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Mean boss? Gently suggest a gym membership January 30, 2012

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A study reveals that supervisors who make time for fitness make better bosses.

LOS ANGELES, Jan 30 – If a horrible boss is ruining your workaday life, a new study suggests that he or she needs little more than a moderate workout plan to improve office relations.

In the study, nearly 200 MBA students and their supervisors at two unidentified universities in the US completed questionnaires about lifestyle habits and workplace experiences.

Published in Springer’s Journal of Business and Psychology, subordinates reported less “abuse” from bosses who worked out regularly, while the more stressed a boss reported to be, the more his or her subordinates considered themselves abused.

The findings “add weight to previous research that showed employees generally bear the brunt of their supervisor’s workplace stress,” stated The Telegraph this week.

“This is the first study to examine how exercise can buffer the relationship between supervisor stress and employee perceptions of abusive supervision,” University of Northern Illinois researchers wrote in the study.

Past research also shows that your boss can not only impact your work day but your marriage as well. Research from Baylor University in the US suggests that people are more likely to report fighting or having feelings of irritation or resentment toward a spouse or partner if they also report having a demanding or difficult supervisor.

Other options rather than quitting? A British study reveals that telling your boss what you really think of them is good for your health – and helps managers improve.

Researchers presented their findings at a British Psychological Society conference, stating that firms should be encouraged to let employees regularly rate their line managers, to produce “happy, healthy, stress-free employees.” – AFP

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The media now colludes with industry bosses to weed out employees that do not like their bosses with this article. Bosses will doubtless be on the lookout for employees talking about gym memberships so DO NOT fall for it. Meanwhile vote for non 1% ters or non-bosses for political seats. Bosses will think like bosses and write policies that will be beneficial for 1% bosses, not 99% non-bosses.

Though of course don’t vote for overtly boss hating persons, or people who want to destroy industry on purpose so corporate raiders from other countries can take the country apart. Given the unbalanced representation now though, any non-bosses and non-plutocrats will be imminently votable. Bosses in government means the government will be writing laws that makes the 1%ter the 99%ter’s boss. And that means dictatorship.

So vote for as few bosses into government as possible or only for bosses that have a proven tract record of being nice people. Stay awya from gym membership discussions for now if you knwo whats good for you the non-bosses (aka employees – media is a terrible weapon and look out for other articles like this to decide which media portals are to be boycotted, such media portals are indirect saboteurs of the 99% and obviously are funded by 1% boss types!)!