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Coffee and Spiritual Implications of use of Caffeine and Derived Products – by @AgreeToDisagree – late July 2011

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Coffee not for Christian-dom
“Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter far than muscatel wine! ” Let the strict and devout Christians be aware, that shortly after coffee (Qahhwat al-Bun or wine of the bean) reached Rome, it was threatened with religious fanaticism, to cause its rightful excommunication from Christendom. It is related that certain less faithful priests appealed to Pope Clement VIII (1535–1605) to baptize the drink. It is however doubtful that Papal authority is equal to that of Jesus to baptize wine, or that any baptism could claim the bean drink from the fell plant propagated by Satan in lieu of wine. The wicked brew coffee was contraband since the Moor’s occupation of Spain and the Crusades introduced by Arab traders during the Ottoman Empire. Coffee is thus called “the wine of the infidels” and forbidden to Christians. Any positive effects of this drink given to the infidels by Satan are doubtless cancelled. The Christian Church denounced it as a “Satanic threat to the soul but the heretics among Christians however in typical ambivalence declared, it would be a pity to let the infidel Turks have exclusive use of the addictive substance as a substitute for wine until Pope Clement VIII (another reason against validity of Catholicism which Orthodox and Protestent Christians would doubtless note) – after drinking it exclaimed, “Why, this Satan’s drink is so delicious that it would be a pity to let the infidels have exclusive use of it.”We shall fool Satan by baptizing it, and making it a truly Christian beverage.” he said and declared it acceptable to Christians.
Wine in the Western Christian world was sanctified by Christ, so was coffee supposedly sanctified by a Pope. For Christians to drink coffee was thus still to risk falling into a trap set by Satan for their souls. By these facts, Christianity, Coffee is ‘Haram’ by any standard. And it was not Satan who was fooled, but the Pope, who is probably now responsible for the proliferation of coffee houses throughout the Christian world, to which who knows what other addictive substances had already been added since the 1600s. Had Pope Clement VIII shown himself unwilling to try the drink of the “infidels,” Coffee might have reached a dead end in Rome. But instead of condemnation, in 1600, the Pope declared it delicious and baptized the coffee probably beyond his authority. The Holy See’s decision effectively closed the doors on the true form of Christianity, which had forbidden coffee as an infidel drink of Satan from the start. To those who say that Whirling Dervishes who graciously gave us coffee, please also note, Persia was not Islamic but had it’s own Shah and Ugarit pantheon and was thus allied with older forces. It was the people of Ethiopia who sustained the coffee plant as keepers of God’s Garden. Thus, coffee is named Kaffa, the primal estate of Buna or Khawa. So dare you Christians drink coffee without the blessing of Jesus and just with unqualified baptizm of what was considered infidel by a Pope? Get your facts right! Those who are neither Christian nor Muslim, do continuing enjoying your ‘Kahlua’ or either beverage as you always have. Cannabis and Tea though were never disallowed in either faith . . .
The Russian and Greek Orthodox Popes are more valid and older than the Catholic Church. The Catholics which after being corrupted by European Royalty and society for centuries (ask Machiavelli how many Cardinals he ‘owned’ or what ‘Indulgences’ were that led to the immense wealth, doubtless ill-gotten), in turn leading to the Protestent faction forming and their departure and colonization of USA (and formation of Protestants in Ireland – who knows the Catholics were intentionally spreading the culture of paedophilia for decades?!?) which too many indulged in killing of Red Indians, the Orang Asli of USA. There are some who claim one of these 3 Popes represents the Anti-Christ (not withstanding the 4th unofficial Papal authority, Church of England in which the Monarch is Head, probably the 4th? There was never a scripture that said the King was the Head of Church . . . ?). I don’t know about you but the Paedophilia issue(Catholic), mass murders of Native Americans (Protestent) or brutal colonialism and colonialism (Church of England) are valid grounds for doubt. The best or least scandalous Popes?
Both are Orthodox Churches, Greek and Russian! Remember that the Aramaic faith is known as Christianity because of the ‘King of Jews’ (from Aramea) was from * Aram * – part of modern day Syria and Iraq. So when the English (Anglo-Saxons) claim to be Christians, they really are forgetting their REAL faith and cultural roots, the polytheistic pantheon of the Tuatha Dé Danann (Celtic aka Druidism) and the Holy Book of the North Atlantic Isles being the Mabinogi if not pantheons headed by gods like Thor who’s namesake is one of the days of the week – Thursday (Thors day). Monotheistic Christianity is the 2nd incarnation of Judaism (nominally derived from Ra-worship of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV – named ‘Heretic’ for being who was too lazy to worship many gods and thus invented Sun or Ra-Worship – 1st Incarnation of monotheism), with Islam the 3rd form of monotheism originated from Prophet Mohammed who was supposedly contacted by Angel Jibril with Moses the 1st Incarnation in Judaism also contacted by an angel. Put it simply, the ‘whites’ barring Jesus’ martyrdom, copied from the formerly (the first Jews were formerly exiled Egyptian Priests at the fall of the last Egyptian Dynasty) Judaists to create the 2nd Incarnation of Christianity out of Judaism, and the Arabs later were inspired by Mohammed’s revelations by Archangel Gabriel (or copied from whites) to create the 3rd incarnation of Islam.
The whites fought the Middle Easterners for ‘franchise’ of Monotheism in various Crusdaes (does any MTV generation type even care?), and took wholesale what they call Christianity and went about proselytizing the same during the colonial era and beating up all other civilisations, out of sheer emptiness in their hearts than cultivate and seek their roots. (Next article in the ‘Debunks’ series – Alcohol, Beef, Pork AND SPIRITUAL IMPLICATIONS OF USE. . .)