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2 Somewhat Controversial Responses to varied Articles on Preservation of African-ness (please ask for any portions to be edited or removed if deemed offensive) – posted by @AgreeToDisagree – late February 2012

Wonder where you learned that move? Paris Jackson copies her father Michael’s famous dance step on the softtball field By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 6:55 AM on 15th January 2012

Her father was famous for his inspiring and innovative dance moves including the much admired Moonwalk.

And Paris Jackson today resembled the King of Pop as she balanced on her toes, Michael Jackson style on the softball field.

While catching the ball, the 13-year-old looked like she was bringing out one of her late father’s special tiptoe stand dance move.

Busting a move: Paris Jackson’s tip toe stand on the football field today resembled her late father Michael’s famous dance move

And Paris also seems to have her father’s focus, as she looked to be concentrating hard on the game.

The teenager is particularly sporty, and last year became the only female member of her school’s flag football squad.

And the aspiring actress will soon be making her acting début in film series Lundon’s Bridge And The Three Keys.

Family affair: Prince Michael, Blanket and Paris, pictured last year, will all be remembering their father at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Meanwhile, her father’s memory lives on, and it was recently revealed that Paris and Prince, as well as younger brother Blanket, nine, will be placing their father’s shoes and famous sequinned glove into the cement outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on January 26.

A statement announcing the news read: ‘The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre forecourt is one of the most photographed tourist sites in the world, annually attracting as many visitors as the Taj Mahal in India and the Prado Museum in Madrid.

‘The Grauman’s hands and footprints ceremony is rich in tradition and provides the four million plus people a year who visit the site an up close look at the hand and footprints of Hollywood’s most notable talents.’

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She’s a pretty girl but I think she should sack the stylist.

– annie, Lancashire, 16/1/2012 00:20
Rating   23

I think its great that she carries those wonderful memories of her dad. It shows how wonderful love can be and that he is with her always. I hope their love and memories together, guides her well throughout her life.

– ChasUGC, Cali, USA, 16/1/2012 00:14
Rating   37

What a lovely young lady! She and her brothers must be making their father very proud! 🙂 I wish them nothing but the best in their futures!

– Lanis, NJ, USA, 16/1/2012 00:06
Rating   57

As for the constant ridiculing of Blanket’s nickname, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II, and he is named after his great-grandfather. Michael Jr., the oldest, was born shortly after one of Michael’s grandfathers named Prince (he had 2) passed, and they nicknamed him Prince. As for Blanket, it’s a loving term meaning to “blanket with love” which was a term passed around Michael’s friends and family. The little boy doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, so I don’t know why everyone else does. [[[ *** Don’t go around using the reserved terms for real Royalty. If I were in Africa or want to be viable in Africa (i.e. not slight REAL Princes in Africa), I’d drop the ‘Prince’ part of the name and seek out a REAL African Princess to marry if I were Blanket (also to ‘Blackwash’ as mom was a commoner and whiote . . . ) – and only then could the TITLE not be a *name based FARCE. *** ]]] Best wishes to the MJ brood otherwise, and please don’t associate with MJ if you’re trying to whiten up – even in choice of mate . . . it’s allowing yourselves to be taken advantage of by ‘Ole Massa’ if anything.

– Ashley, USA, 15/1/2012 23:20
Rating   30

She is a very pretty girl but please DM stop showing that photo of her and her brothers with every article. In that photo she looks quite masculine and not very pretty. That said looking at the good photos – and there are tons – she is going to be a stunner. Just stop that pic.

– Chloe, London, 15/1/2012 22:54
Rating   28

Shes definately a beauty but can’t get over how much blanket looks like his dad!!

– em, Scotland, 15/1/2012 22:19
Rating   46

Yeah & she’ll be grabbing her crotch next! Leave her alone!

– observer, the clouds, 15/1/2012 22:15
Rating   41

Stunning looking girl but if she and her grandparents arent careful, she’ll end up another hollywood casualty, too much too young 😦

– jennifer, Birkenhead, UK, 15/1/2012 22:03
Rating   41

she is beautiful……BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

– bella, russia, 15/1/2012 21:17
Rating   47

Blanket always looks so upset 😦 [[[ *** Lots of kids feel bad if their parent died, until they hit puberty . . . Blanket should turn out fine by then. *** ]]]

– Emma, Sheffield, 15/1/2012 20:42

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Even an MJ impersonator – especially a black and obviously African looking one would be better than this ‘half blood’ faux princess. MJ is *MALE* and *BLACK* (well he was until they decided to white wash him), and MJ’s obviously lightish-beigish skinned daughter (who should make a fine trophy wife for some celeb after a few films or some music . . .) is NOT MJ (she will never be MJ!!! Sniff!), or worse she manages to become MJ, though that would be an MJ w/o a you know what . . . she’d want to remain her father’s daughter not become her father (try growing articifial male genitalia but thats not ORGANIC while quite shemale), though at this point Paris (couldn’t someone like MJ’s daughter get ANOTHER name? Life is too short to spend as a France killing muppet NLP/meme . . . Shenene is more black though I think the whitewash effect in this generation of Jacksons is just too deeply entrenched . . . ) probably has not had time to delve into this.

Do not become MJ silly girl! Respect the ‘Immortal Tour’ by not becoming MJ, for immortal implies that MJ is alive, and if you want to become MJ, you’re deriving sustenance from MJ, subtracting from his spirit, also the name of the tour and hence the fans as well . . . Sadly if even ‘Blanket’ is not any more African either, how can this really pale woman become MJ? Maybe Africa’s intelligence or information ministry could fund it’s own ‘blackwashed’ star called JM (use authentic African names) who becomes increasingly dark and more African as he gets more famous, who is MALE (of course otherwise how to ‘unsubvert’ what looks set to occur here) . . .

But do control the franchise that your father MJ left or, (perhaps) yet to be born Uncle (yes uncle, MJ II is another brother . . . ) could become, after your Grandparents pass on, IF MJ MK2 doesn’t get the better of everyone from YOUR generation haha, you’d all be senior to MJ MKII (perhaps Hitler’s clone as well) by 10-20 years! MJ’s spirit would approve! Like the spirit of the Egyptian gods await a Pharoah to speak through again, MJ MKII could be an instant reboot of MJ I apart from cloning, which means Hitler probably is already among us . . .

Faux-Data on proposed MJ MK II Project

– Same parents and DNA? Check.

– Same training? Check.

– Same childhood places etc..? Check.

MJ MK II should be born in a year . . . and should not somehow become pale skinned again . . .

MJ’s dad and mom (both alive and well) could have another child with a very ethnic looking African as a surrogate birth mother (try a secondary member of Royalty from Africa, 2nd wife time!!! – and MJ II could be a REAL Prince – and of Pop – wonder if Pop is a sexual NLP, in which case perhaps better not to associate- as well . . . ) AND calling that child MJ *AGAIN* to train in a similar manner (minus beltings and violence of course, Gramps Jackson looks to have mellowed too much to be into that in any case . . .) . . . MJ-MKII (a real African Prince by blood AND without bleaching . . . )

I suggest this new MJ the II, start visiting with extant Royal families in Africa when he’s grown enough and indirectly adopting those Royals as family. Heck, even form an Imperial African Council out of African Royal familes and marry MLK’s descendants with the new African Emperor’s kids and a worldwide African Renaissance could well be on the way. Would Pres. Obama take the initiatives here?




Joe Jackson selling cheap fragrances in dreary Las Vegas mall – By Daily Mail Reporter – Last updated at 11:22 PM on 3rd February 2012

He formed one of the most successful musical groups of all time which he ruled with an iron fist.

But Joe Jackson has now been reduced to selling cheap aftershave at a Las Vegas mall.

How the mighty have fallen: Joe Jackson has been spotted selling cheap fragrances at a shopping mall

Sleeping on the job: Joe appeared to be dozing off as he worked

The late Michael Jackson’s father is seen here sat at his kiosk, surrounded by fragrances.

Joe wasn’t exactly swamped with customers and appeared to be dozing-off, according to celebrity website TMZ which obtained the image.

Joe was the special guest at the Julian Rouas Paris kiosk selling Jackson Perfumes underneath a famous sketch of The King of Pop.

To make matter’s worse – the whole operation may be illegal.

According to TMZ, Bravado International – which owns the trademark to all things Michael Jackson – is suing Julian Rouas Paris, alleging the company never got permission to use Michael’s name or image.

Mogul: Joe looked after his family of talented musicians

The music mogul managed his famous children in their various incarnations of singing groups.

He was in charge of The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, La Toya Jackson and Janet Jackson.

Following the death of his son Michael, Joe has taken something of a backseat while his other family members have been seen in the spotlight more.

Joe turns 84 later this year.

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

The comments below have been moderated in advance.

Would rather proper proof than those awful blurry pictures. It would be me sitting there and I’m nowhere near his age neither am I male!

– mysslo, London, UK, 04/2/2012 10:02
Rating   199

Would be a brilliant ‘serves you right’ moment if it was him however to me this person looks nothing like him. The person clearly has black hair cut at the nape of their neck whereas Joe Jackson’s hair is short.

– Kate, Epsom, 04/2/2012 10:00
Rating   60

Repulsive man!

– Sue., Bradford, uk, 04/2/2012 09:42
Rating   115

have you people bothered to read this story? It doesn’t say he’s broke and it’s clear he’s doing a special appearance to promote the cheap pong, he’s not taken on a job manning the stall.

– joey deakin, yorks, 04/2/2012 09:26
Rating   77

You can obviously tell thats not him sitting down. Thats Elvis!

– john, Belfast, 04/2/2012 09:25
Rating   104

That’s not even him in that picture lol

– craig_bradford, Bradford, 04/2/2012 08:57
Rating   83

Here’s me thinking he was negotiating with record companied to reissue Michaels music BEFORE Michael was even laid to rest and was talking about hundreds of millions of dollars……………..

– annie, gateshead, 04/2/2012 08:39
Rating   32

Don’t believe it but if true then it’s karma.

– more disilusioned by the day, Reading, UK, 04/2/2012 08:20
Rating   97

Horrible nasty person.

– Lee, Vancouver, 04/2/2012 08:04
Rating   87

Its pretty obvious that the girl in the photo is the person running the stall..If it is him,which i doubt,i think he was just having a sit down,the lady just let him have her stool…Just not news DM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– openminded!!, Manchester UK, 04/2/2012 08:00

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Sure thats the right person?!? Envisioned this guy at under-boss level at least, one step above the floor manager at some super sized venue? Or even an owner of a largish sized pub or strip club sitting in a private office with a massive window overlooking the dancefloor and bar – not a one man show in the mall in the day?!? This is way pathetic especially at this age and with that sort of background. Where are all the black women lining up in hopes of bearing an MJ II lookalike (psst lining up black ladies, your kid would be MJ I’s entire brood’s (Prince, Paris and Blanket) uncle or auntie didja know?)? Heck, if MJ Sr knows how to make cash, he could even figure out a Spanka-Claus franchise with himself offering beltings to star wannabe kids (lots of moms and dads looking to get their children would want something of MJ to rub off on their wannabe stars and would not pass this up) who can later get a tattoo that said – ‘MJ’s father belted me too’ at the mall! At 86, MJ Sr could have a good 10-20 years more to go, so lots of tattooed kids who ‘received’ a spot of MJ-ness, with the rest all lookalikes . . .

This is like that D and below-list supporting actress who could very well charge to have her picture taken with some guy burying their head (the one with the brain of course . . .  of course ‘wink’) in their bosoms . . . this guy is MJ’s dad! Celebrity or decades in the industry count for nothing huh? Who brought you MJ? Hand’s up the 2 people who appear to have sold themselves short . . . unless this is some cheap shot fake scenario to draw out the insane . . . in which case if the whole thing was a scenario, just ignore what was posted here haha.

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