7 Articles on Malaysia : Hudud issue, Reggae Mansion’s Non-Halal stance to protecet Muslims, PDRM’s excessive caution on LGBT, Hospitality Industry Problems, Pureblood Issues in Malay Race, Orwellian/Abusive Banking, DPM’s Fetting of the Chinese (short of, typical . . . ending APARTHEID) – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 14th February 2012

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Mat Sabu to Chua: Stop insulting yourself – Harakahdaily – Tuesday, 01 November 2011 08:29

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu told MCA president Chua Soi Lek to stop insulting himself by displaying his ignorance about Islamic law, following a series of anti-hudud remarks by the former Health minister.

In his latest statement, Chua said hudud laws would frighten investors and tourists away from the country.

“It’s just a lie. We take Iran as an example. Although they implemented Islamic laws, the country has received foreign direct investment (FDI) worth US$3.6 billion last year.

“If the main powers have not imposed any restriction or sanction on Iran, it is quite confident that more FDI would reach the country,” said Mat Sabu.

Since its 1979 Islamic Revolution which toppled the US-backed Shah monarchy, Iran has had no diplomatic ties with Washington, which has been lobbying other Western powers to slap an economic sanction on Tehran over what it claimed was Tehran’s nuclear weapons programme.

Citing Iran as an example, Mat Sabu said millions of tourists continued to flood Iran and in 2010 alone, 400 hotels and 200 hotel apartments were built to care for the rising demand.

“When Malaysia continues to be embarrassed for purchasing weaponry at multifold price from external sources, the West said they were confident that Iran was capable of making a nuclear bomb in two years should it desire.

“A country which is in regression can never manufacture such weapons, in fact they would have continued to buy weapons from others at a high price,” added Mat Sabu.

Mat Sabu agreed that Chua uttered the remarks with the intention to insult Islamic laws, adding that the propaganda against Shariah laws would only drive Muslims to push further demands for the implementation of Islamic laws through their democratic rights.

“The more insults they throw, more Muslims will want to use their democratic rights to ensure Islamic laws are implemented in the country,” he said.

In August last year, Chua drew intense criticism for claiming that the most corrupt countries were Muslim-majority ones and therefore PAS should not be given a chance to come to power.

[[[ **** RESPONSE *** ]]]

“The more insults they throw, more Muslims will want to use their democratic rights to ensure Islamic laws are implemented in the country,” he said.

To Sabu, just to remind and to see his response, abolishing section 377B for LGBT community, access to gambling methods other than 4D, organics drugs and adult services industry are also the democratic rights of non-Muslims – especially in international or majority non-Muslim districts –  though not in majority Muslim districts.

It’s best that Hudud is applied on a district by district, or even better, person by person basis. Meanwhile END APARTHEID. Mat Sabu, will you endorse the ending of inequality?




Reggae Mansion stands by ban – Saturday, 05 November 2011 08:42

KUALA LUMPUR – The controversial Reggae Mansion has defended its “ban” on guests from Malaysia, India and the Middle East but many people are not buying it.

The hostel chain said it provided Western meals and drinks which were not suitable for Muslims, and thus the “ban” was out of respect for the religion.

“Reggae Mansion is a hostel for Western international travellers. We respect other ethnicities, cultures, religions and their practices,” it said in its website.

The hostel, which operates here and in Penang, also does not accept bookings from wheelchair-bound people and those aged above 60.

“As Reggae Mansion is a backpacker and party hostel, we have an age limit of 60 as we want to ensure our elder travellers find a comfortable place to sleep and rest,” it sid.

However, many of those interviewed by The Star were not happy with the explanation.

Agnes Read, a specialist teacher from Switzerland now residing in Malaysia, said: “I don’t think they should have an age limit like that. For some people, life begins at 60 because they can only relax after retirement.”

“The hostel will only lose business by barring them,” said Read, 59.

Blogger Sharizal Md Sidek, 28, who has gone backpacking to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Scotland, the Netherlands, and Spain, said he had never encountered such rules anywhere.

“I think these rules are ridiculous,” he said.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jama­luddin said the hostel should not impose “an apartheid” policy.

Taking to his Twitter account yesterday, he called on people to “shame and shun” the establishment.

Datuk Mohd Ilyas Zainol Abidin, president of the Malaysian Asso­ciation of Hotels president, said Reggae Mansion’s rules were unusual.

“It should review its policies and conform to the norms of the local industry,” he said.

Hostelling International-Malaysia, the local branch of an international network comprising 4,000 member hostels in more than 80 countries, with 16 hostels in Malaysia, also disagreed with the policy.

“Hostels are supposed to be open. These rules have probably been put in place by the hostel to safeguard its own interests,” said the head of the local chapter Hamiruddin Hashim.

Reggae Mansion is not a member of either MAH or Hostelling Inter­national.

– The Star

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is a private establishment and can set it’s own rules. Government cannot interfere unless RM is as ubiquitous as and numerous the various fast food franchises. Ask the UN, doubtless the RM is correct.

Sunday, 06 November 2011 12:05 posted by japalang
What is wrong with it? It is just defining its market segment. This is free enterprise. Get lost, Khairy and those who do not like the rules.




Police ban Seksualiti Merdeka, but how can it threaten public disorder – written by  Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle – Thursday, 03 November 2011 18:01

As expected after the frenzy stirred by Muslim groups out to prove each other the greater defender of Malay morals, Malaysian police have stepped in to ban the event and score political brownie points for Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Umno party.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Bakar declared a blanket ban on the 5-day ‘Seksualiti Merdeka’, a homosexual and transgender rights event that was first held in 2008, and continued annually without trouble until this year.

Ambiga Sreenevasan, a prominent civil society leader and the head of the Bersih coalition for free and fair elections, had been due to open the 2011 Seksualiti Merdeka.

Tolerance of minority groups a hallmark of a great nation

Critics of the police’s high-handed and oppressive move, including the Bar Council, have accused Najib of bare-faced hypocrisy in succumbing to narrow bigotry and politicking ahead of snap general elections due within months. Najib had just a week ago promised a progressive and liberal Malaysia at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth.

“The ban is uncalled for. The right to free expression and peaceful assembly is provided for in the Federal Constitution. Tolerance of minority groups is a hallmark of a great nation. BN’s tendency to ban and outlaw organizations and events show its continuing failure and inability to engage in rational discourse,” PKR vice president N Surendran told Malaysia Chronicle.

Weak-minded leaders unable to think and adapt to a new society

However, Pakatan Rakyat’s PAS has also been among the parties most vocal in condemning the event. The opposition Islamist party views it as a ‘religious responsibility’ to speak out against and to prevent what they consider to be a call to evil and immorality.

In the face of such righteousness, constitutional rights have been ignored and this leaves a major question mark on how serious PAS is in wanting to join the modern world. It also leaves a question mark on whether they can govern without emotion and keep abreast with the rest of the world.

Should the next prime minister of Britain or president of the United States be openly gay, would a Malaysia with PAS as a governing partner cut off all ties with such a country? These are serious and valid questions that will have to be answered soon, and not just by PAS but by Umno as well.

The world and time waits for no one and very soon, these leaders will have to put their money where their mouths are and make decisions based on the current reality and not whipped-up religious romanticism of the perfect world as envisioned by thinkers of past centuries. That they cannot imagine, adapt or evolve a new world of their own already speaks loudly of their lack of intellectual capability. But if they cannot, then let new blood take over and offer new direction and leadership.

Threat to public order

Meanwhile, at a press conference on Thursday, Khalid described the event as a threat to public order. He said the police would clamp down on the festival beginning from Nov 9 to 13.

“The police is responsible to maintain public order. When there is a threat to public order, then we must take the appropriate action,” said Khalid, adding the police were acting on their own initiative.

In the July 9 Bersih rally for free and fair elections, the police had also taken similar action to crack down on protesters who had organised a peaceful march to the Palace to hand a memorandum to the King.

Najib and the Home Ministry had tried to evade responsibility by pointing the finger at the police but the instruction obviously came from the top. The police answer to the Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who is Najib’s cousin. Ironically, Hisham himself has been the butt of cyberspace accusations of bi-sexuality.

Malaysia Chronicle

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

LGBT is such an old and dated issue resolved by the developed world in the late 1960s and early 1970s (try Boy George) as much as section 377B should be abolished. The police’s job covers clear cut criminality and not sexuality.

Though rallies are meaningless when compared to getting MPs to sign off bills (i.e. 2/3rds vote on section 377B – or even to lower the election deposit to 15.00 from the current 15,000 so that the poorest citizen can run for election . . . ) , it reflects badly on Malaysia when marching or rallying is illegalised. It is a democratic right after all and could be a good opportunity to find out which citizens actually become violent. The police should be confident and let them march or rally and then wait to arrest those who get too violent or who destroy public property and such.

This issue is a personal preference and private one, excepting equally closed districts as suggested. Meanwhile remember :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

And drop all plutocrats, nepotists and political oligarchs from your choice of candidates. If there are no candidates free of the above ‘diseases’ then run for election yourself !

Police, and Home Ministry, more confidence and study the Human Rights Charter, it’s beyond your purview and could in a UN lawsuit/action by Bar Council if Bar Council has the stomach to try it, see the refusing parties being in the wrong quite quickly.

There is a wider world out there and you guys still don’t understand that even the Police and entire Cabinet do come under the UNHRC being official enforcers and government functionaries under the purview of ASEAN even as ASEAN nominally comes under UN as well. Bar Council, ready to file a lawsuit against illegal use of Home Ministry or Police powers? Or is Bar Council pandering for favour by tacit approval silence, aiding and abetting?

I’m sure an injunction or severely worded reprimand and direct order from the UN to allow such a rally could still be in the works if the Bar Council did it’s job or some activists called the attention of the UN to the issue.




Malaysia lacks good hotels – Thursday, 03 November 2011 13:13

PUTRAJAYA – Malaysia still needs more high-end hotel rooms to cope with the current influx of tourists into the country.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen (pic) said the country is currently short of four- and five-star hotels, especially during peak travel periods.

“We are not short of budget hotels or hotels that are rated three-star and below.

“However, when it comes to high-end hotels, tourists often complain that they couldn’t get rooms,” she said after launching the “Destination Malaysia Website” by international hotel operator Accor here yesterday.

Currently there are 135 four-star hotels and 87 five-star hotels in the country, but during peak travel seasons, the hotels are usually fully booked.

“Last year, we received about 24.6 million international tourists and we targeted 25 million tourists by the middle of this year,” said Dr Ng.

“However, we had to re-adjust that figure in view of regional developments like the floods in Thailand and also the economic developments in Europe and the US.”

Even so, she added that the ministry is targeting to attract 36 million tourists and collect RM168 billion (S$68 billion) in revenue in the year 2020.

To cope with the demand for high-end travel accommodation, the ministry said the country needs a total of 91,000 more hotel rooms.

From this figure, 14,000 “five-star” rooms and 23,000 “four-star” rooms are needed.

– Asiaone

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

It’s the price that needs to be lowered as well. You must know that at the rate of USD50 to USD300 per room, this effectively locks most of the middle/working class foreigners out of the 3 star and above accommodations which appear to be mostly empty year round already as it is.

Perhaps too much emphasis on bribes and licensing is the issue instead? Last I heard it was 80+ applications to start a hotel as well, meaning 80+ bribes potentially, How about a one stop agency for setting up of hotels? How about a takings based taxation scheme/system for hotels that aren’t raking in the cash? Frankly Malaysia as a destination, much less a home country is not very attractive at all.

Think adult services districts (even Shisha come under attack here, much less Belly dancing pubs, so who’s going to cater to the rest of the non-Muslim tourists???) and easily accessible gambling as well, and consider that all these ‘moderate issues’ alone are irritating, but when taken as a whole, the cumulative effect of these ‘moderate issues’ (including the apartheid applied against near 2/3rds of the world’s population), make Malaysia a destination for a particularly limited demographic.




How Malay must a Malay be to satisfy Ibrahim Ali and Dr M? – by  Maclean Patrick, Malaysia Chronicle – Wednesday, 02 November 2011 20:29

Ibrahim Ali’s pipe dream of fighting for the Malays is as fantastic as thinking we can resurrect the Dodo by cross breeding pigeon with ostriches.

The assertion that only Malays are superior, and yet lagging behind at the same time because Ibrahim does not want to lose the special privileges already extended, actually insults the very idea of what it means to be Malay.

“‘Modern Malays’ are an admixture of races,” said Professor Zilfalil Alwi, whose paper “Asal Usul Melayu Berdasarkan Fakta Genetik” (Tracing the Origins of the Malays by Analysing Genetic Data) discusses a three-year study involving around 50,000 volunteers. “Nowadays you can’t tell the difference whether someone is Chinese or Malay by appearance alone,” he added.

Truly Asia

Science has proven, that the Malays are probably really “Truly Asia” in the literal sense. The research discovered that the Malays in these sub-ethnic groups (the Malay Bugis, Malay Jawa, Malay Minang, Malay Kedah and Malay Kelantan) were genetically composed of some Proto-Malay (orang asli Melayu), Semang and Indian DNA, with at least 20 per cent Malay and and 52 per cent Chinese DNA.

Thus, the pivotal question now is how Malay is Malay enough? Because genetically, there is no mention of pure-blood Malays – so what would next best constitute a real Malay?

The answer is not as Ibrahim Ali or his patron Mahathir Mohamad would want us to believe, perhaps because the truth would straightaway spell doom for Perkasa, the so-called and self-proclaimed protector of all things Malay in Malaysia.

Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir, the former premier, already shame all Malays by perpetuating the false thinking that there is such a thing as pure-blood Malays, born with the right to lord over all the other ethnic groups residing in Malaysia. The fact is that a pure-blood Malay is a myth and the term Malay in Malaysia is an act of law and not a blood or genetic type.

Defined by the Constitution and rooted in the Social Contract

The meaning of Malay is actually constituted by the Federal Constitution through Article 160 (2) : “Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and—(a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or is on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or (b) is the issue of such a person”.

Thus, any Muslim who speaks the Malay language is already on the verge of being identified by law as a Malay. The delusion of Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa, when they scream of championing ‘Malay’ rights and supremacy by attacking and demonizing non-Malays, is thus fundamentally wrong.

By trying their best to kick every other ethnic group out of the country, Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa and UMNO are also demeaning their own ancestry. The fact is most of the leaders in the government are themselves a mix-mash of ethnic groups and nowhere near being pure-blood Malays.

It is safe to say, the Orang Asli, the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, have greater claim to ethnic purity than the Malays yet they do not use their genetic makeup to lord over the others as viciously as Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa or UMNO do.

The Malays form the government because the other ethnic groups allow them to be so. The Malays also form the government because peppered throughout the Federal Constitution are safe-guards that protect and shield the Malay community. Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali are actually irrelevant to the cause of protecting the Malays. There is no need for them to do this because the Constitution already does it.

Outnumbered by the non-Malays

So, how Malay can a Malay be? A better proposition is to look at the Malays as stewards responsible for the safety and well-being of all other ethnic groups living in Malaysia.

The claim by many Malay leaders that the Malays are also the majority stakeholders in Malaysia is false because they are actually outnumbered by the non-Malays. The fact is, collectively, the non-Malay (including the bumiputera) form  the majority of the population and can lay claim to being the real king-makers and not Perkasa as Ibrahim Ali likes to brag.

To be a true Malay would also necessitate being a protector of those who are non-Malay since this is the responsibility granted by the non-Malays to the Malays as implied in the social contract of the Merdeka days.

The bottom-line is, Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa and some of the notorious UMNO leaders are totally irrelevant when they discuss what it means to be Malay because in truth, there is no such thing as a real pure-blood Malay.

Malaysia Chronicle

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Ibrahim Ali is more Malay than dr.Evil.

dr. Evil is 50% Indian with his Indian father Iskandar Kutty on the paternal side.

So unless Ibrahim Ali is willing to consider ALL other Mamaks with Indian fathers and Malay mothers bumiputra (is dr.Evil the only Mamak who is a bumiputra? see Note 1 below), he’d best drop the 50% Indian-Malay mix and find a new 100% Malay patron for PERKASA. In fact persons with Malay fathers and Indian mothers are more Malay than dr.Evil, due to the patriarchial technicality issue, though no more bumiputra or pure blood Malay.

Racial purity like pedigree of prize winning animals CANNOT allow less than perfect origins. Ibrahim Ali should think deeply on the race issue and the flawed logic of keeping dr.Evil’s company. He’s just 50% Malay and hardly pure enough for an all Malay pedigree group like PERKASA.

Note 1
Indian Muslims demand for bumiputra status!

Indian Muslims demand for bumiputra status!
February 27th, 2008 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »

Great move by PERMIM! With 600,000 members, they practically telling UMNO to give the status or lose a number of votes! Checkmate? Hmmm…if want to consider the 5.2 million UMNO members and not to mention more than 10 million Malays’ feelings, then maybe the ruling party will forgo 600,000 votes in order to salvage at least 5.2 million votes! Would the Malays accept the Indian muslim? Or will the leader of PERMIM end up like HINDRAF 5?

Related Article : Indian Muslims seeking bumiputera status – by : K. Harinderan

PETALING JAYA – The Federation of Indian Muslim Associations, Malaysia (PERMIM), which represents 600,000 Indian Muslims, have called on the government to acknowledge and award them Bumiputeras status and resolve their problems in education and employment. At press conference today, its president Syed Ibrahim Mohd Esmail, highlighted the lack of opportunities in higher education, lack of employment and promotions for government jobs and absence of a platform to represent the community at federal level.

They also seek the government’s help to recognise them as Bumiputeras and to initiate affirmative action on the minority to uplift their socio-economic stand.




Banking issues bore – Ram Anand – Monday, October 31st, 2011 10:39:00

STEPHANIE CHONG is not happy with the long wait for her loan and what she claims to be a “disrespectful” bank staff.

She applied for refinancing on her house loan at Hong Leong Bank’s Brickfields branch in Kuala Lumpur on June 1.

Although the standard procedure takes two months, she requested the bank to speed up the approval process.

“But four months on, I am still waiting. My numerous calls to them are also proving to be futile.”

CHONG is also fuming over the treatment she received from a customer service executive at the bank’s Jalan Cheng Lock branch on Sept 2.

“Since the bank had no directory, I asked for directions, but the staff was disrespectful to me.”

CHONG claims she complained to the branch manager but the latter’s assurances never materialised into action.

“I never got a reply from them regarding my experience at the branch.”

? IN response, a Hong Leong Bank Berhad spokesman says they have acted affirmatively in solving both issues for CHONG.

“Our staff had contacted her accordingly and apologised to her for her experience at the said branch.

“Our mortgage centre manager had also called the customer personally to explain the delay in her disbursement process.”

The spokesman, however, did not specify when CHONG could expect her loan application to be approved.

When contacted, CHONG says she is satisfied with the bank’s response on her issue with the staff’s treatment, but is still waiting for a final confirmation on her long overdue loan process.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The local community probably has a spy microphone, spy cam in your bathroom or even bedroom and have been watching and listening to you. They probably overheard what you say about them and are responding appropriately. Don’t wonder about the rudeness, it’s a more ‘Village Mentality’, narrow minded world we livc in than we can possibly imagine.

Not that survelliance society is normal or legal but until the laws and sale of devices, expositions and illegalisations of such technologies or methods and perhaps illegal installations are detected by regular police counter sweeps, you can expect that your breached privacy could cause you trouble so long as you stay in that neighbourhood or in extreme cases, the rest of the country as well.

An engineer can access what you watch on TV or the computer or say at home. It is likely that privacy of your own was also breached by a privacy disrespecting slippery and dishonest neighbour.

So when the sudden rudeness begins, know that you have been breached in privacy and need to relocate, get a new job and hope that the new place’s people and your employer pretends not to notice you simply out of humanitarianism.

These invasive tech mobs and rude people are nominally politically linked IMHO, but the spy setups are so closed and secretive there is no point trying unless you have your own spooks or are willing to invest in them to make a case, but especially when the judiciary entertains Anwar sodomy cases, and likely indulges in the same, I’d suggest migration until a more serious government comes into power. The above is a years long corroborated finding, make of it what you will and be warned.




Muhyiddin admits Malaysia wouldn’t be anywhere without the Chinese – by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle – Thursday, 03 November 2011 15:51

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is taking a leaf from his boss Prime Minister Najib Razak. He has started to say different things to different audiences.

Regarded as Umno’s ‘backbone’ by its right-wing factions, Muhyiddin made comments at the World Chinese Economic Forum in Kuala Lumpur that he would never dare utter at the Umno annual assembly.

The first remark was his admission that Malaysia would not be where it was without the local Chinese businessmen. The other was that he supported the use of vernacular languages such as Mandarin and Tamil, apart from Bahasa Melayu.

“For a long time, local Chinese businessmen have been the main domestic investors and it would be safe to say that without them, Malaysia wouldn’t be where it is today. However, increasingly over the past 10 years, more and more domestic investments have been undertaken by GLCs,” Muhyiddin said in his keynote address on Thursday.

Racial politicking is still the stumbling block

The Malaysian DPM, who is considered by many to be a racist after he insisted he was Malay first and Malaysian next, urged Chinese entrepreneurs to join forces with both government-linked companies (GLCs) and Bumiputera (Malay and indigenous) businessmen to play a role in the next stage of Malaysia’s development.

He also said there was room for improvement in the relationship between Malaysia and China in the coming years, pointing out that Malaysian businessmen had invested much more in China than vice-versa.

However, market analysts have pointed out that this was due to the China market being so large and lucrative that it made sense for Malaysians to put their money there. Whereas, the restrictive rules to protect Malay quotas were still in place in Malaysia, deterring China businesses from placing Malaysia at the top of their list of places to invest in.

Racial politicking, completely unaddressed in Muhyiddin’s speech, was also the other critical factor that has kept long-term foreign capital out of the country. In 2010, a picture of ultra-Malay rights group Perkasa and their patron, former premier Mahathir Mohamad, holding the keris (or short swords) in the air as they vowed to protect Malay rights traveled around the world, making it in the widely-read Bloomberg Businessweek.

“Over the next five years, we expect trade between Malaysia and China to double and reach more than US$100 billion by 2015. But while we are doing our part, I would also like to see the private sector play a greater role. As it stands, Malaysian companies have invested over US$2 billion in China but Chinese companies have only invested US$250 million here. I would like to see this gap closed,” Muhyiddin said.

Nobody fooled, perception that Umno leaders are untrustworthy deepens

The DPM and Umno deputy president then trotted out Najib’s nearly de-funct and forgotten New Economic Model, which he himself and Perkasa have objected to, as proof that Malaysia would continue to open and liberalize key sectors. How he will reconcile this with his Umno supreme council colleagues and right-wing members remains to be seen, but perhaps they too endorse this form of hydra-headed politicking.

The DPM pointed out that Malaysia had further liberalized 17 services sub-sectors last month on top of the 27 announced in 2009, making Malaysia’s economy more open than it has ever been. Critics have however pointed back that these sectors were the ones that were less critical or lucrative in nature, and in which there was little Bumi or Malay participation in the first place.

“In order to make the private sector the new engine of growth, businesses need open, transparent and even-handed economic stewardship. We will continue with this approach and through greater liberalisation and deregulation, aim to create a competitive environment for the private sector to thrive,” Muhyiddin said.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders and many financial analysts were unimpressed by his speech.

“If you closed your eyes, you would think you are hearing Najib speak. Investors, especially the Chinese, are used to all these tricks and nobody is impressed. It is political doublespeak. When investors come in, they want to see a properly functioning system without people stretching out their hands for bribes. In China in particular, the competition is really cut-throat, so when they see what is going on here, they know they can make a quick buck. It is easy when there are corrupt officials around to do that, but to stay for the long haul – they won’t fall for it,” MK Lim, a China analyst with a large investment firm who attended the forum, told Malaysia Chronicle.

“When Wen Jiabao came recently, Najib wanted a palm oil deal to be struck but all he got was a promise from China to buy Malaysian durians. So the message is clear and it was a big joke at that time, don’t try to bully the local people and think the rest of the world doesn’t know. Wen Jiabao can also flash false smiles and double-talk with the best in the world, even better Muhyiddin and Najib combined. Really, these two should stop making fools of themselves with all the false promises, as if people don’t know or can’t see through it.”

Malaysia Chronicle

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The best way to be sincere about this kind of statement is to end the APARTHEID. Will DPM Muddy endorse the below and get BN on the right side of the voters where Najib has yet to?

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Don’t just make ‘feel good’ sound bite statements DPM. Qualify them with actions in policy as listed below :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

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