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‘Benevolent state’ to return power to the people – Harakahdaily – Tuesday, 13 December 2011 08:32

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PAS has unveiled its concept of benevolent state by calling for power to be returned to the people and placing government as trustee to public funds.

Launching a book on the concept in Shah Alam yesterday (pic), PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang stressed that the benevolent state was in line with Islamic teachings.

“We want to change the current concept in which the government treats the people as business tools, and revenue is taken from the people through fixed taxes.

“The government should be the people’s protector, the leaders are the trustees, so we want the people’s right returned,” said Hadi.

The 59-page book outlines 10 points and also functions as PAS’s election manifesto, serving to complement the Pakatan Rakyat common policy stated in the Orange Book.

The Islamic party gave an undertaking that it would deliver its promises in its first term in power should it win the next general election.

Hadi said the current administration, instead of chanelling the country’s wealth to the people for development, was only interested in circulating wealth among the few while ordinary citizens were left to suffer.

“The country’s wealth should be channelled to the people besides allocating it for development. In fact, if the government wants to find new funding, then taxes will be imposed, but not all people must pay taxes,” he added.

A highlight of the benevolent state is reviewing the Federal Constitution to enshrine the separation of powers. This involves reforming public institutions such as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the police.

It also calls for higher quality education, efficient health services, eradication of poverty, affordable housing schemes, direct welfare and a bigger role for civil society and social businesses by reducing taxes and excise duty, and the setting up of a National Dialogue Council.

“If the people evaluate the benevolent state, then it will smoothen Pakatan Rakyat’s path to Putrajaya,” Hadi said.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This would be far much more benevolent if that same Trustee’s post was rotated among established criminal record free professionals from private sector for a limited term.

This way, more people not within political parties or bureaucracy would have the experience and thus more members of the public would have familiarity with the government. Politicians, much less leaders of political parties, even currently working bureaucrats, are unsuitable to be Public Trustees as conflict of interest, and if unlimited terms are unconscionably allowed, VESTED interests can again occur.

“The government should be the people’s protector . . . ‘ is true to a point but when this Government/People dichotomy exists, oligarchies and nepotistic family blocs tend to result. I will not criticse Hadi’s views as these are doubtless from that golden Islamic era, where there were few people and eductade people were rare, and Hadi’s insular religious background itself affecting his encompassing of ALL and sundry including non-Muslims and non-political party persons (which are in fact even better to ensure checks and balances).

There are MANY people now and everyone should have their day in the sun, perhaps with retired civil servants with spotless records though professionals from the public sector would be best.

Hadi should consider that benevolent state by calling for power to be returned to the people should best have that same public trustee post being held neither by politician (especially committee members), nor bureaucrat (unless there is no qualified person), but rather PRIVATE sector professionals of spotless repute.

The benevolent state should also consider the proclivities of non-Muslim citizens via legalisation, and the prevention of monopolies of licenses gambling venues other than 4D as well as adult service industry zones for those inclined. That way PAS could become votable instead of frightening even Muslim Malays who doubtless have no open recourse to choice of religion or apostasy.

These are the aspects of benevolent state that any responsible Islamic country or political party should consider – so that all citizens are free to choose – the basis of term limited electorates will be based on meritocracy and good policy instead rather than anything else. This article has been somewhat mistitled and should read :

” Some Disparities in PAS’s Understanding of Benevolent State and Actual Benevolent State “. How about a reconsider and rewrite PAS?


Man Accused Of Breaking Bird Feeding Law Might Be Jailed – CBS Minnesota – 2nd August 2011

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BLOOMINGTON (WCCO) — A Bloomington man is facing possible jail time, accused of breaking a city ordinance that prohibits residents from feeding wild animals. In Bloomington, it is legal to use bird feeders — as long as they are 5 feet off the ground. Neighbors and the charges allege that Craig Brown was throwing feed onto the ground, which is illegal. For years, Brown said he tried to make his backyard a haven for birds. Now, birds rarely visit Brown’s backyard. Months ago, Brown removed all his bird feeders after he said those feeders landed him in trouble with the law. “I am nervous,” said Brown. “They have the right to send me to jail.” A video taken by a neighbor in December showed the Bloomington City Attorney just how popular Brown’s yard was for animals. In the video, dozens of birds are seen eating from the ground. Neighbors said the food didn’t just bring birds, it also brought rodents, which then chewed on their property.
“You have an impact on your neighbors. Your backyard and what you do in it can damage the livability of neighbors’ house,” said Sandra Johnson, the Bloomington City Attorney. Brown claimed his bird feeding fell in line with the city ordinance. “I was still putting the feed in feeders. I was doing it legally, but I was getting these ducks in here. What do I do?” said Brown. According to the criminal complaint, however, Brown admitted to deliberately throwing food on the ground. He claimed the seeds on the ground came from the hanging feeders. “In this case, I believe the resident was initially warned, but he continued to feed on the ground,” said Johnson. As Brown prepares to fight for a hobby he can no longer enjoy, he also realizes a not guilty verdict is not necessarily a win. “I promise they’ll never see a bird feeder in my yard. It’s ruined it for me. I can’t ever do it again,” said Brown. Brown did have the option of avoiding jail time by pleading guilty, but it is a misdemeanor charge that would have stayed on his record, which was his concern. Brown’s maximum punishment could be 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
The feeding was consensual and the bird did not ask to be ‘protected’ or complain that the food made it ill, nor were negative physical effects or negative emotions were felt by either party. Why is the Bloomington local government such a busybody? Why are such ordinances not yet amended? Who’s job is it to amend Ordinances?
They have certainly been sleeping on the job to keep silent when this sort of case crops up. Who needs to pay for prisoners to enrich prison contractors, especially for ‘offences’ like feeding birds? This is a victimless crime, in fact not even a crime at all.
This is how USA bankrupts itself. For 20 cents worth of birdfeed and an effective non-offence, they waste the taxpayer salaries assigned to them, they jail a person, take away his job and burden the taxpayers with waste/losses of up to 50K or even more a year.
Amend this ordinance, it is predjudiced and undemocratic, wastes the tax payer’s monies.
Try this one below as well, more unamended by-laws and ordinances in the 3rd World . . .
If a poll is taken on this charge, the majority of Americans (those not benefiting from the prison contractor system or in the judiciary) would probably vote for the case to be dropped. This is socialised engineering as well, very harmful to the principles of democracy. Give this man liberty or you the Americans will give yourself death – of democracy. Fire the damn judge and remove the law writers who do not amend this nonsensical ordinance as necessary !

Student, 20, counts cost of cheap drink promotion after video of her dancing naked in nightclub paddling pool goes viral on internet – By Gavin Allen – Last updated at 5:20 PM on 27th January 2012

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The student – who MailOnline is not identifying – took part in a wet T-shirt contest at Oceana nightclub in Cardiff, a double vodka at the ‘Missbehaviour’ event cost just £1.75. Video of her stripping off attracts 1,000 hits in 10 minutes on YouTube. She didn’t even receive the £50 prize for the wet T-shirt contest

A student is counting the cost of cheap drinks promotions today after video of her dancing naked in an inflatable paddling pool at a nightclub went viral on the internet.

The university student – who MailOnline has chosen not to identify – woke up this morning to find that a 10-minute video of the incident at Oceana nightclub in Cardiff had been circulated widely on Twitter.

A one-minute version was available on YouTube and attracted more than 1,000 hits in less than 10 minutes. It has now been removed.

A student – who is not being identified by MailOnline – has been left embarrassed after a video of her stripping off in a nightclub went viral

The 20-year-old took part in a wet T-shirt contest as part of the Missbehaviour event – billed as ‘Cardiff’s naughtiest night’ – where vodka and other spirits cost just £1.75 for a double.

At the event, which boasts the cheapest drinks in Cardiff, bottles of lager and alcopops were on sale at £1.20.

While other girls thought it enough to remove their tops, the student stripped off entirely and frolicked in the inflatable paddling pool.

With another reveller filming the ‘contest’ on a mobile phone, she leans over the edge of the pool plays for the cameras.

The Rihanna song S&M plays loudly in the background as men cheer and chant ‘Off, off, off.’

As the student is exposing herself herself, the MC uses his microphone to shout: ‘Get em ‘off’.

The shame-faced student, who had clearly been drinking, used her Twitter account to send a message a day later which read: ‘Yes I got drunk and yes I got naked.

‘We all do things we regret and there is nothing I can do about it now!’

The embarrassed student later Tweeted that she had also lost her underwear, her earrings and had not been given £50 prize money for the wet T-shirt competition.

She was too embarrassed to comment when contacted to comment.

Student Luke Brown, 23, said: ‘There was a lot of cheering going on and I looked around to see a naked girl in the paddling pool.
‘She seemed to be having a good time and everyone was reaching for their mobile phones to video her.

‘I think the club staff stepped in to cover her up but I’ve seen one of the videos on twitter and it lasts for 10 minutes.

‘Everyone had a lot to drink – I’ll bet she’s regretting it now.’

A spokesman for the Oceana club said: ‘The night in question was a promoter event – this is where the event is put on and run by a third party.

‘Oceana does not condone such behaviour.

‘The Oceana door team dealt with the incident at the time and the clubs management has had the appropriate conversation with the promoter regarding this.’

The video of Amy in the paddling pool has now been removed from YouTube.

***Commentator comments :

Why should the price of drink be affected due to the actions of people like this? Silly little girl I hope you are ashamed.

– Craig D, Reading, 27/1/2012 17:32
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I have a hot tub here, dear.

– Alistair Hillier Manser, Sandbanks UK, 27/1/2012 17:27
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Let’s hope this has taught her a lesson about drinking to excess!

– Andy, Manchester, 27/1/2012 17:19
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Many years ago someone would’ve stepped in and stopped the girl before she took her clothes off, or at least tried to cover her up, now its entertainment and promotion for the club. Something has gone wrong with society and women like this shame our female liberal rights.

– lesley, eastbourne, 27/1/2012 17:14

[[[ *** RESPONSE  *** ]]]

Salute the discipline displayed by the clubbers! Goodly bunch who know the limits of decency, this is not a sex club after all. Nothing to be embarassed about nakedness actually though incidental is much preferred than contrived, nor did this degenerate into an open orgy rape scene (even the odd couple having sex on the pinball machines shouldn’t bother too much) . . . to push the limits for a sense of ‘pubbing’ like that Tub Thumping (Chumbawamba 1997) song for drinking, try another song for ‘dogging’ – C0*kpum**** now . . . ), it’s something which celebrates a truly open society that oozes sex positivity.

Also Amy looked quite eye candy worthy, so even less cause for offense again. This should happen at every ladie’s night or to celebrate any stuff worth celebrating! Now which Muslim nation is ready to at least allow non-Muslims (Muslims not allowed to drink or expose aurat of course, so no entry) to have pubs like these operating in your country much less strip clubs being allowed in places of the First World?

The commentators in this case, MC, Club Staff and Oceana are a bunch of d*ckless stiffs for naysaying all the way (try one where the MC has live se on stage – then what? It’s a PUB not a classroom), too afraid that they will scrap your pub licences? Amend those by-laws!

Rubbish police snatched my bin because it was 3ft out of place – by Colin Fernandez – 28th September 2011

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A load of old rubbish: Jane Pugh, from Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, was fined £30 by her local council when her bin was found to be two feet out of place Putting out the bins is not normally a chore that requires any great level of precision. But it is in the case of single mother Jane Pugh, who had her wheelie bin confiscated by the council for health and safety reasons after it was left three feet away from what was deemed the correct spot. To add insult to injury, the council demanded that she pay a £30 ransom for its return. The stand-off began in August when freelance writer Mrs Pugh found her bin had gone missing from the communal alleyway behind her house in Ansdell, in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

When she phoned up Fylde Council to report the loss, she was told the bin had been confiscated because it had been left in the wrong place. The official warned her to keep it in her back garden or face a fine of up to £1,000. Last night Mrs Pugh, 47, said: ‘I found the whole thing bonkers. I really couldn’t work out where I was supposed to put it. ‘I’ve got a really small garden and no garage so I had no choice but to put it in the back alley.’ After pointing out that the council’s edict was impractical, her bin was returned. A member of the council’s waste enforcement team also visited Mrs Pugh and agreed she could keep the bin in a smaller passage, known as a ginnel, leading off the main alleyway. But to ensure that she was complying with the new restrictions, council officials were secretly dispatched to inspect the alleyway five times to check she had kept the agreement. And it was not long before Mrs Pugh found, once again, that her bin had gone missing.

Wheeled away: The alley, with the smaller passage (centre) which leads to Mrs Pugh’s house She explained: ‘It seemed like too much of a coincidence so I emailed the council saying, “Why have you taken it again?” ‘And they came back with a long explanation that they have been inspecting the alley on a weekly basis, which I find baffling in itself, and that my bin was found to be out of place. They said on three out of five occasions the bin was found to be in the incorrect position and they’d even taken photographs. ‘It was like they were hoping to catch me out. The bin was only three foot from where it should have been.’ This time Mrs Pugh was told she would have to pay a £30 ‘release fee’ to get her bin back. She said: ‘The reasoning of the council is just bizarre – especially as officials were making frequent visits to check on the progress of my wheelie bin. Mrs Pugh said she found the whole thing bonkers and could not keep to the council’s edict because she had no room in her garden Mrs Pugh said she found the whole thing bonkers and could not keep to the council’s edict because she had no room in her garden ‘The fact is the bin had merely moved a few feet, not, as one would imagine, several miles.

‘I’m a busy single mum and I’ve got enough to do without frequently having to go into the back alley and check my bin is OK. ‘Am I supposed to go out every day to make sure no one has moved my bin?’ Since her bin was confiscated, Mrs Pugh has had to double-bag all her rubbish, put it in the car and drive it to the tip. A spokesman for Fylde Council said the bin had been removed following ‘a number of complaints’ but that Mrs Pugh could now get it back without charge. The spokesman added: ‘We would prefer not to waste public resources on minor issues of this nature and are quite happy to return the bin to the householder once again if she is prepared to stick to her agreement.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

If she is prepared to stick to her agreement? She has not agreed to be subject to a stolen bin or to pay for council services that STEAL her bin. It’s time to give the local government and local council the sack. It is time to remove all of the policy abusers. Perhaps a mass boycott of the council’s dustmen in favour of citizen created rubbish collection services? How much does a rubbish truck cost? How much does a driver and collector cost to hire? Drop the idiots who steal bins and open your own profiyable non-abusive business. In fact compete with the Dustmen by offering the same service at lower price until the colluding contractors become redundant. This is imposition of a ‘fear’ by threat of force (burglary of a bin in this case), mindset on the citizens if anything.

The councillor wants to control 3 feet of space? Vote the entire government and it’s abusive policy setters and colluding contractors out instead. The alternative is that people like Mrs Pugh get herself elected into office and then FIRE all neglectful councillors that allow such thefts and allow supercilious impositions of rules’ without amendments to occur, FIRE all spokesmen (who by being willing to be used by such Councils are not much better) and presumptuous ‘dustmen’ (who could have in spirit of the law REFUSED to take away bins but inconsiderately did. If the bureaucrat and quangocrat, even judiciary dishing out expensive jail term sentences that cost the taxpayer so much to enrich the prison contractors, don’t stop attacking the citizens, the citizens will attack them and make them into the pariahs they are.

In fact if enough independent MPs who understand and are in touch with such issues work together, the tax system could be overhauled (i.e. removed) as well, or limitless terms for MPs and especially Councillors ended, bureaucrat salaries lowered to (example : no more than 3 times average wage for the Cabinet, 2 times for senior management, 1.5 times for management and 1 time for all others). A bureaucrat’s salary should be no more than 3 times average wage. See below link for institutionalized corruption.

Average Wage Discrepencies With Reality Don’t tell the citizens anyone deserves anything more than the average wager much less free luxury services at the taxpayer’s expense. Time to take out the garbage in government.

No more bets : Gamblers caught in cybercafes face six-month jail term – by Aizat Sharif and G. Prakash – 27th Sep 2011

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PETALING JAYA: Taking a leaf out of their Penang counterparts’ book, Selangor police are adopting a hardline stance on gamblers in internet cafes. They are now ready to arrest those caught patronising such outlets, with a potential six-month jail-term awaiting those found guilty. Previously, patrons found in the outlets during raids only had their statements recorded, with the cybercafe operators being the only ones charged. Now, they can be investigated under Section 7 (2) of the Common Gaming House Act 1953 which carries a fine up to RM5,000, a maximum six-month jail term or both. Errant or repeated gambling operators can be charged under the Restricted Resident Act 1933. Selangor police chief Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah viewed this move as the  rst step towards eradicating gambling in the State. He said the gambling menace had been a nuisance for years, forcing police to review how they tackle the issue.

Tun Hisan said the move made sense, as gamblers themselves were major contributors to the cybercafe operators’ income. “Without gamblers, the operators won’t have any business. As such, action against the operators only won’t solve the issue; both must be tackled at the same time,” he told The Malay Mail. He said action was all the more imperative as some of the gamblers were minors. On when the move would take place, Tun Hisan said the crackdown on gamblers would come into effect “very soon”.

It was reported that syndicates involved in cybercafe-based online gambling raked in around RM5 million a month. Illegal gambling outlets such as these also continued to be a thorn in the side, with Selangor police having conducted 3,876 raids at illegal gambling premises throughout the State in the first six months of this year. Cybercafes violate conditions of licences Datuk M. Saravanan The mushrooming of these outlets has also frustrated the Kuala Lumpur authorities. In 2009, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan (pic) claimed that as many as 90 per cent of the cybercafes in Kuala Lumpur were involved in illegitimate online gambling by adding gambling software in their computers. He said Kuala Lumpur City Hall had issued cybercafe licences in the hope that people would be computer educated, but from surprise checks, the licences of a number of cybercafe operators were found to have been violated.

The methods used to avoid detection made it difficult to shut down the premises. It was not known whether Kuala Lumpur police plan to follow suit. Penang police chief Datuk Ayub Yaakob announced on Sunday they would charge patrons caught gambling in cybercafes. He cited a growing trend of gamblers flocking to such cybercafes as the main reason behind the move. ON the outside, it looks like any other cybercafe. Once you go in, you realise it is a gambling hub. For one to start gambling in these so-called cybercafes is easy: Just spend five minutes watching someone play and you will know everything that’s needed to start you gambling with the user-friendly computers.

Cybercafes offering gambling games charged a minimum of RM5 or sometimes RM10, depending on the rates to start gambling or taking bets. Once money is paid, the gambler gets a certain amount of points to start playing.

For instance, for RM10, they may get 500 points. If they lose, points get deducted. If they win, they get more points. The bets differ, based on the type of games played. At the end of each gaming session, the players can redeem their cash based on points gained or go back empty-handed if they lose their bets. The games available in the computers include the classic ‘Jackpot’ where you earn points if the picture array, usually depicted by fruits, gets a match of three to five.

Other casino games such as ‘Blackjack’, ‘Roulette’ and ‘Three Pictures’ are also available. Most illegal cybercafes also have state-of-the-art security systems where, if there are raids, the caretaker could switch off the games on all the monitors by pushing a button on his computer. There are also cybercafes where only regular customers are allowed in.

These are usually cybercafes that have been raided before but are back in business through a different operator. For such cybercafes, the main entrance would be locked and one would have to ring the door bell to enter. The caretaker would decide whether to let you in or not. They also have closed-circuit television cameras at the entrance and at other strategic locations — mainly to keep an eye on the authorities.

On July 20 last year, Sentul police raided a cybercafe in Taman Mas Tiara, Jalan Ipoh, where bets of up to RM15,000 were being taken when it was raided. In the raid, police seized 16 jackpot machines and 23 computers, worth a total of about RM45,000.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is a childish incursion of dated laws on adults. Who the hell are these mere citizens to force people to not do what they want. What we do with OUR money is OUR business. Vote these idiots out and change the laws to allow gambling.

Everyone can decide if they want to gamble or not. None of your business and nothing against Muslims or the Police of course, BUT this is NOT your money, your time, or your premises. We bought and earned all of the above and will not tolerate your abuse of our human right to self determinism in consensual gambling with our fellow citizens. It’s fun for us though idiots will indeed bankrupt themselves as well.

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution. Human Rights Charter Article 3. : Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Gambling is a liberty for all not prohibited by their religion. Allow current 4D outlets individual licenses, and to offer conventional card and dice, or one armed bandit games to the public. At most impose a maximum loss limit based on salaries and earnings. People who overshoot loss limits, can be barred from entering. Human Rights Charter Article 8. Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law. Consensual gambling between adults in premises they own or legally rent is a Human Right.

The effective remedy is to amend the offending laws. In the interim, arrests and fines shall not be levied against the Gambling Community of Sovereign Citizens. Human Rights Charter Article 12. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

These laws are arbitrary interference with what gamblers consider fun. Everyone using their own money has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Again nothing against the police or Muslims. BN treats the citizens like children by taking away Human Rights as shown above. Vote for freedom. PR or 3rd force. Take a leaf from Penang? Don;t be foolish, DAP = PAP = Orwellian society.

18 Workers Fined For Smoking In Offices – Bernama – 3rd November2011

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KUALA LUMPUR – Eighteen workers have been fined for smoking in centralised air-conditioned offices in a major Ministry of Health enforcement blitz at private offices throughout the country on Oct 25. Director General of Health Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman said a total of 54 employers were given written warnings for failing to display no smoking notices in their premises. “They were employees and employers of 570 private offices with centralised air-conditioning inspected in the operation, including banks and financial institutions, government-linked companies, office complexes, factories and hotels,” he said in a statement Thursday. On July 21, the government gazetted all workplaces with centralised air-conditioning as non-smoking areas under the Control of Tobacco Product Regulations. Hasan reminded employers to display the no smoking sign as they could be subjected to a fine of not more than RM5,000 or imprisonment of not more than one year if they failed to do so. – BERNAMA

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This action is illegally invasive and afflictive of the autonomy of the private sector company. Very likely unconstitutional. The private sector is free to set it’s own policy and government has overstepped it’s governance charter internationally regardless or not if the MPs had decided that it had powers to persecute or prosecute or fine or issue warnings of any sort.

I suggest that the 18 workers and perhaps their bosses of the 18 companies so targeted for socialised abuse nominally backed by government authority, contact the UN for confirmation against the UNHCR on this issue, engage a human rights inclined lawyer, and demand a public apology and perhaps compensation by the department or ministry in question for the ‘threatening and officious/vexatious behaviour’, and that all MPs who had approved the law that allowed this action be considered unvotable henceforth.

The offending MPs or bureaucrats who penned or approved this law were either neglectful of democratic principles in governance internationally or simply oppressive of the citizenry and fascist minded. Not a word on this Bar Council? The government is abusing the citizens, what is the purpose of a Bar Council internationally if not to address such issues? Do not capitulate to this incusion, private sector !

Nothing against the Federal Government or Malaysia itself, though for sure there will always be bad bureaucrats and bad enforcers willing to carry out unconstitutional acts against the citizens. As for the 18 workers, fear not, it is very likely that private companies and private sector workers do not need to accede to such invasive governance as smoking signs and warnings. A man’s home and office is his castle (think to vote only for the 222 politicians who will promise to grant Allodial property rights and abolishment of Eminent Domain).

Up next, the right for staff to bear arms in the surfeit of hired security who can bear arms (though training probably will be a requirement) . . . smoking is a Human Right – more so in private premises owned and run by the private sector.