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3 Mini-Articles on Malaysian Political Problems : Mad Politicians, Non-Mutual Spin by DPM, Pots and Kettles (neither addressing APARTHEID) – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 24th February 2012

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Showboating politicians may need psychiatric help — Lim Mun Fah — February 23, 2012

FEB 23 — Adolf Hitler, Tony Blair and George Bush developed a Hubris Syndrome while in power, Benito Mussolini and Mao Zedong were both severely depressed and probably bipolar, while Nikita Khrushchev suffered mild mania.

In addition, Neville Chamberlain, Margaret Thatcher, George W. Bush, Theodore Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson also showed signs of the Hubris Syndrome symptoms.

The above sayings are quoted from David Owen’s book, In Sickness and in Power.

Who is David Owen? How could he make such a “diagnosis”?

David Owen is a British veteran politician. He graduated from the University of Cambridge and served as a medical doctor, a neurologist with a special interest in psychiatry. He was elected Labour Member of Parliament and later became the British Foreign Secretary. He is also founder of the Social Democratic Party.

As a politician and a medical professional, he makes professional observation and diagnosis based on political leaders’ crisis management approaches in making major policy decisions, as well as their physical and psychological health status.

In the book, Owen bluntly studied the words and deeds of former British prime minister Tony Blair and former US president George W. Bush. He wrote that the two leaders’ move of calling the Iraq war was a concrete manifestation of Hubris Syndrome.

He also criticised that the leaders were too confident to listen to different views. He claimed that Blair was interested only in making sure others know that he was in a combat with the evil, and it was actually exactly the same with Bush’s foolish remarks saying that the crusades were launched to help the world get rid of the evil.

He also listed 14 symptoms of the Hubris Syndrome, including narcissism, restlessness, excessive self-confidence, proclaiming oneself as saviour and equating oneself to the country, taking the world as a stage to perform power and seek glory, as well as despising other people’s suggestions and criticism, to the extent of thinking themselves omnipotent.

Owen urged a study of the Hubris Syndrome to develop a better democratic check and balance system, and prevent arrogant leaders from leading the country into a dangerous situation. He admitted, however, that leaders with Hubris Syndrome usually show no sign before taking the office, but the problem becomes gradually serious when they are in power.

Even more interesting, he said that leaders who meet three or more of the symptoms should step down as the world needs leaders who are wiser and healthier.

Owen’s advice should be used as a reference for politicians who are currently fighting for an opportunity to contest in the next general election. Those who are trying to attract attention with sensational words, abusive language and violence should review and see whether they have symptoms of Hubris Syndrome.

If they have, they should seek psychiatric treatment as soon as possible! —

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Do limitless terms, nepotism via democracy destroying blocs of relatives, and forgetting to address APARTHEID for near 40% minority citizens count in Dr.David Owen’s list too?


Mutual Respect Should Begin At School – Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin – Wednesday, 22 February 2012 00:04

PETALING JAYA — Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the move to instill a deeper understanding on the importance of respect for one another, although from different religions, should begin from school.

He said the country would be stronger when the people no longer see the differences among them.

Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said the move would enable educationists, teachers, parents and students, to place greater importance on avoiding the sensitivities of the other communities.

“On the other hand, we respect our diversity and accept it as a valuable heritage which cannot be found in other countries,” he said when launching the school-level World Interfaith Harmony Week at SMK (P) Sri Aman, here yesterday.

Also present were Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Koh Tsu Koon, and Education Director-General Abdul Ghafar Mahmud.

Muhyiddin said various programmes and activities aimed at inculcating the spirit of cooperation, as well as tolerance and acceptance for the diversity in religion, culture and race, could be implemented at the school level.

He said the rapid progress achieved by the country today was a result of cooperation among the people of various races, religions and culture who accepted these differences as something special.

As citizens of Malaysia under the 1Malaysia concept, he said, they should be grateful for the understanding and respect for one another that existed among them.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

. . . the country would be stronger when the people SEE *no more* differences among them. *NOT ” . . . the country would be stronger when the people no longer see the differences among them. . . . ” People see ALL the Constitutional and Legal differences, don’t attempt to make them blind to the problems by talking like that – probably intended though.

“On the other hand, we respect our diversity and accept it as a valuable heritage which cannot be found in other countries,” **BUT** we are not equals in law or constitution either.

” . . . rapid progress achieved by the country today . . . “ is LESS than that of South Korea and Vietnam, there is no rapid progress???

” . . . cooperation among the people of various races, religions and culture who accepted these differences . . . ” WAS at high cost to the people while the term limitless nepotists benefited.

As citizens of Malaysia under the 1Malaysia concept, he said, they should be grateful for the understanding and respect for one another that existed among them. – We are grateful ALL but for : the lack of equality in law and constitution that will cause BN to be unvotable and thrown out . . .

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution. . . . amongst other things.


Guan Eng’s Belated Excuses – by Dr Wee Ka Siong – Thursday, 23 February 2012 13:11

The belated excuses given by DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng on why he did not refute the allegations directed towards him by MCA during the “Chinese at a Crossroads. Is the 2 Party System Becoming a 2 Race System?” debate between him and MCA President Dr Chua Soi Lek last Saturday is ridiculous and his explanations should have been brought up during the debate.

Equal time was given to both sides to speak, but Guan Eng did not use the time to refute those allegations. He only explained his excuses at the press conference after the debate, and DAP leaders also kept sending press statements to the media to protect him, thus it is no wonder Guan Eng insisted on becoming ‘Zhuge Liang’ (one of the greatest strategists ofduring the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history), as it proves that he, on hindsight, had noticed these problems.

There is no announced winner in the debate as that decision is left for the voters to decide. Therefore Guan Eng need not get himself over excited, as everything was fairly done.

The debate will naturally allow everyone space to rationally discuss issues, and starting a war of words after the debate is wrong and is in contrasts to the fundamental purpose of a debate.

Guan Eng accusations that Chua Soi Lek is purposely targeting him during the debate and that the arrangement of the debate hall was done in an unfair manner is baffling. Does Guan Eng think that Soi Lek’s asking him to be like ‘Liu Bei’ (Emperor of the state ofShu Han during the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history) is an attempt to insult him? Or does he think that ‘Liu Bei’ is not of equal standards with him?

There are two sides to every comment, and it depends on how can look at it. If one has a narrow-minded view or interpretation of things, than anything can be construed as a personal attack, and that is what has twisted the real meaning of the debate.

DR. WEE KA SIONG is MCA Youth National Chairman

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

If neither MCA nor DAP, will have a broad enough view to interprete APARTHEID as APARTHEID, then any other 3rd Force political party will be preferable to political parties like MCA and DAP who cannot see (or dare not speak on, as per the UNHCR Article 1) apartheid for what apartheid is. MCA has had 50+ years and not spoken once. DAP fares better at 2 years since (also) NOT addressing APARTHEID, beating MCA’s record by 25 times but that is 2 years not speaking against apartheid and wasting . . . PM Najib has the mandate to end APARTHEID but does not. What does that mean? Is this state of disenfranchisement and discrimination in Law and Constitution legal in the UN view and context? Soundbites without demands for policy change (i.e. Ending Apartheid) equals to WASTED votes.

UNHCR Article 1

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. (this means no 2 classes of citizenship as in non-Bumi and Bumi – most non-Bumi are not interested in the Special Privileges they want FULL EQUALITY not money crumbs from their own TAXPAYER funds sequestered by an opaque political coalition racist to boot with lapdogs to boot . . . ).

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Do Muslims consider the rest of humanity fellow humans? Or just dhimmis? Dishonest to keep the apartheid in place . . .

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Immortality through Role Consistency, Specialisation in Genre Makes for Better Characterization – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – Last updated at 9:08 PM on 22nd February 2012

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From guidette to glamour! Snooki and JWoww get a classy makeover… but they show some skin in revealing mini skirts – by Eleanor Gower – Last updated at 9:08 PM on 22nd February 2012

We are more used to seeing them in over-the-top make-up and revealing animal print ensembles.

But Jersey Shore stars Snooki and JWoww ditch their more familiar guidette guises for a more glamorous look for a new photo shoot.

Snooki tweeted the new pictures which show them both dressed in more sombre black outfits with  sophisticated make-up.

Glamming up: Snooki tweeted a picture of herself and JWoww posing for a new photo shoot on her Twitter page earlier this week

Snooki looked stunning in smoky make-up and red lips, with her brown hair looking glossy in a loose style.

However, she still flashed the flesh in the photograph which showed both stars in their usual mini skirts, with Snooki revealing a black bra.

The pose JWoww struck was also pure Jersey Shore, as she bumped Snooki with her behind.

Big hair: Snooki looked stunning with smoky make-up, red lipstick and her hair in a glossy brunette long style

Thinking pink: Despite the sophisticated appearance, Snooki still sported her favourite leopardskin – posing with a pair of pink heels, and large hooped earrings

Usual dress: Snooki and JWoww moved away from their usual distinctive style

JWoww’s one shouldered dress was also suitably clingy,and was won with subtle make-up, dangling earrings and a side ponytail.

But Snooki clearly could not resist the lure of her favourite leopardskin for the shoot, and posted another picture of her holding bright pink heels in the familiar animal print.

‘Looveeeee big earrings,’ she wrote alongside a photograph of her in large silver hoops, before adding: ‘And my fabulous shoe collection,’ next to a picture of her holding the pink heels.

Snooki and JWoww are joining forces for a special spin-off show which was due to start shooting this week.

However, according to recent reports, filming has yet again been delayed.

It is another setback to the show following The Mayor of Hoboken Dawn Zimmer denying the film crew a permit last month.

But Snooki and JWoww were eventually given the green light to film their new Jersey Shore spin off show in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Cooking up a storm: Snooki and cast mate Deena Cortese tried their hands at making meatballs for a photo shoot for In Touch magazine

Tucking in: The diminutive duo happily sat down to tuck in to their meaty creation

Stars: The duo appear in this week’s issue of In Touch magazine

Meanwhile, Snooki appears in a very different outfit in this week’s In Touch magazine.

The star is pictured dressed in a chef’s hat and apron, joining cast mate Deena to cook up some meatballs in New York.

Both Snooki and Deena have been labelled ‘meatballs’ by Jersey Shore cast mate Ronnie.

‘We were fighting and he said: “You guys look like meatballs,”‘ Snooki recalls to the magazine. ‘We decided to turn it around and make it positive.’

However, now, the diminutive duo say they actually want to be called ‘meatballs,’ as they got stuck into some old fashioned cooking at Brooklyn’s The Meatball Shop.

‘Who doesn’t love meatballs?’ asked Deena.

‘It feels like an old lady breast,’ said Snooki as she kneaded the raw meat, although she claimed to be an old hand at whipping up a few culinary concoctions.

‘I used to cook with my mom and grandma,’ she said.

Form more information on JWoww and Snooki, log on to In Touch Weekly’s website

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It is totally impossible for these two to be classy, you can put a dress on a pig… it’s still a pig! Are their 15 minutes almost over?? Oh please say yes!

– sahara, Portland, Oregon, 23/2/2012 01:45
Rating   21

Ah I love this show. When is season 5 airing in the UK?

– Beck, Norfolk, 23/2/2012 00:43
Rating (0)

jenny and nicole are looking truly beautifull deena looks amazing wow

– sarah, surrey, 23/2/2012 00:38
Rating   3

In the immortal words of Ron White, “You can’t fix stupid.”

– Captain Reynault, Georgia, USA, 22/2/2012 23:55
Rating   19

“Classy” is not a word I would use to describe these two trasholas. I can’t understand their popularity – but I put them on a level with the Kardashians. You know, their appeal is for the uneducated masses in America. Snooki does look better, but you’d need a chisel to scrape off all that makeup. But she will always be short and chunky.

– Katie, Scottsdale, AZ , 22/2/2012 23:44
Rating   13

The hairdresser in the 2nd pic is very attractive.

– Gerry, Wales, 22/2/2012 23:42
Rating   4

I really cannot see what anybodys stature has to do with it .She is a very beautiful woman, and deserves a lot of respect. For those who insult her, take a good look in the mirror and hold the picture of Snookie next to it. I think it is called envy!!!!!!!!

– Lord Draper, Chepstow South Wales, 22/2/2012 23:24
Rating   9

Girls in short skirts doing nothing – the tedium continues.

– Seen it all, Purfleet uk, 22/2/2012 23:18
Rating   17

Snooki….Jwoww. For god’s sake, who are they????

– Just an ordinary bod, UK, 22/2/2012 22:52
Rating   10

Snooki and Deena would be an entertaining show, Jenni is too boring.

– lollipop, candyland, 22/2/2012 22:39
Rating (0)

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

They tend to gentrify with age (shelf-life of 1 to very most 2 decades) but I”d rather the media network did not feature that post gentrification phase – perhaps a semi-retirement phase and phase out WHILE IN CHARACTER!!! Welcome to more lost Haarlems (the historical NY neighbourhood) of possibly already contrived characters on the media. Those organic non-rich types were best fun when they had distinct stye, Lets get another ‘meatball’ or series of meatballs!!!

Ya really gotta see this teen tranny (. . . dead ringer for Snooki . . . perhaps a meet up and photoshoot together?)

Where’s the chav/punk factor or representation on TV? So everyone is a 5 star cook in a cocktail dress now? Great fun pandering to the 1% eh? Wheres the leather and spikes and micros . . . (and no, don’t have them traipsing around town buying ‘branded’ goods or spending 100 times what 401K Joe can afford. ORGANIC. Wheres that ‘reality’ bum? Or busker? Where’s that reality ‘chick’ who gets banged up all the time LC style par excellence? Where’s the semi-faux fist fight? Where are all the grease monkeys forever slicking up their greasier hair discussing motoring tips that actually work? or barely scrapping by bean counters that occasionally commit suicide or go on a Columbine style spree? None?

What we do see on TV is Tamara Ecclestone wearing an overpriced dress and holding a mocking cardboard that says ‘will work for diamonds’ . . . really asking for the 99% to retaliate. That milkshake looks like it belongs on the windscreen of a ‘Tamara’ type 1% person’s car . . . NOT FUNNY. Dya know how many people ‘can’t haz chezburger’ EVERYDAY?!?

Fake petrol bombs on Towie stars’ really dull businesses?

Lets have Towering Inferno(s) (1974 John Guillermin) instead, or how about a REAL organic inferno in the form of a volcano coming back to life . . . Osama would say, ‘been there done that’ (and a DOUBLE), but there are SOOOO many buildings in the world!!! Who’s up for a ‘Turkey’ or a ‘Bagger’? Yahtzee (or ‘Hambone’ – depending on your denom-nom-nomination, homophobes don’t read this too fast . . . )? . . .  get out those bowling balls with classic fuses you lazy pigs . . . <JK>

Can't catch and throw at the same time . . .

One, Joo, Free, Four . . . Yahtzee ! ” Cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen . . .

Eli (Damaskinos?) owns your husband <JK>. . .

Or semi scripted stuff that if you watch long enough will allow you to become a half ass mechanic/restauranteur/handyman-housebuilder (this won’t make the service providers happier though they really shouldn’t focus on penny pinching from the LC types. A base of MC, too proud or mech-phobic won’t be watching the LC channel. The MC and above types should be their main business target – teaching garage skills IS a form of wealth distribution via media . . . LC types who are too poor to go to garages/restaurants/toolshops(for wealthier hobbyists mostly) will be hanging on the the garage scenes to pick up some real tips (not the farcial pro-1% ‘Home Improvement’ type of series 1991-1999 Matt Williams, Carmen Finestra and David McFadzean though) etc..

Say goodbye to the LC bunch in society represented in media otherwise? More skewed reality? These 2 girls at 1.0 stages were better, should’ve kept them in character and phased them out to be organic (the day they change will be the day they lose interest to the audience) – I suspect too many featured people are too quickly worth MILLIONS so it’s all 1% AGAIN . . .

Whoever heard of, or respected a wrestler who owned a 10s of millions worth house and spent 100s of millions in his career? Now a wrestler/boxer who retired in his 30s from injuries and set up a tiny gym somewhere (for happy ending) or another who died in a barfight fighting groups of people – the more the merrier – and more respectable (this should be in the ratio of more people who died pissing off the same types of tough guy sportsman than the sportmen dying) – THATS organic and close to reality, not some multimillionaire non-99%ter that the 99% will never be able to relate to.

These days it’s all 1%ters, hagelian dialectic politicians talking nonsense while being ilthy rich, or metrosexuals (where are those campy tutu clad burlesque people running semi-naked down the street with flame throwers? All hiding because the police have turned into hall monitors dishing out demerits?), the occasional fundo or consumerist shill otherwise . . .

‘Modern society’ fails and costs are ‘Too Damn High’ even if every other star big brother or not broke their ankles (as if) – that 0.99 cent chezburger will still be unavailable (as mentioned in another post, get or set up a F&B that can take on the challenge of bring back the 1993 era prices (the insane profiteer franchises of the day have prevented this, now lets have this new franchise chain wipe out all other franchise chains – a Fast Food Chain to End all Fast Food Chains, much like Tata-Nano looks set to destroy the car industry – if QC issues and durability is solved . . . ) . . . but kudos for regaining the ‘Rudegirl’ to Rihanna (how many ‘Rudegirls’ or ‘Rudeboys’ are there this day???), if Rihanna went all ballroom on us, it would be meme suicide and socio-type genocide on a Hitleresque scale . . .

Thats the rant of the day (possibly the decade who knows) . . .

I'm starting to get annoyed . . .


They CAN do demure! Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry dress to impress in elegant gowns at Elton John Oscars bash – by Iona Kirby – Last updated at 9:24 AM on 28th February 2012

While a host of glamorous celebrities donned their Sunday best to walk the red carpet at tonight’s Oscars, others opted to watch the event at a viewing party. And the hottest ticket in town was to Sir Elton John’s bash, which he holds annually in a bid to raise money for his AIDS Foundation.

Shining in silver: Miley looked beautiful as she cosied up to boyfriend Liam Hemsworth

Katy wore a shimmering silver and black sequinned dress. The glittering gown, which had a sheer neck, was the perfect complement for the 27-year-old singer’s blue tresses. And while Katy Perry was less colourful than usual, Miley Cyrus also shone in silver as she ditched her boho style for a demure dress.

The starlets in attendance at the event all opted for classic and elegant gowns as they posed on the red carpet before making their way in to the plush party

I want it! Katy bids on a lot at the fundraising event

Doting Dad: Guests at the party gushed over Elton and David’s son Zachary

Her canary yellow beaded dress had a cut-out back and the …-year-old swept her blonde locks into a bun to show off that extra bit of flesh.

Furry friend: Actress Fran Drescher chose a very interesting guest as her plus one for the event

And True Blood star Anna Paquin wore a chic black and gold long-sleeved dress as she cuddled up to her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer. They weren’t the only vampire stars on hand at the event as Nina Dobrev wore a plunging black dress while her hunky boyfriend Ian Somerhalder donned a black tuexedo. Meanwhile actress and model Brooklyn Decker opted for a simple yet sophisticated taupe dress with a black lace overlay.

Memoirs of a Geisha star Ziyi Zhang opted for a dusty blue gown complete with sequins, while The Wonder Years star Danica McKellar chose a strapless monochrome dress. Actress Paz Vega also wowed on the red carpet in a white frock with several layers of chiffon on one hip, as she chatted to red hot model Petra Nemcova. Also in attendance at the bash was Gossip Girl Chace Crawford, Glee stars Matthew Morrison, Chris Colfer and Ashley Fink, and American Idol judge Steven Tyler.

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.  The comments below have not been moderated.

katy is getting too old for the cartoon look. and from the looks of it, this was no a list event. anyone could come.
– carolrules, san francisco, ca, 28/2/2012 12:51
Rating   2

wow… Miley looks GORGEOUS! I think this is the best I’ve ever seen her look. The dress, the make-up, the hair… it’s just all beautiful and classic. Diana Agron and Maggie Grace look beautiful as well. I think Katy’s hair and Mena’s dress both look ridiculous.
– Ty, Seattle, WA, USA, 28/2/2012 09:49
Rating   6

Feeling very sorry for the dog and the baby who both looked like they’d rather be anywhere else.
– Mrs Britain, Wilts, 28/2/2012 08:46
Rating   6

Who let all the Americans on this British newspaper……
– John Bull , London, 28/2/2012 07:58
Rating   7

Ian Somerhalder…wearing a bit too much blush there.
– Elixir, Bangalore, India, 28/2/2012 04:42
Rating   2

EW, every time I see the Kardashians I want to gag. Will they just go away????
– lynn, ca, usa, 28/2/2012 03:41
Rating   15

I find the Oscars and it’s media coverage so bizarre. And why are there so many mucians at an awards show for actors? Hollywood; just a bunch of pretty looking weirdos.
– jay, usa, 28/2/2012 01:09
Rating   9

Is Mena Suvari channeling Bjork?
– That Girl, USA, 27/2/2012 23:50
Rating   9

I thought Ian Somerhalder (who is he?) was Rob Lowe!! And when I look again, it still is Rob Lowe, albeit a younger version…anyone else see this???
– Serena, Irrelevant, 27/2/2012 23:05
Rating   26

It’s nice to see Miley Cyrus wearing something nice for a change. Lately she has been dressing like trailer park trash.
– Lynn, Salt Lake City, Utah, 27/2/2012 23:01

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Don’t ‘do’ whatever, much less demure. If you’re naturally a rowdie, stick to that. Be authentic and original, find a ‘best’ or most believable personae or setting, and stick to that. Age in that setting and character. Die in that setting and character. Some of us had no luxury of such choices or have been manipulated through our lives into something else, but take a look at the overall works and characterizations. What stands out strongest?

Then there is also the environmental factor, and the worthiness and overall value of the investment. That’s what makes film so interesting and diverse. A trailer trash acting specialist could appear in character alongside any pirates or 1800s era Presidents or sci-fi aliens and Victorian toffs. If everyone is ‘harmonized’ and ‘gentrified’ (especially in a film awards ceremonies) towards 1% style conventional bowtie and gown, it becomes a 1% thing (despite the generally diverse values).

Especially since most of these ‘stars’ actually live 1% type lives and are usually plutocrats despite the generally LC work of panto(glorified though) they do, few Joe Publics would warm up to or want to identify with them. Not organic and quite contrived. Rather cynical even. It’s hard to respect a character for authenticity when playing ‘raw characters’ when they’re worth millions, or in a reverse case,  some strait laced professional type that tend to drug up or drunk up or punch up all weekend and between acting stints – for the ‘rowdie’ this is absolutely acceptable, but for the professional character player, forget it – out of character again and weakens the characterisation, destroys the immortality of the meme.

Good for dazzling of kids and generally uneducated, unstudied people, but the 99%ters are not going to be very impressed when Chuck Norris for example says he’s a domesticated type, or when Arnold Terminator starts acting in ‘male prego’ films replete with vomiting babies, or Karate-mentor Miyaga becomes a gay waiter – tsk tsk tsk (shoot the producer and scriptwriter then Miyagi as well in this case), I’m not even Japanese and feel bad for the Japs, or Cliff Eastwood becomes gay after Heath Ledger ‘dies’ (false death?) playing a gay Cowboy – possibly? to die of old age soon after Cliff wins, – moral of the story? Gay ‘winners’ die = Gays die = LGBTs die = subtle couched exhortation of hate someone gets away with . . . see if Cliff passes on soon after this film from old age . . . . consistency and freedom from agendas PLEASE.

This flip-flop much like so many actual flip-flops in real life gets thrown at hated politicians, kills Hollywood no end. We’d rather they remain immortalized in film, in character (like Bela Lugosi was Dracula right to his death – much respects), WITHOUT ‘manipulative imprinting’ agendas, and not dandified plutocrats in real life who also remain in character in real life.

Quite a let down. Now those one-off types or picky actors who stay in character are truly special and memorable. There are private lives but if film is all about keeping up the illusion then get some dedicated sorts, not plutocrats, like that mullet wearer who becomes a geezer unchanging with the same mullet . . . has more respect than someone that won’t pin down a specialty character or is ACTUALLY in the relative appropriate wealth range of the character than a plutocrat – good living shows and they lose their edge FOREVER when that happens – shelf life y’know? Finally remakes are the sh1t . . . more inconsistency and Orwellian rewrites. F that. Film is almost biblica (hence the term ‘cult’ fiction) and you don’t have Judas turn into Christ, or make Christ gay or bisexual in the ‘Newest’ Testament, frankly though I am not a Xian, I find the New Testament an affront to the Old Testament as much as, a Tripod (Christopher Barry 1984-1985) speaking another language in a French or Italian accent, Banquo becoming ‘Toilet Hanako’s’ BF, or Shakespeare being played by Mugabe.

Just inconsistent . . . all those inconsistent films should be ‘Bush Jr’ style ‘flip-flopped’ by any real connoisseurs of the ‘drama art’. Yer bunch of fakes. Would ‘Chinawood’ or ‘Russiawood’ or ‘Brazilwood’ perhaps build a proper series of stars based on character memes thorough the Industrial and Post Industrial modern era that stay in character? This ‘bunch’ of ‘plutocrats without fixed identities’ thing is not organic nor soul-affirmative at all, especially harmful to the morass of mobs trying to stabilize a personae. As some of us get older and more discerning, it’s not just the moment of the 2-3 hrs in a film but something more permanent that holds value, the dichotomy simply becomes an exercise in establishing the cynical and mutability of non-institutions like ‘stars’ who cannot stay in character. Now that’s the spirit of true APPRECIATION which is being disavowed and abused every time some chameleon’s face/personae melts off.

Would you trap, kill, skin and sew your own fur? One girl’s extreme attempt to see if animal pelts can ever be ethical – by Daisy Dumas – Last updated at 1:42 AM on 21st February 2012

In Animal Rights, best practices, foxes, pelts on February 23, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Jenni Avins owns a red fox vest. It is simple, warm and, to many, hideously ugly for what it represents.

To Ms Avins, though, it is not only thing of beauty, but the hard-earned product of hours of her own labour and learning.

At, she details her first, eye-opening experience of trapping and skinning foxes, the tanning process and finally the specialist seamstress work that is needed to make just one fur vest.
Blood sport: Jenni Avins trapped and skinned a fox then sewed her own fur vest

Blood sport: Jenni Avins trapped and skinned a fox then sewed her own fur vest

It is all part of her experiment to see ‘just how difficult it would be to transform dead animal skin into haute couture.’

It was also a personal quest to unearth whether ‘free range fur’ is a possibility – could American wild fur have ‘the potential be the fashion-industry equivalent of sustainable, free-range, farm-to-table meat’?

‘As it turns out, it’s a macabre but doable task, given some expert assistance,’ she writes at the magazine site.

A trail of phone calls led the tenacious Ms Alvis to a Pennsylvania forest. There, she was taught to lay raccoon and fox traps. Marshmallows, a bacon-scented potion and a grape jelly-like mixture was enough to entice raccoons, or coon, to the vicious spring-mounted traps along muddy riverbanks.

Failing to trap her own animal overnight, the one-time fashion insider, who had worked with a designer who had a ‘penchant for fur dyed in bold colours’ instead headed to the basement of a hunting business, where ‘death was everywhere, and it was crowded’ and picked a frozen fox, killed earlier in the week.

Wild woods: The writer’s journey began in a Pennsylvania wood, where she was taught to set fox and raccoon traps by a professional hunter and his business partner

Skinning her small beast was an effort in strength – a strong gut, certainly, but also a strong arm, the small fox not letting go easily of its protective hide.

The process is a gruesome one, not for the faint-hearted.

‘I felt the hook push past the bones and saw it come out on the other side. Eric slowly turned the fox, now hanging by its hind legs, a blue plastic bucket on the floor beneath its nose. A few drops of blood had already fallen in,’ she writes.

‘With the tip of the blade, I traced up the backs of the fox’s shins and then around the bottoms of its ankles. I worked my fingers into the seam of sliced flesh, pulling the fur from shiny muscle until the swath was completely separated and hanging just below its tail…

Not for the faint-hearted: Skinning the fox was an ordeal – bloody, tough and gruesome, the process took 40 minutes and required both mental and physical strength

Not pretty: Ms Avins described skinning the creature as ‘horrific’ and found herself crying by the end of the process, when she finally held the full pelt in her hands

‘Without warning, my right hand flew down the length of the tail as the fox swung away from me, and a long, spindly bone sprang up in my face. It was absolutely horrific. “This is the easy part,” Eric [her guide, a professional hunter] said. “Wait until we get to the hard stuff.”’

The ‘hard stuff’ involved unwrapping the fox of its entire coat, leaving a ‘red and violet body’, alien-like in its strange, exposed appearance.

‘I was holding the entire skin, inside out, in my arms, completely bewildered,’ Ms Avins writes. ‘I looked at the clock. The process had taken about 40 minutes.

‘Something inside me wanted to clutch it to my chest, like a teddy bear or a baby. I felt my chin crinkle up and tried to steady myself, fearing [the hunters] might start to wonder whether I was an undercover activist.

New York furrier: The one-time fashion insider used the expertise of a Manhattan furrier to sew her fresh pelts together. Sewing took four days

‘To my horror, I was starting to cry.’

Four skins later, and Ms Avins had enough hide to make her vest.

The tanning stage was completed in New Jersey, by a man who had never skinned an animal himself. She described the relief of off-loading the reeking skins that she had kept in her bathroom, after they developed an ‘odor somewhere between a butcher block, a leather shop, and a bowl of Cheetos’.

The writer describes the ‘furs frothing in tubs of soap, chemicals, and salt, preparing to be scraped of excess flesh, moisturized, and then tumbled in towering wooden barrels’ – all part of the age-old process of turning skin into fur.

Steam blasting: Final touches included steaming the fur. It took just weeks to get to this stage, from the wood to a Manhattan workshop

From a wintry wood in Pennsylvania to Manhattan’s fur district, the final stage of Ms Avins’ fur journey was an urban affair, conducted with the help of an expert furrier.

‘We matched two of the saltier-colored furs and laid them side by side,’ she writes. ‘With a gold-handled blade, Dimitris sliced off their pale inner edges and sewed the skins together, creating a mutant, two-headed fox pelt with a double-wide back. “See?” he said. “Like plastic surgery.” Then he unceremoniously swiped across the tops of their necks. Like that, my foxes were fabric.’

Dimitris, explains Ms Avins, is one of just 40 furriers remaining in Manhattan. 27 years ago, there were over 500.

Lining and an embroidered monogram later, and the vest was complete. The Manhattan-finished garment had come a long way from its humble, wild and muddy beginnings.
Safe hands: Dimitris, one of just 400 furriers remaining in Manhattan of around 500 in the Eighties, guides Ms Avins in the cutting process

Safe hands: Dimitris, one of just 400 furriers remaining in Manhattan of around 500 in the Eighties, guides Ms Avins in the cutting process

An ethical project of sorts, while Ms Avins was determined enough to go to the lengths of experiencing the whole fur-making process, her experiment has still left some animal rights commentators cold.

PETA’s campaign director, Lindsay Wright, was unequivocal: ‘The fur trade is simply a violent, bloody industry, any way you slice it.’

Finishing touch: While Ms Avins’ dedication to her morals is impressive, PETA and animal rights academics were not convinced by the ethics of ‘free range fur’

Even academics did not feel that Ms Avins’ novel approach to a fox-skin vest altered the ethical certainty of fur.

She spoke to Steven Wise, author of An American Trilogy and a legal scholar specialising in animal rights. She wanted his opinion as to whether killing or processing one’s own garment influenced his belief that all fur should be illegal.

‘No,’ he told her. ‘It just makes you wonder whether it’s insane.’

Commentator Comments :

Vile woman. What a cruel, vain and wholly unnecessary act. This article made me sick and I am surprised that you published it. Disgusting.

– ENR, London UK, 21/2/2012 13:19
Rating   18

Unless you lot are all vegetarian, and never wear leather etc, or use/eat any other product derived from animals, you have no right to criticise and essentially are a bunch of hypocrites. Wearing and using real fur and skins should be perfectly acceptable — especially if ithe animal is not endangered, has been killed as quickly and humanely as possible and the other parts were also used.

– Sarah, London UK, 21/2/2012 13:18
Rating   56

The biggest problems I have with the fur industry is the conditions in which animals live and how they’re killed. The same ethics apply to my consumption of meat. I expect eggs to come from free-range chickens, I expect meat to come from animals that lived with room to move, outside access, and a quick death. Essentially I have no problem with someone shooting an animal then skinning it for its fur, if it lived a normal wild life first. I agree with taking what you need rather than stockpiling supply on a fur farm. But I’d question the traps mentioned in this article – how do they work? Does an animal die instantly, or remain trapped and in pain for hours? Aesthetically I also find the fur industry unpleasantly ostentatious. I wouldn’t wear fur any more than I’d carry a handbag covered with logos and clanking hardware. I think it’s vulgar. I don’t live in the Russian steppes, so a few layers, a big scarf and a couple of pairs of tights under my jeans usually keep me warm

– Jen, London, 21/2/2012 12:03
Rating   77

No, just no. We’re not cave men. It’s not the Ice Ages. Nor do we live in Siberia. Killing an animal simply to wear it’s fur is not necessary, it’s deplorable. Skinning a frozen fox? NO. You want the authentic experience, then do it. Trap the fox YOURSELF, skin it alive YOURSELF (that’s how they do it in real life). Not so neat and tidy then, huh?

– Tiare, Hawaii, USA, 21/2/2012 11:00
Rating   43

Though I am usually more eloquent and/or verbose, only one word comes to mind: vomit.

– Sandra, Los Angeles, CA, 21/2/2012 09:57
Rating   44

I think DM is pretty brave publishing this article. Just reading Liz Jones vitriol and the ensuing comments after the Mulberry and Matthew Williamson use of fur in their shows I expected more of the same. I am pro fur and have received death threats for my opinion- which is rather ludicrous and somewhat decreases the strength of their argument. Like Ms Avins, I have trapped and skinned and treated and its hard work; I have also shot and cooked game. All this makes me appreciate the finished product more.

– Elaine- Modesty Personified!, Birmingham UK, 21/2/2012 09:28
Rating   2

I don’t condone wearing or creating fur of any kind. I do recognise that in some parts of the world people have no choice, such as tribes residing north of the arctic circle who wear seal skins. In their defence, they also consume the meat of the seal. I just do not understand in this day and age how people in nations where you have beautiful fake fur to wear, still go on wearing the skins of innocent animals. Like other people have commented before, when we speak of leather, at least it comes from an animal from which we use nearly everything. Foxes kept in tiny cages and then skinned only for their fur, which is in no way necessary for us, cannot be justified.

– miia, switzerland, 21/2/2012 09:05
Rating   73

4 pelts for one lousy vest? 4 innocent lives taken for just one sleeveless vest that wouldn’t even keep you warm… I’m disgusted. At least with leather (not that I agree with it) you can get multiple items from one hide as well as plenty of meat to go around. Jenni, it’s obvious that your only intention was to get publicity and an excuse to own a fur vest, not to do any research like you claim.

– Loula, Boston, 21/2/2012 05:05
Rating   85

This is a clever piece of propaganda. You know, those traps also kill our family pets. It probably wouldn’t be so “fashionable”, though, to acknowledge that. Truly, in trapping, “death is everywhere.”

– Scott Slocum, White Bear Lake, MN, USA, 21/2/2012 05:02
Rating   63

That’s disgusting that she supported killing an animal just for its fur. That she skinned it herself and it was frozen doesn’t make it acceptable to those who do not support the wearing of fur anymore. I would only support her methods if she had eaten all of the fox meat also.

– Lisa, Los Angeles, USA, 21/2/2012 05:01

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Not insane or bad or evil at all. It’s not a suit of ‘Human Skin/Flesh’ is it? (Even then the consensual could put forward a reasoned argument if the material came from a consenting and aware party . . . ). These are survival skills that should never be lost, but if everyone did this there would be no justification either for the suffering. Maybe animatronic foxes to practice with, THEN combined with SPONSORSHIP of free range foxes in specialised reserves as close to nature as possible, that are skinned ONLY AFTER natural death?

This way anyone with a pelt of any sort would be praised for patience (foxes live a few decades) and with the animatronic option will have preserved survival skills (perhaps the fur could be specially marked on a certain manner to show the wearer has actual skinning skills), without causing unecessary suffering, and kept ENTIRELY ethical (having sponsored the fur animal) as well.

The costs are raised tremendously in this format but if fur wearing is intended to be elite, this could be the way to go. Probably for the first birthdays of many children of the elite, parents  would ‘sponsor a fox, elephant (for tusks), or a number of tagged sharks (for fins)’ on a reserve/ocean reserve somewhere that will be skinned/harvested in a few decades after that fox’s/elephant’s/shark’s (200 years means Great-Grandad did the sponsoring . . . VERY l33t – more so than aged wines no???) natural lifespan ends.

Dmitris? Talk about coincidences, there is another Dmitrys who does ‘furry art’ as well . . .

Grievances of the Temiar tribe must be addressed – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – Feb 23, 2012 @ 8:01

In Allodial, Informed Consent, Invasive Laws, Malaysia, misplaced adoration, non-Muslim rights, non-Muslim Rights in a Muslim country, orang asli, Property, spirit of the law on February 23, 2012 at 8:01 am

Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah of Kelantan state in Malaysia, do you know what is going on in your constituency? What is your view on this?

Good work on keeping eyes and ears open Bar Council. Now how about taking on APARTHEID in law and constitution . . .