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Trend for MALE polish on the rise as Seal, Cash Warren and Johnny Depp spotted with painted fingernails – by Sadie Whitelocks – Last updated at 8:07 PM on 17th February 2012

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Manliner, guylashes and now… male polish.

It seems men can’t get enough of nail varnish and a growing number of companies are cashing in on the trend.

Cash Warren, Seal and Johnny Depp have been spotted with lacquered nails, in a rainbow of colour from canary yellow to French blue.

Brands such as BB have created nail polish collections aimed at a men.

The U.S. cosmetics company promotes masculine shades including ‘Bullfighter’, ‘Coal Miner’ and ‘Golf Pro’.

While – a website touting matte and metallic nail ‘armour’ created for men – has produced a polish formulated with citral and ginseng, which claims to strengthen nails.

Men, including rocker Ozzy Osbourne, have previously painted their nails black but now a growing number are opting for more eye-catching shades. Marc Warren is the latest to latch on to the fashion for bold nails.

The 33-year-old film producer and husband of Jessica Alba, got in touch with his feminine side as he attended a New York Fashion Week show flaunting hot pink nail polish.

His little finger nail was painted with a bronze colour while his wife sported a shade or red varnish.

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Marco Berardini of the male grooming brand Evolution Man told Allure: ‘In the past, the most popular colors for men have been black, blue, and white.

‘Men are becoming more aware that how their nails look can define them.’

And with the new cosmetic trend, nail bars are one of the fastest growing businesses.

The biggest chain in Britain, Nails Inc, is forecasting a turnover of £22??million this year while High Street shops including Superdrug and Tesco are considering in-store nail bars as a way of pulling in customers.

Mark Rodol, CEO of Models Own, which sells a bottle of varnish every 15 seconds added:’We live in an image-obsessed world and nail varnish has become the ultimate accessory.

‘A new varnish provides an expression of individuality and the same buzz as a new outfit for 10 per cent of the cost.’

Commentator comments :

This is a definite no no for men, if the desire is too strong use the clear stuff guys!

– Cardo, Leeds, 18/2/2012 07:42
Rating   11

The men wearing nail polish epitomize the term ‘fashion victim’.

– SKYWALKER, SEATTLE WA USA, 18/2/2012 06:37
Rating   16

I wouldn’t be impressed if my husband started wearing make up or nail varnish!!!!! It’s too far his a man not a woman

– mrs stone, London, 18/2/2012 05:36
Rating   11

Johnny Depp made it cool.

– ange, fife, 18/2/2012 02:26
Rating   1

Are you sure they weren’t just asleep/ very drunk when it was applied and can’t find the nail varnish remover? That’s usually why men wear nail varnish in my experience!

– Agatha, Rule Britannia, 18/2/2012 02:07
Rating   14

Johnny said in an interview for The Rum Diary (BBC video) that the nail polish was the work of his daughter b/c she wanted to do it. Of course he had a choice to say no but he sounded like he was just being a good dad and “put up with it”. He could have removed it but didn’t and to be honest…it didn’t bother me much at all. I kind of liked the way he was matching the color with his clothes at the time.

– jdvp, edison, nj, 18/2/2012 01:52
Rating   15

I don’t see a problem with this. Most dads with daughters have had to go through this lol. I’d sooner see a man with nice nails that some you see that are full of…well I don’t know but whatever it is, it looks unsightly. I’ll draw the line at eye shadow & lipstick 🙂

– Julie, Leeds, 18/2/2012 01:13
Rating   6

Only Johnny Depp can pul this look off.

– Hard working, honest tax payer., West Yorkshire, 17/2/2012 23:38
Rating   48

This kinda makes me feel sick! It’s so unattractive!

– LeFLeur, Wd, Ireland, 17/2/2012 23:33
Rating   37

As tedious as the ‘daring’ use of eyeliner that every generation seems to rediscover.

– Nicho, Corby, 17/2/2012 22:56

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

As mentioned elsewhere before, the PAINT versions of nail culture is a cheap lower end version of the actual ‘NAIL GUARD’ see below links that the apex classes (East Asia, Egypt???) wore to protect their long nails that show their non-menial work status.

Anything less than the cheapest semi-precious (i.e. agate) versions with replaceable ‘plates’  for gemstone shards or stylized metal slivers, cloisonne paneling for nail guards, is just like that mascara which runs (not that mascara that doesn’t is safer . . . ). Nail Paint?!? Can’t compare to the ‘NAIL GUARD’. Pulease . . . it’s like making of copy of an artwork by a master, plasticising the copy to look ‘oily’ then saying that work is the real thing – or a newly ‘found’ piece lost in some attic (fake alert!).

In this sense and concept of product, the ‘nail saloons’ are over-charging for a non-permanent service constantly needing payment. Perhaps a NAIL GUARD cleaning service (nominally a jewellery cleaning AND organic nail cleaning/nail-soaking/feeding service – a nice bath of antioxidising and nutrient rich keratine enhancing? Soak if not with staff to do the same – WITHOUT paint as well for nails do ‘breathe’) will be what some nail saloons can become.

2 sections in a Nail Saloon – VIP (jewelled section with nail spa – non-paint) and non-VIP (paint only) : though non-organic paint is not only poisonous, but has chemicals are absorbed through nail keratin which are also pollutive to environment and perhaps even lowers IQs/EQs via lead or mercury content? Actual bimbofication if anything . . .

Shorter, middle class nail guards

Longer, upper class nail guards

Keep ‘pegging’ Simon! (I envision eventual programmable nano lighting/led screens for nail culture combined with the Nail Guard concepts above . . . so there will be a programming ‘technician’ section as well in the future for your led mini panel nails as well . . . )