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My early life was inconsequential (later was much more interesting but those other facets will not be featured here in this political and freedom oriented blog) and rather bland and meanigless (before finding out that there are no limits to Freedom by being a politician) save for the lack of suitable companionship (brought up among violent yobs at home and in school, cold unfeeling and demanding home of sparse resource) and string of English Language prizes and a lack of funding to complete a formal education . . .

Though it would be years later before having a TEFL Diploma, in my ‘Golden Khan Days’ (horrendous 5 sided rollercoaster ride that may yet be completed), amongst a gaggle of strange and varied coterie of children and tweens from generally uncertain backgrounds, I had the privilege  of tutoring a Mongolian Ambassador’s daughter in English (not Altantunya’s father, the Ambassador from one generation back), slim waist, nice wide child bearing hips (ah that lucky mother-of-pearl ‘pumpkin stool’ . . . ahem dwarfed . . . ), somewhat lantern jawed, VERY matured (i.e. well ‘grooved’) type, who introduced ‘Tsam Mask Culture’ and the Heaven-Earth Shaminist practice the Mongols still do. Probably came around ‘collecting’ the spirit bits of Genghis lost in my request for ‘Mongol Script’ I made for my 700 page manuscript on ‘Coutre Kitai’ (perhaps a bran name? thats not the actual title of the 700 page text, just being fashionably effette and to keep another facet of life private) from the Mongolian Embassy that I still have yet to publish . . .

Heart of Brownness Soft Launch in June 2012

Oh my Fukushima . . . travel the world now my dear Tsunami. 810 years later you would collect from 1221 then 2011 ( . . .with much love from Father . . . ) . . . never again would you fall for the ill intended wiles of humanity. That snake ridden Black Tortoise certainly guided us all well . . . I’ll see you later ‘if and and, when it ends . . . ‘ . . . there will be no waiting in vain.

Again I forget my self drowning in history, so back to the superficial scions of the diplomatic corps. Rather undiplomatically though she began with something about ‘not liking Chinese . . . ‘. Though taken aback I kept my calm and focused on the . . . English teaching. Now that bit of arrogance and the fact that Mongolia had been working with Japan on the rice field investment or somesuch, I’d say that ‘out of touchedness’ was already evident.

The sense of corruption (also sense of such persons being a VIP sleep-arounder was palpable IMHO) probably typified the children of the diplomatic corps (if not in general the just Mongolia). These former Soviet Bloc states have some of that Cold War Era taint about them and in general parlance it is safe to say that Altantunya did indeed sleep with either or both you-know-whos and did get pregnant. The issue is the VIPs being quite spoilt refused to pay Altantunya’s severance or perhaps also had a spiritual intention everyone should be familiar with, and with other practical reasons, killed the Ambassador’s daughter to achieve ‘something’.

Perhaps the plan partially succeeded, perhaps not, but Ambassador’s daughters really should not do the sleep around thing with evidently dangerous and bored people far removed from the 99% (i.e. not about money, but power (spiritual power), and never about ‘disposable’ people – well the smallest unknown cannot die without the media swarming, but these 1%ters do think and feel this way . . . ). Perhaps a state sponsored chaperone FROM EACH SIDE (one military watcher from Mongolia, one military watcher from Malaysia etc.) for reminding such people of proper protocol in the future?

Sex and politics make for an ‘explosive’ combination which should be kept separate if possible don’t the readers (also diplomatic corps) think?

Politics is immensely dull once the problems are solved. I thought we were in a free society but as I grew older, I noticed many incursions into my life and my time via parasite like people, law, narrow minded people imposing their non-inclusive views of reality, or social ‘necessity’ – and as one American politician or academic (whom I can’t remember) said ‘ . . . the right to be left alone . . . ‘  was absolutely denied me and social protections via law I though were always there were non existent and inapplicable in many ways, but would be used to empower establishment or establishment collusive citizens or their preferred ethnicities or faith systems, or lifestyles.

It would seem the main troublemakers are the :

Political parties (hegelians wherever there are 2, hence only 1 with strongly independent pesons, or 3 or more would do), also religious fundos and Orwellian persons nominally, featuring TERM LIMITLESS central committees with MPs and collusive Assemblymen that refuse to grant :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

4) also – refusal to grant ALLODIAL property titles.

Bar Councils, Judiciaries, Lawmakers, Governors and MPs that refuse sign on or act to Abolish :

1) Eminent domain powers

2) Section 377B which discriminates against LGBT

3) Forced Conscriptions backed by Fines and Jail Terms

MPs that refuse to change antiquated by-laws :

1) On Gambling districts for non-Muslims

2) Adult services districts for non-Muslims

3) Abusive apostasy laws for Muslims

4) Less prominently – the Right To Bear Arms laws (which could effectively end the need for a standing military to save costs with voluntary infantry Corps instead, not that Infantry is relevant in this day and age – watch Robocop 1 and 2 or 3, flesh and blood cannot stand up to robotics . . . ), though of course do need proper psyche testing before issuance of weapons, weapons perhaps only be given to members of society that have most to lose if they kill someone, accidentally or not. Non-lethal weapons or hand weapons though could be considered for all adults at very least (think  Kirpan and Krys-knife for example, no self respecting FREEMAN would go out without a weapon etc..).

5) A Finance Ministry and Private Sector that raises the salaries of the bureaucracy far beyond inflation levels, that does not lower salaries during deflation, effectively destroying the social structure especially with rampant corruption.


Hence the only way to change anything was to get involved to keep others informed of subtle encroachments via NLP (neurolinguistic programming) or NPP (neuro-pictorial programming), though NAP (neuro-aural programming) would be less easy to detect. One was not expecting so much harrassment and retaliation for attempting to apply the UNHCR and saw that the Judiciary (also Bar Council) and mindset of too many citizens was collusive, self serving corrupted and abusive, intolerant and generally vicious.

3rd world natures are still being addressed this day and many socio-politically (mentally) ill persons throng the streets imposing their narrowness (some with the aid of a collusive psychiatric and religious establishment, or both) and prying natures in a display of harrassment to cause anger that destroys people who do bother to improve society. One countered article at a time on the back of the UNHCR and it’s articles rather than the fundo laws of Theocratic and authoritarian faiths of various self serving religious sects is what this blog is for.

Please support democracy in Malaysia. Order details available on request, please post on site comments area. As requested by the ‘book banning authorities’, this text is not to be sold in Malaysia, so no orders can be taken from Malaysia or Malaysian citizens please.

Terrible accounts have been detailed elsewhere, but so long as we good people act, inform the masses on what they are becoming (though doubtless they may retaliate being the ignorant egoistic sheep they are, some extremely wealthy and even more ‘sheepish’), the world (on the back of natural disasters and what not) will ensure all expressions of humanity will support the mindsets that allow all to exist. This blog is the exposition of the 3rd world mind and the darker occult and psyche establishment controlled underbelly within so many societies, even 1st world ones, and one person’s effort (among many for certain) to counter the sick and twisted among those with a false sense of entitlement among Mankind posing as pharisees of goodness where there is only relativity, control and conscience in awareness of suffering.

Let the invasive and senseless laws, vicious political and faith systems, greedy scientific or abusive psy-establishment end, collusive legal and other systems be corrected, bad invasive laws and by-laws amended, free the souls harmed, in the merest PHYSICAL realm of material greed via Capitalism with Socialist Limits to wealth sequestration and general conscientiousness and awareness of obvious and hidden agendas . . .

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