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10 Articles On Malaysian Problems – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 9th February 2012

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Bar Council’s Silence Over ‘Free Anwar 901’ Campaign Questioned  – Saturday, 31 December 2011 08:53

KUALA LUMPUR – Umno Youth deputy chief Razali Ibrahim has questioned the Bar Council’s silence over the “Free Anwar 901” campaign to defend opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Describing it as irresponsible, the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister said it would only lead to collapse of the country’s judicial and legal system.

“The Bar Council must make a stand. Will the accused in all cases taken to court such as rape and murder do the same thing (protest while the court has not decided),” he told Bernama on Friday.

The “Free Anwar 901” campaign is seen as a form of provocation on the sodomy case involving the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court will announce its decision on Jan 9.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Get any and all non-Bar council lawyer members who are aware of the inaction, to request world legal bodies to dissociate with Bar Council, and the Universities of current bar council members to withdraw all legal degrees from all Bar Council members. Their tacit approval of APARTHEID via silence and inaction on too many matters makes them but a tool of the racists, oligarchs and nepotists.


DAP Should Live Up To Their CAT Promise – Loh Seng Kok – Saturday, 31 December 2011 09:10

On the controversy surrounding the allegations of power abuse involving the purchase of official suits for state assemblymen and Ipoh City councilors, I urge DAP to provide an explanation in line with their motto of accountability and transparency.

Former DAP state assemblyman for Malim Nawar Keshvinder Singh had revealed that during the time where Pakatan Rakyat was administering Perak, all state assemblymen were required to purchase their official state assembly uniforms from a company owned by someone who is related to a senior DAP leader even though the company charged higher than others.

Since the rise of this fresh claims, DAP should immediately provide an explanation on the situation, and not quickly issue denials, especially when it involves members, i.e. Nga Kor Ming and Ngeh Koo Ham who are elected representatives and were appointed as EXCO of state government.

Keshvinder Singh had revealed that although the instructions to purchase his uniform from that certain company was done orally, he, along with other who were newly appointed state assemblyman, had agreed to follow the instructions.

DAP had closed the issue to the public by saying that it was an internal problem within DAP.

They, however, should instead publish the details to allow their supporters and the people to assess their conduct and ethics in handling this issue, which is in line with what DAP promised during last general election of competency, accountability, and transparency (CAT).

DAP had stressed the need for a clean government and had introduced the CAT policy.

However, after being in power for over three years it seems that they have forgotten their promises and their actions are not convincing anyone.

LOH SENG KOK is Member of MCA Central Committee

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

MCA has the eyes and ears to expose the wrongdoings of DAP, but were MCA in power would the same abuses occur? Also MCA has allowed apartheid to continue for decades. Will MCA now endorse (while DAP itself has not) :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;and leave BN with MIC and Gerakan to form a viable 3rd Force with – JATI, KITA, SUPP, PCM, PSM, HRP etc..???


Najib says committed to reforms, will not bow to pressure
By Shannon Teoh
December 31, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today the government will not succumb to pressure from any party in pursuing reforms announced by his administration.

The prime minister said in his New Year’s address that the government was committed to the reform programme which is “not empty promises or unrealistic.”

“This is the aspiration and desire of the public. This effort is for the future generations who have a right to live in hope not despair. We will not bow to pressure from any party that tries to foil this noble goal,” he said.

Najib (picture) introduced various government and economic reform measures soon after taking over from Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in April 2009 in a bid to push the country from its Third-World status into a high-income bracket nation.

He recently announced the liberalisation of 17 service subsectors to allow 100 per cent foreign equity, adding to the 27 he had opened up in 2009.

However, pressure from Malay hardliners such as Perkasa and the United Malays National Economic Action Council (MTEM) has threatened to derail Putrajaya’s efforts especially the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and New Economic Model (NEM) which promise meritocracy and a more competitive market.

But Najib has also taken great pains to assure the politically-dominant Bumiputeras that they will continue to have a major share of the economy.

The Umno president announced earlier this year 43 per cent, or RM8 billion, of civil engineering works in the Mass Rail Transit project would be given to Bumiputera contractors after complaints that they were shut out of the pre-qualifying tenders by project operator Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd (Prasarana).

Prasarana was the project owner until the Cabinet announced in August that a Finance Ministry company, MRT Co, would take over the project.

Najib also announced a raft of reforms following international condemnation of his administration’s crackdown on the July 9 Bersih rally which saw tens of thousands marching for free and fair elections dispersed with mass arrests, water cannons and tear gas.

He set up a parliamentary select committee on electoral reforms, announced the repeal of three emergencies and the Internal Security Act (ISA) as well as doing away with section 27 of the Police Act that requires all public gatherings to have a police permit.

But the opposition has accused the PM of using stalling tactics as he has refused to guarantee that a general election will only be called after electoral reforms and the repeal of the ISA, which allows for detention without trial.

Critics have said the new Peaceful Assembly Bill, which bars street protests, is more repressive than those in countries like Myanmar, which has one of the world’s poorest human rights records.

Myanmar’s military-dominated Parliament passed a law last week allowing street protests and a notice period of five days, fewer than the 10 days required by the Peaceful Assembly Bill.

The Bill prohibits assemblies from being held at dams, reservoirs, water catchment areas, water treatment plants, electricity generating stations, petrol stations, hospitals, fire stations, airports, railways, land public transport terminals, ports, canals, docks, wharves, piers, bridges, marinas, places of worship and kindergartens and schools.

But Najib said today the Political Transformation Programme must balance individual freedom with national security.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

All details of all people taking part could be taken down at most. UNHCR allows peaceful assemblies.

Just let them assemble as long as traffic is not interrupted or any disruptions are caused to utilities and public uniformed areas. For example fire stations will be ok unless a fire occurs and the fire engine cannot leave – THEN start arresting or issuing warning. Or in the case of reservoirs, water catchment areas, water treatment plants recorded people present will be liable to be witnesses if poisoning cases occur. Airports, railways, only if passengers are disturbed should any action be taken/ Places of worship, only if the traffic is blocked. Schools only if classes are disrupted by loud shouting etc.. Otherwise there is nothing at all to ban.

A corrupted racist party being unable to hold power and losing an election is a natural thing. Najib should just let the matter rest including section 377B and whatever dated laws as well. This is not the 1900s, and any controls are an insult to the people. If Myanmar is ahead of Malaysia, then Malaysia is finished for certain, along with whatever coalition at it’s head. Without equality and apartrheid in place, BN is not gong to win anything, and PR will nly win because the independent candidate culture has not yet arisen. Probably by 14th GE, no political parties or coalitions may even remain, because nepotism, oligarchy, corruption and apartheid also groupthink are entirely failed paradigms. We could almost say Najib is a relic as of now, unless he changes so many laws and constitutions to match developments that even Egypt and Tunisia can manage to understand by BN cannot. No to apartheid and no to oppressive laws.

The regression factor and refusal to change laws will wipe BN out by GE13. BN still has the mandate but as usual is using in the wrong manner. Well too late then, prepare to lose GE13, Sarawak and Sabah are awake this time, and BN lost the Peninsular as it is already. PM Najib should amend accordingly if BN is to survive.

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.


Hasan Ali joins Jais raid – Sunday, 01 January 2012 08:53

SHAH ALAM- Controversial PAS leader Datuk Dr Hasan Ali joined a rare raid on drinking spots at Mutiara Damansara and Petaling Jaya, which saw the arrest of 41 Muslims.

Among those nabbed in Ops Mungkar were 18 people who were caught taking alcohol, an offence under Selangor’s syariah law.

They include six women.

Dr Hasan said the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) has strong evidence to charge them for alcohol consumption under the Syariah Criminal Enactment 1995, which provides for a jail term of up to two years and a fine of not more than RM3,000, or both.

Unlike other states, Selangor does not whip offenders caught drinking alcohol.

Dr Hasan said the other 23 pub goers caught in the raid, including 13 women, would be required to attend counselling sessions.

“They will have to give their statements on Jan 11 and 12, before Jais fixes the dates for counselling,” he said at the Jais office here yesterday.

He said the raiding party, which included the Bukit Aman police, was led by Jais director Datuk Marzuki Hussin following a tip-off. Those arrested were aged between 18 and 58.

“We could see there was entertainment going on and the drinking (of alcohol),” said Dr Hasan, who is in charge of Islamic affairs in the state executive council.

He refuted suggestions that the operation was connected to the recent controversies surrounding him.

Dr Hasan, the former Selangor PAS commissioner, is embroiled in a feud with the leadership over the party’s policy switch from an Islamic state agenda to a welfare state.

In August, he defended the Jais checks on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church and had also locked horns with the state over the sale of alcoholic beverages at convenience stores and the mushrooming of massage centres.


[[[ *** RESPECT *** ]]]

Jais has a right to haul up Muslims not following their vows but not non-Muslims nor impose Syariah prohibitions on outlets and activities deemed un-Muslim on non-Muslims. Also, does Malaysian Syariah system abide by (being a signatory of the UNHCR the :

UNHCR Article 18.
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

;right of Muslims who were prevented from going apostate so that they can have alcoholic drinks? A UN delegation should meet the Syariah court council and any aggrieved parties unable to change religion in a manner that resulted in such haul ups. There can be no coercion in religion says the Prophet, thus there can be no coercion in remaining in religion as well.

Given that a Malay in fact even loses his Bumiputra rights and effectively becomes a minority (minorities in Malaysia by ethnicity and faith are subjected to Bumi-Apartheid) as well, the UN needs to communicate with the Federal Government on religious apartheid as well. These are true blood Malays that should not be deprived of their rights because they change religion much less be persecuted or prevented from leaving the religion. This raid could be a symptom of abuse of power in many ways.

Could an open discussion on the above with all parties mentioned be initiated by the UN?


Integrated system let-down – Refunds are subject to conditions and number of token machines are sufficient, says Prasarana – by Hamzah Nazari Friday, December 30th, 2011 14:32:00

KUALA LUMPUR: ELENA SHIM feels it is unfair that she was not given a refund by RapidKL after changing course and taking a shorter LRT ride than what she paid for.

She explains that on Dec 11, she had intended on taking the LRT from KLCC to Bangsar and bought a oneway ticket costing RM2.40.
Masjid Jamek LRT

LONG QUEUES: Shim says queues are a common sight at the new token machines

“However, I then changed course and stopped at Pasar Seni station instead, which would have cost only RM2.00.”

Even so, SHIM claims the officer at the counter refused to refund her the extra RM0.40 even though she requested.

“I am dismayed at this new system,” says SHIM who claims refunds were allowed with the old ticketing system.

She was referring to the new Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) integrated system introduced last month where passengers use only one token for single journeys regardless of the need to change lines.

SHIM further laments the token system has also caused longer queues as everyone has to buy tokens using the machines, which she says are inadequate.

“The machines don’t accept RM10 notes and 10 cent coins are often rejected even though they is supposed to accept them,” she claims.

She hopes the management can look into this matter and respond as soon as possible.

SYARIKAT Prasarana Negara Bhd (Prasarana) rail division group director Khairani Mohamed thanks SHIM for her comments but says fare refund is subject to Conditions of Carriage approved by Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), which states that it is at the rail operators’ discretion.

Khairani explains: “In RapidKL, fare refund is allowed when the ticket purchased cannot be used due to prolonged service disruption or the system or staff-in-charge are proved to be at fault.

“The complainant’s case does not fall into any of the above categories and as such she is not entitled to a refund.”

Tokens, he adds, are meant for non-frequent users and thus the number of machines provided should be sufficient.

On the rejection of RM10 notes, Khairani explains the machines accept RM10 notes only if the fare amounts to more than RM5 while RM5 notes are accepted for fares exceeding RM2.

“We are aware there is a problem with 10 cents coins,” Khairani, however, admits but assures Prasarana is rectifying the matter.

“A new firmware to resolve this problem is expected to roll out on Dec 20.”

When contacted, SHIM says she understands the regulation of Conditions of Carriage provides for this but insists that in many previous cases, a refund is provided where the passenger boards the LRT and alights elsewhere.

“I personally feel that the token system is neither user nor cost friendly as it penalises users should they change their destination.”

She also disagrees with Prasarana’s statement that tokens are meant for nonfrequent users and that the number of machines are sufficient.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is what you get with private systems that want to profit over a few cents like so such bloodsuckers.

Complaining is a waste of time as without the law behind you, and profiteers and colluders complicit and entrenched throughout the system, the only way to get justice is to vote the entire lot of them out then nationalise free LRTs or at worst a 20 sen per entry at any station with unlimited distance.

Stop trying to fight the system at this level. Run for election and end the system, plutocrats, profiteer proxies, cronies and nepotists where they stand.

I advise the respectable sounding ELENA SHIM to either run for election on this “Free The LRT” issue ticket, or vote only for MPs who will nationalise and make FREE rides on national subways so that this refund issue will not waste time and money.


Johor DAP chief does not know reason behind move – Sunday, 01 January 2012 08:51

Johor DAP chief does not know reason behind move

JOHOR BARU- Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau says there are DAP members out to unseat him but he does not know why.

He said no one had come forward to complain about his performance.

“If any party member has a problem with my leadership, he should come forward and see me,” he said.

A daily reported that there are four groups within the party out to topple Dr Boo as state leader.

Quoting an anonymous party member, the report said those in the four camps included assemblymen as well as some senior members who have close relations with the party’s central executive committee.

It is alleged they wanted to tarnish Dr Boo’s image so that the party headquarters would take over Johor DAP.

Dr Boo said he had tremendous support within the grassroots in DAP.

“I have not received any complaints from any party member regarding my actions and I will carry out my duties as state chairman and Skudai assemblyman,” he told The Star yesterday.

Dr Boo, who is also the state opposition leader, said DAP always supported other members’ views and promoted freedom of speech among them.

Meanwhile, the party’s state deputy chairman, Norman Fernandez, described reports of disunity as nonsense as members were united behind Dr Boo as state chairman.

“Like any other political party, there are internal problems and Johor DAP does not have any gag order on its members.

“Party members are encouraged to voice their views within the party,” he said, adding that he believed there was a smear campaign against DAP and Dr Boo.

Fernandez also disagreed that the party was divided into four camps.

– TheStar

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Dr.Boo, how about breaking off from DAP to form a ” Johore Chinese Political Party ” JCPP? Some Pakatan fired formers and citizens are doubtless ready to pull weight so that DAP will not be the only Chinese party in Malaysia. Should Dr.Boo be ready to create a ” Penang Chinese Political Party ” PCPP the voters might consider PCPP viable. We’re all tired of nepotism-dynastic committee post time limit reserved politics of DAP and need a fresh minded, term limited, non-nepotistic 3rd Force Party for Johore where DAP and sadly MCA (which refuses to demand equality even though they are supposed to be close to UMNO – which means MCA is just a lapdog and unvotable) have failed.


Students say police asked them to lie, while cops deny using force to stop protest – Written by  Melissa Lee, Malaysia Chronicle – Monday, 02 January 2012 06:51

Students say police asked them to lie, while cops deny using force to stop protest

Amid growing public anger, Malaysian police denied using force to disperse a students protest that saw 17 arrested and at least two youths badly beaten, with one even slipping into a coma.

News that police also tried to cover up their violence by getting one of those arrested to falsely declare that his injuries were sustained due to falling and not beating, is adding to the pressure piling on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government.

This is not the first time that the Malaysian PM has erred in his handling of ‘sensitive’ cases. During the July 9 Bersih rally for free and fair election, Najib drew national and international odium for ordering a brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters.

“This highlights the seriousness of the so-called Peaceful Assembly Bill. After the July 9 rally, Najib is afraid of any show of unhappiness against his leadership and hence the Bill to further clamp down on peaceful assembly, which is a natural right, rather than what the name of Bill suggests which is for greater freedom to assemble peacefully,” PKR vice president Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle.

Another “illegal” gathering

Indeed, despite grand promises, Najib and his Umno party are clamping down ahead of snap general elections that are likely to usher in Malaysia’s first change in government in 5 decades.

The government-controlled mainstream press have labelled the students sit-in an “illegal gathering”, while Perak police chief Mohd Shukri Dahlan denied allegations that two students were injured after being assaulted by Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) personnel.

Shukri said the injuries to the two students were caused by their own stampede and not due to assaults as claimed.

“During the gathering, there was no FRU personnel on duty but only policemen from the Tanjung Malim Police Contingent Headquarters,” he told a press conference on Sunday.

The sit-in was organized by the Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in Tanjung Malim on New Year’s Day. It was to protest the draconian University and University Colleges Act 1971, which bans students from any form of involvement in politics, and also to protest the disciplinary action meted out by UPSI against student leader Adam Adli for lowering a flag that bore the image of Najib’s face to express students’ unhappiness with the UUCA.

Peaceful Assembly Bill even more draconian

Meanwhile, reiterating that the students’ assault claims were untrue and defamatory, Shukri insisted police at the outset had tried to counsel the group and gave them 30 minutes to disperse but the students ignored the overture and became more aggressive instead.

“They then advanced and proceeded to lie down on the road which disturbed traffic. Police had to act to ensure public safety but it was conducted according to the book. They then ran to a nearby clinic and caused damage to the premises. Police detained 17 students,” said Shukri, calling the sit-in an illegal gathering and the SMM an illegal association.

Based on the newly passed Peaceful Assembly Bill, which was hammered through by the Najib administration despite widespread protest, it is illegal for citizens to gather for whatever reasons without applying for a police permit. The Bill also carries heavy fines as deterrents.

All the students, aged between 19 and 24, will be investigated under Sections 186, 145 and 147 of the Penal Code and Section 27(5) of the Police Act. They were released on police bail but investigations will continue against them.

“This highlights why the Assembly Bill must be repealed like the ISA. It is actually a tool to blackmail citizens into submission with heavy penalties and costs,” slammed Jui Meng.

False declaration – from falling not beating

Meanwhile, the students who attended the sit-in have lambasted the police for twisting the “truth” and painting their gathering as disorderly when it was the police which provoked confusion and who began beating them without justification.

One of the 17 students arrested said he was asked to a sign a document stating that he sustained injuries from a fall. Muhammad Safwan Anang, president of Gerakan Menuntut Kebebasan Akademik (Bebas), said that he was asked to sign the document after a police photographer took pictures of him at the hospital.

He has reported the matter to SMM president Ahmad Syukri Abdul Razab and human rights lawyer N Surendran. “After taking photographs, the police personnel asked Safwan to sign a form which read, to the effect of, ‘Mangsa jatuh semasa kejadian (the victim fell during the incident)’,” Surendran, who is also the PKR vice president, told the press.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

More rempit minded Malays (preferably UNHCR aware types) with the discipline, should join the police force and pretend to be goody 2 shoes so that there will be friendly voices in a decade or few failing everything. Join the police to ensure Human Rights and don’t join otherwise.


So silly of Najib to use ‘Datuk Fix-it’ as the NFC scapegoat for the Shahrizats – Written by  Nawawi Mohamad, Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle – Monday, 02 January 2012 13:18

So silly of Najib to use ‘Datuk Fix-it’ as the NFC scapegoat for the Shahrizats

Charging Shamsubahrin Ismail, also known as ‘Datuk Fix-it’, with cheating Salleh Ismail, the boss of the NFC and who also happens to be the husband of Umno minister Shahrizat Jalil, is an insult to our intelligence. Especially when the amount of consultation fees Shamsuharin allegedly cheated is RM1.76 million versus the size of the huge RM250 million government soft loan that Salleh and children purportedly misappropriated.

It is in the failed implementation of the NFC cattle livestock project that has angered Malaysians and which they are demanding that the police investigate thoroughly. Not a politically whipped-out figure to defelect attention. Really, Shahrizat should know better but it looks like she is unable to learn her lesson or perhaps, there is simply no way out for her to redeem herself other than by being truthful and honorable and resigning her positions immediately – which obviously, she is loathe to do.

Salleh and his entire family including those who awarded the project to them have been accused of big-time corruption and not the one who has been accused of cheating him. This is a case of action taken against the wrong party. Therefore it is not surprising that Shamsubahrin was smiling all the way to the police station, then to the court, where Malaysians can expect he will spend a short stint in jail. Eventually, he can be expected to make his way to the bank to collect his reward.

Najib part and parcel of the conspiracy to deflect attention

How can Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is also the UMNO president, think that the rakyat are so stupid! Has Najib gone senile? Maybe he has, because he is facing too much pressure from within and outside UMNO, but this is still no excuse not to give the right instruction to the MACC and the police.

The most logical reason for this ‘sandiwara’ or shadow-play is to give Shahrizat a fresh lifeline because the NFC case is complicated and Umno leaders struggling for power are jumping on the bandwagon to use it to their advantage. To the ruthless Umno warlords, it may be a bad thing to happen to Shahrizat, but it sure is something good for the likes of Raja Nong Chik, who allegedly was given the green light by Najib to challenge Shahrizat for the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat, currently held by PKR vice president Nurul Izzah, the daughter of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Another Umno power-broker Mahathir Mohamad can use it to bring down Najib but it could also destroy their party in the process. Najib can also use the NFC episode to teach others not to challenge him. He can indeed wield his power and disprove all his critics that he is being pulled by the nose by his wife Rosmah Mansor by insisting on exposing the NFC scandal. But sad to say, more likely than not, Najib and Umno are now trying to buy some time to execute other strategies so as to put distance between the corruption scandal and themselves before the 13th general election is called.

As for the public, they are already grousing at the ploy by Najib to try to divert their attention away from the real issues at stake; the reckless use of public money by the Shahrizat family to buy luxurious property and assets not related to beef farming at all. No matter what, Pakatan Rayat  will use this as its weapon against Umno and more dark deeds will be revealed as this debacle simmers, like the Scorpene-Altantuya murder and kickbacks scandal, due to Umno’s refusal to take responsibility and allowing the perpetrators to get away with it.

Members helpless as the elite go on rampage to grab power

Unfortunately, while it is only the elite leadership who are often guilty of such massive graft and abuse of power, Umno members will just sit back and watch what their leaders will do. They may even forget about the whole thing, and allow it to be swept under the carpet like all other scandals of the past.

Some party watchers however believe that this time around, not all the Umno leaders will agree to stand by and allow the top leadership to hush it up. Most are expected to tap into the issue for their advancement, emulating their top leaders and why not? They have got nothing to lose!

So since so many in Umno are seeing the Shahrizat NFC debacle as a way out for a better prospects, Najib’s efforts to use Shamsubahrin as a scapegoat for the Shahrizats to resolve the damning allegations against them will only delay the final consequences. The infighting in Umno cannot be stopped anymore since it began a while ago and has been slowly but steadily building up. Backstabbing and scheming have also become a culture in Umno and distrust already pervades this party, the largest in Malaysia so far.

Indeed, the infighting and power struggle have become more intense as the 13th General Election gets closer. Events continue to stay fluid, while alliances change at the blink of an eye. Thus charging Shamsubahrin is just a silly effort to divert the public’s attention, reflecting the huge pressure and desperation Najib is facing now; Najib does not know what to do with Shahrizat and her scandal has a lot of weight on the GE-13 – from the way voters perceive his leadership and Umno’s right down to the list of ‘winnable’ candidates he wishes to field to bolster his own grip on power.

The repercussions are really scary for those who in the know in Umno. NFC may not be the final tombstone for Umno but it sure will figure as one of the main factors that contributed to the demise of this once flourishing but now decadent and corrupt party.

Malaysia Chronicle

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Najib knows that he can win a second term if he endorses and grants :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

The problem is the continuous bad press might even make the above 3 insufficient to save PM Najib by the time GE13 arrives.

It’s just equality Najib, respect Article 18 of the UNHCR, raise the status of Indians and Chinese to equals. Without the additional 4 years as PM, alot of vengeful international forces ‘inspired’ by the Mongol ambassador’s daughter’s death case, could grudge your inaction on the above 3 items, which are in fact merely a first class nation’s tenets that have not yet been implemented – under your watch!

Save youself, BN and Malaysia, endorse and grant the above 3 items!


“We can recruit more, let them leave”: Who is Soi Lek trying to kid? – Written by  Jackson Ng – Tuesday, 03 January 2012 15:38

The MCA leadership’s lack of response to the resignation of about 1,000 members led by the party’s former Penang and Johor Youth chiefs last week is telling.

All we got from the morally-tainted MCA president Chua Soi Lek was “we can recruit more, let them leave”.

Other leaders have remained relatively mum because they are unable to counter the reasons given by the two former youth chiefs who cited loss of confidence in the party leadership.

How do you defend your party and president, who in the eyes of the public has lost all moral integrity following his adulterous expose.

The problem with the party leadership following the 2010 three-corner presidential election is Chua’s fluke victory.

It shocked members that such an unacceptable man could still muster enough members, through whatever means, to win the presidency.

Already massively rejected by the Chinese community in the 2008 political tsunami, the election of a wife cheater was the final straw, plunging the party into a bottomless abyss.

The majority of the Chinese community, ever so concerned about “face saving” and still on the prudish side, have clearly written off the MCA.

Still no leader in the MCA capable of commanding 50% support

Party insiders, after a detailed assessment of the party elections, have come to grips of their dilemma.

The party is led by an unworthy president who is ruling with just about 30% of the support of the party central delegates. One wonders the percentage of support for Chua in terms of the party membership.

The party election was triggered by a series of internal party political manoeuvrings by traitors and turncoats who, for their own self interests, chose to unseat the then president, Ong Tee Keat.

But the party central leaders had grossly miscalculated, landing an embarrassing president who commands no respect from the Chinese community and women in particular.

During the leadership crisis and prior to the party election, the key players had misjudged or underestimated Tee Keat’s grassroots support.

The general talk then was that the lone ranger Tee Keat, as he was tagged, would not be able to secure more than 200 votes and the camp led by former president Ong Ka Ting was confident of victory. Disaster struck when Ka Ting could only garner 833 votes – 68 votes short of Chua’s 901 delegates. Tee Keat was supported by 578 delegates.

What we see in the MCA today is status quo, with no single leader able to engineer more than 50% support to close ranks and solidify the party.

That is history, backed by facts.

Chua’s grip on MCA loosening

Today, Chua and his cronies are unable to react strongly against those who resigned because they are unsure of the political manoeuvrings being subtly unleashed.

Should the leadership condemn the resignations as just isolated cases, it may trigger more mass resignations and embarrassments.

What is happening today in MCA is a real loss of confidence and frustration over Chua’s authoritarian administration and decisions based on nepotism and cronyism.

The two time bombs (resignations in Penang and Johor) have exploded but the mainstream media, especially MCA’s mouthpiece, The Star, has down played the news.

Party insiders are saying that about 30% of MCA members were ready to quit in the run-up to the next general election. So, is MCA imploding?

They say there had been many cases of the leadership “bullying” those known to be unsupportive of Chua.

One clear example is the case of veteran Malacca MCA Wanita chief Datuk Kang Sik Hor.

“Just because she was critical of Chua’s attack on assemblyman Betty Chew for serving her husband (Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng) more than her constituents in Malacca, disciplinary action was taken.

“She was referred to the MCA Disciplinary Board (DB). Imagine, for just a simple matter, the DB was used. It shows Chua and his cronies will not hesitate to use and abuse the DB to maintain an iron grip on the party,” said the insider.

No dissent tolerated

Although, the DB, ultimately did not pursue the matter, Chua’s state cronies continued to pressure Kang to quit.

Clearly, Chua and his cronies cannot tolerate dissenting views and there is no room for alternative views.

However, that is not to say nothing is moving in the party. In the run-up to the next general election, there will yet be many political manoeuvrings and realignments based on self interests.

This will trigger even more time bombs to explode and let’s just sit and watch how MCA implodes.

Jackson Ng reads Malaysia Chronicle

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Water and sieve analogy. If MCA wants to keep the Chinese vote, will MCA endorse :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;and leave BN with MIC and Gerakan to form a viable 3rd Force with – KITA, SUPP, PCM, PSM, HRP etc..??? There will be no votes for MCA otherwise. With all that cash resource and they dare not leave BN? Cowards? Or too greedy?

Look here MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan, SUPP if you kick out the racists from power by leading them, the potential wealth and indeed political power REGIONALLY for MCA, from investors from India and China might be unimaginable. Why do you prop up racist parties a bare few million strong as a lapdog MCA? Could India and China send a Commisar each to have a nice heart to heart with these unthinking ‘leaders’? Or summon these leaders for rebriefing on pride of person and how equality is needed for respectable representation. There is no interest in oppression of Malays, just equality and social freedoms. Reasonable requests that the above political parties are afraid to broach? Just unvotable in GE13 then.


Ibrahim Ali scolds students: UUCA not important enough to justify protests – Tuesday, 03 January 2012 17:36

KUALA LUMPUR— Malay rights NGO Perkasa said today undergraduates should not be demonstrating against the controversial Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) as it is not as important as poverty or the threat of communism.

President Datuk Ibrahim Ali told reporters the students should not copy undergraduates from 40 years ago when he was “the biggest organiser of street protests” as the government has already announced it would amend the law in March to allow students to join political parties.

“In the 1970s, we only had two universities, the economy was not growing, poverty was high, the New Economic Policy had only just begun and the communist threat was still there. We fought against starvation, we demonstrated for reasonable causes.

“If it is just UUCA, then it is not proper. UUCA and even the Internal Security Act (ISA) are not obstacles for student movement,” the Pasir Mas MP said.

Ibrahim said he never used these laws as excuses as “fighters must be prepared to take the risk.”

“When I was detained under the ISA, I never questioned it. If you dare to do it, then dare to take responsibility,” he said.

Students and opposition politicians claim several undergraduates were beaten at an academic freedom rally in Tanjung Malim on late Saturday — after failing to disperse on police orders.

The demonstration followed widespread controversy after Adam Adli Abd Halim, a 21-year UPSI student, lowered a banner bearing the likeness of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak outside Umno’s headquarters here last month.

Safwan Anang, who was hospitalised after the protest which was broken up by police at about 2.30am, claimed he was punched in the face and kneed in the ribs by policemen when trying to help a friend who was “being dragged” by police.

The Universiti Malaya student was allegedly assaulted and lost consciousness in the 2.30am fracas which saw 17 students arrested.

But Perak police denied assaulting student activists during the peaceful demonstration at UPSI, saying there was “no scuffle” when arrests were made.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein also denied claims on Twitter that there was police brutality, saying they were untrue.

Ibrahim added today that students now had other means besides street protests to express their opinion and engage with authorities.

“Now there are many halls and venues in campuses. There is no need to act wildly.

“There are so many media they can engage with like Harakah, Suara Keadilan and even YouTube,” he said, referring to opposition organs and the online video-sharing portal respectively.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Outdated establishment politician. Every generation gets more free and demands more checks and balances – thats called progress of humanity and  growth of democracy. Vote someone more dynamic or who makes more sense to Malay voters.


Please explain, Haris tells ‘bad boy’ Tian Stephanie Sta Maria | July 28, 2011

Tian Chua finds himself in the hot seat following a Bersih 2.0 video of him charging at the FRU.

PETALING JAYA: PKR vice-president Tian Chua has been asked to explain a video clip that clearly showed him leading a charge at the FRU during the Bersih rally on July 9 (last year, 2011).

The clip (below) showed the crowd facing off with the police at the KL Sentral tunnel moments before multiple rounds of tear gas were fired at them.

Tian Chua was seen standing in the front while the Bersih 2.0 leaders were seen urging the crowd to move back.

Then Tian Chua counted down from three to one and led a charge straight at the FRU who fired at them.

The clip was uploaded by Bersih 2.0 steering committee member Haris Ibrahim on his blog earlier today. The blog post entitled, “Confirmed: Tian Chua was a bad, bad boy!” demanded an explanation from the Batu MP.

“Tian Chua, you have some serious explaining to do,” Haris wrote.

“You showed disrespect to the Bersih 2.0 leadership that was present there, especially (Bersih 2.0 chairperson) Ambiga (Sreenevasan) and you were leading the rally.

“More importantly you took it upon yourself to alter a peaceful rally to one of aggression, and in doing so, put many out there at risk to life and limb,” he said.

Tian Chua: Charge me

When contacted, Tian Chua declined to comment on the video and repeated his earlier statement that he would only respond to an official police charge against him.

“I don’t think it it appropriate for me to comment on this video clip,” he said. “If the police have evidence then they should charge me and I will defend myself in court.”

The clip however was included in the police version of the Bersih rally.

That version was screened to the media last week during which the police pointed out that Tian Chua had provoked them into firing the tear gas.

“I’m very troubled by the video,” Haris told FMT.

“When I saw the line of FRU on that day I suggested to Ambiga that we ask the crowd to sit and that the Bersih 2.0 leaders peacefully approach the FRU.

[Haris later today clarified that at that moment, he had not informed Ambiga of his suggestion to ask the crowd to sit but was about to tell her when the police started firing tear gas.]

“I didn’t hear the countdown nor the call to charge. All I heard was the sound of shooting. Two days later eye-witnesses told me about Tian Chua’s actions, I read FMT’s report of the police screening and I recently received this video clip,” he said.

Bersih 2.0 leaders condemned the police for the unprovoked firing but an upset Haris pointed out that Tian Chua’s actions now exonerated the FRU and validated police claims of crowd aggression.

He flayed Tian Chua for being “irresponsible and totally disrepectful” and pointedly asked if his group had been trying to hijack the rally.

“Tian Chua owes the public an explanation and shouldn’t hide behind this ‘not appropriate’ nonsense,” Haris said.

“He has chosen time and again to ventilate issues in public space and then call on authorities to answer. He should now do the same.

“This is a matter of public concern. Batu constitutents would probably have been among the crowd and don’t you think they have right to know why he behaved that way?” he said.

Ambiga, meanwhile, declined to comment, saying that she had not yet seen the video. However, she added that she would let the clip speak for itself.

Tian: Not the true picture

In a statement issued later in the day, Tian Chua said “the witch-hunt whether on me or other participants cannot absolve the guilt of brutality on July 9”.

He said that the edited video which showed him leading the demonstrators did not give the true picture of what happened at the tunnel that day.

“Although the police did not specifically accuse me for “charging” the police, reports in mainstream media insinuated that demonstrators and I intended to “attack” or cause physical harm to the police officers.

“This is far from the truth. From the video, it was clear that the policemen had their guns loaded with tear gas canisters,” he said.

He said anyone in the crowd would have realised the danger of staying in the enclosure once the police fired the tear gas.

“The video footage only showed a few people rushing out towards the open air, and tear gas was fired directly into the crowd.

“The video also showed that the police fired the tear gas canisters horizontally into the enclosed zone non-stop.

“The police action was evidently malicious and intended to cause maximum harm to the peaceful group without warning. It was unprovoked and unwarranted action. It was police brutality,” he added.

He said that many people witnessed the incident and that the edited video cannot distort the truth.

Tian Chua did not refer to Haris’ blog in his statement.

*************** ends FMT report *********************

When contacted yesterday, Tian Chua told Desiderata that indeed, he had in recent times suspected that Haris (RPK too!) was not to be trusted in his role at Bersoih.20 rallies. I had commented before Haris had compromised Bersih2.0 role, and I would even go further, he usurped the Bersih chief Datuk Ambiga Sreneesan’s president position by writing taht “sell-out post– giving ammunition to the famous or notorious PDRM, the following Editor’s note notwithstanding!

[Editor’s note: The original headline ‘Explain, Bersih 2.0 tells ‘bad boy’ Tian’ has been changed to correctly reflect that this is Haris Ibrahim’s personal opinion and not Bersih 2.0’s.]


Another gOod read is by fellow blogger DonPlayPuks who writes with cutting edge humpor most times, but today at MC he merely used the smallest of nails with a fine polish on RPK’s coffin!

I only reprise now that paragraph whose header I would add another farewell subhead– I hope this will the last (w)rites I would have to spend time on the founders of MCLM:( ~~ YL, Desi. knottyaSsusual, especially when I am in an AP, ap, AP mood — ’tis only the first week of a fantastic new year, yes!

With such friends as RPK, who needs enemies?

But the plain truth of the matter is we do not need RPK to realise our dreams of a better Malaysia.

It was not RPK who spent years in prison for us (as did Anwar and Guan Eng) or marched downtown in KL to fight for free and fair elections in the face of tear gas, pepper and chemical laced water cannon spray and baton charges, or who has taken Penang and Selangor towards an open government that for 51 years UMNO/BN said was not possible.

In Anwar, Ambiga, Guan Eng, Khalid Ibrahim et al, we have the kind of leadership RPK has never offered us. All RPK has now exposed are his own Machiavellian machinations which are worse than that of (as claimed by RPK) PKR’s Azmin Ali .

At least Azmin is a PKR card carrying full time politician from whom RPK could learn a lesson or two about loyalty and the long haul. We can do without “help” from those who snipe and snitch from the safety of Manchester and Phuket.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

1) ” Dr Syed Husin — an academic with socialist convictions embedded in his blood ”

Dr.Husin had better understand that Pakatan is another Capitalist outfit and nepotistic and term limitless to boot.

In truth you cannot be a Socialist and support Pakatan at the same time. Pakatan barring PAS does not intend to end the fiat system and has refused to declare assets and not kept promises for Local Council Elections.

2) ” . . . as did Anwar and Guan Eng . . . ”

Hey moron. They spent time in prison for greed of power POWER not us citizens.

3) ” . . . Strategy MP for Batu Tian Chua there is no way why PKR should surrender the important role of selecting party candidates to “outsiders”.

Exactly, everyone is an outsider. Only Pakatn is the insider. Which means a second BN arises. I’d still vote for the 20 candidates from MCLM, but RPK of course is already trash. Better MCLM’s leftovers than Pakatan a 2nd UMNO.

4) “Tian Chua was more forthright. Who are these NGO activists to dictate to long party stalwarts in PKR who would make good election candidates? ”

Wow the early apologist for Pakatan as a new dictator arises. Tian Chua is NOT forthright, though I suspect he still has a conscience but try the below picture and understand, Tian Chua is another facet of the hegelian dialectic. Chong is a fool to use the word forthright, we may find out otherwise VERY VERY quickly

5) In Anwar, Ambiga, Guan Eng, Khalid Ibrahim et al, we have the kind of leadership RPK has never offered us. All RPK has now exposed are his own Machiavellian machinations which are worse than that of (as claimed by RPK) PKR’s Azmin Ali .

YL CHong, please help the voter think clearly instead of praising and praising. Anwar the Indispensible (for now) plagues Pakatan with family blocs with Lims and Singhs – the kind of leadership is a 2nd UMNO, but they are not entrenched so they are a better choice though still no better. Ambiga is Bar Council President who lost us Perak by her non-endorsement Nizar.

RPK’s for his pro 377B preference and lack  of ‘leadership’ as YL Chong smears, might yet be useful for the 20 men IF MCLM is willing to endorse TERM LIMITS, and able to grant the below 3 items (which Pakatan has NEVER spoken out on, though always toying and ready to implement Hudud . . . )

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

BN is corrupt and nepotistic and opaque. PR is nepotistic and opaque. 3rd Force may only be opaque .

Guess who still is the best choice? 3rd Force and Pakatan’s non-family blocs o course.