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Notes on Property Hoarding / Property Rent Laws – 18th June 2011 (original Article)

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While travelling (forced to to an extent and still probably needing to travel even now . . . ) to have dictated to me on how much BN lapdogs and apartheid racists have subsumed the good citizens of Malaysia, I made some observations on the decaying property market, including massive shopping centres, factory and housing estates alonghside rows of partially completed but definitely salvageable sections of properties which were abandoned and came up with some suggestions below. These can also be applied with modifications to any nation with a decaying industry or property sector.

I see many plantations and lands or even buildings supposedly unusable that should be used, though citizens ‘using’ unused spaces MUST be prepared to at least register with the local authorities (Council for example) and depart at short notice should buyers appear on the scene.

Fair Use of Unused/Unusable Property – rental of ‘abandoned properties’ are to be based on demand application by citizens currently WITHOUT properties or business premises, and not those seeking to extend their businesses – citizens are permitted to rent such properties at :

50% (abandoned for 3 years) or
25% (leaking/broken walls) or
10% (decayed infrastructure-electricity-water)

;of standard market values depending on condition of unit or period of neglect, rent is to be paid to legal owners

Criteria For Enforced Rental (TOL) to Applying Citizens

Overgrown-neglected for period of time (3 years?) – ceiling collapsed-leaking (repair costs to be borne or ignored by renting citizen) – project abandoned partway – project condemned by government but not cleaned up or demolished in period – superstructure is stable (deemed not collapsible)

This way low wealth citizens (do distinguish from LC mentality) can perhaps form viable and liveable communities out of otherwise abandoned neighbourhoods that may eventually have a chance to regain value than becoming ‘Detriots’ to be bulldozed eventually.

The homeless could also be introduced to such properties to allow them to have a shelter over their heads and a sense of pride of existence as human beings as well WITHOUT officially using taxpayer funds for welfare homes. Vagrancy laws also need upgrading and be rewritten in relation to property laws as suggested here. A horrendous display of bad citizentry awaits those who dissent, but dissent is the only way, barring revolution that society may progress. There is no escaping the truth no matter how numerous or well coordinated bad citizens can get. And apartheid or status quo in bad laws and constitutions can never triumph over the righteous and just, no matter how earth shaking their revelations.