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Taib Share Shock ! – Exclusive – Posted Thursday, November 25th, 2010 (This post is also available in: Iban)

Royal Mulu Hotel – Chief Minister owns shares in this state-funded enterprise

Sarawak Report can reveal that the Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, has a major personal shareholding in Sarawak’s highly controversial  Royal Mulu Resort,  a project that has received huge injections of cash from the State.  This means that, as both Chief Minister and Finance Minister, Taib has authorised the diversion of large sums of public money straight into his own pocket.

As State Resources and Planning Minister, Taib was also responsible for the forced acquisition of a large area of Native Customary Lands from the indigenous Berawan tribe to build the resort, for which the tribespeople received virtually no compensation.  Our evidence therefore further exposes him for having authorised this land-snatch for his own direct benefit.

His shareholding is in a company that was incorporated as recently as November 2007, Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd.  This in turn has a 50% shareholding of the Taib/Mahmud family company Kenyalang Cergas, one of the main shareholders of Borsamulu Resorts Bhd (BRSB).  BRSB was handed the ownership and lucrative management contract for what was once a state-owned National Park, thanks to a series of decisions by Taib’s own government starting in 1991.  The management contract is paid for by the taxpayer!

In the money! – a decade ago the Geneids had nothing, now they are the toast of Malaysia’s Tatler Ball 2010!

The other major beneficiaries and shareholders of the Royal Mulu Resort are members of his family, including his sister Raziah, her third husband Robert Geneid and the family of his late brother Arip Mahmud.  Taib Mahmud has personally  accused the Berawan people of being “greedy” for refusing to hand over their lands for ‘development’.  Their peaceful protests in the 1990s were brutally put down by army and police and their leaders were imprisoned.   Deprived of their territories, these communities are now impoverished and hungry and few people, apart from the Mahmud family, will have difficulty in discerning where the true greed lies.

This time it’s on record

The significance of this official confirmation of the Chief Minister’s own shareholding lies in the fact that Taib has normally sought to disguise his acquisitions and shareholdings in an attempt to avoid widespread allegations of corruption.  He habitually uses members of his own family to hold shares on his behalf.  Thus, the names of his many brothers and sisters, his late wife, his four children, nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws are prominent as key shareholders in most of Sarawak’s important businesses.

Insiders have also told Sarawak Report that the elderly Chief  Minister has employed a number of other devious methods to keep control of such companies until he is able to extract his wealth and invest it secretly abroad.  These methods include forcing his nominees to sign undated resignation letters and share transfer forms, which he can use at any time to force their removal and employ somebody else as his front man or ‘nominee’!

Likewise, Sarawak Report has copies of US documents showing that shares which were publicly registered as belonging to family members were in fact secretly ‘held in trust’ for the Chief Minister himself.

Chief Minister’s name is in black and white in the Register of Companies

In black and white – Chief Minister Taib Mahmud declares his interest!

Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd therefore forms a notable exception, in that Taib declares his financial interest in black and white in Malaysia’s Company Register.  It is likely to have been an oversight on his part and a sign of his growing confidence that he can do what he likes in Sarawak and get away with it.

He is registered both as a Director and a Shareholder of Mesti Bersatu and holds 400,000 shares out of the 2,300,000 total shares issued for the company.  The other shareholders are his late brother Arif’s three wives (condoned under the Muslim faith) and two grown up daughters.  At RM 1.00 per share, Taib’s shareholding represents an outlay of 400,000 ringgit.

Cheesy tourist welcome – the local tribespeople put on embarrassing display at the Royal Mulu Hotel (from the Geneid family facebook album)

The company is registered as having ‘No Operation’ at it’s Kuching address, but in fact owns half the shares in Kenyalang Cergas Bhd, which was set up in 1992 as a direct Shareholder of the Royal Mulu resort.   The other Directors and Shareholders of Kenyalang Cergas are Taib’s sister Raziah and her current husband Robert Geneid, who were behind the original development of the resort and  act as the main directors of the company.  Crony timber tycoons the Yaw family, the owners of Samling, have also put money into the project, along with the architect from Singapore. Crucially the Sarawak State Government has also taken up an interest in the venture and has usefully pumped in large sums of life-saving injections of cash from the taxpayer over the years.  That involvement was of course thanks to Taib Mahmud.

All thanks to Taib!

Raziah and Robert Geneid reportedly came up with the plan to develop Mulu, which is famous for its caves, in the early 90s, when Raziah was still married to her 2nd husband.  In 1991, thanks to Taib Mahmud the Chief Minister, a decision was made by the Sarawak State Government to alienate land acquired in the National Park for a pitiful sum of RM 80 per acre from a local headman to their new family company the Royal Mulu Resort.  The Geneids had no money or hotel experience, but Taib’s brother Arip, who had made money from another family venture  Achipeligo Shipping (which has now developed into a separate major scandal over the allegations of billions made in timber kickbacks) invested in the venture.

Berawan land – who cares?

Given that the Chief Minister had alienated profitable state land into the hands of his unqualified sister and brother, the project was from the start corrupt.  Even more corrupt has been the continuing support by the state of Sarawak, through the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, of what has turned out to be a lamentably unprofitable venture.  In the name of  ‘developing tourism’ the SEDC has been paying what appear to be astronomical ‘management fees’ to the Geneids and their co-shareholders for running their own hotel investment!

This generosity has turned what would have been a disastrous investment and a failed venture into a major money-spinner for Raziah and Robert (the son of an Australian fruit-vendor) who appear to have turned the resort into something of a family forest playground, judging from family facebook sites.  Indeed few actual tourists go there and most tourist guides warn visitors that the small sized National Park has long since been stripped of its wildlife by the effects of Taib’s logging activities in all the surrounding areas.

It is also, of course, thanks to Taib that awkward complaints by the local population have been so firmly suppressed by the full force of the state and police.  Thus, while the Geneids party in luxury (arriving at their holiday hideaway via a specially-built airstrip that involved blowing off the top of a sacred mountain and taking more of the land that belonged to the natives), the local people have received none of the benefits of the much-trumpeted ’progress and development’.

Forest fun – canopy walk at Mulu. Berawan guides are not permitted

The Berawan tribe have now returned to court to fight the company’s forced acquisition (thanks to Taib’s government) of yet more of the NCR lands for a second extension of the resort as part of a deal to develop it further, in collaboration with the US-owned Marriott Hotel chain.  So far they have received no compensation or recognition of their claims from Taib, despite the fact that previous governments did recognise their ownership of the land.

The Marriott Hotel chain appears to have no shame in participating in this deal, having already collaborated with Raziah Mahmud in developing the Marriott in Miri, again thanks to favours and land alienated by the government of Abdul Taib Mahmud.

However, Unesco which attributed World Heritage status to the site in 2000 has already signalled its own worries about the situation at Mulu.  Its 2008 report into the management of World Heritage Sites raised the management of the park as an issue of concern.  It states that the Chief Minister’s plan to flood great areas of Sarawak with dams could impact on the site and further points out that there have been reports that ”the benefits of tourism and World Heritage designation are  not available to the indigenous groups.  If these reports were confirmed”  UNESCO states “this lack of engagement of local communities could threaten the effectiveness of management and impact the integrity of the property”.  The UNESCO report requires reassurances by 2010, which can hardly have been forthcoming.

Local poor are dependent on tourist tips

Despite the usual bragging about ‘progress’ from AbdulTaib Mahmud, the ‘development’ of Mulu has predictably provided no compensation and little in the way of jobs for the local people. The Berawan are apparently banned from being guides in the park they know so well.  In return these people have lost their lands and livelihoods and no longer have their hunting grounds.  The Geneids and their government partners have therefore provided virtually nothing for the people who they have displaced, many of whom are starving hungry.

Progress and development at Royal Mulu – for the natives that is.

The once nomadic Penan of the area have likewise lost their hunting grounds, due to Taib-sponsored logging all around the actual park (which is on high ground and therefore does not have very interesting trees) and they are now living in shanty settlements on the fringes of the Berawan lands.  Far from enjoying the fruits of modernisation they survive from making baskets for the few tourists who come to look at them from the resort hotel.  So poor was the standard of housing provided by the Geneids in this ‘progress and development’ scheme that one such tourist himself put up the money to pay for the removal of mosquito-breeding swamps from beneath the settlement’s main longhouse, which had been a major discomfort and health hazard.

So how much has the Sarawak State paid to the Taib family to run Mulu?

Nevertheless, the taxpayer is still being forced to pay substantial sums to the Geneids in the name of ‘developing tourism’, for managing their own venture!  The big question is exactly how much has Sarawak invested in this project that is now being taken up by the Marriott?  Sarawak Report has ascertained that in 2007, the same year that Taib Mahmud openly acquired his shares in the company, a new contract was drawn up whereby the State was to pay even larger sums into the Borsamulu Resort Company, of which he was now publicly an owner.

Made from Ratan – bewildered Penan hunters reduced to a tourist attraction at Royal Mulu

Sarawak Report has been informed from reliable sources that the agreement was for Borsamulu’s management subsidiary to be paid RM 50 million a year for 50 years by the state.  This means that the State of Sarawak has agreed to pay the Geneids and indeed the Chief Minister himself, RM 50 million a year to manage their own investment until the day they die!  We therefore ask the Government of Sarawak if they will please confirm this figure and explain on what grounds they think they can condone such corruption?

Clearly these figures should be made public as it is the right of the people of Sarawak to be informed of the total sum of public money that has been poured into the Geneid’s forest playground since its inception in 1993 and they should also know how much more it is committed to spend.

Marriott Hotel

Sarawak Repot would also like to enquire of the Marriott Hotel Chain whether this continuing support by the Sarawak taxpayer forms part of their ’incentive’ for taking up a joint venture with the Geneids at Borsamulu Resort and also whether the company holds any ethical standards regarding human rights and the environmental impact of their activities?  If so, how does their involvement in Borsamulu equate with these standards?

Marriott’s new business partners in their joint venture with Borsamulu Resort include the Chief Minister of Sarawak and his family, the State Government of Sarawak and the logging giant, Samling, recently condemned in an investigation into illegal logging by the Norwegian Government.  Since Marriott are re-launching the resort under the auspices of eco-tourism and the Chief Minister and his family can only be described as one of the worst environmental menaces alive on this planet, we would like to ask Marriott how they are planning to deal with this contradictory arrangement?

‘Eco-tourism’ – a Geneid pal contributes to the destruction of the Mulu homeland of the Berawan Tribe

We would also like to enquire if Marriott can reveal the true identity of another of the major shareholders of Borsamulu, Widervale Assets Limited?  We assume that in the course of doing their due diligence into the joint venture eco-tourism project they have identified the owner of this company, however in an instance of extreme irregularity it is not registered on the Malaysian Company Register, despite such a significant holding in a prominent state government-backed concern!

Given that Marriott Hotel Group’s promotional material regarding their planned acquisition of Mulu in 2011 claims confidence in the “eco-tourism potential” of the Royal Mulu Resort,   Sarawak Report would finally like to ask on what criteria the Marriott Hotel Group judges ‘eco-tourism’?  Their new business-partner, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, has sponsored the destruction of a huge segment of the Borneo rainforest, destroying the landscape of the whole of Sarawak.  He authorised the logging of thousands of square miles of virgin rainforest surrounding the tiny Mulu National Park, eradicating most of the wild-life of the region, including inside the Park itself.  In the process the local people and native forest tribes have been nearly starved into extinction and left to rot without a shred of compensation.  Their protests have been put down by armed police.

We would therefore like to ask the Marriott Hotel Group how they intend to explain and justify these circumstance to their visiting ‘eco-tourists’ and indeed to concerned onlookers at UNESCO’s World Heritage Commission?

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

AgreeToDisagree says: November 30, 2010 at 7:17 pm

Owner of the blog Sarawak Report, you guys reading, some of you are professionals/lawyers/politicians/dato’s/no-spring-chicken and also wealthy as well. It cannot

fall upon ‘those lacking ethos’/’the financially insecure’ to carry out the below and I ask that each of you who fit the above criteria step forward as independent

candidates in your own constituency in GE13 if not under a Green Part umbrella :

Are you a Malaysian eligible to run for candidacy? If so please note the below :

Third Force (Malaysian Green Party)…

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism

2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.

3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

We as citizens can’t trust any political parties (even NGOs) and have to run as independents if needed. Until they prove to be trojans though, I consider Zaid’s 3rd

Force the last viable coalition foil and platform for neutrals to hide behind till Zaid fouls up big if ever . . . The real 3rd Force is always the NEUTRAL citizen,

no one else with any agenda whatsoever. Who knows they might grant everything suggested !

Apart from the above 3 items we neutral citizens need to :

Disallow ANY Oligarchy/Nepotism

End/Buy-Up Toll Concessions

End Forced Military Conscriptions

End Vehicular-APs

Block VAT / Block GST

Lower Election Deposits from 15,000 to 15.00 (so everyone can join and not be prevented by this plutocratic deterrence the poorest man has a right to join and 15,000

is prohibitive, must be lowered to allow the poorest)

TAXES – 2000 and below earners – totally tax free, 2000-4000 earners – 50% tax rebates, 4000-6000 earners – 25% tax rebatesThen study the below as well for good

measure :


USA, UK and Malaysia, are representative democracies (2nd class version) and thus not truly open systems being limited to the whims and fancies of parliamentarians


*Participatory Democracy* (1st class version) is a process emphasizing the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of political systems

not in isolation of populist political groups but inclusive of academic and bureaucratic groups.

*Participatory Democracy* avoids the concept of the people having a single view with the inevitable limitations that come from trying to agree what that view is.

Government is heavily decentralized into smaller independent groups to allow personalized preferences within groups to be expressed in a functional manner PREFERRED

by each particular group.

The system seeks to avoid problems with centralized and electoral governance, while still providing a stable democratic system and ensuring all forms of human

expression especially those diametrically opposed to be allowed expression. For example theocrat moralists / and sin industries (adult or gambling) can all be

represented and functional even while proponents within each group do not use or believe in the other.

All expressions of humanity thus will have their own place, albeit in a highly separated manner. Try the below related links for articles/discussions on

Participative Democracy :

Unsuitable to Vote : Individuals Causing Notable Conflict of Interest in Local Council Elections – Original Article 6th

All the above should be 3rd Force Agenda. Any further thoughts and ideas? Remember that we are all leaders, that all citizens are equal in a modern democracy.

The 3rd Force method will be to present a governance paradigm so transparent and attractive and protective of the Rakyat that everyone would vote for 3rd Force.

Every official 3rd Force faction (except for Zaid’s still not formed) looked like they turn trojan on us, then we NEUTRAL 3rd Forcers must be very prepared to run on

our own with whatever little resources or knowledge compounded by sheer lack of ethos (or lack of reputation/infamy) we have.

Finally this, where DAP looks like it’s standards are slipping :

DAP’s democracy in Penang (Tuesday, November 16, 2010)… (read commentaries and be aware that Aliran fettes DAP rather than be neutral)

Compensation for Rep’s Kin – by Sunday Star – 18th APR 2010…

The Gambier Threat – Mid 2010….

Invasive By-Laws Against Sovereignty of Title/Land Owners……

Be prepared readers, supposedly ECOSOC UN status Aliran failed to highlight or even suggest a re-election in Penang’s 300 out of 1.5 million EXCO Elections, so

joining Pakatan Rayat to cure it or setting up an Independent’s 3rd Force group (outside of RPK/Haris’ which includes Marina ‘Evil’ Mahathir) could be the other

option if nothing materialises but then again, true colours would be revealed by GE13 . . .

3 ACID TESTs for MPs

1) MPs can show love for the Rakyat by lowering the Election Deposit from 15,000 to 15.00.

2) MPs can also show love for the Rakyat by donating their entire salaries if they have assets worth 5 million or more. First of course the MPs must be able to

DECLARE ASSETS to Rakyat *NOT* the PM or in Penang’s case the CM.

3) MPs can opt to redistribute ‘funeral funds’ to all civil servants. 750K for a CM or 120K for an assemblyman is FAR TOO MUCH. Everyone dies the same way, so there

should be no difference in quantum. See which CMs/MPs opt for an ‘equal quantum’ of funeral compensation for all civil servants and you will see which CMs/MPs care

for the Rakyat again.

See which MPs rubberstamp the above 3 suggestions into reality instead of ru(o)bberstamping Vehicular-APs and Toll Concessions and Forced Military Conscriptions and you will find out which MPs care for the Rakyat. See which MPs reverse Vehicular-APs, remove Toll Concessions and ‘voluntarise’ Forced Military Conscriptions as well.

3 Items in addition to 3+13

Your concerned citizen,

AgreeToDisagree for proposed 3rd Force Coalition (Malaysian Green Party in formation)

WARNING to Voters :

People who are too powerful or wealthy or too well networked OR refuse to reliquish power after too many terms, or are nepotistic and favour family members and relatives like some 3rd world military junta, will cause conflict of interest and control YOU the VOTER, not you control them to ensure more liberal laws or lower taxes or TRANSPARENCY. So NEVER vote the rich, powerful or well networked (even those controlling 2 billion dollar political party treasuries), or those intent on reserving seats for relatives or claiming seats for themselves knowing full well that is conflict of interest being perpetrated.

They will destroy YOU the ORDINARY Voter because, Reserved seat Nepotism leads to Oligarchy, Oligarchy leads to Dictatorship, Dictatorship leads to End of Free Elections (222 reserved seats) . . . vote wisely – at the extreme end you get Junta and cults of personality based around a single family (only Constitutional Monarchies with very limited powers are tolerable – would Kim Jong Un of North Korea consider Kingship in exchange for Democratic Constitutional Monarchy? Would be better for the people and less work load, with all the Junta Generals being given some Korean titles as well th etrappings of dictatorship end at once . . .  BUT there are no kings and no tolerance for TERM LIMITLESS cults of personality  in political parties much less term limitless Presidents of Clan Associations which are entirely out of touch with the young people of today – we lost one Teoh Beng Hock due to this cult of personality mentality in such political parties in Malaysia IMHO . . . ).

Malaysians can easily find someone independent within their communities who fits into none of the above descriptions. Any person with common sense would prefer an independent ORDINARY PERSON ruling over Malaysia and stepping down after 2 terms for another such person. ZERO votes for the pro-apartheid and pro-nepotists and 100% votes for the ORDINARY NEUTRAL CITIZENS, vote people who can’t or don’t know how to screw you but will just administer. ;and you can be certain we will be so unfamiliar with the mechanisms that we would not be thinking about how to screw you.

We will be approachable because we are ‘nobodies’. We will also have none of the muscle or inclination to use muscle. In short you would be voting in a freer society and Assemblymen/MPs that will have limited terms and won’t have an army of goons to hide behind. There will never be a fief again. You would be safer voting for us. So vote for your own freedom by voting Malaysian Green Party. We are more like ordinary citizens than anyone else and will write policy to suit the majority, which is no longer race, but oppressed citizens suffering Vehicular-APs or buying engineless submarines and building crooked bridges!

If you want to press the “RESTART” button, 3rd Force (Green Party) is the best and only untainted choice. Any of you are the 3rd Force.

@ctzen says:
December 3, 2010 at 2:47 am

“…USA, UK and Malaysia, are representative democracies…” Malaysia a standard democracy? Who are you trying to cheat AgreeToDisagree? Is your organization financed financed by Al Qaeda? Calling Malaysia a standard democracy?! Where the Police Chief, the Military, the CJ, Parliament and PM treat Malaysians like dirt and even stealing ethnic identities??? (Oi you, I was referring to one-man-one-vote and you chuck a Zionist style strawman argument at me. F*** that, you’re a propagandist PAP/DAP style! I recognize their sh1t because a relative was on the inside for decades . . .)

@Tiarama says:
December 7, 2010 at 5:21 am

AgreeTodisagree, So you want to be a spoilers of the next general election – helping BN win? Well, I have great respect for Zaid but I don’t agree with him forming a thrd party. Nobody is perfect, so is Anwar or Lim Kit Siang. If Zaid is not happy with his party, he should change the party policy then and certainly it is not a one day job. It is about patience. Again I respect your knowledge, why don’t you join Kedilaan or DAP? If people find you honest and reasonable, you will be the party president one day and you can

make the party greener then.

@AgreeToDisagree says :

Another supporter eh? Hell I sent DAP a sh1tload of material and contacts and today LGE parrots my posts off an on still, and up till now not even an invitation. DAP instead proceeded to indirectly manipulate my life much like TBH trusted DAP and DIED. No thanks, DAP does not want competititon in-party, DAP wants to keep the citizen voting for them but not THINKING for themselves. DAP inspires Mr.Kerosenes or sacrificed TBHs so that DAP can look good at the citizens expense making them looking pitiful or to sabotage the potential competition independents being especially vulnerable so DAP can look great. This sort of party should be dropped. Took me a year or 2 to find out too! Such is the ugliness of political parties and holding slipshod internal elections without quorums as well!

Independent candidates are the best. Join a 3rd Force party instead and help fight nepotism and limitless terms or parachute CM kids. Waddya mean don’t agree with Zaid forming a 3rd party. 3rd parties will put an end to the Hegelian Dialectic potentiality of BN/PR duopolist collusion that might result. Whenever I see 750K funeral bills being thrown about at the tax payers expense, I think to remind any burning Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi’s (Ignis my man!) or Mr.Kerosenes to take a nepotistic or corrupt politician (Ben Ali) along with them while they burn . . . one less funeral to waste a coffin on y’know. Scrap all those funeral fund privileges! How dare they insult the people’s intelligence?


(Uhh, hurr durr, I’ll take 750K of the tax payer’s money for my funeral hurr durr, now which BN racists is with da plan, derp derp . . . ) LGE got sh1t cakes and coffins thats all.

NO SPECIAL FUNDS AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE! So long as bureaucrats are working they get paid, when they die they get a cheap plaque from the government and a visit from the governor or VIP at most. NO SPECIAL FUNDS AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

Try 10:29pm Anonymous : This says WHY and *what* Kit Siang intends if Ktemoc is some sort of mouth piece and that term limitless Mubarak gets the Home Ministry . . . Mubarak Lim thinks he’s going to pull an Assad on everyone who has nailed him in the past . . . must be a sad and psychotic mess in there . . .


Shadow cabinet Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Malaysian Insider – EPF’s proposed Plus takeover like ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’, says Pua

Tony Pua has pointed out how the government has been paying PLUS nearly a billion ringgit per annum in a highly questionable lop-sided contract where the Malaysian public has been the real loser.

Excuse my pun but it’s highway robbery …

… which brings me to my controversial but apt recommendation, that Tony Pua be appointed by Pakatan Rakyat as the shadow Finance Minister.

I believe Pua is a fitting choice as I have observed how he has been keeping a beady burning brilliant eye on the BN government’s profligate spending on such contractual atrocities and dodgy defence acquisitions.

Pakatan Rakyat presents itself to the Malaysian voters as the alternative government in waiting, yet it has been decidedly evasive about its alternative leadership in government, namely the shadow cabinet, giving mealy-mouthed excuses why it hasn’t … or more correctly, won’t, can’t, dare not!

The real answer why it hasn’t done so is the coalition fears the component parties won’t be able to agree to a distribution of ministerial portfolios.

My question to them is, if you can’t now, how would you be able to when you win the next general election?

And if you fear an inability to negotiate and compromise then aren’t you just delaying the inevitable, the disintegration of the coalition on its very moment of victory?

Shouldn’t it be far safer to sort this unavoidable issue NOW rather than delay its inevitability? Quite frankly, I don’t consider you fit to take over the business of the government of the day if you cannot even resolve this power sharing now!

Here’s my choice, and yes, it’s a f* compromise:

PM = Anwar Ibrahim (I am sure this is agreed – do I hear murmurs from Pak Haji Hadi?)

DPM = Pak Haji Hadi (I am quite happy for him to occupy this)

Home Affairs = Lim Kit Siang (who has the Kamunting experience)

Defence = Khalid Ibrahim

Health = Pak Haji Nasharudin

Finance = Tony Pua

Foreign Affairs = Zaid Ibrahim

Works = Nizar Jamaluddin

Education = Teresa Kok Dr Rama (just keep it as one ministry) – Dr Rama is better qualified

Youth = Nurul

Agriculture = Salahuddin Ayub

Teresa Kok = Trade

Sivarasa = Law

Mahfuz Omar = Energy & Oil (no more worries about royalty for Kelantan)

So on so forth … Azmin Ali can be the Minister in the PM’s Department wakakaka

posted by KTemoc at 10:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Saya Sokong …LOL
    11:57 PM, October 14, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said…
    Minister of Gays– Saiful (should had rejoined PKR after Anwar’s victory)
    Minister of Adultery — Chua SL (left mca to join PKR following Doc Ayam’s example)
    8:23 AM, October 15, 2010

Blogger Pentilium5 said…

    MOG hehehehehe thats a nice acronym
    11:47 AM, October 15, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said…

    KT, further to your earlier mention of the miners’ rescue.

    When watching the trapped Chilean miners emerge after more than two months underground, have you noticed how clean and fresh they looked and without a beard (as one would expect) or even a trace of stubble on their faces?

    Well, the answer to this mystery and a look into the nitty-gritty work behind the rescue effort is found HERE for those who are curious.
    2:11 PM, October 15, 2010

Blogger looes74 said…

    Hahaha….Wanna bet Tony would never get Finance. It would be either Azmin or Anwar. Azmin got a doctorate in mathematics. Just like Lee Hsien Loong.
    You must understand. This is an epic battle between The Allies (Pakatan Rakyat) & The Axis led by Nazi UMNO with SS led by Ibrahim or is it mahathir.
    I suggest start reading histories. War World 2 & start to see things from Lee Kuan Yew’s perspective. I haunt you with this message that Lim Chin Siong is no saint. No when he & his gang manipulated chinese students to their agenda…..However, noble that it might have been happened. Like it or not, it’s a power struggle
    Like I say, we are at “war”. If you read the organisational structure of the Allies…..Don’t think it’s a good idea of putting General Patton’s third army under Montgomery’s command…..

    Still to-date, if you still act like David Marshall…..well.
    Oh, by the way, Tony would still be Trade & Industry minister with EPU under disposal….So, it’s still ok. Teresa would still be happy with Excoship & so does Khalid as MB. You are right….Zaid is more suitable as Foreign Minister…..
    Rajaratnam has brought Singapore to the international stage. Perhaps, Zaid should start reading about Rajaratnam’s books.

    P.S : I have yet find one “Goh Keng Swee” in Pakatan Rakyat
    6:27 PM, October 15, 2010

Blogger KTemoc said…

    Anwar was a lousy Finance Minister – I heard the only thing he did when he was FM was to introduce the 2 sen coin wakakaka.

    As for Azmin, MP for Batu, have you ever heard his comments (sorry, should be ‘comment’ in the singular wakakaka) on financial governance a la Tony Pua’s brilliant and incisive analyses?
    6:32 PM, October 15, 2010
Blogger looes74 said…

    Regardless of how bright Tony is, in cantonese term, lun to me lun to hui laa….Even Tony knows himself. Trade & Industry with EPU portfolio is a promotion for Tony
    Khalid would be more suitable for these ministerials post….Work, Urban Development & Housing. Khalid is more of a “Lim Kim San” of PKR.
    Either Khalid would go federal or Azmin. My bet would be if Anwar Ibrahim is beri tactful. Zaid should go to Foreign. Finance which I believe would be the domain for PKR would go to Anwar/Azmin. Hate or Love Anwar, he was the finance minister for 8 years.

    Financial prowness is not the only KEY CRITERIA of being a good Finance Minister. If you watch Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister, not only you need to fight the opposition in exile but you need to fight the opposition in residence
    Azmin was the private secretary…..Hehehe, if you rope in Perm Sec or Director General lagi better. Something Tony or you or I don’t have the edge….Kapish!
    8:46 PM, October 15, 2010

Blogger KTemoc said…

    Anwar/PKR is the weakest link in Pakatan – he/PKR is hardly in a position to dictate. Quite frankly and based on performance, Anwar didn’t shine in any of the ministerial posts he held, but only caused trouble – for example, his educational stint led to two disgraceful episodes (i) Ops Lalang (because of the apointment of non-Mandarin speaking headmasters in SRJKC) and (b) (unforgiveable ever) proselytising or making non-Muslim school pupils joined in (compulsorily) the weekly Muslim doa with hands praying in Muslim style
    2:06 AM, October 16, 2010
Blogger looes74 said…

    If Anwar does not shine, who then? Mahathir? Plus, who else, you would propose to take over the leadership. Hadi Awang? Karpal Singh! Nasaruddin! Yong Teck Lee! Warthamoothy
    Judging from you aforesaid standard, that means that David Marshall failed horribly. Lim Chin Siong whom you revered…..No saint after all. One student paraded till death during the Hock Lee Bus Riot. (Errr….please don’t tell me he should absolve from all “crimes”. His men)

    Wee Wee boy used that analogy when he decided to start the KOKS campaign in the 90s. Wee Wee Boy set up MDP & the rest is history.
    I have predicted correctly that Nurul would not stand for Deputy President. I knew it when Nurul was seeking for elders’ advice when she was nominated for DP Post. Subsequenly, in terms of Yes Minister (Whiskey Priest), Nurul has used the “Rhodesian” solution. Hehehe, though I dislike Ian Smith but I would believe Zimbabwe would be far more richer than the pathetic condition now if Ian has succeeded.

    However, I got to agree that Anwar need to brush up the skill in political leadership. Anwar’s problem was he did not learn from the right Mentor. Hehehe, Anwar’s mentor was defeated by this sweet grandma, Queen scholar, Madam LKY…..She was so fabulously discreet that most probably I would be bumping onto her in one the NTUC/Fairprice supermarket. Aaargh…..during the not so old but not young days, NTUC supermarkets were set up in Singapore for bring the essential prices under control, battling other supermarkets such as Cold Storage….
    However weak Anwar you might think he’s, he’s still the suitable one so far. Zaid should stick to Rajaratnam role.
    Anwar got to be like LKY, not David Marshall or worst still Lim Yew Hock (resembles Koh Tsu Koon. In character, of course). Don’t you think Ah Kaytee

    P.S : It’s pretty sad that Anwar does not even give condolences to this find grandma who passed away. She was smart, discreet. She played her role extremely well. Hate them or Love them, this couple should be a role….Hehehe, I would not be surprised when at one time, she earned more than LKY….Monetary wise
    6:27 PM, October 16, 2010
Blogger KTemoc said…

    Re your “Lim Chin Siong whom you revered” – rever, hate, adore – these are the words of anwaristas wakakaka – OK, show me where in my posts I demonstrated reverence for the late Lim CS.

    Secondly, it was not Lim CS’s protest strike against the Hock Lee bus issue that caused riots – it was the evil machinations of the British authority and its Sing CM Lim Yew Hock which deliberately initiated the riots to frame Lim CS.
    2:07 PM, October 17, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said…(@AgreeToDisagree)

    KTemoc and all readers please look at the below concept for the correct Ministers. Ministries are NOT political rewards.

    Put untrained men in there (being in Kamunting does not make one qualified to head a Home Ministry as opposed to a PhD holder who has been in academic circles studying for decades with other fellow academics, so please think again) and you get bullsh*t again. Reconsider your acceptance of what is a conflict of interest paradigm of awards. A committee holder in a political party is enough power and responsibility for any one person, don’t think that they can administer Ministries when they are busy playing politics as well. NEUTRAL people WITH appropriate academic qualifications ONLY please.
    5:50 AM, October 20, 2010

Blogger KTemoc said…

    In virtually all democratic countries, politicians become ministers. Why? because they have been voted by the people to be their representatives. They have to be the ones to express the people’s wishes, not unelected academicians coming into the cabinet through the Senate back door (we don’t want to see this BN bullsh*t again). Of course the ministers can have advisors.

    And what’s so great about a PhD, especially if they remain as academicians? Malaysia has so many unemployed PhDs. And if not for the Senate back door, the worst of the lot would be Koh TK.
    3:51 PM, October 20, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ” they have been voted by the people to be their representatives . . . “

    But they lack formal training? How about if top echelon experienced bureaucracy AND academicians in Ministerial seats AND after consult with politicians first?

    3 way decision with Ministerial post itself held by a retired Academic of impeccable standing to reflect a civil society? Political warlords holding Ministers posts is untenable given the KINDS of cutthroat personalities most politicians have.

    To prevent personal political interest (that also always arises in virtually all democratic countries, look at the recent PKR mess) from subsuming people power?

    It is not good to give free reign to politicians who are already bloated with a sense of power.

    It is best that a separate grouping of academicians and bureaucrats (and retired top echelon members of enforcement for Home Ministry for example – again I stress going to Kamunting does not make a Home Minister of anyone) among themselves vote who holds the Minister’s post title but will not be allowed to make decisions unless more than one political part agrees. How about this format instead?

    The main point being to not allow politicians to sequester too much authority, surely you can see the benefit of that too?

    10:29 PM, October 20, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said… (@AgreeToDisagree)

    . . . unless more than one political *PARTY* agrees . . . (errata from above sorry)
    11:43 PM, October 20, 2010

Blogger KTemoc said…

    Democratic practice is about people’s power – the people select/elect their representatives. At the end of every term the people can re-exercise their choices again, as was demonstrated on 08 March 08 – many ministers lost their seats and thus their mandate to represent their constituencies, because the people had enough of them.

    OTOH, academicians are not the people’s representatives and therefore unaccountable to the rakyat, as demonstrated by our biadap civil servants and sometimes feral police, MACC and the judiciary. Besides, what’s so great about a PhD as evident by the numerous Malaysian PhDs who can’t even get a job.

    In a mature and practising democracy, a two-party state so to speak, there’s balance in politics and control by voters. But here in Malaysia, even the EC’s and judiciary’s neutrality are in doubt.

    So the first task is to restore democracy, separation of powers (judiciary must be independent of the executive) and a neutral professional civil service.

    What you propose is equivalent to the religious majlis in Iran (clerics instead of academicians), which can even override politicians like President Ahmadnejid. That’s not democracy!
    2:11 AM, October 21, 2010
Anonymous Anonymous said… (@AgreeToDisagree)

    This complacency that existing systems are the only systems and unwillingness to update old political systems or adopt the best from either system is unhealthy, I hope Ktemoc RE-Konsiders.
    6:17 PM, October 21, 2010

Anonymous Cabinet Makers said…

    Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!
    12:24 AM, October 23, 2010

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

3rd Force is a fresh face coalition potentially made of : KITA, JATI, MCLM (whats left of it, but homophobes could find it a good party that has 20 candidates), PCM, Borneo Front, Konsensus Bebas, HRP/Hindraf and PSM.

BN                       Racist, Nepotistic, Corrupt
PR                       Nepotistic, Corrupt
3rd Force        Corrupt only? Or potentially flawless.
Independent  Any single or combination of the above.

(Freedom from taxes applies to 2000 earners and below only . . . )

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