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The “Right to Migrate” Trumps All – Kevin MacDonald on November 24, 2010

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The Center for Immigration Studies has issued a report, Fewer Jobs, More Immigrants, maintaining that despite the loss of 1 million jobs, 13.1 Million immigrants arrived in the last decade. The level of immigration remained the same despite a huge worsening of job creation.

Most tellingly, in 2008-2009, in the midst of the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression, 2.4 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) settled in the United States, even though 8.2 million jobs were lost over the same period. And the forecast is miserable, the LA Times print edition headline screaming “Fed forecasts hears of pain on job front.” The article did not quote anyone who thought that cutting back immigration would be a good idea.

Which tells us one thing: It’s not about economics. As the CIS notes, “the level of new immigration can remain high even in the face of massive job losses.”

I was reminded of this as I read my daily email from the American Third Position, titled “U.N. Calls for More Legal Immigration, as U.S. Jobs are Increasingly Shipped Overseas.” (Click here for the article; instructions for getting A3P emails are on the same page.)

Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, stated that “Although states have legitimate interests in securing their borders and exercising immigration controls, such concerns do not trump the obligations of the state to respect the internationally guaranteed rights of all persons.” Among those rights is the right to migrate wherever they want–effectively saying that in fact states have no right to control their borders.

She implies that the developed world should be willing to take in 214 million (!!) international migrants. America is clearly not doing its share. (And there will be plenty more prospective migrants as soon as these 214 million are settled in.) Indeed, as A3P notes, she essentially threatened Americans as being outside compliance with international law, stating that “The principle of non-discrimination is fundamental in international human rights law.” Everyone has a right to come to the US and the US has no right to discriminate among among prospective immigrants.

In the hands of Third World ideologues, what started out as the powerful, uniquely Western idea that people have rights against the state is in effect turned into the right to displace the people who created these societies. Western societies have rejected an identity based on their traditional people and culture in favor of an ideology that they are nothing more than “proposition nations”–a major theme of The Culture of Critique. Such proposition nations are ill-equipped to establish a principled intellectual defense against such egregious expansions of rights. Viewed from the perspective of, say, an African native of Kenya, any policy that discriminates in favor of people of European descent involves impermissible discrimination.

Niva Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Clearly, there will be unrelenting pressure on the West to admit ever more immigrants–regardless of the economic conditions in those countries and regardless of the consequences to the founding populations and their culture. The Camp of the Saints nightmare in slow motion. But since the elites of all Western societies are resolutely committed to the dispossession of the people who built them, one never hears anything from political leadership or from the mainstream media about the astounding fact that legal immigration has continued more or less as it has been despite millions of unemployed Americans.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Frankly the most reasoned among us do not believe in the idea of passports (and passport fees, or IDs and ID fees) or borders or nations. The world belongs to everyone and barriers from migrating ANYWHERE one wishes should not be imposed on anyone, especially those who have not committed crimes. Maybe maintain the passport requirements ONLY on criminals who have committed crimes related to tariff evasion or escaping crimes specifically?

The following is unnecessary but included to highlight societies of today : That ‘IDs or passports for criminals only thing’ would encourage local governments to invest in their people’s sense of justice and ethics because criminals will not be allowed to travel and a profiteering society or governance paradigm ends!

Combined with reasoned subsistence/production-worthy only paradigms in land ownership limits, Utopia and freedom from TSA and the profiteering paradigm via ‘government’ justification of need for identification (how many terrorist acts were actually governments colluding, or even locally contrived situations) is possible.

This effective disallowing of people from moving around worldwide creates police state mentality and subjects them to the mercy of the state and should be liberalised. All non-criminals should be allowed to travel the world unimpeded. What was it like 300 years ago? Anyone could travel anywhere and local laws would punish criminals as well. There was no passport or what not. No idiotic citizen’s ‘fight song’ (aka anthem) or whatever childish b.s.. Just a sense of fairplay, that fosters ethical treatment of one’s fellow man – WORLDWIDE – instead of this communal country vs country b.s., faither vs non-faither vs agnostic, vs atheist b.s..

Badly governed, apartheid/backward law keeping or nepotistic and dictatorial nations would thus see their citizens migrate away from those nations (areas) until they died out instead of thinking ‘the citizens have no choice so the 99% will have to tolerate whatever laws we dish out to them backed by laws written by 1% types, and then enforced  by police FROM their own 99% ranks to boot! – What b.s.!

Conversely good nations (areas)would grow and prosper with new migrants (though spreading out into the country at LOW DENSITY (i.e. lots of green lung) instead of getting more dense), instead of being trapped into elections systems (and profiteering mechanisms thereof parasiting off elections) that again are not even participatory or even true democratic (1 man 1 vote AT ALL LEVELS), being mostly representative democracies, an exception being a portion of USA’s governance in  the 1 man 1 vote for President, though the wide ranging powers of Presidents could again be separated into expert councils and the President’s powers itself could be to VETO  when deadlock or a quick decision is needed more than anything else.

Back to nations and migration.

People who are criminal (refer to crimes in the most common sense manner, negative freedoms like as discussed throughout my WP site ARE NOT CRIMES) could still be expelled from nations or non-(fill in your ‘criminal’ action here) zones, or kept in certain (fill in your ‘criminal’ action here) advocacy districts (rather than profiteering prisons – Thieves Quarter / City of Thieves anyone?) they had been ‘criminal’ in. Networking with GPS, surveillance technology could easily ensure that such persons won’t be able to run off to another nation and cause trouble, but migration ESPECIALLY by goodly and hardworking folks should be ENTIRELY UNIMPEDED or plutocratic in nature (requires certain amounts of funds to enter or ‘switch countries etc..)

The current system breeds profiteering via demogoguery and xenophobia, opens the door to abuse by war mongers in government, the unethical within the psychiatric establishment (nominally also the medical establishment colluding with a food production with infused with cancer causing preservatives and other potentially addictive if not sickening unpronounceable substances), and encourages riots or hegemonies including over residents of any country. The right to migrate has been trampled on since the passport or various ‘prohibitions’ on essentially valueless, easily grown at home substances which Nature GIFTED humanity, were introduced (which undemocratic group of people say you are not allowed to grow your own food at home or medicinal and recreational plants???), what is needed in fact is redistribution of wealth and land ownership if we even claim to have left the dark ages.

Try the link below where Capitalism is not uncontrolled. “Utopia  is Capitalism with Socialist Caps on maximum Personal Wealth sequesterable. Try 50 times 401K at a maximum of 20 million . . . (think Romney’s 600 times 401K . . . or Bloombergs’ 50,000 times 401K . . .  )”

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Article 1

Romney’s Mormon ancestors built haven in Mexican desert – 25th February 2012
Derrick Romney (right) and a friend rope a cow at a ranch in the Colonia Juarez, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua February 7, 2012. — Reuters pic

COLONIA JUAREZ, Mexico, Feb 25 — In the craggy desert of northern Mexico, US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s relatives turned an arid valley into lush agricultural land and prospered after being chased from the United States for their Mormon beliefs.

They suffered years of hardship, living in dirt dugouts and overturned wagons, but then went on to build sturdy homes and a thriving school, develop irrigation canals and dams, raise herds of cattle, and plant vast peach and apple orchards from the punishing landscape.

The story of the early Mormon settlers in Mexico, who fled the threat of arrest in the United States for practicing polygamy, is embodied by Mitt Romney’s great-grandfather Miles P. Romney, who crossed south of the border in the late 1880s.

His offspring still live in Mormon enclaves in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua around 200 miles from the border and near the house where Mitt’s father, George Romney, was born.

There are about 300 Mormons left in the area, and some 40 of them still have the Romney surname.

George Romney spent the first few years of his life here and his pride in the history shines through in a family travel log he helped write in 1941, tracing the flight across the western United States and down into Mexico.

“It is apparent that we are the descendants of a father and a mother who, in turn, were descendants of parents … who were willing to make the greatest of individual effort for the great cause in which they believed,” George wrote.

Mitt Romney, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, has never visited his distant relatives here and rarely discusses this part of the family history beyond saying his father was born in Mexico. His campaign team declined to comment on what links, if any, he has to the Romneys in Mexico.

But residents here says two of his siblings came several years ago to see a small wooden train station said to be built by Miles P. Romney and other landmarks from the family’s past.

Miles P. Romney was pursued by US marshals after polygamy, or “plural marriage” as it is known in the Mormon religion, was outlawed in 1882.

He set up camp in Mexico with three wives and more than a dozen children. They braved harsh winters and hunger in a home with a dirt roof and he helped found the colonies.

A house and a dry orchard are seen at Colonia Juarez, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua February 7, 2012. — Reuters pic
It is that kind of pioneer determination that Mitt Romney’s modern day relatives still living in Colonia Juarez say their American cousin can bring to the White House if he wins the Republican nomination and then is elected president in November.

“In pioneer families … it’s you against the elements and you just have to have a certain toughness and work ethic to be able to prosper. I think that has been handed down to us,” said Mitt’s distant cousin Brandon Romney, 33, a chilli pepper farmer in Colonia Juarez.

“There is a certain morality that comes with having to collaborate to build something from nothing … Hopefully Mitt Romney can portray that.”

LaMond Tullis, a Church of Latter Day Saints historian who wrote a book on the Mormons in Mexico, also sees the family’s past in Mitt Romney’s character.

“Whatever can be said about Mitt Romney, he has been a risk taker and a responsible one, and that kind of ethic emerges out of this colonial experience in Mexico,” he said.

Colonia Juarez resident Edward Whetten says he hosted Mitt’s brother and sister when they came to visit, and they left behind a copy of the travel log from 1941 — a spiral bound notebook complete with snapshots and hand-scribbled notes, that tells the family tale through the eyes of George Romney and other family members. Whetten keeps the unique document in his small private library and shared it with Reuters.

George was five years old when the family left this area in 1912, driven out under threat from Pancho Villa’s rebel troops during the turmoil of the Mexican Revolution.

While other Mormons went back when things calmed down, George’s parents settled in the United States. He became a successful car executive and made his own presidential bid, seeking but failing to win the Republican nomination in 1968.

In 1941, George traveled back to his birthplace with his father Gaskell, marveling at the ups-and-downs of the family history.

“I have never felt our being driven out was anything other than a blessing. Of course, father lost a small fortune in farm lands, mills, home etc. but I am glad I was brought up in the good old USA,” he wrote in the travel log.

A knack for making money

Colonia Juarez is now an oasis of American suburban life in a rough Mexican border region. Along orderly streets, brick houses stand with tire swings and trampolines on neatly cut lawns, and ruddy blond residents rope cattle and drive pick-ups.

A gleaming white Mormon temple crowns a hill overlooking the town and below is a school where locals and Mormons study together. In the cemetery, the modest graves of Romneys have simple stone plaques flush with the ground while elaborate Mexican gravesites are adorned with flowers and large crosses.

Some of the Romneys live particularly well.

“The Romneys here were always more prosperous than anyone else, they still are. They are hard workers and good managers. It’s funny how these traits are passed down in the genes,” said John Hatch, an amateur town historian.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney addresses the Detroit Economic Club during a campaign stop at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan February 24, 2012. — Reuters pic

Hatch sees a clear connection between the fabulously wealthy US presidential hopeful — who made his fortune at a private equity firm he co-founded — and his industrious Mexican cousins.

“I personally know four generations of Romneys … and the Romneys know how to make money.”

That wealth sticks out in a part of the country that has become an increasingly dangerous drug trafficking corridor.

Meredith Romney, Brandon’s uncle, was kidnapped in 2009 from his cattle ranch and was held in a cave for several days before being released after a ransom was reportedly paid. The incident helped make the older generations of Romneys wary of the media spotlight brought on by their famous relative.

“We don’t really like all the attention,” said Derrick Romney, Meredith’s son, as he roped cows at the family corral.

Most of those living in the only two remaining Mormon colonies — Colonia Juarez and Colonia Dublan — out of the eight that existed before the Mexican Revolution speak English and Spanish fluently and are dual citizens, travelling back and forth between Mexico and the United States to study and work.

Many residents interviewed by Reuters disagree with Mitt Romney’s views on immigration. They are proud of their own heritage as industrious immigrant settlers and understand the plight of fellow Mexican citizens who leave to seek a better life in the United States.

The Mormon population descended from the original settlers has declined dramatically over the years with many from the younger generation leaving because of security concerns or for better jobs north of the border.

“I think most of them would come back in a heartbeat if they could,” says Derrick Romney, who says he loves the small town life of Colonia Juarez.

Polygamist haven

Students arrive to Juarez Academy at Colonia Juarez, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua February 8, 2012. — Reuters pic
Before the Mexican Revolution, more than 4,000 Mormons were given refuge in Mexico by dictator Porfirio Diaz, buttressed by ideas of support for religious freedom espoused by Mexico’s founding father, Benito Juarez.

Mitt’s great-grandfather Miles P. Romney was one of them. He married five women over the course of his life, and joined the first wave of settlers in Mexico.

In 1867, Miles P. was told to take a second wife by Brigham Young, who took over the leadership of the Mormon church after founder Joseph Smith was killed . Miles’ first wife, Hannah Hood Hill, Mitt’s great-grandmother, was at first unhappy but accepted the decision because of her faith and ended up living happily in a polygamous family, the travel log recounts.

Miles P. was a lover of theater who staged elaborate productions of Hamlet and other works by Shakespeare. He was dedicated to education, opening the first school in the colony where one of his wives taught under willow trees.

Those early days were difficult for the settlers – photos show them living in rock dugouts with no shoes and little food. They hunted deer and wild turkey for meat. But they created a haven where the polygamist families could stay together.

The Mormon church officially banned polygamy in 1890, but many spiritual weddings continued to take place in the colonies and Miles P. married his fifth wife seven years after the ban.

By the next generation, that of Mitt Romney’s grandfather Gaskell, the practice was all but non-existent. Mitt Romney has called polygamy “bizarre”.

George, in his recollections, calls his grandfather’s other wives his “aunts”. Although he found the idea of polygamy “repugnant”, he admired the family around him.

“The devotion and attachment of all the children for each other and of the wives, themselves, two of whom I remember very clearly, could have only resulted from a home in which there was unity,” he wrote in the personal travel log. “The high character of these people is attested to by their own achievements and by the achievements of their children.” — Reuters

Article 0.5

Romney targets Obama, Santorum in Michigan push – THOMAS BEAUMONT, Associated Press – Saturday, February 25, 2012 – (02-25) 07:57 PST Lansing, Mich. (AP)

It’s a day full of campaigning for Mitt Romney in Michigan, his native state, as he looks for a victory in Tuesday’s GOP presidential primary against surging Rick Santorum.

Romney focused on President Barack Obama during a breakfast event Saturday in Lansing. Romney is promoting lower taxes and spending cuts while accusing the Democratic incumbent of failing to tackle the nation’s economic woes.

But Romney also is challenging Santorum’s commitment to conservative principles in light of votes the former Pennsylvania senator says he now regrets.

Romney says the 2012 election is “an election about the soul of America.”

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Respects to the fabulous and generational Romney lineage, *BUT* Romney is still too damn rich (and it appears from corporate raiding no less – that does not count as real wealth and collusion with officials and insiders nullify the ‘real wealth’ ‘real jobs’ type of Plutocrat who ACTUALLY does produce and manufacture useful things, corporate raiders are like the pariahs of the plutocrat world, Romney has had less than an ethical stance by participating in the same, though he really did not have need to even do that given the very respectable background we can see here . . .

In USA’s current state of financial debt, it is best to have Joe Public type candidates running for election. Mitt Romney being 250 million wealthy, would be extremely incongruous for the current times, though if anything Romney’s family is very much American. Romney himself conversely is not very American at heart having done the corporate raider thing. How much of the 250 million is from corporate raiding Romney? That money is not REAL wealth and calculated in monetised debt and a nebulous stock market backed by QE Fiat which really has very little reality in REAL GOODS and REAL JOBS that is destroying the value of American currency. How about donating all of that (in all Xian considerations) *IMMORAL* wealth, to clear up state debt or to fund something for the people? Corporate raiding obtained wealth is shameful to own IMHO, thats the ‘Capitalist Pig’ (of fiat to boot!!!) meme of Americana that Romney represents as well – a VERY Xian type (otherwise ethical type) would not want to have anything to do with corporate raiding.

Too damn rich. Let some other American have that 15 minutes (1-2 terms) Romney, you’re having a great life, why deny at least 1 other person who would benefit more and likely appreciate the President’s post more than you. In a meaninglessly PC suggestion, how about USA have a native American president, a fully 100% black President (who is not related to the Bushes), a Latino president, or a female President instead of a Caucasian MALE again (Romney is not too white though, having dark hair and green eyes rather than the ‘Aryan’ classic’)?

Romney says the 2012 election is “an election about the soul of America.” but if the voters want someone who had built wealth on awareness of morality and ethics, Romney for certain is not the way to better America’s ‘soul’. Guess Romney isn’t too Xian (meaning not so fundo) but the finances could suffer terribly (given the way Romney thinks about money – i,e, corporate raiding) if Romney took charge . . . btw anyone saw “Cherry 2000 (1987 Steve De Jarnatt)”? Romney’s relatives/holding’s featured in that film???

Article 3

Rick Santorum: Obama apology for Koran burning is ‘unacceptable’ – by Felicia Sonmez – Posted at 11:03 AM ET, 02/26/2012

President Obama should not have apologized for what U.S. officials say was the inadvertent burning of a pile of Korans at Bagram air base in Afghanistan, former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) said Sunday.

Former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.). (Steve Pope/Getty Images)“This is unacceptable,” Santorum said on ABC’s “This Week.” “The idea that a mistake was made — clearly a mistake, which we should not have apologized for — it was a mistake. There was nothing deliberate..?.?.Killing Americans in uniform is not a mistake. It was something that deliberate.”

Santorum was referring to the two U.S. service members who were allegedly shot by an Afghan security official last week in the wake of the incident.

Santorum argued Sunday that Obama’s apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai “suggests that there is somehow blame” and that it “shows weakness” on the part of the United States.

“Say it’s unfortunate, say that this is something that should not have been done. … But to apologize for something that was not an intentional act is something that the president of the United States, in my opinion, should not have done,” Santorum said, adding that apologizing “lends credibility that somehow or another that it was more than (an accident).”

By Felicia Sonmez  |  11:03 AM ET, 02/26/2012

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Pres. O was trying to save some ‘E1  Pricks’ lives. So he dropped a few words of apology to a fellow Presidenty and not even the mobs. would you rather have body bags of young Americans and distraught Anerican parents? A few 1000 people rush  the ‘Green Zone’ ‘Mummy’ style and what happens? Even the generals might not get out in time. If Hamid is made to look like a puppet, would that help USA? The Pres.’s job needs judgment, and when dealing with emotional mobs in places of the world wwhere conditions are so horrendous, you’d think some cushy bureaucrat back in whitebread/whitewashed USA could think abit deeper. YOu’re as insular as those mobs Santorum. What kind of campaign is Santorum supposed to run? 10th Crusade campaign? In the WH Santorum wouldn’t even see those young Americans being butchered, Pres.O somehow can think about the consequences if he didn’t say anything. Because he dropped a word or few, that many more lives would have been saved. The effect multiplies from above ‘Santoricus’ . . .


Santorum stands by ‘snob’ comment, says conservatives ‘singled out’ and ‘ridiculed’ at colleges – by Felicia Sonmez – Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 02/26/2012

Former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) on Sunday stood by his statement that President Obama is a “snob” because he wants
Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. senator Rick Santorum campaigns at a tea party town hall meeting, Saturday, in Hixson, Tenn. (John Amis – AP) “everybody in America to go to college.”

“Now getting to college has been part of the American dream for generations, Senator,” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Santorum in an interview on “This Week. “Why does articulating an aspiration make the president a snob?”

“I think because there are lot of people in this country that have no desire or no aspiration to go to college, because they have a different set of skills and desires and dreams that don’t include college,” Santorum said. “And to sort of lay out there that somehow this should be everybody’s goal, I think, devalues the tremendous work that people who, frankly, don’t go to college and don’t want to go to college because they have a lot of other talents and skills that, frankly, college, you know, four-year colleges may not be able to assist them.”

He added that “there’s all sorts of things that people can do to upgrade their skills.”

Santorum on Saturday had told a crowd of more than 1,000 conservative activists in Troy, Mich., that “not all folks are gifted in the same way” and that “there are good decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to test that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor trying to indoctrinate them.”

Asked by Stephanopoulos on Sunday about the “indoctrination” comment, Santorum defended the remark, arguing that conservatives are “singled out” and “ridiculed” at most American colleges.

“I mean, you look at the colleges and universities,” Santorum said. “This is not something that’s new for most Americans, is how liberal our colleges and universities are and how many children in fact are – look, I’ve gone through it. I went through it at Penn State.”

“You talk to most kids who go to college who are conservatives, and you are singled out, you are ridiculed, you are — I can tell you personally.?.?. I went through a process where I was docked for my conservative views. This is sort of a regular routine. You know the statistic .?.?. that 62 percent of kids who enter college with some sort of faith commitment leave without it. This is not a neutral setting.”

Stephanopoulos asked whether Santorum’s comments meant that he thought there was “something wrong with encouraging college education.”

“No, not at all, but understand that we have some real problems at our college campuses with political correctness, with an ideology that is forced upon people who, you know, who may not agree with the politically correct left doctrine,” Santorum responded. “And one of the things that I’ve spoken out on and will continue to speak out is to make sure that conservative and more mainstream, common-sense conservative and principles that have made this country great are reflected in our college courses and with college professors. And at many, many, and I would argue most institutions in this country, that simply isn’t the case.’

By Felicia Sonmez  |  10:50 AM ET, 02/26/2012

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Excuse me whats so snobby about a crappy degree? Living standards have improved that much that degrees are common even in the 3rd world, though college quality could be questionable and institutions are mere profiteering franchises (i.e. don;’t bother to get into debt here, open your own business instead of enriching the educational and education financing cartel AND avoid being at the mercy of obviously globalist/corporatocrat/plutocrat owned businesses for your living – buy some land and go subsistence if notm ANYTHING to not give a single manhour of work or cent to the hegemonists in society – not all are, but too many -especially the( GLC government linked companies and supplier crony/cartels).

Would Santorum have everyone go back to the 1600s where only a handful can read and the rest are burnt for witchcraft if they scratched mishappen letters on mountain faces? It’s not a degree that makes for snobbery it’s how you hold yourself and the values you have and how you make your money. A degree doesn’t make a snob nor does it raise one’s social status, it’s just a ticket to the job market which society has shamefully colluded to demand from the people unaware of the neo-oligarchy and quiet fascism creeping up on the democratic world. Santorum speaks the language of authoritarianism and dictatorship, is quite fundo in outlook, almost unstable – maybe he’s just stressed? Maybe his neighbours make so much noise he doesn’t sleep well. Santorum would fit in well with the beheadings or limb hackings of Hudud and extreme Syariah, maybe the shootings of Cold War era Russia.

How could any American talk like this about education? The name ‘Santorum’ is fun to say but thats about the all of this guy. Hire Santorum as an Inquisitor ferreting out paedophile priests or a Prison Warden for the worst criminals, but little else. This is a hearts and minds and 99% era, you do not go all KKK on everyone especially when USA is so severely in debt. What do you think USA’s current resource availability and political strength is, the pre-Vietnam era? Out of touch. There is another article on Santorum’s ‘home school’ preference . . . ( . . . quite a lethal combination overall, though some schools are not conducive at all to anything but criminality . . . ). Once again, education should be free all the way up to Tertiary, though home school is free and saves money as well.

Educate your children at home like me, Santorum tells America’s parents :

Keep all options open without disenfranchising? Anachronox though is true and some public schools are sh1t. But Santorum is a Fundo-Hawk that homeschools like a ‘Redneck’ (very American but not very Presidential???) if anything. Ever watch Face Off? (1997 John Woo) Santorum looks like that Nicolas Cage character. Won’t even mention the church scene from this film lol . . . Santorum is probably ‘one of the guys’ but to me at least he’s not presidential material at all.