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David Beckham files appeal to reinstate $25m lawsuit against prostitute who claimed he paid her for sex By Paul Thompson Last updated at 9:21 AM on 20th January 2012

David Beckham is once again going after a prostitute who claims he paid her $10,000 (£6,450) for sex.

His lawyers have filed an appeal to get his $25million (£16.1million) lawsuit against Irma Nici reinstated by a court claiming there was no proof of her allegations.

Nici, 26, told a U.S. magazine that Beckham paid her for sex romps in New York and London.

Boiling mad Becks: David Beckham is re-appealing his court case against prostitute Irma Nici

Here to stay: The football player announced his new contract with the LA Galaxy this morning at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles

The LA Galaxy star sued Nici and InTouch magazine for libel and demanded more than $25m in damages.

But the case was thrown out by a Los Angeles judge in 2010 after he ruled the magazine article wasn’t libelous and was in the public interest.

The judge also said the magazine had published the article in good faith believing the false story of Nici

Beckham, who has signed a new two year deal with LA Galaxy, denied ever meeting Bosnian born Nici.

He was able to prove he was not in the same city as Nici when she claimed they had sex.

The lady of the night in question: Becks reportedly paid Irma Nici $10,000 for a sexual encounter

Nici had claimed she had sex with Beckham at Claridges Hotel in London but the 35-year-old star was able to show he was never at the hotel but at a hospital visiting his sick father Ted, who had suffered a heart attack.

Beckham’s lawyers have now filed an appeal with the Appeals Court in Los Angeles against the previous court judgement and want the case reinstated, according to documents obtained by RadarOnline.

As part of their case they say InTouch magazine, part of the German owned Bauer Group, failed to produce critical documents to back up Nici’s claims she slept with Beckham.

Something made him smile: Despite his lawsuit, Becks appears happy to have re-signed with the Galaxy

The 62 page court filing by Beckham’s legal team says: “Bauer did not offer any information or evidence that would even suggest that it sought or received any corroborating from Nici,

Davis, or the alleged prostitute, which would prove or disprove the veracity of the Article.

Beckham was unable to seek or to confirm information as to why In Touch did not request any of this corroborating information.

When Nici claimed she had slept with the former England star Beckham and his wife Victoria dismissed the allegations as ‘completely untrue and totally ridiculous’.

He immediately began legal action in Los Angeles Superior Court against In Touch for unspecified damages for libel, slander and emotional distress.

***Commentator Comments :

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. The comments below have been moderated in advance. sorry girl, but your story would have been more beleivable if your target had been a balding, middle aged has been.

– kate, wales , 20/1/2012 08:32
Rating 17

To all of you saying why doesn’t he move on??!! Ok, imagine some lowlife made money out of claiming you cheated on your family with them and was still telling people this long after you tried to take them to court….. would you just “let it go”? I know I wouldn’t and would continue to go after them until I had taken every penny they earned from the lies they spread about me – I’d then donate it to charity as I am sure Saint Becks will do!

– Kane, London, 20/1/2012 08:19
Rating 40

Actually I see the sales of his underwear/bodywear brand and empire skyrocketing. These idiots who have made up all these stories have just made him wealthier, more marketable and brandworthy.

– fre, euro, 20/1/2012 08:17
Rating 9

He needs to carry on with this action mainly to make other would be claimants think twice before inventing stories. I am sure that if he wins, which is more than probable I think, he will donate any damages received to charity.

– Philip May, Southampton UK, 20/1/2012 08:16
Rating 38

To all those who say why is David bringing this up again, well, if I had been accused of anything like this and I could prove the person was lying I would want to clear my name too. Also this, I use the word “woman” loosely should not get away with selling downright lies for money.

– N Williams, UK, 20/1/2012 08:12
Rating 22

Beckham Beckham Beckham. Is there anyone else living on planet earth? The man is a no no . No talent .No charisma. No class.

– patrick burns, hayling island hampshire, 20/1/2012 08:08
Rating 36

Good for him. I hope he wins the case

– Chelsey, Durban, South Africa, 20/1/2012 08:05
Rating 33

Spitting image of Victoria.

– anon, Northumberland, 20/1/2012 07:47
Rating 21

There is a resemblance with Victoria. Similar features, hair and skin.

– not applicable, not applicable, 20/1/2012 07:35
Rating 17

Most of the people posting here are obviously from the UK. If you were from the US, you would know that it is virtually impossible to win these cases in the US because of the First Amendment. Libel is exceptionally difficult to prove in the US, and the laws and Courts afford newspapers very extensive protection. To win, he must PROVE the allegations are not true; that the newspaper was aware of this before the fact; that they intentionally published what they knew to be an untrue story; and that they did so maliciously. The latter is often the killer.

– David , LA, 20/1/2012 07:23

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

You’re David F***in Beckham (overpaid 1% plutocrat footballer sequestering billions) for crying out loud. Do you have too much time on hand to play legal cases and end up associating with a prostitute? Let her say what she wants. Heck offer to pay for her education or buy her a small apartment in skid row to ‘shut her up’. Meanwhile this is too far below you to pay attention. The fact that you do bother even makes it appear there really was something going on . . . not very Posh at all. 10K makes someone a gold digger, not a prostitute.

The 62 page court filing . . . hey if you are who you are Dave, 6.2 words on national TV will do. ” Take this cheque and leave me alone – bi***. ” The judge should throw the case out as well and not entertain this nonsense. Slap both parties with a fine Judge, and see if they will bring you to Supreme Court. If they do then consider the whole thing an exercise in patience. Any one with common sense would applaud this saving of taxpayer funds.


The United Arab Emirates crushed Lebanon 6-2 in a friendly on Sunday. So maybe in an effort to make things interesting or maybe just because he simply does not conform to acceptable standards of penalty kicks, the U.A.E.’s Awana Diab decided to attempt an absolutely ridiculous penalty. And it worked.

Diab’s setup seemed like any other for a penalty, but as he ran up to the ball, he stopped, turned around and backheeled the it toward the goal. Stunned by the audacity, madness and nerve it takes to try and score a penalty with your back to the goal, the keeper just stood and watched as the ball trickled into the net.

Acrobatics aside, the back-flip penalty kick has nothing on this.

U.A.E. manager Srecko Katanec did not appreciate Diab’s creativity, though. He immediately substituted the player out of the match and after the game said that he would be disciplined for the “disrespectful act.”

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

It is possible that a Maradona, a Pele, a Beckham, or a Globetrotters’ Team, are only present because they are SANCTIONED by merchandisers and football club cartels. ‘Nothing special unless we say so.’ The World Football CARTEL now has a monkey wrench in a non-conformist where they intended for someone else (nepotistic) to be that special player.

So they penalise and so indirectly warn all players in inndirectly the watchers as well to get back into line. No personality, only uniformity, obey or be punished.

A goal is a goal even if he bounces it off a dick shaped ball guard. MAYBE it is time for LOCAL City sponsored teams with access to their own football pitches to organise their own games and BOYCOTT the football cartel that penalises footballers with personality. This whole system is corrupt, right down to the penalties to the unique footballers with unconventional playing forms (think Kungfu Panda or SPace Jam?!? – this guy has developed his own Sect of Football Skills! Backwards Facing Sect of Football vs. Blindfold Sect of Football – can imagine all the conformists’ heads spinning at the thought . . . frankly football with 3 variants of players like this would be so much more fun – ‘So what style does he use? Forwards, Backwards or Blindfolded?’ Third leg (4th rathet . . . ) in the GMO future?).

Of course if you want to say that he somehow paralyzed the goal keeper by facing him backwards, prove it medically and scientifically, otherwise accept the goal, trust the U.A.E. to be staid conformists, guess what contributes to such SOUL OPPRESSING impositions of conformity . . .


Corinthians to bid £35 million for Tevez Tuesday, 12 July 2011 07:06 Arjun Wadhwa

Argentine international striker Carlos Tevez has been pining for a move away from Manchester for over a year and it appears his desire to move closer to home to be with his family is very likely to come to fruition as one of his former clubs, Corinthians, have declared an interest in signing him.

Tevez, a controversial legend in Manchester, where he first mesmerized the red half of the City before his infamous move to join the Middle East revolution igniting
the blue half has spent the last 5 years in England making in excess of 200 appearances scoring 93 goals. He was signed by Sir Alex Ferguson from West Ham United, who he famously saved from relegation by scoring against Manchester United on the last day of the 2006-07 season.

Tevez then went on to spend 2 years at Manchester United, for whom he made 99 appearances but was largely seen by Sir Alex as a supporting striker to Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. Tevez left United in a huff in the summer of 2009 and had two very successful seasons at Manchester City, guiding them to their first title in 34 years, the FA Cup.

Tevez, though broke the hearts of the Man City faithful by submitting a transfer request in December 2010, and though he was cajoled into completing the season, it is highly unlikely that sweet talk will work its magic twice.

A move away from Manchester looked rather unlikely though with City having spent close to £45 million to land the Argentine. It was widely believed that in this inflated market there would be few, if any, clubs in South America who would have the spending power to be able to fashion a move for the 27-year old.

However, reports emerging out of Brazil indicate that Corinthians are flush with funds courtesy of a mega million TV rights deal. Tevez spent two seasons with the

Sao Paulo club and was quite prolific with them too, netting two goals every three games!

Corinthians’ director of football, Duilio Monteiro Alves, stated in an interview to Lancenet: “I don’t want to get our fans’ hopes up. We’ll try. That’s all I can say. It isn’t impossible. It’s a dream we’re trying to realise. He is interested in returning, everybody knows that. He has said several times he would play for Corinthians or Boca Juniors again.”

“With that interest on his part, we are interested in his coming. For that to come true, it is distant. But we are going after him and we have initiated talks.”

While Corinthians’ initial offer of £35 million might be slightly below Manchester City’s expectations, they will do well to accept it, given that there are unlikely to be many suitors for Tevez who will be able to manage that kind of cash. While City undoubtedly are not desperate for money, it would be in their best interest to balance the books somewhat and relieve a player who is begging to leave the club.

It is very likely that English football could have well seen the last of Carlos Tevez.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is shocking. No sports person is worth more than a comfortable middle class or lower upper class retirement. 35 million on sportspersons when England is in risk of default is the sign of a very imatured and unrealistic society. Who set the values for sports people?

You could build 100 stadiums in the 3rd world for a single player. Create arable land and cropping areas enough to feed a million people for as long as they work the fields. Imagine how much easier the 3rd world would be to ‘control’ than to leave them miserable and poor until they take up arms and become Taliban or topple your so called benevolent dictators?

But those sports clubs have no idea have they now? It used to be that sports people were not methods for tax haven users to spread their dirty money by and actually played the game after they retired and set up a modest sports facility in their neighbourhood. Will all sportsmen please return to reality and refuse to be used like this? There is something extremely wrong with these figures and the way the sports system is being run. Could someone in the inside take up on this and expose sports fraud for the nation destroying past time it is?