Generally Harsh and Uncensored Mix of Comments – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 10th February 2012

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written by Azli Othman, February 12, 2010
The sultans are now exercising their new powers, conferred by the Federal Court. They know that the government will not dare to challenge them as the sultans can now remove the government at will. They also know that they can control the court. So, they are willfully ignoring the court ruling on the Allah issue. Najib, see what you have done? We have all witnessed that rulers behave and act primarily on their self-interest – does that work for your religious needs, requirements, and satisfactions ?

When religion is used to assault others, what did the rulers do ? – nothing…..
(that’s because they can not remove the yoke of dependency on umno politicians) …
written by vince rajaratnam, February 13, 2010
the malays have forgotten their first religion was hinduism, they learned how to cook spicy food from the indians, the ‘songkok’ came from india,the malay vocabulary is of sanskrit origin. in other words their race,culture,rellgion are borrowed from indians.

written by lack loose, March 05, 2010
Idiotic Malay-controlled associates (MCA) are wasting and cheating on the Chinese community that voted for them. This selfish bunch of mca never serve the Chinese community except fighting for their own selfish gains. OTK must simply let such idiots resign for good for them to join UMNO as open members. OTK must seriously consider how to shift the paridigm to accommodate checkmate policy from evil UMNO. OTL should use your authority as President to sack all these traitors to stop them from tearing the party apart. Let them cry foul and take legal actions later,at least you stop the rot now.

written by lembu, March 05, 2010
MCA is just a party of treacherous self serving Chinese bigots. This is very clear from the latest episode. If the dvd actor can even join force with the person responsible for spying on his trysts, a convenience alliance to back stab and grab power, there is no moral at all in the party. It is just a shell for crooks, worms, snakes and other hateful creatures. We Malaysians cannot accept MCA. We Malaysians must not vote for any candidates from MCA. We cannot vote for crooks, worms, snakes and other hateful creatures. They will come back to bite us. Get rid of them once and for all. [[[ *** Oh look an Xian . . . *** ]]]

written by Mark them and vote them out, March 05, 2010

These clowns are abusing their privilege. They spend all their time playing politics and did nothing to serve the nation. Just vote them out next time. See, whatever the play or scheme will have no effect. Since they are useless MPs, just kick them out. The same goes to all parties. This is the only way to exercise your ultimate power of your votes.

written by @AgreeToDisagree circa 2010
(1) A BN-UMNO independent “MCA Xin” should be formed post-haste or MCA would not even be a minor party by GE13. Better a lifeboat to reach the shore than going down with the sinking ship. Any party part of UMNO-racist tainted, UMNO dominated BN will be distrusted by all Minorities. True non-lapdog MCA members whatever your position, time to blaze your own trail for a new MCA, survive as a minor party and not die . . .

Ong Tee Keat advised the delegates present of the need for MCA to forge stronger bond with its allies in Barisan Nasional. Minister Ong, no bonds can be forged without :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

MCA is better off as an independent asking for the above than pretending it is a partner in BN at all. It is not a partner but a lapdog and the minorities can see that. Before the MCA polls, try living with the power you still have with TRUTH and speaking TRUTH. You will never regret upholding TRUTH in what could be the last best moments of your lifetime, as MCA President. Think as a citizen with power to effect change, educate the masses and not a politician. At least if you fall, you would at least have done this for your community. No more lies, tell it as it is, ITEMS 1, 2, 3 . . .

(2) Addressed to various online mags that started censoring  comments : Stop trying to save face at the expense of the commentators. You guys obviously do not respect the Internet’s “Freedom of Commentary”. Without freedom of the commentators and the audience such freedom attracts, an online magazine would be a mere dictatorship with cronies and an agenda. There will be good and bad comments. And the readers will judge by the + or – tabs. Afraid of the truth? This form of censorship is cowardly, harmful and regressive.

(3) The NEP preferential status as demanded by MPM, subsidies and special aids for a privileged and protected segment of society are just like giving drugs for the addicts, or pacifiers for the infants.

What can you say about those who refuse to grow up and face the realities and challenges, or those who continue to complain and endlessly depend on crutches even though they could stand, walk and run like the rest of us?

While the rest of us choose to, or have no choice but to be independent, self reliant, work hard, toil, and take risks, face realities, encounter failures after failures, there are those who demand to be given all sorts of protection and free rides even though they have already been given much more than enough and for half a decade.

And yet some ( many of whom are living in huge bungalows, hold chairmanship in public listed companies, government appointed contractors, established political animals, well-off leaders of NGOs, etc., etc. ) have the gall to set up MPM to demand that the crutches be preserved and provided for eternity. Wonder if those fellows are thinking of their own interests or the interest of the really abject and sidelined?

For the sidelined, who sidelined them? Why did the government did not act on their problems before? Why did the NGOs did not take up their case and voiced their concern to the government until now? Why was MPM or MPM-like bodies not formed before? Hasn’t NEP done enough for those sidelined in the past decades? What went wrong?

Mukriz has lots of soul searching to do and must be honest and sincere enough to ask if those who are demanding for NEP-like treatments and privileges are those really in need of government protection and assistance? Mukriz would have contributed to propagating drug-addiction like behaviour and demands, or unwittingly or wittingly contribute to the backwardness of his own people by pampering and spoiling them with handouts and doles. For goodness sake, do not turn Malaysia a charity state.

Having one segment of our society to continuously and profusely contribute to another is akin to Robin-hood practices, whether Mukriz agrees with it or not. All in the name of interventionist or levelling the field policy. Stop the rot, Mukriz! MPM is just another excuse and ploy to promote ketuanan.

All members of these 86 MPM organisations had better be prepared to face “Special Hindrances” in the form of unwritten agreed upon economic, social and political retaliations worldwide. They will be finished internationally in any right minded nation, who will henceforth apply Counter-Bumiputra Policies upon the traitors of mankind’s EQUALITY. From this angle Mucky looks like a bug eyed worm . . .

(4) ” If Datuk Chua and Datuk Liow’s joint faction wins the MCA election . . . ” . . . MCA would be as good as dead.

Liow Tiong/Chew Meifung (oh great its THAT family) / Wee Ka Siong look to be lapdog through and through, while Chua who might be smart enough to handle UMNO, he could be equally likely to turn out to be a political opportunist who could be subverted by UMNO racist faction. MCA party members with weak wills and selfish natures are too many. Jui Meng was the smart/honest one who just LEFT and threw away all that UMNO racist faction could have offered him. MCA non-lapdogs no matter how few you are, how about setting up a new CLEAN splinter party? As for MCA, better go independent, that might fool the voters abit, but you guys are too afraid that UMNO racist faction will give you no more goodies. Goodies however are already in you.

Moral Fortitude and Ethics are goodies that everyone has until they themselves give those away. When given away, these will become an empty space no amount of material wealth or highest title can replace. In this the poorest beggar can be more noble than the richest Minister. How far the MCA has lost it’s way . . .

(5) Theres probably a spiritual angle for the disallowal of food or drinks on the MRT in Singapore. They once said that a Dragon formation had been impacted when the tunnels were first dug, I think drinking within the belly of the dragon is the issue they are targetting. Also there is the 3% sewer water issue from NeWater which handles Singapore’s water system by adding 3% waste water to it. Read up on drinking waste and eating of waste and how it impacts that person’s spiritual power. This again is intended to ensure that no person is ever superior or stronger than the non waste drinking PAP guys who 100% for sure have a separate water source that does not have 3% sewer. Just theories but likely true to a degree. Then watch out for GMO foods as well, obtaining quality of life is becoming a minefield of impossibility in Singapore IMHO . . .

written by Join the Malaysia Federation, March 02, 2010

Some say that the only way is to default and start with a clean slate. Large financial corporations, bad regulations, outright theft and extortion were working against the people of Iceland. Now the people were asked to foot the bills for the bankers loosing bets, but would the bankers share the spoilt of the winnings. So, the people of Iceland is in no obligation to tag along with the politicians that failed in its banking regulations. If the referendum is yes, then each Icelanders will be saddled with debts that is impossible to pay. It is the Laffer curve. 100% taxes will return zero because there is no incentive for anyone to work. Most will emigrate since there is no hope or a future. In the event of financial isolation, Iceland can join the Malaysia Federation. In spite of the incessant mumbo jumbo by both the Barisan and Pakatan politicians, the experts in civil services in the Federal Government can give a helping hand. Not too bad to have brothers and sisters that is over 20 thousand kilometres away.

Unbalanced views from the The Malay Consultative Council (MPM) – Mar 08, 2010 :

“The New Economic Model must concentrate on wealth distribution because if there is no wealth distribution then the country is not safe from political stability in the future. The government has the right to perform social intervention to ensure that there is national unity and economic equitability. This is important so that the country’s economy is free from monopoly and exploitation which may cause a fracture between the different races,” he said. He said the NEP will not stall the country’s economy but instead spur its growth. “We are against the notion that ethnic-based policies hinder foreign direct investment. This is not true because our economic growth sustained when NEP was in place. Not only did we have sustained economic growth but we also had a high foreign direct investment during that time. We reject this school of thought. We are of the opinion that there is less foreign direct investment now because of the dip in the international market and the perception of corruption in the country,” he added.

The MPM, an umbrella organisation for nearly 80 Malay groups, also slammed Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s proposal for a brutal economy. “They talk about brutal competition but many of them receive subsidy and monopoly from the government,” he said. The YTL Group managing director had said that there is a need for a brutal economy for the country’s business environment to prosper and Malaysia could no longer have a “little brother” mentality where businesses are protected by the government.

written by Parameswara, March 07, 2010 – Mr Uthayakumar is a carbon copy of Mr Sothinathan.

Remember Sothinathan who was so determined to contest for the MIC Deputy President’s position? He was not out to win….that was not the secret arrangement he had with Samy Velu. He just contested, as requested by Samy Velu, to split the votes of MIC delegates that were very much in favour of Dato Subramaniam. Dato Subra lost to Palanivelu, but this time around the votes margin was much lesser than the earlier party elections for the same post.

Split he did, this Sothinathan fellow and his ‘boss’ Samy Velu did a fantastic drama by ‘condemning’ Sothinathan for contesting. Actually, Samy Velu was happy that his plan worked well and Sothi cooperated. Today, the story is going round that Sothi will be made senator or even the President of the Senate. Its payback time by Samy Velu and Sothi is going to benefit from the earlier ‘help’ he gave to Samy Velu.

Uthayakumar is just doing the same. Trying to blame Pakatan, and not even accepting the fact that Pakatan has been doing its best for Indians, Malays and Chinese. This fellow is just bothered about Indians, as though Human Rights is only for Indians. Such shallow thinking will lead him not far. But he is aiming for a ‘respectable’ position from BN in the near future and he does not care much for the efforts of his supporters ‘investing’ all their time and money to ‘prop’ him up as the hero. Once he gets what he wants from BN, and his debts cleared, he will be singing praises about BN.

Look out for the other Indian guy, Nallakaruppan. He too has started the ball rolling by lodging poilce reports. It is certain his reports will be investigated and many anti-BN folks will be hauled up because of his reports. In return his ‘masters’ will feed him with ‘special draw’ proceeds to shut him up. He will not care for the party he started and his party members will be left in the ‘lurch’. Funny Indians, these two. Trying to hoodwink other Malaysian Indians, using BN media might and enjoying ‘special draw’ proceeds. Sooner or later, the Indians will know the true colours of these ‘loyalists’.

… Anonymous

Its clear what young non-Malay voters see in the possibility of change. But what does young Malay voters see? When young Malay voters see unintelligent connected UMNOputras getting super rich with not much effort while they struggle hard everyday, they feel disconnected to the message of UMNO. What is the point of supporting a pro-Malay policy that only make someone else, someone less deserving, even if its Malay, get it? What is it got to do with him/her? There can only be that few connected UMNOputra and if you are not one of them, why support it?

…Jialat dot Com – I Curse The Day I Was Born A Singaporean Posted on 01/07/2009, 09:22, by admin, under Uncategorized.

It is very amusing to see how Malaysians (probably of the minority races) have spasms of ecstasy when referring to Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) in Malaysian forums. From across the border in Malaysia, Singapore seems like Wonderland and LKY like a benevolent god. As a Chinese Singaporean, born of Malaysian parents who took up citizenship here in Singapore, I can understand why they feel this way. The grouses are familiar: NEP, corruption and ineptitude in governance.

Let me provide an insight on how it is like to be a Singaporean. I must first stress that new immigrants or Permanent Residents (PRs) from Malaysia (like my parents) will not experience any disadvantages. It is the children of these people (like me) or new PRs’ children (who will be Singaporean) who will feel the disadvantages most sorely, and curse the fact they were born in Singapore:

On the relative development of both countries – Singpore developed well largely due to early good advice given to LKY, its strategic position, the lack of natural disasters and its easily-governable size. Malaysia lags behind in spite of its natural resources because of its larger size, poorer planning/ execution, more difficult decision-making and corruption.

However, Singapore has problems at present because its development model is outdated. As LKY still insists on the methods recommended tens of years ago, trouble is looming. There is no impetus to change because there is no one who dares to disagree. The media prints only propaganda, the courts will always find the government blameless as the government runs 70% of the economy.

The opposition has been persecuted to the point where only those with nothing to lose will dare to oppose, and the common people are scared to death of arbitrary arrest.

Yes, corruption is more widespread in Malaysia. But in Singapore, it also exists – though restricted to the top political elite and in a legalised form. In Malaysia, many get a share of the cake but in Singapore, only a select few get a share of the cake.

Many scoff at the position of the Malay rulers. But are they aware of the many dubious acts of LKY and his cronies – his ‘cooperation’ with the wartime Japanese, then the Communists and then the British (he betrayed the latter two in the end)?

And the actions taken by him and his courts to destroy the opposition, moves which are reported in a twisted manner by his press? A shining example of good character?

Yes, up till recently, Singapore was performing excellently. But at the same time, the ordinary people had the fruits of their labour taken away. We seem rich but yet are in debt. The government apartments are now exorbitantly priced. Cars are a necessity (given the poor performance of the profit-oriented public transport companies) but are also exorbitantly priced.

Much of our money is locked in the Provident Fund and it is becoming impossible to get it back while we are still alive. Yes, all races are treated equally – and they are sucked dry equally. This is the pivotal point in times when things became bad. By the way, the money in the Provident Fund (as well as in the reserves) is used for investment – for which there is almost no transparency and accountability.

Huge losses have been incurred in the current crisis yet the ruling party still baulks at spending a million or two on the poor. Oh, and we spend twice as much on defence as Malaysia despite being at least 400 times smaller.

Instead of addressing the root of the problems, LKY’s son (yes, his son – by the way did Dr Mahathir install his son as prime minister?) decided to take action on only one aspect of the problem, in a negative manner. Instead of lowering costs for citizens, and therefore maintaining wage levels, he decided to import foreigners to lower cost.

It is effective – foreigners earn much more per hour than they do back home. They are stuck with the same employer for the duration of their visa, hence they are obedient. If they are sacked, they have to go home. And home means facing unpaid debts which they incurred in getting to Singapore. So which foreign worker will dare to resist exploitation?

This means the ‘choosy’ Singaporeans get to twiddle thumbs at home. And would the Singaporean ministers care? They are paid $S$2 million basic per year, a performance bonus of up to eight months, and get a pension when they reach retirement age. Good clean governance, huh? Oh yes, the judges are paid the same too so not surprisingly they always find for the government.

Malaysians are LKY’s top choice. It gratifies him to poach bright minority students which his old pal Dr Mahathir had educated. They get good jobs (there is supposedly a quota to be filled), will not get sacked (as it means they go back to Dr M) and are favoured by corporations, as they do not have national service obligations.

None want to be citizens – at the end of the day, they will retire to the Malaysia (which they hate so much) to enjoy the Singapore dollar’s strength. God have mercy on the children they leave behind!
Currently one person in three is a foreigner in Singapore. The press chooses to obfuscate matters by lumping citizens and PRs together in their reporting (as ‘resident population’) so the huge number of foreigners in Singapore is understated.

To all Malaysians who love LKY, you have to be ruled by him, not as a PR turned citizen, but as a born and bred Singaporean, to understand that he is not what you think.Y ou curse Dr Mahathir because you know LKY will treat you like lords. You are correct but very shortsighted and shallow.

Dr Mahathir may be much less than perfect, but only ignorant fools will say LKY is better than him. Singapore residents receive two broadsheet pages daily on how bad things are in Malaysia, but no Singaporean commentator will blast LKY and compare him to Dr Mahathir.

Why? Because it is stupid to compare – we have not been ruled by Dr Mahathir or Umno so how are we able to compare? Using anecdotal evidence supplied by privileged fellow countrymen is poor practice.

I think you get the idea. It’s going to be whitebread Xian fundo land in Pee-nang. Lets get the punk-bandsters, truckers, rempits and ghetto foreigners to overrun this sick place!

…Cap’n Awesome (is that you Astro?!? Awesome wins! Duh .  . .) 07-02-2006, 07:04 PM       #1 Guest
I know that it’s hardly as popular as saying Fuck Christianity, or Fuck Islam. But this is something that really needs to be said, less more eastofile hippies decide to believe in this stupid shit. Sure Buddhism doesn’t neccesarily have the giant man in the sky, but it’s not as though Karma, Reincarnation, Nirvanna, etc are that much less stupid.

Ooooohhh, but they are a peaceful religion! Big deal, name me one religion that doesn’t claim to be peaceful. The largest single massacre until Auschwitz was committed by a Buddhist. In addition the Kashgar Buddhist Kingdom of Central Asia was oppressive to other religions far more then their Muslim neighbors. The Buddist Church in Japan was nothing more then a money hungry power grabbing organization for hundreds of years. Money grubbing, Massacre committing, oppression? Could it be that the history of this ‘Peaceful’ religion is no diffrent from other world religions?

Today Buddhists are no better then any other religion. They are prehaps the most anti-science faith there is, as the true path to enlightenment involves a complete withdrawl from secular society. Buddhist monks aren’t exactly known for advancing the cause of genetic engineering, or technology. If they had it there way there would be no technology at all, just a bunch of hippies with shaved heads grubbing around in the dirt to barely maintain their own sustanence.

This doesn’t even mention their deplorable practice of picking a little kid at random and proclaiming him the reincarnation of the Dali Lama, essentually fucking his life over. At least the Pope (royal asshole though he may be) wanted to be the pope. [[[ *** Don’t forget the nazi-type collusion with the psy-establishment to poison/drug to very unhealthy condition, political competition on excuse that they are insane because of their exotic sexuality, exotic learnings and exitic leanings. *** ]]]

In short, Fuck Buddhism.

… Choobus Obsessed Member Choobus’s Avatar Join Date: Apr 2005Location: prick up your earsPosts: 20,819

Buddhism may contain elements of meditation but it is still structured around an arbitrary dogma that has no basis in fact. You don’t need to believe in most of what they believe in order to reap the benefits you speak off. Sorry scatty, but I hate willful ignorance so much that I maintain the original position: fuck buddhism. Meditation and such is ok. Give me some micro dots and sensory deprivation tank over a long lunch at the Deli Llama anyday.
You can always turn tricks for a few extra bucks. If looks are an issue, there’s the glory hole option, but don’t expect more than … tips.
~ Philiboid Studge

… Choobus wrote

I concur: fuck buddhism.
Anyone who goes around with that smug “I know the secrets of the universe and you don’t” look had better be in a wheelchair with a computer voice, or they are a cunt, plain and simple. 😆 Thanks, I needed that.

Buddhism seems to be more empirical with many of its beliefs such as the relationship of cause and effect though, its much more advanced then Christianity. Yet still, theirs many parrellels between Siddhartha and Jesus. If you take out the diety’s and supernatural stuff, it looks like to me you basically have some sort of nihilism. [[[ *** Cult of personality as well. *** ]]]

…Cap’n Awesome Guest

Buddhism may contain elements of meditation but it is still structured around an arbitrary dogma that has no basis in fact. You don’t need to believe in most of what they believe in order to reap the benefits you speak off. Sorry scatty, but I hate willful ignorance so much that I maintain the original position: fuck buddhism. Meditation and such is ok. Give me some micro dots and sensory deprivation tank over a long lunch at the Deli Llama anyday.
This is pretty much my position also. So there may be some good stuff in Buddhism. So what? Prayer may be a good excersize if you took away the god fellow. Do unto others…… is basically a good philosophy. There’s good stuff in Christianity, but it’s so overwhelmed by the bullshit that it makes the religion a worthless piece of pig shit. I don’t see that Buddhism is any diffrent. Sure there’s some good stuff if you are willing to ignore the vast majority of what Buddhist Dogma teaches.

Not to mention I’d like one Buddhist Supporter here to condone the practice of taking an child and fucking over his life by telling him he’s the reincarnation of the Dali Lama. No sex for you, go live on this mountain and oppose China. It’s bullshit. Well, Budhism-psychosis is just another strain of the Religious-psychosis anomaly. It is the most benign while christ-psychosisis the most virulent…:)

“buddhism” is different things to different people. To me, it’s primarily about meditation. To Richard Gere, it is about sucking the Deli Llama’s sausage. Fortunately, I’m insulated from first-generation Asian buddhism, with all it’s bogosity. Instead, I get it filtered through graduate-school Zen freaks, who take out all the crap and sanitize it for Western eggheads. Xianity is all about an EXTERNAL locus of control, giving oneself over to jeebus who takes care of paying your bills and finding you a soul mate and all that utter shit. I’ve not seen anything of real value in xianity. It’s disrespectful of human intellect, of human endeavor, of humans in general, excepting when they are completely empty receptacles for the spooge of jeebus.

…Cheimison wrote View Post
Buddhism is anti-material, anti-rational and anti-self. The Big Three of Retarded Ideas. I do not think Buddhism is particularly benign. If it weren’t for the Chinese (not to say I endorse their behaviour), the Dali Lama would be a theocrat right now. When’s the last time the Pope ruled a sizeable nation? Robert Webb is funny. It’s his punchable “I’m a Mac” persona that reminds me of Buddhists.

I do kind of wonder, when Apple commissioned that ad, quite how they figured it was going to play out. “I’m a Mac – I’m a smug twat” – “I’m a PC…I fall over occasionally but I’m conscientious and likeable and get the job done”. Can Apple have really meant this to be their message? Or did the ad agency just look at Mitchell and Webb’s pictures and say “clearly he’s the cool one so we’ll have him as the Mac”?

3rd world types care for nothing but money, shooting, dogs and rat-catching, and will be a disgrace to themeselves. [[[ *** Meanwhile politically motivated ‘kitten killers’ using killing evil as an excuse butcher kittens, supported by local Buddhist Xian supporter based political parties, while the same political parties PAY your taxmonies to shoot strays in the streets . . . *** ]]]

“When science was in its infancy, religion tried to strangle it in its cradle.” – Robert G. Ingersoll


Monk puts on the robe and followers think the man’s possessed by Buddha. (Well know this, Buddha or any self respecting spiritualist does not possess ANYONE ever. It’s spiritual molestation or rape if anything. Though minor (rarer major) deities are supposed to be able to do that and do visit their favoured avatars. Maybe the robe possesses the Monks? . . . then think the Suits, probably possessed so shall we start the bonfires and burn bankers? . . . Fundos suck sh1t.


Buddhist monks walk away from sex-abuse cases
Across the U.S., temples frustrate investigators by insisting they have no control over monks’ actions, whereabouts

The meeting took place at Wat Dhammaram, a cavernous Theravada Buddhist temple on the southwest edge of Chicago. A tearful 12-year-old told three monks how another monk had turned off the lights during a tutoring session, lifted her shirt and kissed and fondled her breasts while pressing against her, according to a lawsuit.

Shortly after that meeting, one of the monks sent a letter to the girl’s family, saying the temple’s monastic community had resolved the matter, the lawsuit says.

The “wrong doer had accepted what he had done,” wrote P. Boonshoo Sriburin, and within days would “leave the temple permanently” by flying back to Thailand.

“We have done our best to restore the order,” the letter said.

But 11 years later, the monk, Camnong Boa-Ubol, serves at a temple in California, where he says he interacts with children even as he faces a second claim, supported by DNA, that he impregnated a girl in the Chicago area. [[[ *** Try the ones who use tantra or yantra and black magic to control, drugs to drug, buy, sell and traffick women, children, even men, at the back of the temple. That’s why some of them look half asleep all the time and can sit so still, all night slave trading, f*cking and loads of drugs . . . then it’s day job time – put on robe, look stoned and holy, collect donations, drive around in massive SUV or luxury vehicle of choice – where are those ‘feel the healing aura from a mile away types’? These days monks who look so overfed (can vegetarians get that big?!?) but the real ones are looking far beyond this world types that will give the time of day to anyone without the corporate-loanshark b.s. offices are no longer present among us . . . *** ]]]


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