever election defeat when it lost 13 seats out of the 19 it contested in the April 16 Sarawak state election. Dr Chan himself lost the Piasau seat to a rookie from DAP, Ling Sie Kiong.

“The only way out now is for those who failed in the election to leave. We need 30 per cent new people, 30 per cent young people and 30 per cent of the older generation to revive this party of ours,” he said.

Stressing he was sincere in wanting the party to get back on its feet again, Dr Chan said he was not worried about what the party members said about him as he wanted to get new, young blood at the helm to bring a breath of fresh air to the party.

“If we really love the party, let the young blood run it the way they see fit,” he said.

Dr Chan also pointed out that while there were plenty of leaders in the party, it was known that the younger generation was never given much chance to shine.

He will be going to Sibu on July 23, Miri (July 24), Sri Aman (July 30) and Kuching (July 31) to explain to the party members on this matter.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

SUPP still in BN? Then SUPP is finished. A young lapdog accepting APARTHEID is still a lapdog accepting APARTHEID. People voting do not see age, they see who accepts APARTHEID and who does not. Voting is values based, not age based George. Taken too much money from BN to think clearly? Don’t be out of touch with the voters. As said before DAP won only because voters hate BN. DAP would not get a single vote otherwise. Think or be finished SUPP, drop BN and give DAP a run for their money in East Malaysia.



More ‘thinking’ students needed – Revamped education system should be less exam-centric and more innovation-oriented – CECILIA VICTOR
Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 11:56:00
Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim

There is a need to have properly-trained teachers in order to produce thinking students — Khoo Kay Kim

PETALING JAYA: Our education system should produce more thinking students who are critical and analytical, says National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) secretary-general Loke Yim Pheng, relative to the revamp planned by the Education Ministry to promote a global mindset.

“While the revamp is welcomed, the government should seek the opinions of all education-based associations in order to develop a better education system,” she said.

Loke said the current education system is too exam-orientated with insufficient space for creative and innovative thinking.

“Students nowadays are exposed to multiple subjects that take up too much time. Ultimately, the current focus is on finishing the syllabus and siting for examinations instead of encouraging students to think. This suppresses their inner ability to develop their full potential.

“They need to be independent-minded and examinations should perhaps be held just once a year.”

Loke said the planned revamp should have deeper engagement with information communication technology (ICT).

“In today’s rapidly progressing world, everything is ICT-based.

“The new system should be carried out gradually so that students do not experience ‘culture shock’.”

Historian and educationist Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim opined education should not be all about examinations.

“School children today do not have much knowledge about the world as they are only taught to sit for exams and later make money when they ought to be taught about good values,” he said.

Khoo said he once asked his research assistants to obtain more details about a topic but they came back empty-handed because they did not know where to look for the information.

“Some students don’t know how to fully use the library and the wealth of information such a place offers.

“I have lectured local and American students and when I invite questions, it is the Americans who fire off many while most Malaysians remain silent.”

Khoo said there are lessons to be learnt from the pre-Merdeka 1956 Razak Report, prepared by Tun Abdul Razak who was then the Education Minister, as part of the National Education Policy for the soon-to-be independent Federation of Malaya.

“His report stressed on national unity through the education system for there is more to education than memorising facts and figures,” he said.

“Students needed to be taught to respect one another, be law-abiding citizens and such good values needed to be instilled while they were schooling.”

Khoo said there is a need to have properly-trained teachers in order to produce thinking students.

“There’s no point in revamping the whole system if the teachers involved in the implementation are not trained well.”

THE government has been urged to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to study the country’s education system from pre-school to tertiary levels.

In making this call, National Parent-Teacher Associations Consultative Council president, Associate Prof Datuk Mohamad Ali Hasan (pic) said: “For the Malaysian education system to be on par with developed countries, there needs to be a holistic and social revamp of the whole education system. We also need to take cognisance of the 1956 Razak Report and the 1979 Mahathir Report.”

Mohamad Ali said the current education system is too examination-centric.

“Education should also be about life, with a more realistic and reliable approach along with more emphasis on content rather than form.

“There is also a need to increase proficiency in written and spoken English and encouragement of multi-lingualism.”

He said there is an urgent need to reduce polarisation in schools by fostering more racial integration.

“Teachers play a vital role in getting students of various backgrounds to mingle and understand each other better.

“We should also not neglect the physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs of students.”
Emphasis on English is important

PARENTS feel the revamp of the education system should emphasise the importance of proficiency in English, The Malay Mail found in a random survey.

“English is a universal language and unless we stress its importance, it will affect the future employability of our children,” says Saroja Francis, 50, who has three children.

“The reading habit among students is lacking and teachers should spend more time instilling knowledge that make students think.”

Saroja also said there is also a need to stamp out racist attitudes among students and teachers.

Another parent, Norhashimah Karim, agreed proficiency in English is vital.

“Students who can converse and write fluently in English have an advantage in acquiring greater knowledge and generally get better jobs and other opportunities,” said Norhashimah, 42, a mother of two children.

“The sooner the whole education system is revamped, the sooner our future generations and country will benefit.”

Khoo Heng Ching, a secondary school teacher with two children, commended the government’s revamp move.

“We must groom students to have a critical mindset and to provide them a solid educational foundation for their future,” he said.

“There needs to be a varied balance between academic and outdoor activities, and it should be compulsory for students to join a sports club, uniformed brigade or artistic society.”

Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE) president Datin Azimah Rahim said the revamp is crucial for the country to move forward.

“The current system is outdated in the sense that many graduates are not fit for employment and a lot of that has to do with not being proficient in English,” she said.

“Our education system was once on par with Singapore but it has since dropped to the level of Thailand. We should emulate the good education system found in Finland and South Korea.”

Azimah also said the examination grading has become too lenient too.

“There was a time when grade A meant 90 per cent correct answers but now grade A means about 70 per cent thus producing lower quality graduates and that has to change.”
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The last time, it was keeping status quo of Bumi-APARTHEID and authoritarianism now he goes ‘ . . . and it should be compulsory for students to join a sports club, uniformed brigade or artistic society.’ . . .

What is so fostering of critical thought about not having a choice for abstention even in simple things like ECAs? Think you not that a critical thinking student will not find a way to occupy their time or demand abstention clauses in activities that will take away their choice in what to do? Uniformity is the poison of critical thought. Abstention options against mandatory mob mindedness. Easy to see what is democracy.

Words are there, the spirit is not. Is this the ailment of old age or is this the ailment of being part of the establishment? KKK wants UNTHINKING students.

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Would ‘Prof.Emeritus KKK’ endorse the above 3 items to set the record straight? Run for election as a private candidate on the above ticket?




The Bersih trap Muhyiddin sprung for Hisham and the police – Written by  Maclean Patrick, Malaysia Chronicle – Tuesday, 19 July 2011 20:54

When Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin called on the police to promptly show video footage from the July 9 Bersih rally so as refute the opposition’s claims of police brutality he also laid out for all to see the plot of the story BN will now spin.

“They should understand that when police are faced with a situation involving large crowds, they will have to act wisely. What the opposition and the alternative media have shown through channels such as YouTube and so on, are pictures of alleged brutalities,” Bernama reported Muhyiddin as saying.

DPM makes his move

And the plot of the story goes a little like this, as forecast by Muhyiddin Yassin.

“But they did not show pictures of how there maybe acts of provocations, stone pelting, and the demonstrators taunting the police. They are human, police are human too. What is important is the fact that the police had exercised sufficient discipline and adopted a defensive approach; it’s they (demonstrators) who had acted excessively.”

The plot was pushed along further when the police replied to Muhyiddin’s comments.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said six teams will be set up to probe the alleged incidents of brutality and violence by the authorities during the Bersih rally.

He also appealed to the public to submit video footage captured during the march as evidence that police had used excessive force in dispersing protesters.

And to have maximum impact, all these will be shown on national television.

Clueless Rais, flailing Hisham

Rais Yatim offered for Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) to broadcast police recordings of unruly crowd behaviour captured during the July 9 Bersih rally.

The Information minister urged the police to hasten the showing of any such material to combat allegations of police brutality during their attempts to disperse the crowds attending the rally for electoral reforms.

All these actions are mere reflex action towards Muhyiddin’s comments which were not directed at the Bersih marchers but very much meant to hurt the minister in charge of the Police, the Home Minister – Hishammuddin Hussein.

Earlier in the week, Hishammuddin was in damage control mode, desperately covering his tracks on the use of force against a peaceful rally.

The police have made video recordings of the entire street demonstration last Saturday which can be used as evidence to refute ‘wild’ allegations and in the cases to be brought against offenders, Hishammuddin said in response to allegations of police brutality.

He added that several quarters had hurled all kinds of allegations through various channels, including the local and foreign media, and the recordings would be useful in determining the truth.

“Our (police) operations room has recordings of everything that happened last Saturday. As such, all the accusations and claims will be investigated with concrete proof,” he told a news conference at Bukit Aman just days after the July 9 march.

Hishammuddin said the recordings would be scrutinised together by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and CyberSecurity Malaysia.

“The police have nothing to hide. Whatever we have in our possession (as proof) will be used to answer the allegations. The evidence will also be handed over to the Attorney-General for action,” he said.

What the police footage shows

When Muhyiddin Yassin prompted the police to make public their videos he knew well that the videos would support the marchers’ accounts of police brutality. His statement was designed to push Hishamuddin into a corner and prove his words that no such form of brutality was evident.

By the police own admission, in every arrest team there is a video-grapher taking videos, a move taken to counter any accusations of police brutality. Thus, it is highly probable that in the dozens of videos taken of these arrests, there will be those that would support the marchers’ accounts.

If there is so much police video to support Hishamuddin’s claims, then why the need for the public to submit to the police their own videos as evidence? Would not the videos by the police be evidence enough of their innocence? Why have this evidence not made it to the public arena?

The answer is simple. The police footage does show police brutality. It does show that the marchers were arrested in a manner that threatened their lives.

The players and their roles

Muhyiddin Yassin caught Hishammuddin in a lie and further damages Hishammuddin’s credibility and burns him at the stake of public opinion. Rais Yatim is merely jumping on the band-wagon, seemingly ignorant of the plan Muhyiddin is hatching.

It shows clearly how the police and courts are merely pawns in a political game. In this plot, Hishammuddin will have no avenue to lie and will be forced to show the truth. The police know the truth and will surely give the standard reply, “We were following orders.”

All this will play into Muhyiddin’s hand, and further clear his way to assume the prime seat in the Malaysian government.

– Malaysia Chronicle
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Unless DPM Muddy gives us :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

BN is still finished. It is but equality and prevention of the sin of Asabiya. How about it DPM Muddy, tell the world you are better than all other Malays. Otherwise what is so special about you?

DPM Muddy will fare better by claim that he did not raise or bear a keris against the minorities (and near 2/3rds of the world.)




Ibrahim Ali tells Star editor: If I’m political dinosaur, you’re father of crocodiles –  written by  Malaysia Chronicle – Monday, 18 July 2011 01:41

Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali today hit out at Star editor Wong Chun Wai for calling him a “political dinosaur”.

“So, I want to tell right in front Wong Chun Wai’s face, you can write and fool others but not the dinosaur Ibrahim Ali.”

“I’m proud to be a Malay dinosaur who will protect at any cost for those who try to write a new ‘social contract’ for Malaysia, that is Persekutuan Tanah Melayu,” said the prickly leader of the right wing Malay rights group in SMS to the media.

He was responding to Wong’s column published today titled ‘Talk less listen harder’.

“We are not interested in 100-storey buildings, stupid political quarrels, whether wives should be obedient to their husbands in bed or racist tirades from political dinosaurs like Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa,” wrote Wong.

Father of crocodiles Wong

Zeroing on that one single reference to himself in Wong’s 26 paragraph article, Ibrahim parodied the editor in replying, “Sorry, I am too not interested in racist tirades from a columnist father of crocodiles like Wong Chun Wai of Star.”

He charged that Wong wrote on sensitive subjects to very subtly try to destroy the country and its “basic constitution”.

Warning Wong to better behave himself and be a good Malaysian citizen, Ibrahim added, “Don’t try to ask (for) more. Enough is enough.”

And in typical form, the Pasir Mas MP continued that he was not the only dinosaur around, naming opposition leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim, Karpal Singh and Nik Aziz are also dinosaurs.

“(They are) the father of dinosaurs. They have been around are more longer than me. We can even call them the father of nepotism.

“Why Wong Chun Wai doesn’t write this? Maybe because they are all the father of Wong Chun Wai,” said the verbose Ibrahim in a parting sho
– Malaysiakini

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

If Ibrahim Ali would drop the APARTHEID issue, he’d make quite a good MP being not part of the nepotistic family bloc crowd on either side BN or PR and not extremely wealthy (any figures on his assets? Less than KJ types in any case).

Konsensus Bebas unfortunately has yet to endorse :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;so the dinosaur tag could still hold true. 3rd Force groups are a fresh breeze, but between suspiciously Mahathir led MCLM, disorganized MoCS and inactive PCM, closed clique PSM and ‘never call back’ HRP, it looks like 3rd Force will be comprised of unknown independents entirely if anything.

@Ho Sai Yuen said, :
. . . and your picture is a picture of a weak snorting pig going to the slaughter house . . .

Like once mentioned, who knows if he could take out Donald Lim in a 1 on 1 match . . . so don’t call him a pig to the slaughter just yet, (ever seen ‘Ironbar’ in Mad Max?) but Ibrahim does need to drop APARTHEID, or politically and internationally he’s indeed finished.




Govt Unable To Use Political Stability To Attract Investments After July 9 Rally – Saturday, 16 July 2011 06:12

KUALA LUMPUR — Following the July 9 illegal rally, the government is unable to use political stability as a means of attracting investments into the country and is thus, looking at other ways to do so.

Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Mukhriz Mahathir said the query of most investors after the rally is whether, it would be a common occurrence in Malaysia.

“When we go overseas, a key factor used to attract investments is the country’s political stability.

“Unfortunately, after the rally, if we are to use that again, some investors may think we are not serious. So, it is really unfortunate that we now have to look at other means of attracting the investors,” he told reporters, after the press conference on the Kedah Entrepreneur Carnival 2011.

Mukhriz said with the government’s efforts at damage control and to restore the country’s image, some, if not most of the benefits would go to the opposition-ruled states.

“They do the damage but it is still the government that is going to go out there to undertake the fire fighting to attract investors to invest in their states.

“Therein, lies the irony,” he added.

On another note, the deputy minister said Malaysia’s approach of trading with more markets rather than concentrating on its traditional markets, will help mitigate any losses going forward as well as manage fluctuations in the economy.

Meanwhile, on the carnival organised by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Mukhriz said it is aimed at promoting and introducing the products and services of local entrepreneurs.

“We expect about 30,000 participants and visitors during the three-day carnival which will also feature business coaching and talks,” he added.

The carnival will be held from July 22-24 at Alor Biak, in Jerlun.



[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

There is no political stability without equality or where there is extreme religion or if entire percentages of the population are disenfranchised. End the APARTHEID or Malaysia will always have these issues to contend with. Inequality breeds instability.




Drop feudal mentality to survive, Asri tells BN – by Yow Hong Chieh – July 15, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, July 15 — The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) must get rid of its paternalistic manner and feudal culture to adapt to new challenges such as the Bersih 2.0 movement, influential cleric Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said.

The former Perlis mufti said the excessive number of yes-men in BN meant that the rational voices of “people with ideas” which could help solve the ruling coalition’s problems were drowned out and could not survive long enough to influence policy.

“Everyone wants to show that they’re loyal (to the leadership), even if a given statement is very stupid,” he said at the “Post-9th July Sharing Session” Forum here last night.

“Many enter politics because they want to please their leaders in the hope that they’ll get something out of that,” Asri (picture) added.

A large crowd turned up at the forum convened by outspoken Umno supreme council member and Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, who has said BN could have handled the issue better.

Electoral reform coalition Bersih 2.0 estimated that some 50,000 turned up for the July 9 rally despite a total lockdown of the capital city but police said only 6,000 people took part. Some 1,600 were arrested but released within the day.

Now an academic, Asri pointed out that the eagerness of BN leaders to defer to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has also led to the erosion of national institutions like the police force.

He cited the discovery of weapons and Bersih T-shirts by the police in the run-up to last Saturday’s rally, which he suggested were planted.

“Even my old mom thought that was an obvious lie even though she saw it on TV and doesn’t read (news on) the Internet,” he said.

The popular Islamic scholar said this undue influence over key institutions also extended to mosques, which were used by the Najib administration to propagate religious arguments backing the official line that Bersih was haram (forbidden).

Asri urged the government to cease acting like a father trying to frighten his grown-up child with tired, old ghost stories that no longer have any effect.

“Times have changed. This isn’t the Seventies. People can access information that the government cannot block,” he said, in an apparent reference to the attempt by authorities to link Bersih to the communists.

“The government must find those with ideas to solve problems and not those good at sucking up,” Asri said.

Also present at the session were Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, MCA vice-president Senator Gan Ping Sieu, Association for the Promotion of Human Rights (Proham) committee member Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria and Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) chief executive Wan Saiful Wan Jan.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

All you people who attended Proham, please endorse the 3 items below to give your intentions real meaning and real life :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Keep avoiding endorsement of the 3 items and other EQUALITY minded leaders will easily subsume whatever media highlight being with Proham provides. Even IDEAS itself will need to endorse the 3 items, or IDEAS itself will become irrelevant in light of the UNHCR Article 1 or the issue of Asabiya (if you disenfranchise non-Muslims, you effectively are AGAINST Islam and what the prophet taught . . . ).

I realise the refusal or disinterets in associating with contributing commentators in all such IDEAS type NGOs (even Bar Council) and would like the public to be aware of such pointed exclusions as :

1) either attempts at grandstanding or intent to continue APARTHEID to refuse to address APARTHEID, or
2) to sequester ‘political power’ for themselves and their citizen group cliques.

These are all at the agenda of bad groups or NGOs posing as social activists, and should they continue being exclusive and uncommunicative or refusing or unable to unambiguously endorse the 3 items as listed above. In which case *REAL* Malay independents should endorse the above and in as inclusive and clear a manner as possible.

This is no media circus with citizen lives, and need for equality to be met, and while reformed or intending to reform or reformist-to-be or not, the presence of ‘Keris Bearer’ KJ who has NEVER made clear his intent to end apartheid to the minorities, though KJ’s language and wording is somewhat better these days on the issue. But by the APARTHEID and by remaining in UMNO, IDEAS has all fair minded citizens much concerned at what IDEAS (which also has not endorsed the end of APARTHEID), represents when inviting KJ (a former PM’s son and MP no less) here.

Ideas for A Worldwide Magna Carta 2.0 – original by @AgreeToDisagree – 6th January 2012 AND @RPK’s repost of the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen” by Marquis de Lafayette ( 26 August 1789)

In 99%, cost saving, Law, martial culture in society, preventing vested interest, rigth to bear arms, self policing, unprofessional behaviour, War on February 6, 2012 at 9:51 am

1. Abolishment of Forced Military Conscriptions (i.e. without Abstention Clauses, or backed with punitive fines and prison terms)

2. Abolishment of Eminent Domain Powers, ALL private properties – will automatically have an Allodial Title option. Abolishment of invasive municipal by-laws, i.e. no premission is required to build an awning or a staircase or a basement or for additional floors, additional floors can be limited to 3 times height of the typical unit (i.e. to keep density low).

3. Disallowing members of Parliament and Assemblymen and Cabinet, or within any political party or NGO or labour Union from holding a seat or committee post for more than two 4-year terms OR having their children or relatives take up posts they held or to hold parallel posts to prevent blocs of family members forming. Any beyond these terms will be not just benched but expelled the political establishment. This ensures distribution of political power aming citizens.  (i.e. a Minister ignores a death or makes statements that are callous about the death that occured in a district . . . voters in the district can withdraw their vote immediately, with the next most popular candidate-in-waiting for taking over, nationally if enough voters withdraw support for the Minister (instead of collusive MPs), the Minister loses his job.

4. All members of Parliament and Assemblymen and Cabinet must be voted at 66.6% quorums by the entire population at a ‘one-man one-vote’ level appropriate to district, state or national level depending on the seat.

5. A constant state of election where that anyone may change support or withdraw support of their vote, replaces the typical once per 4 year vote. This ensures any abuse of power or bad laws approved will immediately be retaliated against by the voters instead of only 4 years later when irrevocable damage has been done to the economy.

6. Sequestration of maximum wealth and personal assets may not exceed 1000 times average national wage or 20 million in local currency, whichever is lower. Private land sequestration of the wealthy may not exceed 100 times subsistence requirement. Food production business related land use is unlimited.

7. Eye for eye tooth for tooth justice system. Prison contractors or imprisonment paradigm abolished – prison is only for people who imprison.

8. Population is to be maintained at levels (i.e. no immigration or sale of citizenships allowed) where the country is able to feed it’s citizens without import of food. Agriculture must be kept at levels that can feed the current population.

9. Tertiary education may not cost more than 10 times average wage. Medical education being a necessity and to cutr down costs of healing will be free. There must be sufficient educational facilities for all persons.

10. Social welfare. Free Hi Rise Housing of a size of 1000 sqft (Single), 1500 sqft (Couple/married) with additional 500 sq ft for each additional child, is to be provided for all citizens of age. BASIC Staple foods are entirely free and distributed at state funded offices. Landed properties are bought at own cost. By law, developers may not develop properties of sizes smaller than above detailed – sale of basic single units may not exceed average national wage. Developers have to pay the local citizens ‘Loss of Quality of Life’ fees fo every category of density raised in any local community due to high density housing. 30% of any project should be green lung to prevent heat-sink concrete jungles from forming that ultimately harm the environment.

11. All privacy invasive technologies (bugging devices, hidden cameras, smart meters, anything affecting thought or consciousness) are to be licenced, removed from ownership by civilians and may not be sold to civilians. Use to monitor criminals may be done in a transparent manner with records accessible to accountable government registered professionals.

12. Right to ‘negative freedoms’ such as gaming, adult services, organic psychedelics (synthetics are poisonous and cause brain damage and thus are disallowed) where religion does not prohibit AND in suitable districts or enclosed dedicated districts.

13. Right to bear arms and any military vehicles of any type (i.e. it is legal to buy a tank or warship, crew at civilian’s own cost). Weapons, equipment and maintainance of weapons will be at civilian cost. The state will no longer fund a police or a military, EXCEPT where insufficient volunteers and militias occur AND if there is a FORMAL threat of war (the real battle will be fought by the media to maintain peace, warmongers doubtless will try to create conditions where funding of military or police is necessary), a census of volunteer/samaritans/retirees (who will be subject to a psyche check to determine the type of weapons allowed) will be taken daily.

i) The state will however host police and military drills and coordination exercises for volunteering civilians with weapons. Volunteers to uniformed services will NOT receive any pay and will be required to register on a roster and be on time for shifts of 1 hour minimum.

ii) Highest hour volunteers will be given promotions but will still remain unpaid and ENTIRELY self-funded right down to the uniform and medals awarded for any worthy actions (they will pay for their own medals). This will abolish military and police costs, a self policing population will occur. Paramilitaries are also allowed at own cost.

iii) With the savings from removal of uniformed military and police, a welfare state for the elderly, the poor or trhe sick, even for soup kitchens can be funded properly.

iv) Damages arising from firing or weapons in public places . Where weapons may cost too much damage in certain areas or the person in question will not be able to afford damages), weapons may be disallowed (i.e. missile launchers or tanks not allowed in city areas unless the owner can afford to pay for any discharge damages). In the event of loss of life, equal number of livee lost, may be extracted starting with the person firing the weapon (this is a strong deterrent, if anyone dies – the firer must die in turn by the hand of nearest relatives or pardoned if they so choose) tracing relatives in the event of multiple deaths – (i.e. mass killings result in mass retaliations AGAINST the family members of the firer). This is better than jailing at cost to the taxpayer.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen Approved by the National Assembly of France, August 26, 1789

(nominally the Magna Carta 2.0 but probably the UNHCR Beta . . . ) Tuesday, 07 February 2012 Super Admin NO HOLDS BARRED Raja Petra Kamarudin

Malaysians in general, Malaysia Today readers included, do not appear to understand the meaning of democracy, equality, freedom, and the rights of man and of the citizens. That is why most look at rights from only one side of the coin. Before you scream about rights and respect of these rights, maybe you can read what was passed in France on 26 August 1789. Then start debating, or else you will appear very shallow and narrow-minded in your views.

The representatives of the French people, organized as a National Assembly, believing that the ignorance, neglect, or contempt of the rights of man are the sole cause of public calamities and of the corruption of governments, have determined to set forth in a solemn declaration the natural, unalienable, and sacred rights of man, in order that this declaration, being constantly before all the members of the Social body, shall remind them continually of their rights and duties; in order that the acts of the legislative power, as well as those of the executive power, may be compared at any moment with the objects and purposes of all political institutions and may thus be more respected, and, lastly, in order that the grievances of the citizens, based hereafter upon simple and incontestable principles, shall tend to the maintenance of the constitution and redound to the happiness of all.

Therefore the National Assembly recognizes and proclaims, in the presence and under the auspices of the Supreme Being, the following rights of man and of the citizen:


1    Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good. [[[ *** No bumi, non-bumi dichotomy ya? *** ]]]

2    The aim of all political association is the preservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man. These rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression.

3    The principle of all sovereignty resides essentially in the nation. No body nor individual may exercise any authority which does not proceed directly from the nation.

5    Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else; hence the exercise of the natural rights of each man has no limits except those which assure to the other members of the society the enjoyment of the same rights. These limits can only be determined by law. [[[ ****This means the humans who are part of the legal fraternity? Note that the LAW is not written in stone and can be changed where required or where obviously flawed or impinging on social freedoms. *** ]]]

6   Law can only prohibit such actions as are hurtful to society. Nothing may be prevented which is not forbidden by law, and no one may be forced to do anything not provided for by law.

7    Law is the expression of the general will. Every citizen has a right to participate personally, or through his representative, in its foundation. It must be the same for all, whether it protects or punishes. All citizens, being equal in the eyes of the law, are equally eligible to all dignities and to all public positions and occupations, according to their abilities, and without distinction except that of their virtues and talents. [[[ *** No bumi, non-bumi dichotomy ya? *** ]]]

8    No person shall be accused, arrested, or imprisoned except in the cases and according to the forms prescribed by law. Any one soliciting, transmitting, executing, or causing to be executed, any arbitrary order, shall be punished. But any citizen summoned or arrested in virtue of the law shall submit without delay, as resistance constitutes an offense. [[[ *** Don’t like this subjugative and accusatory language – submit? How about COOOPERATE. Resistance? People resist all the time. How about SABOTAGE? *** ]]]

9    The law shall provide for such punishments only as are strictly and obviously necessary, and no one shall suffer punishment except it be legally inflicted in virtue of a law passed and promulgated before the commission of the offense.

10    As all persons are held innocent until they shall have been declared guilty, if arrest shall be deemed indispensable, all harshness not essential to the securing of the prisoner’s person shall be severely repressed by law.

11    No one shall be disquieted on account of his opinions, including his religious views, provided their manifestation does not disturb the public order established by law. [[[ *** Facing this everyday . . . surrounded by mob mentality minded peasants. *** ]]]

12    The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law. [[[ *** Who defines? *** ]]]

13    The security of the rights of man and of the citizen requires public military forces. These forces are, therefore, established for the good of all and not for the personal advantage of those to whom they shall be intrusted. [[[ *** Nonsense collusion, read no. 13 of my article above : Magna Carta 2.0 :*** ]]]

14    A common contribution is essential for the maintenance of the public forces and for the cost of administration. This should be equitably distributed among all the citizens in proportion to their means.

15    All the citizens have a right to decide, either personally or by their representatives, as to the necessity of the public contribution; to grant this freely; to know to what uses it is put; and to fix the proportion, the mode of assessment and of collection and the duration of the taxes. [[[ *** Abolish all taxes for the poor. *** ]]]

16    Society has the right to require of every public agent an account of his administration. [[[ *** Transparency and Right of Information Laws *** ]]]

A society in which the observance of the law is not assured, nor the separation of powers defined, has no constitution at all.

17    Since property is an inviolable and sacred right, no one shall be deprived thereof except where public necessity, legally determined, shall clearly demand it, and then only on condition that the owner shall have been previously and equitably indemnified. [[[ *** The organic version would have Allodial property inviolate so that the contours of the city will be built around the contours of the land owned by citizens See Note 1 until the owner decided to sell the property off without coercion, which is implied AGAINST by the portion on ‘public necessity’ – *every* citizen  is the PUBLIC (no citizens means no public), their privacy and ownership is NECESSITY itself – you’re not shilling for the MRT bunch now are you RPK?) *** ]]]

This document was written by Marquis de Lafayette, with help from his friend and neighbor, American envoy to France, Thomas Jefferson.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

No holds barred eh? Just 1 very big hold RPK, not even in Malaysia or running as a candidate . . . (also RPK’s too damn WHITE . . .   warn to remove this part if any feel lawsuit inclined a$$es begin to itch . . .)

Note 1 :

This one’s for Malaysia’s dinosaur politicians :

. . . contrary to what the left’s relativist ideology says, for us, all civilisations are not of the same value”. “Those which defend liberty, equality and fraternity, seem to us superior to those who accept tyranny, the subservience of women, social and ethnic hatred . . . ” Interior Minister Claude Guéant (5th February 2012)