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3 Articles on India and Indian Culture – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 1st Feb 2011

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Hindus sue restaurant for serving them meat; want joint to pick up tab to India for cleansing ritual – BY Philip Caulfield – DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER – Tuesday, July 19th 2011, 3:45 PM

A group of vegetarian Hindu diners sued the Moghul Express in Edison, N.J., for serving them meat-filled pastries. The group wants the restaurant to pay for their trip to India for a cleansing ritual. The group of 16 Hindus unknowingly noshed (dined rather??? wtf using this word, you’d think they were eating through their noses . . . . the wonders of NLPs on the back of a strong vocabulary eh? A no-no if anything to be PC  . . ) on meat-filled samosas, a no-no in their religion.

A New Jersey restaurant that served meat to a group of vegetarian Hindus may have to pick up the tab for their trip to India for a cleansing ritual, a court panel ruled.

The three-judge panel reinstated a lawsuit filed against Moghul Express, an Indian restaurant in Edison that admitted serving meat-filled pastries to 16 Hindus, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported.

The group’s religion bars them from eating meat, and the diners said the mix-up tainted them spiritually. To save their souls, the group claims, they must wash themselves in India’s Ganges River, more than 8,000 miles away. And they want the restaurant to foot the bill.

“If you follow the scriptures, it’s definitely a huge cost,” Mehul Thakkar, a spokesman for the Yogi Divine Society, a Hindu nonprofit, told the Star-Leger.

The purification ceremony can last upwards of 30 days, putting the cost somewhere in the thousands, Thakkar said. The group sued after unknowingly noshing on meat-filled samosas during an Indian Day celebration in August 2009. Moghul Express had assured them the flaky treats (ooo now they’re pets eating some cheaply manufactured crud?) were vegetarian, but after the group tasted them and complained, the kitchen admitted it mixed up their order.

A Superior Court threw the case out last year, but the diners appealed and won on Monday. Pradip Kothari, president of the Indo-American Cultural Society in Edison, called the lawsuit “a hypocrisy of the law.” “They can go to a temple here and ask God for forgiveness. God is not going to punish you for doing something unknowingly,” he told the Star-Ledger.

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Would be a good chance for the State to build bridges to India if the restaurant does not. The artful Hindus have extended their hand, typical though are the blunt and obtuse responses of the whites. The national service though costing thousands COULD have been invaluable, but true to selfish form, idiotic society, they failed to respond to a

diplomatic gift horse. And they ARE but asking for reparations based on charges rather than litiguous suits in the number of billions and such. USA fails! Some ‘agent’ from the WH could have hastened to print a stack of bills and asked the restaurant to ‘make India happy’ but nothing.


Conscience Indians Catch The Bull By The Horns Posted on 15. Jul, 2011 by Hamid Waheed in India

They have taken on human rights and Terror issues with a zeal and determination

“Inequality is the soul of Hinduism” Ambedkar – by Hamid Waheed

The state atrocities against poor, lower class and non Hindu Indians continue under silent Indian media but conscience Indian writers, former officials along with human rights organizations keep raising their voices whenever they can. In an article by Arundhati Roy titled “Walking with the Comrades”, published in month of March, she exposes the real face of world‘s largest democracy. How thousands of innocent citizens are being ruthlessly killed in the name of so called development.

Maoist, the forgotten people of India are killed and humiliated under ‘Operation Green Hunt’, using sophisticated weapons and equipment (i.e laser range finder, thermal imaging equipment and unmanned drones) bought from Israel to kill its own poor Gondis (tribesmen). Arundhati explained during her journey to the land of Gondis, how government owned training camps are established to turn street dogs into monster to hunt poor Gondis. India-Israel nexus and Israel’s rogue role in world politics is no more a hidden factor, expulsion of her diplomat by UK on involvement in Hamas leaders murder is a recent example.

Around 60,000 peoples are forced to leave their homes and live in Xray camps. Girls and children living in hostels are not allowed to leave because state uses them as human shields. Many industrial tycoons like Tata and Essar are financing the government operation in order to attain mining contracts. Arundhati questions “When a country that calls itself a democracy openly declares war within its borders, what does that war look like? More so when they are not terrorists”. Under article 2 of resolution 260 (III) ‘A’ the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Indian state actions fulfill all qualifications to be termed as state sponsored genocide.

The political mindset can be judged from a recent statement of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when he declared its own citizens as a threat to national security when he was talking about Maoist movement.

Another mind provoking book is “Who Killed Karkare-The Real Face of Terrorism in India”,written by Former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif. According to S M Mushrif he analysed the Mumbai attacks thoroughly. All the reports that were available to him suggest that the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) was aware of the attack at least five days in advance. They knew the entire operation; the route these terrorists were taking. However, it is strange that they did not pass on this information to the Mumbai police.This lack of intelligence led to the Mumbai attacks and some right-wing groups upset with the investigation into the Malegaon incident taking advantage of the situation killed Karkare.

S M Mushrif also reveals that the cases against the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) were faked. All the boys who were arrested were found to be innocent during the course of the investigation and later court dismissed the cases against the boys. Gujrat riots still remain in memories of Indian Muslims. Famous writer Smita Narula describes Gujrat riots as Genocide of Muslims and states. According to her “What happened in Gujrat was not a spontaneous uprising, it was a carefully orchestrated attack against Muslims”. Caste system and inequality is root cause of injustice in Indian society. Prominent Indian Hindu writer Ambedkar said that “Inequality is the soul of Hinduism”. He characterized the oppressive caste system as the tyranny of Hinduism. After spending a lifetime in a crusade against the oppressive Hinduism, Ambedkar finally renounced Hinduism and converted to Buddism and exhorted his followers to do the same. Not to forget Kashmir, where security forces abuses are so common and every day we observer protest over such cases. Meenakshi Ganguly, senior South Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch said that “It is extremely rare for the security forces in Kashmir to turn over one of their own to the civilian justice system,”.

Today Sikhs, Christian, Muslims and Dalits (the untouchable humans) are victim of state policies and inequality in India. Human rights organizations are registering number of abuse cases against minorities. Although the Indian State and its proponents seek to blame past governments for human rights abuses and assert that India is no longer violating human rights but independent research by numerous organizations, indicates otherwise. International human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, continue to condemn India for its failure in preventing and in many cases advocating, the violation of human rights against its minority and underprivileged communities, including women. Surprisingly it is seldom that such activities get focus in Indian media. The Indian media usually remains Pakistan centric as a proactive approach to hide their own short falls. However, for the first time the intelligencia has raised questions on the role of CIA agents like David Headley Coleman & the fact that India has more than 3500 Americans unaccounted for in their country as per the records of the Home Ministry . After july 2011 attack in Mumbai, an understanding is developing where other elements are seen taking advantage of the old Indo – Pak perceptions . Use of locals by exploiting their weaknesses is a common lead behind most of the terror incidents in both countries and chances of common handler can not be ruled out.

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There may be portions unfair about Hinduism, but Hinduism is India’s only cultural-religious heritage. If every Indian converted to something else, true Indian faith and culture would die off. The abuses you mention are not from Hindus but people who claim to be Hindus and follow Hindu forms. Hinduism would never allow such abuses. Meanwhile try to rake it easier on your own ethnotype and immediate neighbours. These bombings were particularly timely if you ask, the intention is to fear monger and create distrust between Central Asian/South Asian nations so that the globalists can try to divide and conquer all of you. Remember to the whites you are always inferior, but useful to control. As cousins though adversorial at times, there is at least a measure of equality which is the only basis friendship can be built on. With enough chaos, the so-called Security council will have an excuse to re-colonize the ENTIRE region. Whatever argument between Muslim and Hindu at that point will be worthless.


Ban likely on improperly dressed tourists in all Goa temples – via Commons – July 12, 2011

The ban on visitors wearing indecent clothes, is likely to be extended to more temples in Goa, with a right wing organisation deciding to lend its support to the campaign on the issue.

Gomant Mandir and Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh (GMDSM), a federation of various temple committees in Goa, has said that it will convince the temple managements to ensure that the visitors are properly dressed. Goa has more than 1,000 temples across the state.

GMDSM coordinator Jayesh Thali said that the idea to convince the rest of the temple managements came up only after two temples in the state took up a dress-code initiative.

The organisation has said that the improperly dressed or short-dressed visitors should be barred from entering the temples.

Two of Goa’s leading temples have already asked the visitors, especially foreigners, to either dress properly or not to enter the temple premises. Mahalsa Narayani Temple at Mardol, 20 kms away from here, has already banned the entry of foreigners.

Thali told PTI that the steps taken by both the temples are worth appreciating. “The decision taken by the management of the temple is an ideal one and worth emulating by all temples,” he said.

The management of the temples that imposed a ban had said that indecent behaviour by the visitors was hurting the religious sentiments. They had said that since the visitors, especially foreigners, were not properly informed about the religious practices here, they indulge in indecent behaviour.

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This will help remind that ‘Sunday Best’ formal wear should have fair parallels based on RELIGIOUS Day formal wear (local dressing NOT Western suits). Try changing the disgracefully colonized legal system’s trappings as well.

Let it be all Indian, though ‘white’ lawyers in India should bethe only ones wearing wigs and robes. As for the major races listed here, they should wear their OWN race’s formal wear as in the general example below :

The Dhoti Kurta and Turban for Indians, to replace the Robe and Wig for HINDU COURT.

The Kain Songket and Tengkolok for Malays, to replace the Robe and Wig for CALIPH’s COURT.

The Hanfu and Guan Hat for Chinese, to replace the Robe and Wig for CONFUCIAN COURT.

A modified/’combinationally’ representative form of the Cawat and Feather Headress for Orang Asli, to replace the Colonial Robe and Wig for Orang Asli/Native Court.

Why must law be English? The architecture of Legal Institutions English? Why can’t we have our own ‘Inner Temples’ or ‘Inns of Law’ in our host countries? Why not a Maharaja’s Counsel (there are a handful of Maharajas still btw)? Why not a Sultan’s Counsel? An Emperor’s Counsel?

Why the acceptance of colonialism in dress? England hardly deserves to be the heart of the legal fraternity.

Welcome to 2042 – the year when Britain is no more than a memory By Peter Hitchens Last updated at 10:11 PM on 31st December 2011

In Socialism on January 20, 2012 at 8:34 pm

The New Year has always seemed to me to be a time for enjoying a bit of gloom. So in the spirit of hearty pessimism, I’d like to take you forward 30 years, for an imaginary peep into the pages of the ‘China Daily’ of January 1, 2042. You can judge for yourselves how imaginary it really is. ‘Cabinet papers issued today by the state archives of the People’s Republic cast an interesting light on the final years of the country formerly known as Great Britain. Younger readers should know that, 30 years ago, this once-important nation (now dissolved) occupied the vacation islands, famous for their mild climate and their picturesque historical theme parks, which lie off our far western coast. Signing Britain over: Will David Cameron and Nick Clegg prove to be the UK’s last leadership team? ‘A memo from Prime Minister David Cameron to his deputy, Nicholas Clegg, runs in part “…and thanks so much, Nick, for your continuing self-sacrifice in our joint cause. I’m so sorry you have to put up with those moronic cartoons portraying you as the junior partner when – as we both well know – this is a liberal government in which I am happy to let you get your way. ‘?“

I am especially grateful for your recent performance, a fine piece of acting. The dim old buffers who still vote for my party, however many times we let them down, were genuinely taken in, and thought a) that I had struck a blow for Britain in Brussels and b) that you were angry about it.” ‘There are also memos to the Interior Minister of the time, Theresa May, congratulating her for “sounding as if you really mean to do something about crime and immigration” and a ruder one to the Justice Minister, Kenneth Clarke, chiding him for “letting the cat out of the bag: it won’t do, old boy! Can’t you just be satisfied with getting your way? There’s no need to gloat in public.” ‘A letter from Mr Cameron to Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish government, is strangely friendly, given Mr Cameron’s frequent public assertions that he was against Scottish independence. Experts from the University of Shanghai have concluded that Mr Cameron secretly wanted a Scottish breakaway as the only chance of his party ever again winning an Election on its own.’

The China Daily continues: ‘No trace can be found of any serious plans to reform the country’s disastrous state schools, nor to curb its out-of-control welfare system, known to be widely abused by criminals and to encourage parasitical sloth. ‘As for the economy, the archives contain only a plaintive note from the Finance Minister to the Premier, bearing the words, “There’s no money!” Hard act to follow: Official documents may show that Theresa May put in a convincing performance, even if she was undermined by Kenneth Clarke ‘The documents make it plain that the governing class of the country formerly known as Great Britain had no idea how to cope with the problems they faced and were mainly obsessed with public relations. In the light of this, the events of the next 20 years should have come as no surprise.’ I don’t recall Dickens writing an Estuary English soap opera Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations is one of the best books ever written. David Lean’s 1946 realisation of it is one of the best films ever made – not least because so much of its dialogue is taken direct from the original. So why is the BBC’s new adaptation so astonishingly, disappointingly, ridiculously bad? It is because the BBC is so full of people who simply refuse to admit that they have anything to learn from the past. In their world, all drama must be either Doctor Who or EastEnders (or in this case a combination of the two). Ridiculously bad: A young Pip and Miss Havisham in the series Pip Pirrip, raised in a blacksmith’s cottage, could not possibly have grown up to look like a male model. Herbert Pocket was never a vicious snob. Miss Havisham was a yellow-skinned, deranged hag, not a self-harming young woman. Estella was an unattainable beauty – not a stroppy person with the adenoidal voice and the scowling visage of an affronted North London social worker. Britain’s greatest author: The work of Charles Dickens always prompts an emotional reaction – unlike the efforts of today’s television scriptwriters Perhaps above all, Joe Gargery was a man of almost saintly goodness and humour, rather than the glum and self-righteous person in this TV travesty, who always looks as if he’s just off to a Chartist meeting. I reread the opening chapters of the book to reassure myself about this and was repeatedly convulsed with laughter and moved close to tears. The TV version produced no emotion at all and resorted to incessant loud music to tell us how we should have been feeling. The vandals behind it also managed to insert a scene in a brothel – perhaps they can tell me where this occurs in the book. Dickens, being a proper writer, managed to envelop the foul figure of Bentley Drummle in a cloud of evil without any such crudities. And the script was full of modern soap opera language, often in Estuary English quite unlike the speech of the time – ‘con man’, ‘close the deal’, ‘he owes me’.

Yes, of course you need to make changes when you adapt an immense book into three hours of drama. But you need to stay close to the truth of the original, or you are destroying it. Something similar is now happening to Sherlock Holmes thanks to the half-witted cinema versions. In an age when few read any more, this third-rate stuff is in danger of replacing greatness with cut-price hogwash. A Canadian judge has ruled that a teenager was under the influence of an ‘antidepressant’ when he knifed a close friend to death. Judge Robert Heinrichs was told in his Winnipeg court that the killer (also a user of cannabis and cocaine) grew more irrational once prescribed the ‘antidepressant’. ‘He had become irritable, restless, agitated, aggressive and unclear in his thinking,’ the judge said. ‘In that state he overreacted in an impulsive, explosive and violent way’. Now off the drug, he was ‘simply not the same in behaviour or character’. It is a painful case, but it underlines the urgent need for a proper inquiry into these widely used pills. We’re making North Korea worse Small politicians try to look big by exaggerating the size and the danger of their foes. The West’s ridiculous attitude to North Korea is an example of this. I have been there, and can report that this bankrupt, starving statelet is so poor it cannot even warm its own government buildings and must have used up much of its petrol reserves to stage the funeral of its deceased leader. Its rulers are trapped in their palace. If they show weakness, they will be torn to pieces by their hungry, disillusioned subjects. Above all, they need a way out. If we do not help provide one they will, in the end, have to collapse into the arms of China. Show of strength or sign of weakness? Although thousands turned out for the funeral of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il, the country is in fact incredibly poor Why should we want that? Yet we continue to portray this sad survival as a major power and adopt a high moral tone in our dealings with it. Yes, it can still do harm – but it is much more likely to do so if we maintain our current policy.



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Try making friends with Germany and EU first before thinking North Korea. If England cannot even get the IRA on their side much less return so many stolen gems during the colonial era, England which even alienated America in the War of Independence and has historiacally insulted the Germans and French and even Spanish for decades, has no business talking about preventing North Korea from collapsing into the arms of China. Korea is not even collapsing (yet, and China probably will see it won’t unless a false flag to kick out South Koreas puppets is intended), this is a Confucian region – North East Asia, you guys are white lost your original faith system, have had a history of colonialism and have bullied North Korea and a slew of nations no end. Who needs a country like that who won’t apologise, won’t admit wrongs and send reparations for wartime atrocities including DRUG PEDDLING – enmasse. Africa alone could well break England’s finances for 1000 years in reparations, much less India and China AND the Middle East. And now the English are eyeing North Korea? North Korea is the bad cop as of now in this region that USA might be loathe to attack, what makes England think China won’t feel such aired thoughts are targetted at China and react appropriately? Solve your own backyard issues first, and these go back a few hundred years with the last pureblood English monarch in 1700s leaving no real English royalty since. North Korea is China’s or at very most South Korea’s business, hardly England’s territory when even USA is effectively not even in the picture as far as North Korea is concerned. If North Korea snubs South Korea calling it a puppet of the USA, England’s association with military adventurism in the Middle East makes it no better.