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We Need Carl’s Jr (or any other fast food restaurants) to RETURN to the $0.99 standard and cheaper prices AND mini article on Correct Pricing but Hellishly Wrong Places . . . – posted by @AgreeToDisagree – 20th February 2012

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Guess how much these days? Don’t even think about the 3rd world, there are 5 star restaurants where meals are cheaper . . . PRICE CONTROLS please. Or is there a F&B grouping ready to take up the challenge of reviving the $0.99 standard and sweeping aside any fast food chains not 99% worthy?

Reminds you of the TSA or prison system in the USA (see below article)? Does that come with a Green Card? Nope can’t migrate to USA unless worth 100s of 1000s . . .

TSA could be like this when they drop the human factor . . .

All thats missing here in this clip is an automatic crotch grabber. First MJ grabbed his own in 1984, then the TSA grabbed everyone else’s who used airports in 2002, in the future under this sort of automated setting there will be robots grabbing crotches in place of human TSA personnel in 2100, if the American voters don’t vote the right Congressmen (Rand Paul’s January 2012 brush with the TSA just a flase flag? Heard no follow up after the effective cop-out at Nashville Airport . . . and TSA is still around  . . . ), Governors and President . . .

Ron Paul: U.S. “slipping into a fascist system” – February 18, 2012 10:54 PM–slipping-into-a-fascist-system/

(AP) KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul warned the U.S. is “slipping into a fascist system” dominated by government and businesses as he held a fiery rally Saturday night upstaging established Republican Party banquets a short distance away.

The Texas congressman drew a couple thousand standing and chanting people to Kansas City’s Union Station as the party’s establishment dined on steak across the street at the Missouri GOP’s annual conference. Kansas Republicans were holding a similar convention in a suburb across the state line.

Paul staged his rally near the nation’s World War I museum, asserting that the U.S. got off track about 100 years ago during the era of President Woodrow Wilson, who led the nation through World War I and unsuccessfully advocated for the nation’s involvement in a forerunner of the United Nations.

“We’ve slipped away from a true Republic,” Paul said. “Now we’re slipping into a fascist system where it’s a combination of government and big business and authoritarian rule and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen.”

Although campaign aides were aware, Paul told reporters after his speech that he did not know his rally was coinciding with long-established Missouri and Kansas Republican Party events, where Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell — a vice presidential prospect — was the keynote speaker.

Several Republicans slipped away from the banquets to join the Paul rally. Among them was Ralph Munyan, a Republican committeeman in Kansas City’s home county, who said he agreed with Paul’s warnings of a “fascist system” and his pledge to the end nation’s involvement in wars overseas and against drugs.

“His foreign policy is one of peace,” Munyan said.

Paul repeatedly denounced President Barack Obama’s recent enactment of a law requiring military custody of anyone suspected to be associated with al Qaeda and involved in planning an attack on the U.S. Obama said when he signed the legislation that his administration would not authorize the indefinite military detention of American citizens without a trial.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Guess Ron’s not a Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho fan? This may not throw Obama’s re-election but if so many 99%ters ‘CAN’T haz (a 0.99 cent) chezburger’, much less a roof over their heads, irritated and irradiated at every turn by the TSA at airportsm highways etc., Obama will not find this an easy election because with one of those Executive Order Edicts any of the above issues could be instantaneously resolved, with such a mandate but no action? . . . if an obviously American person born in America needs to go through the b.s. TSA dishes, the first person to be blamed will be the one man with the mandate to stop the b.s. : Dwayne. I mean Obama! There must be a safe list of Americans the TSA can let through without this sort of abuse right?

Debunking the inconsistencies of fast food AND a call to arms for F&B via quasi-facetious spoofing of BK’s pricing . . .

Now everyone can haz chezburger - 0.99 cent foods for the 99%!

Mini-Article 1.5

A sample of rural area drink prices in Malaysia (most areas in the cities are just the same as USA, horrendously expensive :

Meals for less than RM2 – By FARIK ZOLKEPLI – Sunday February 26, 2012

KUALA TERENGGANU: At Kedai Kopi Cik Nah, there is no fuss about rising costs of sugar, cooking oil or other essential stuff needed to run a coffeeshop.
Most of the food and drinks here sell at below RM2 and one could get a hot glass of teh tarik or Nescafe for less than RM1.
Those looking for nasi lemak can get a regular bungkus for 60 sen or a larger pack for RM1.
Serving up hot cakes: Norhalani preparing roti canai for her customers at her stall located at Kampung Losong Atap Zin near Taman Tamadun Islam in Kuala Terengganu.

There is also nasi dagang (Beef Rice) and nasi minyak (Butter Rice), which are sold at RM1.20 and RM1.60 respectively. The same items could cost twice as much at other restaurants, especially those in the city centre.

“I don’t understand how the rising cost of sugar or cooking oil had forced many restaurants to drastically increase their prices.

“We have not raised ours, except 10 sen or 20 sen for a cup of hot Milo,” said Norhalani Yusof, 33, who has taken over the running of the shop from her mother Sinnah Sulaiman.
Customers looking for a decent meal at budget prices have never stopped coming to the shop since 62-year-old Sinnah’s husband, Yusof Salleh, started it in 1992. He, however, died of a stroke in 1999, aged 58. Norhalani, a property investment consultant, said the family wants Sinnah or Cik Nah to her customers to retire after running the shop for 20 years.

Price list of drinks at Kedai Kopi Cik Nah below.

“She has worked for her children all her life … it is time for me to carry on the family business,” said Norhalani. The coffeeshop at Kampung Losong Atap Zin, near the Taman Tamadun Islam theme park here, draws mostly the local villagers.

“They come to our place at least six times a day. It would not be fair to charge them exorbitant prices. “Over the years, the shop became popular with others too, including professionals and government officers,” Norhalani told The Star when met at the coffeeshop yesterday.

She said the family business makes a “decent profit” despite keeping the prices low for 20 years. “We average 500 customers daily,” she said, adding that the shop was usually full during breakfast time. “The favourites among our regulars are nasi lemak, nasi dagang and nasi minyak,” she said, adding that the shop also sells 50 different kuih and local snacks.

“This area used to be considered a rural place but with rapid development over the years, our kampung is not so much a village anymore. “Despite this, we have no plans to increase our prices anytime soon,” she said, adding that the customers’ needs and satisfaction were important to the business.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Prices are F&B franchise chain worthy but unless you are prepared to live in a somewhat scary AND quite faux-Arabic (they fashion their cities after Sunnite Arabia here, Malaysia’s ‘Islam’ inspired equivalent of ‘redneckland’ for lack of a better term – also you probably can’t buy property or invest to any great degree here, ask about Bumiputra Apartheid or Malay Reserved properties, which makes these places closed to virtually the world . . .) featuring social environment and interest, diversity AND tolerance level reminiscent of 1910s Hillbilly USA (not the bad manners mainly, but because they are living in another world – a faux Arabia (linguistically as well, conversations will likely be quite limited) – that most cosmopolitan types cannot identify with (whippings for drinking alcohol and limb chopping for theft) are being mooted by some political factions even now, with the main cities with airports already quite fundo and particularly insular though keeping a veneer of ‘civilisation’, most of the world should stick to hoping for Carl’s Jr to get their F&B groove on again than wait for Malaysia’s backwoods, though fabulously priced Kedai Kopi to branch out into the world, than wait for ‘modernity’ to reach this place. Nice for academics and retirees, anyone into anything slightly more interesting had better keep their distance, price is right for drinks and food, but the social scene is instant death sentence, or murder.

3 Articles on Malaysian Politics, Guan Eng bullies ‘strawman’ press, Muhyiddin talks ‘sincerity’, Najib talks ‘religion’ . . . – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 20th February 2012

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Guan Eng’s Open Letter To The Star – YM Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng – Sunday, 19 February 2012 15:58

Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai,
Executive Editor / Group Chief Editor
(Pengarah Eksekutif / Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan)
The Star,
By email,

Dato Seri Wong,


C.P. Scott’s famous dictum of “Comment is free, but facts are sacred’ bears reminder in The Star’s coverage of the Mandarin debate yesterday between MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua and myself.

As The Star is owned by MCA, I respect the right of The Star to present a partisan slant and biased report of the proceedings. However I can neither condone nor accept when the Star invents quotes that I never said.

Under the article “What they said” in page 6 of the Star today, I was reported to have said during the debate on “Is The 2-party system becoming a 2-race system?”

“We do not agree the Prime Minister must always be Malay because we want the people to decide.”

This quote attributed to me is false and untrue because no reference whatsoever was ever made by me on this issue during the debate. As this debate was conducted in Mandarin, I would prefer to believe that this was a simple mistake in comprehension by an English newspaper, notwithstanding the Star being owned by MCA.

I would therefore request that the Star publishes a full retraction and apology for the error in a prominent section of your edition tomorrow at the same Page 6.

Yours faithfully,


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

You’re wasting time and the CM’s mandate the people gave you again Guan Eng. End the apartheid and stop arguing with everyone. We don’t need this kind of ‘leader’ who does not dare moot or implement a one-man one-vote system at 66.6% to allow the people to choose their own Chief Minister. Arguing with the media makes your ‘leadership’ a waste of time. We want an end to APARTHEID, not this nonsense. As CM, you should be filing lawsuits against any racists preventing the end of APARTHEID in laws or Constitution, contacting the UN, asking leaders of other countries like India and China and USA to condemn APARTHEID policy. Instead you argue with a local newspaper targeting a Chinese . . . how clever can you get? The most racist Malays are probably laughing themselves to death. Maybe thats a new strategy? To lull the racist and corrupt into getting so complacent that when any minority attacks their own race the racists will find it so funny they die of laughter? Then by all  means LGE needs to attack more news papers instead of liasing with non-racist world leaders to enforce UNHCR Article 1.

REAL smart, but when a nepotist rises to the post of Chief Minister by direct placement rather than a people’s vote, what else can we expect? Meanwhile MCA is still a lapdog for not doing the above suggested as well and tacitly approving APARTHEID for 50+ years. Make a stand on :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution. . . . amongst other things.

;or both MCA and DAP are worth nothing to the Chinese community with term limitless nepotists not much more than a Samy Vellu who at least has already left though MIC (also Gerekan and PPP) is equally lapdog for not making a stand on the above 3 items. What a wasted mandate DAP has been given by the closed voteless installed nepotist parachute Penang CMship. Arguing with a local newspaper is for bored kids and semi-educated retirees or troublemakers out to score points with anyone currently in power . . .


Shouldering People’s Trust Drives BN’s Struggle – Monday, 20 February 2012 00:15

KUALA KANGSAR — The Barisan Nasional’s (BN) struggle for power is not for the sake of power but rather to shoulder the trust of the people, said Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said what was important to the BN was to ensure sustainable development for the well-being of the people.

“The political power is not the end of the affair. What matter most to us is to develop the country more effectively unlike the opposition whose aim is to gain political power for the sake of capturing Putrajaya,” he said when closing the Perak Umno Convention here on Sunday.

Muhyiddin, who is also Umno deputy president, said for the people of Perak, there was a lesson to be learned after a bitter experience of living under the opposition’s rule for 11 months after the 2008 general election.

Hence, Umno members must embrace its theme “united, loyal and to serve” to ensure that the people would return the mandate to the BN to enable it to maintain a firm grip on the reins of government.

“BN leaders must be aware of a strong challenge posed by the opposition and the 13th general elections will determine the country’s political landscape in future,” he said.

As the next general election is crucial in determining whether the BN will continue to hold onto power, he said, the BN had to be wary of the opposition’s plan to seize power by forming a cohesive force among component parties in the next general election.

“We don’t have much time left. If we want to see victory on our side, we must not stop working and contributing to the people,” he said, adding that BN component parties must resolve internal problems quickly.

On the convention, he hoped it would give space and opportunities to Umno members to voice their opinions on how the BN and Umno could return to power with a thumping majority.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Shouldering People’s Trust Drives BN’s Struggle. – The only way to shoulder the people’s trust is to END APARTHEID. Will DPM Muddy grant :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;to shoulder the people’s trust? If notthis article amounts to another insincere and hurtful action like a crocodile smiles at it’s prey, dangling an MCA lapdog bearing bait . . .


Najib Says Upholds Islamic Faith In Respecting Other Religions – Monday, 20 February 2012 00:02

KUALA LUMPUR — Najib Tun Razak said his every action at religious celebrations of non-Muslims in the country is in accordance with the permissible tenets of Islam.

The prime minister said he emulated the example set by Prophet Muhammad in showing respect for other religions without any breach of the Islamic faith.

“I uphold my faith. I also uphold my role as a Muslim leader. We must follow the ways of the Prophet in respecting the religions of other people without failing in terms of our own faith,” he said when closing the 2012 National Assembly of Muslim Scholars, Intellectuals and Virtual Writers at the Putra World Trade Centre, here on Sunday.

Najib said that in this way, Muslims and Islam would gain respect and the Muslim leadership would bring blessings to not only Muslims but also all the people in the country.

Touching on the statement by Perak Mufti Dr Harussani Zakaria on his (Najib’s) presence at the Thaipusam celebration at Batu Caves recently, Najib said he was relieved when the former said that his actions had not contravened Islamic laws and that this was also confirmed by the National Fatwa (Edict) Council.

“I explained to him (Dr Harussani) why I was there and where I was at that time,” he said, adding that he did not enter the (temple) proper or participate in the religious ceremony and that he spoke on the socio-economic issue of Indians of the Hindu faith.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Najib Says Upholds Islamic Faith In Respecting Other Religions. – The only way to respecty other religions is to END APARTHEID. Will PM Najib grant :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;to show respect to other religions?  If not this article amounts to another insincere and hurtful action like a crocodile smiles at it’s prey, dangling an MCA lapdog bearing bait . . .

Trend for MALE polish on the rise as Seal, Cash Warren and Johnny Depp spotted with painted fingernails – by Sadie Whitelocks – Last updated at 8:07 PM on 17th February 2012

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Manliner, guylashes and now… male polish.

It seems men can’t get enough of nail varnish and a growing number of companies are cashing in on the trend.

Cash Warren, Seal and Johnny Depp have been spotted with lacquered nails, in a rainbow of colour from canary yellow to French blue.

Brands such as BB have created nail polish collections aimed at a men.

The U.S. cosmetics company promotes masculine shades including ‘Bullfighter’, ‘Coal Miner’ and ‘Golf Pro’.

While – a website touting matte and metallic nail ‘armour’ created for men – has produced a polish formulated with citral and ginseng, which claims to strengthen nails.

Men, including rocker Ozzy Osbourne, have previously painted their nails black but now a growing number are opting for more eye-catching shades. Marc Warren is the latest to latch on to the fashion for bold nails.

The 33-year-old film producer and husband of Jessica Alba, got in touch with his feminine side as he attended a New York Fashion Week show flaunting hot pink nail polish.

His little finger nail was painted with a bronze colour while his wife sported a shade or red varnish.

Beauty break: Simon Pegg opts for a pedicure and manicure in Hollywood

Marco Berardini of the male grooming brand Evolution Man told Allure: ‘In the past, the most popular colors for men have been black, blue, and white.

‘Men are becoming more aware that how their nails look can define them.’

And with the new cosmetic trend, nail bars are one of the fastest growing businesses.

The biggest chain in Britain, Nails Inc, is forecasting a turnover of £22??million this year while High Street shops including Superdrug and Tesco are considering in-store nail bars as a way of pulling in customers.

Mark Rodol, CEO of Models Own, which sells a bottle of varnish every 15 seconds added:’We live in an image-obsessed world and nail varnish has become the ultimate accessory.

‘A new varnish provides an expression of individuality and the same buzz as a new outfit for 10 per cent of the cost.’

Commentator comments :

This is a definite no no for men, if the desire is too strong use the clear stuff guys!

– Cardo, Leeds, 18/2/2012 07:42
Rating   11

The men wearing nail polish epitomize the term ‘fashion victim’.

– SKYWALKER, SEATTLE WA USA, 18/2/2012 06:37
Rating   16

I wouldn’t be impressed if my husband started wearing make up or nail varnish!!!!! It’s too far his a man not a woman

– mrs stone, London, 18/2/2012 05:36
Rating   11

Johnny Depp made it cool.

– ange, fife, 18/2/2012 02:26
Rating   1

Are you sure they weren’t just asleep/ very drunk when it was applied and can’t find the nail varnish remover? That’s usually why men wear nail varnish in my experience!

– Agatha, Rule Britannia, 18/2/2012 02:07
Rating   14

Johnny said in an interview for The Rum Diary (BBC video) that the nail polish was the work of his daughter b/c she wanted to do it. Of course he had a choice to say no but he sounded like he was just being a good dad and “put up with it”. He could have removed it but didn’t and to be honest…it didn’t bother me much at all. I kind of liked the way he was matching the color with his clothes at the time.

– jdvp, edison, nj, 18/2/2012 01:52
Rating   15

I don’t see a problem with this. Most dads with daughters have had to go through this lol. I’d sooner see a man with nice nails that some you see that are full of…well I don’t know but whatever it is, it looks unsightly. I’ll draw the line at eye shadow & lipstick 🙂

– Julie, Leeds, 18/2/2012 01:13
Rating   6

Only Johnny Depp can pul this look off.

– Hard working, honest tax payer., West Yorkshire, 17/2/2012 23:38
Rating   48

This kinda makes me feel sick! It’s so unattractive!

– LeFLeur, Wd, Ireland, 17/2/2012 23:33
Rating   37

As tedious as the ‘daring’ use of eyeliner that every generation seems to rediscover.

– Nicho, Corby, 17/2/2012 22:56

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

As mentioned elsewhere before, the PAINT versions of nail culture is a cheap lower end version of the actual ‘NAIL GUARD’ see below links that the apex classes (East Asia, Egypt???) wore to protect their long nails that show their non-menial work status.

Anything less than the cheapest semi-precious (i.e. agate) versions with replaceable ‘plates’  for gemstone shards or stylized metal slivers, cloisonne paneling for nail guards, is just like that mascara which runs (not that mascara that doesn’t is safer . . . ). Nail Paint?!? Can’t compare to the ‘NAIL GUARD’. Pulease . . . it’s like making of copy of an artwork by a master, plasticising the copy to look ‘oily’ then saying that work is the real thing – or a newly ‘found’ piece lost in some attic (fake alert!).

In this sense and concept of product, the ‘nail saloons’ are over-charging for a non-permanent service constantly needing payment. Perhaps a NAIL GUARD cleaning service (nominally a jewellery cleaning AND organic nail cleaning/nail-soaking/feeding service – a nice bath of antioxidising and nutrient rich keratine enhancing? Soak if not with staff to do the same – WITHOUT paint as well for nails do ‘breathe’) will be what some nail saloons can become.

2 sections in a Nail Saloon – VIP (jewelled section with nail spa – non-paint) and non-VIP (paint only) : though non-organic paint is not only poisonous, but has chemicals are absorbed through nail keratin which are also pollutive to environment and perhaps even lowers IQs/EQs via lead or mercury content? Actual bimbofication if anything . . .

Shorter, middle class nail guards

Longer, upper class nail guards

Keep ‘pegging’ Simon! (I envision eventual programmable nano lighting/led screens for nail culture combined with the Nail Guard concepts above . . . so there will be a programming ‘technician’ section as well in the future for your led mini panel nails as well . . . )

6 Articles On Malaysia – featuring DAP-MCA debate, Chinese Mentri Besars, Spa Raid, PAS’s First Bureaucratic Interference and Najib’s Out of Touchedness – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 19th February 2012

In 1% tricks and traps, Bumiputera Apartheid, candidacy, checks and balances, conflict of interest, Eminent Domain, lack of focus, Malaysia, media tricks, misplaced adoration, politics, racism, Sexuality, vested interest, voting methods, voting strategy on February 19, 2012 at 10:21 am


People the winner in Chinese debate, says Soi Lek – by Yow Hong Chieh – February 18, 2012

Lim (left) and Dr Chua greet each other warmly at the end of their debate. — Picture by Jack Ooi

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has called his debate with DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng this evening a victory for the public, who got to hear views from both sides of the political divide.

The MCA president, whose hour-long debate in Mandarin with Lim was shown live on Astro, stressed that the public should not see the event as a “school debate” with winners and losers but a chance to better understand the two parties.

“The winner is the people, and not Lim Guan Eng or Chua Soi Lek, because they are the ones who know the true position of the parties,” he told reporters after the debate at the “Malaysian Chinese at the Political Crossroads” conference here.

Dr Chua hoped the debate held at Berjaya Times Square Hotel here would serve as starting point for similar events between the MCA and DAP in future, but said that it would be up to individual politicians to decide if they wanted to do so.

Lim also said today’s debate on the two-party system in Malaysia had benefited the people as such exchanges were part and parcel of a healthy democracy.

This was because debates helped to air advice and dissent, which is crucial to building consensus through a process of public consultation, he explained.

He wished to see other leaders from Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) take part in such debates, singling out Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“We hope this small step will be followed by a big one, that is (a debate) between Datuk Seri Najib and opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” Lim said, joking that the public would get bored if only he and Dr Chua debated each other.

Najib has baulked at several offers from Anwar to debate on policy issues, which the PKR de facto leader has said would let voters decide for themselves if the opposition pact’s plans for the country had merit.

The Umno president had previously demurred by saying debates were not necessary as political parties were more important than individuals in Malaysia’s parliamentary democracy.

Both Dr Chua and Lim said they would debate each other again soon in Bahasa Malaysia and English on another topic.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

If the below 3 items are not granted by either MCA or DAP, the people will not be the winner of everything no matter how many times DAP and MCA debate. We did not vote for MCA or DAP to debate, we voted for MCA or DAP to grant :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Debate among yourselves for what? 3rd Force Chinese parties, are you ready tp trounce these 2 hegelian dialectic parties? As long as APARTHEID persists, the people (especially minorities or persecuted Malays who are not ‘Muslim enough’ – it is actually true that Malays wishing to counter the fundo mentality here in some quarters are depending on the Orang Asli, Indians and Chinese to ensure UNHCR Article 1 and by extension UNHCR Article 18 will be assured in Malaysia) are the loser. So end the APARTHEID before saying anyone won, it is the MPs who won, since they get to keep the salaries that taxpayers pay for. End APARTHEID and stop debating! File lawsuits. refer to the Reid Commission or the UNHCR Article 1. Contact the UN about apartheid. Contact the homelands India and China to send a Commissar to help MCA and DAP think clearly, it’s just equality not destruction of the Malay race we ask for DAP and MCA to do!




No point addressing lies, says Guan Eng – by Shannon Teoh – February 19, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 — Lim Guan Eng dismissed today criticisms that he failed to reply to questions from the floor in yesterday’s debate with political rival Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, saying he does not respond to lies.

The Penang chief minister told reporters in the island that he did not touch on whether the state government had increased local assessment fees; why DAP supported hudud; and if land was allocated to Chinese vernacular schools as the allegations made were untrue.

“Did we increase?” the DAP secretary general asked local Penang reporters. “Chua Soi Lek said we support hudud. We have already said many times we oppose hudud and that is why you don’t have it in Penang. You know and I know.”

“If you want to reply to lies, you will have no time to present your policies,” the Bagan MP said.

The highly anticipated debate saw Lim attacking Dr Chua’s MCA for being unable to stop graft within the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

But the former health minister took DAP to task for being “a slave” to PAS, the Islamic party in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact.

The debate, themed “Chinese at a Crossroads. Is the 2 Party System Becoming a 2 Race System?” was also screened on Astro in Mandarin with Malay translation provided.

The floor largely backed a stern-looking Dr Chua whose opponent smiled throughout most of the debate despite enduring heavy fire from questions by the audience.

Lim added today that as the debate was organised by MCA, “eight or nine out of the 10 questions” were directed towards him instead of the MCA president.

“You get six minutes of questions but only three minutes to answer. Even Chua Soi Lek agreed there was no time. A debate should not be a forum to spew lies and personal attacks,” he said.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

No point addressing lies? Heres a huge lie in the making by an inwrd looking slip in the language by LGE. Waddya mean *in Penang* LGE? We are interested in the assurance of protection of all minorities in the whole of Malaysia. If DAP’s reach is only *in Penang* then MCA or any 3rd Force party has already won. LGE said *in Penang* there are minorities ALL over Malaysia. Is this how far DAP aspires for equality *in Penang*. A satrapy under the Lim Clan? That is why the 3rd Force or indie candidates will form the backbone of Malaysia’s minorties’ future.




And now for the truth about Tee Keat: It’s a red herring! Impossible for non-Malay to be MB Featured – written by  Jackson Ng (retired ?streetpounding? journalist), Malaysia Chronicle – Tuesday, 14 February 2012 03:33

And now for the truth about Tee Keat: It’s a red herring! Impossible for non-Malay to be MB

I READ with amusement the Malaysia Chronicle (MC) report titled “Tee Keat to be the first ever Chinese ‘Mentri Besar’ of Selangor?”

At the point of writing, the report attracted 275 comments from MC readers, testimony of the interest and excitement over such an appointment coming true.

Also, at the same time, I have also yet to come across any news report of a response from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is also Selangor Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman, or Pandan MP Ong Tee Keat.

I also note the maturity of the majority of MC readers in expressing their disbelief of such an appointment being realised.

Red herring

Why is it unbelievable? Section 51 of the Selangor Constitution is the reason:

…no person shall be appointed to be Menteri Besar unless he is of the Malay Race and professes the Muslim Religion. So, is it a wonder that both Najib and Ong have yet to respond or any follow-up from the mainstream media?

It is just too unbelievable and too stupid to respond. It is obvious the speculation was generated as a red herring to lure Tee Keat out of Pandan where he had served as MP since January 1989 or 23 years.

The work of Tee Keat’s enemies – MCA is certain

Speculation is swirling on both sides of the political divide that Tee Keat, a former MCA president, will be made the first Chinese Mentri Besar or chief minister of Selangor, if the Umno-BN coalition manages to retake the state in the coming 13th general election.

It is clear the speculation is the work of people who don’t want Tee Keat to defend Pandan but to go for a state assembly nomination. Who are they? MCA is certain or perhaps Umno or both?

One thing is almost certain. After 23 years in politics, Tee Keat cannot be that stupid to take such bait when Section 51 of the Selangor Constitution is so clear on the appointment of a Mentri Besar.

It looks and more and more like Tee Keat is in the wrong coalition!

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

We do not care who is the MB. It is more important to have :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

If the WHOLE cabinet and dewan were Malay and the above 3 items with a few other freedoms assured, Malaysia would be more perfect than it is with a Chinese lapdog in every MB seat but without the above 3 items.




Bukit Aman storms ‘stubborn’ spa – by Aizat Sharif – Wednesday, February 15, 2012 – 14:57

NABBED: Foreign masseuses were arrested during a raid at a massage centre yesterday. The centre is believed have been operating body-to-body massage as an extra service for its client

KUALA LUMPUR: A health centre in Desa Hartamas must have a “stubborn streak” in it for continuing to operate illegally as a massage parlour despite being raided by state and district police several times last year.

On Monday night, the Federal anti-vice police turned up at its doors on the first floor of a shoplot in Jalan 20/70A at 10.45pm.

The raiding party, led by Chief Inspector Wiryanti Abdul Wahid, nabbed a local man suspected to be the operator and four foreign women.

Three customers, who were also detained, were released after their statements were recorded.

“The place, believed to be operating for the past six months, had been raided several times by the state and district police last year,” said Wiryanti.

She said from now on, police and City Hall would monitor the premises to ensure it would not revert to its illicit business.

She said the foreigners, an Indonesian and three Thai nationals, aged 20 to 30, did not possess any identification documents.

“We also found out the premises to be operating illegally and a local operator, in his 30s, was also detained. The masseuses are also believed to provide extra services, like ‘body-to-body’ massage and sex, for clients.” she said.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is getting tedious. Legalise the adult services outlet or districts and just make sure no Muslims are allowed to use the services. It is a human right for both the non-Muslim client and the sex worker. Malaysia cannot take away non-Muslim rights to a legalized adult industry without falling afoul of the UNHCR especially for outlets that stick strictly to non-Muslims.




PAS Sacks Religious Teacher Who Joined PPP – 19 February 2012 00:19

KOTA BAHARU — The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is disappointed over the Kelantan Government’s decision to sack a religious teacher after she and her husband joined the PPP in Pasir Puteh, four days ago.

PPP vice-president Nik Sapeia Nik Yusoff said the PAS action was unprofessional and was tantamount to practising political revenge, which did not reflect upon an Islamic-based party.

“I urge Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to take this matter seriously.

“Barisan Nasional (BN) does not sack those who do not support the coalition. This is evidence of PAS despotism,” he told a media conference here on Saturday.

Eighty PAS members in Wakaf Village, Pasir Puteh, including the religious teacher, Siti Rokiah Mohd Zain, 53, quit the party and joined PPP.

Nik Sapeia said, after joining PPP, a PAS leader had informed Siti Rokiah that she was sacked from her position as religious teacher and not eligible to receive her monthly allowance of RM200.

The PAS’ high-handed decision has upset Siti Rokiah.

“I have been teaching Islam since 2004. I am not really concerned about the allowance, but this small amount was withdrawn because I joined the PPP,” she said.

Nevertheless, Nik Sapeia disclosed, PPP would help Siti Rokiah receive a similar allowance, beginning this month, and urged her to continue teaching the residents.

He also handed over RM1,200 to Siti Rokiah as six-month allowance.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

After the string of successes in ethics, a very bad and unethical move by PAS. Firings must not be politically motivated and citizen choice of political party cannot be used as a weapon or to sideline citizens by. This is a democracy, not the jaguh kampung’s backyard. Firings can be done on meritocracy but this firing smacks of Theocracvy and politicised Islam. Islam is not to be sullied by politics. Reinstate the religious teacher but make sure Siti does not talk politics in religion class either.




Billionaires Became Rich Because Of Our Policy – Sunday, 19 February 2012 00:12

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian billionaires became rich bacause of the country’s policy and stability, said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

“I looked at (Friday’s) newspapers… the list of Malaysian billionaires. I studied each one of them. Maybe some in this room today. Every one of them became rich because of our policy,” he said when opening the one-day “Malaysian Chinese at the Political Crossroads” conference jointly organised by the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute and the MCA think-tank, Insap, here yesterday.

Najib said these billionaires either hold concessions or were in the right place and at the right time.

He said that the billionaires benefited from the stability of Malaysia and the government would continue to ensure growth and create more and more opportunities.

According to Najib, the Malaysian Chinese are more entrepreneurial compared to the Bumiputeras and the government would continue to make Malaysia a better place to do business.

“Even if they don’t get concessions, they have to be in the right place and at the right time. They benefited from our policy, they benefited from the fact that we give stability to this country.

“We will continue to ensure that the nation will grow and will create more and more opportunities,” he said.

Najib also said that the government would continue to listen to the problems of the Malaysian Chinese.

“We will make sure there are more opportunities for them to advance in this country,” he added.


[[[ *** RESPONSE ** ]]]

Najib said these billionaires either hold (were selectively given) concessions or were in the right place (political families) and at the right time (political alliances currently in power). Thats not meritocracy, but political cronyism . . . Najib shouldn’t hire speech writers then talk as if he believes in the material he’s reading, a sense of doom for the country darkens the political scene when articles about statments like these appear. Does the Royal Collective of Malay rulers know that the nation of Malaysia’s helm is on autopilot? What IS Najib doing??? Probably still thinks hes the Defence Minister during dr.Evil’s time . . . end the apartheid at least if you can’t focus Najib, the country could at least attribute something worthwhile to your Premiership, the next generation of BN leaders looks very uninspiring overall especially if apartheid still cannot end . . . PM shows the ‘out of touch’, ”pre-scripted’ side of himself here . . .