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“I don’t want to have anything to do with politicians!” French star – 23rd November 2011

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Carole Bouquet was in French comedy Protéger & Servir. The star of That Obscure Object of Desire, the former Bond girl and Chanel model, French actress Carole Bouquet has revealed her uncompromising attitude to directors, actors and politicians.
In an exclusive interview with RT, one of France’s most sought-after actors praised by presidents Francois Mitterrand and Nicolas Sarkozy, among others, said that despite popular belief, she doesn’t see anything in common between actors and politicians. “No, absolutely not!” the actress who has a number of times met the two French presidents tet-a-tet exclaims.
“Politicians are obsessed with power, we are not! The actors I like are poets. They are out of that world, they are gypsies. Unlike politicians, you don’t want to impose your view, you want to share a story,” Bouquet explained. “I don’t want to have anything to do with politicians, even though I work with them through my charity. But I fight them all the time,” added the actress well-known for her charity work. But as she speaks of her job as an actress on set, one of France’s most beautiful women doesn’t become less demanding.
“When you arrive on the set you know from the first minute almost if the director knows what he is doing or not. Even a good director can sometimes make mistakes.” She’s worked with such gurus as Louis Bunuel and Francis Ford Coppola, but says “you don’t do beautiful movies all the time, even though you try.” “I’ve been extremely lucky already to have done more than one. I started with Bunuel. But sometimes you do have to wait between movies to feel the same satisfaction, the same pleasure, the same joy of sharing something, and it’s quite rare.”
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Carole could help lobby the Judiciary or MPs to table laws that prohibit LIMITLESS TERMS. That way, no citizen could identify with politics or make a living off the allowances as the income stops after the 2nd or 3rd term at very most. Thats the best way to fight ‘politicians’, removing the quasi-permanancy of ALL posts. Make it meaninglessly impermanent so that some NEPOTISTIC moron ‘Careerist Politician’ will not hang on to that seat like Gandhi or Nehru and attempt to pass it on to his children (it’s happening with Rahul Gandhi now, Aquino, Arroyo, Suharto etc. each generation becoming increasing corrupted . . . ) or until someone assassinates (Gandhi) or topples (Mubarak). Pity voting is just as bad as pity sex . . . i.e. don’t vote for someone’s children because of an assassination – the prevention of Oligarchy from NEPOTISM is more important, feeling bad for them does not mean their children are to be voted into power, resulting in a vested interest Oligarchy of FAMILY BLOCS in government who imagine the country belongs to them to write bad and unconstitutional laws that parasitise off the people, and ultimately fight among themselves to retain ‘power’, and even pull an Ampatuan Massacre in time to come.
Also citizen apathy and refusal to run for election does not help too. Table those laws or run for election to table those laws Carla! And Russia, how about a series of KGB glorifying ‘Bond’ Films written by one of your outstanding writers? Whats a cool Russian name for a KGB spy? Whats the equivalent of Hollywood over there in Russia?
Give ANY superpower or even religion hegemony and somehow elements of abuse will creep in again. And watch out for that Hegelian Dialectic as well, don’t bad cop good cop the world between the best and worst of Capitalism/Plutocracy, Communism/Dictatorship and worse still Fundamentalism/Theocracy – with Techno-fascism/Spiritual Slavery, the next danger to Humanity. Citizens do not have to adopt or accede to any single system or standard, taking the best from all systems – Communism, Capitalism, Theocracy (Capitalism with Socialist Limits, with revival of Native Faith Systems etc..) – diversity is the best way to ensure HEALTHY and viable evolution of Mankind. Blue ocean strategy would be to make space as mainstreams arise and fall, meanwhile maintain and continue recording and appraising history, that is where all mistakes can be learnt and avoided.
Try Article 31 of the Human Rights Charter – MENTAL AUTONOMY.
A suggestion for an appended Article (Article 31) for Human Rights Charter (2011 update on the back of new developments/confirmations/discoveries on serious and unwarranted (also illegal) methods of invasion of privacy. Proposal for ARTICLE 31 of the Human Rights Charter :

Signatories of the HRC are required to renew their commitment to Human Rights by acknowledging/acceding :

‘in relation to Neurotech Technologies (EMF/ELF/Celltower/Wiifi Emitters) or Neurotech Spiritual Methods (various forms of Tantra and various Sympathetic methods if applicable and detectable)’

; to conform with the Human Rights Protective Laws below :

1) Exposition of all Neurotech-like Technologies or Spiritual Methods
2) Illegalisation of all Neurotech-like Technologies or Spiritual Methods except to registered persons
3) Limit of Registration and Access specifically to only ethically and professionally trained enforcement or professional persons bound by code of ethics
4) Public Apology by Governments to all Individuals Affected by Neurotech-like Technologies or Occult Methods
5) Equitable Damages and Reparations to All Illegally Implanted Persons including release and freeing of all currently interred illegally in ‘Mental Asylums’ due to such abuses

Ideas for portions of proposed “Mental Privacy Act” Implementable at National Levels

i.) Injunctions against slandarous actions or privacy invasive acts by persons with currently unregulated access or formerly with access to private mental spaces via illegal or unregistered devices

ii.) Appropriate punishment for ALL ordinary citizens (perhaps warning via implemented devices which will warn of access) and deregistration of formal Enforcement personnel or registered Psychiatric establishment who abuse or misdiagnose on illegal premises or inappropriate personal reasons etc..

iii.) Appropriate Punishment for causing misdiagnoses via rumour mongering

All citizens of the world conscious and aware of the potential abuse and destruction of democracy and self determinism via Neurotech (EMF/ELF/Implants) or any Occult/Tantric methods should with good faith and conscience immediately endorse, inform and engage the U.N., N.A.M., W.H.O. or any appropriate organisations on this very serious issue.

(note any scars or head injuries especially in previously experienced and possibly pre-planned accidents by persons serving the citizen oppressive ‘establishment’) . . .