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Are we about to witness the end of Britain? By Dominic Sandbrook Last updated at 11:46 PM on 27th January 2012

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Blair signed ‘secret deal’ to hand over Gibraltar to Spain and end UK’s 300-year control – by Tim Shipman Last updated at 8:29 AM on 24th January 2012

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Tony Blair agreed to a secret deal to hand joint sovereignty of Gibraltar to Spain, according to explosive claims by a former Labour cabinet minister.

Peter Hain reveals in his memoirs that he struck the deal with the Spanish government in 2002 to end the UK’s 300-year control of the vital strategic outpost.

He makes clear that he and Mr Blair were both prepared to ride roughshod over the objections of the people of Gibraltar in order to get their way, describing Mr Blair’s attitude to the inhabitants as ‘contemptuous’.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was prepared to ride roughshod over the objections of the people of Gibraltar in order to get his way, Peter Hain has revealed

Deal: Gibraltar has been a British overseas territory since 1704

The former Europe Minister revealed Mr Blair sanctioned the deal because he wanted to win the backing of the Spanish government – then led by Jose Maria Aznar – to help Britain take on France and Germany in EU negotiations.

The agreement was only shelved when what he called ‘hardliners’ in the Spanish government – who wanted only full sovereignty – objected.

In Outside In, published yesterday, Mr Hain says he joined forces with then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to make private overtures to Spain during 2001.

Mr Hain and his Spanish counterparts looked at an ‘Andorra solution’ which would have seen co-sovereignty between the UK and Spain.
Rock’s role

In February 2002, Mr Hain says he was given the green light by Mr Blair to proceed.

He quotes Mr Blair as saying: ‘It is really important to get a better future for Gibraltar, to secure a better relationship with Spain and to remove it as an obstruction to our relations within Europe.’

But Gibraltar’s first minister Peter Caruana told Mr Hain: ‘There is no prospect of me agreeing with such an approach.’

Mr Hain accused Gibraltarian leaders of being ‘stuck in the past’.

The deal unravelled with Spain’s ‘conservative, nationalist government getting cold feet at the last moment’, he says. Mr Blair then urged him to ‘park’ the agreement.

Gibraltar then held a referendum in which 98.48 per cent voted No to a deal with Spain.

Labour’s willingness to sell out the people of Gibraltar stands in contrast to the firm line taken by the Coalition. David Cameron has repeatedly said Gibraltar should stay British.

A spokesman for Mr Blair said: ‘Tony Blair has never said or thought Gibraltar should be “run by Spain”. Nor was he “contemptuous” of it.’

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Blair is MORALLY and ETHICALLY right here, not necessarily correct in an expansionary or colonial sense though – which is hateful and wrong and inapplicable given the state of ffairs and level of civgilisation the world is at now. But actually this is not even Spanish territory. Gibraltar is correctly owned by those of South American Indian tribal ancestry if true ownership is to be considered. The natives were living there probably since 20,000 bc until the 1700s when the colonial BULLIES arrived.

The existing citizens there who are not tribal could come under tribal governance as per the UNHCR considerations and oversight (we don;t want to see scalpings etc. despite the terrible butchery that occured 300 years ago), after all holy sites or lands considered unsuitable for building are returned. Gibraltar natives should demand their right to representation at the UN and perhaps reservation of the President’s post though the Prime Minister’s post and other cabine type posts should be based on meritocracy. This is aother ‘First Nation’ that the United Indigenous Nations should address the woes of. These 30,000 natives should be given avery possible affirmative action being the minority and also the original peoples of the area.

Reinstate Chieftain/Shamanism Aztec style or whatever native style in Gibraltar national day or Assembly displays, with their own native Gibraltan language becoming the national language (anyone can speak anything but their language could be used in identifying documents and institutions of the country) – neither Spain nor England who butchered their way into these simple peoples’ lives should hold Gibraltar hostage, with appropriate reparations from both colonial powers to every single ‘native’ this day. They are owed that much!

***Commentator comments : Morally and ethically skewed imperialist comments on above article :

Blair is a Traitor there is no other words to describe him

– Ed, Bham, 24/1/2012 10:04
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Is treason still a hanging offence?.

– gus, colchester, 24/1/2012 10:03
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Does treason still carry the death penalty? – Stephen, Aylesbury, 24/1/2012 10:48++++ Stephen,I think you’ll find that even for Treason there can be no death-penalty carried out in the UK..It is a EU ruling which was agreed to by the UK and endorsed by,yes…Tony Blair.

– One Hand Clapper, Lye Meadow,Alvechurch., 24/1/2012 10:03
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How much would he have sold it for? Phoney B´Liar never did anything without lining his own pockets. Jail him!!!!

– Josephine, Hard up State Pensioner who has never claimed a penny, 24/1/2012 10:01


Toll Charge For The Rock Of Gibraltar say’s La Linea’s Mayor Alejandro Sánchez

The only people guaranteed exemption from the tax on Gibraltar traffic, which he compares to London’s congestion charge, will be the people living in La Linea itself.
Toll Charge For The Rock Of Gibraltar say’s La Linea’s Mayor Alejandro Sánchez

Workers and visitors to The Rock of Gibraltar could so be paying a €5 toll charge in plan to fill neighbouring La Linea’s town hall coffers

The people of Gibraltar could soon find themselves having to pay to leave The Rock of Gibraltar as the Spanish mayor of La Linea plans a toll charge on traffic to The Rock.

Mayor Alejandro Sánchez says he will introduce the toll charge scheme within the next two months.

The only people guaranteed exemption from the tax on Gibraltar traffic, which he compares to London’s congestion charge, will be the people living in La Linea itself.

Visitors to Gibraltar and, especially, commercial traffic in and out of The Rock will have to pay €5 or more.

Mayor Sánchez has still not said whether he will exempt the 30,000 native people of Gibraltar, many of whom live on mainland Spain and commute through La Linea daily to work, or who live in the peninsula but travel to Spain at weekends. “That question is still on the table,” Sánchez said last week.

The move was bound to add tension to the already thorny relations between Britain and Spain over the Rock, which it claims sovereignty over despite being in British hands since 1713.

Sánchez says town hall of La Linea Financial resources, hit by Spain’s falling economy and government pay cut plans, are in need of refilling and that visitors who pass through the town to get to Gibraltar must contribute.

It is still not clear whether his plan to tax traffic is legal, however, as Spain’s central government and not the town hall controls most of the roads leading into Gibraltar.

Local newspaper reports suggest the toll booth will be erected next to the frontier crossing between Spain and the two-and-a-half square mile British dependent territory.

Residents fear that rather than reducing the traffic jams by the frontier, the toll booth would simply make them worse.

The economies of Gibraltar and La Linea are inexorably linked, with many local Spaniards employed on The Rock.

“Do not impose a toll,” the Social and Cultural Association of Spanish Workers in Gibraltar protested.

“La Linea benefits hugely from Gibraltar’s prosperity with 12,000 mouths fed by wages earned in Gibraltar pounds.”



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All of Gibraltar’s lands rightfully belong to the natives and should be distributed to them for subsistence farming. A UN case for grants of allodial land, expulsion of whites from holy native sites, and seeking of reparations for occupation and colonialism and reinstatement of native persons in government can be won, much less any Western power daring to say the natives are being fed by whoever. These were their lands that were colonized and taken by force, they need to be given back what was stolen not insulted about how they are being fed! In fact ‘neurotech’ audits to expel those who did induleg in slaying or economic oppression of natives could be applied as well! Natives are sovereign peoples who deserve their own nations and representation at the UN too, follow Blair’s lead and do the right thing, the FREE NATIVE GIBRALTAR MOVEMENT !