Kate Upton covers another magazine – and this time there are no clothes at all (but it’s all in the name of art of course) – by Tamara Abraham – Last updated at 11:25 AM on 23rd February 2012

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She is now a household name after appearing on the front of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but Kate Upton’s latest magazine cover is possibly more sensational still.

The blonde beauty, 19, poses naked on the cover of Italian title Muse, the so-called ‘fashionart magazine’.

Channelling Marilyn Monroe, like so many others before her, the styling of the model manages to reference a retro era without relying on clothing or props.

Kate Upton poses nude on the cover of Muse magazine, channelling the look of Marilyn Monroe

Retro beauty: Kate Upton poses nude on the cover of Muse magazine, channelling the look of Marilyn Monroe

Her peroxide blonde hair is teased into a high bouffant, while her make-up, with powdered skin and matte, taupe lips, looks understated while at the same time, very Fifties.

Though Miss Upton famously slimmed down over the summer, after gaining so much weight her friends staged an intervention, she still looks particularly curvaceous in this new image.

Slimmed-down: Miss Upton (pictured in July, left, and earlier this month, right) famously dropped some weight over the summer after gaining so much weight her friends staged an intervention

Cover girl: Miss Upton was chosen to front the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year

Shot at an angle many women would agree was particularly flattering, her shoulders and decolletage look slim, while her chest is enviably full.

Miss Upton has barely been out of the headlines since her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover was unveiled two weeks ago.

She has since appeared in the pages of Esquire and a Carl’s Jr burger commercial. And during an interview on the Ellen show, she was forced to dodge rumours about a possible relationship with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

One thing she won’t be appearing in anytime soon is a Victoria’s Secret show, though.

The lingerie company’s creative head, Sophia Neophitou, told the New York Times that it would never choose Miss Upton to appear in the annual event.

Unafraid to mince her words, she described the Swimsuit Issue cover girl as being blessed with beauty that is ‘too obvious’.

Ms Neophitou told the newspaper that the model is ‘like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.’

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where have my pair of pet catapillars got to, AH there they are! how’d they get on her forehead

– FLaming_8ball, London, UK, 23/2/2012 14:35
Rating   1

nice rack, average face, poor waist, overhyped model.

– oliver, expat in turkey, 23/2/2012 14:33
Rating   1

She’s gross……..YUCK !! So are Americans. – Me, Mytown, 23/2/2012 12:46 Has Osama risen from the dead??? OMG!!

– Katie, London, 23/2/2012 14:06
Rating   1

I have a serious girl crush on her….!! She looks amazing!!

– BB, Scotland., 23/2/2012 12:59
Rating   31

She’s gross……..YUCK !! So are Americans.

– Me, Mytown, 23/2/2012 12:46
Rating   80

whats up with the photoshopped bikini bottoms? I’m sure she would have looked just as great without having her crotch shrunk …

– Anon, London, 23/2/2012 12:40
Rating   22

She’s gross……..YUCK !! – David Hilton, Inglewood, California.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can’t understand comments like this from so called men, she is clearly a beautiful woman, some of the negative comments on here are so strange.

– Jessica , in Dublin, 23/2/2012 12:26
Rating   34

Simply stunning!

– Someone, Near&Far, 23/2/2012 12:25
Rating   38

She’s gross……..YUCK !!

– David Hilton, Inglewood, California., 23/2/2012 11:14
Rating   119

“She’s pretty but them boobies are weird.. – nards, manchester” — You think so? Let me take another, longer look … Mmmmm……

– Mr Grumpy, Merseyside, 23/2/2012 11:08

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

From the comments, we see the need to separate DM (or online media in general) into 3 or 4 general different ‘social-class sections’ (i.e. lower, middle, upper, above upper – which 1%ters obviously are flooding media with now . . . ) or have 3 different media portals (perhaps 12 to 16 sections if further ‘his’ and ‘hers’ or ‘married’, even LGBT, or various faith divisions to not put off anyone seeking a least jarring media portal experience – this could be the lazy counsellor’s prescription for arguing couples and boss-employees contribuitions areas too) or something tired people who log onto the internet could immediately go to to avoid being ‘jarred’ by class, preference EVEN race differences.

As for the above, the LC guys would love this article. Some UC guys would log on to ‘slum’. For mental exercise, counsellors could intentionally make people read mixed media like DM as of now. For those looking to unwind and be as insular as possible, DM is not recommended because of the diverse selection of articles. However those who constantly want to keep challen ging their comfort zones, a varied media portal like DM would be quite useful to keep brain cells firing.

As gritty or organic, as contrived and choreographed MTV can get . . .

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