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Steven Tyler’s $4.8million dream Hawaiian home… complete with infinity pool and floor-to-ceiling aquarium By Sarah Bull Last updated at 3:57 PM on 27th January 2012

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American Idol judge Steven Tyler must be more than a little excited after picking up his dream home in Hawaii for nearly $2million than the listed price.

The 63-year-old rocker paid a still-expensive $4.8million for the property, situated on the edge of the ocean on a nature reserve in Maui, but significantly less than the original asking price.

The stunning home, which is situated over 3,000 sq ft of land, is shaped like a pentangle and featured two bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.

Hawaiian paradise: Steven Tyler snapped up his dream home in Hawaii for $4.8million – nearly $2million less than the asking price

And, in keeping with Tyler’s eccentric lifestyle, the house also features a floor-to-ceiling aquarium in one room, and an infinity swimming pool.

Tyler recently revealed that he and fiancée Erin Brady had the house ‘blessed’ before moving in.

Recalling his proposal to Brady, Tyler said: ‘I gave her the ring on Christmas Day and the next morning we flew to Hawaii and we were out getting our house smudged, what’s it called there, with a great kahuna? Christened, in a manner of speaking…

Lap of luxury: The stunning property is shaped like a pentangle and features a floor-to-ceiling aquarium and infinity swimming pool

Bless this house: Tyler and fiancée Erin Brady had the property blessed before moving in to it

‘There’s always some island person that comes and blesses the house, gets rid of all the, you know, whatever was left over from there before…’

Tyler, 63, proposed to 38-year-old Brady over the festive period, after nearly six years of dating.

Brady, who is 25 years his junior, will be his third wife – they have been together since 2006.

Set to wed: Tyler proposed to Brady, who will be his third wife, over the Christmas period

Slender: It’s not hard to see what Aerosmith frontman Steven sees in Erin

The Rocker’s first marriage was to Andy Warhol model Cyrinda Fox lasted from 1978 to 1987. The pair had a daughter together, Mia, who followed her mother’s footsteps into modelling.

Tyler was also married to clothing designer Teresa Barrick from 1988 until 2006. They had two children together, a daughter, Chelsea, and son, Taj.

The couple divorced in 2006, the same year Tyler entered into a relationship with Brady.

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How about wooing back wife 1 and 2 too (start with an invitation this marriage) so that the whole family could be together? If Steve can handle that, the new members of his family will be quite fortunate as discussed in another article, Steve would also show that polygamy is cool and in-vogue again. Would make for a grand family portrait wouldn’t it? Ahem the last photo . . . try Face Off (1997) ‘Papa’s got a brand new bag (pad – with Erin carrying the paddle also ROFL!!!) peaches!!! . . .’ . . . ugh won’t go further (Run Liv run!!! . . . )

‘Marital Ethics’ specifically to counter indulgence in incestuous tendencies in society, could require that a man may not marry any wife intentionally because she might look like an existing daughter that grows up . . . OR any grown daughter . . . AS WELL AS . . . any relatives who look like the future wife, in the same light responsibility of all people to not imprint themselves on others so that uniqueness can result is also another aspect of ethics to prevent spiritual inbreeding and copycat murderers where one person tries to look like or becone another with intent to kill the copied person . . . ) . . . the luxury of large communities has made incest a genetic liability, standards have thus risen, that is also why ‘small’ communities are looked down on, though while to seek a mate a larger population is better, that same small community (if not high density) is generally a better place to raise a family, go figure, the complexities of society entirely escape anthropologists and educators that this society destroying sickness and malaise is allowed to persist so that suicides and bullying and bullies or mob mindedness typifies supposedly advanced societies, they have the trappings and technology but the populations are too small and inbred, the mindsets provincial no end. In general experience living in 2 different closed communities of 1 million and 5 million respectively, it took me near 2 decades to figure this out and post this here. Always choose the cities with largest populations to seek a mate, and that anything below 5 million results in a form of spiritual inbreeding . . . not viable at all, too disgustingly COMMON, inbred and ‘small town’.

Damn~ S.T. . . . you a fer’ real American right down to the in**** . . . No hard feeling though you’re among the cooler and more distinct Americans of the day and cannot be blamed for all the stuff, nobody teaches these subtleties in finishing school much less university. Heck most of us have lost that level of education that leads to the mass proliferation of LC culture now . . .

The militant feminists and fundos need to know this :- Don’t be goin’ witch huntin’ y’hear mad’uns?

Good one Daily Mail, almost feel at home with the writers at DailyMail if DailyMail is not merely downloading, reading and replicating (I hope not, but have always suspected that there were some intelligent people in the world, just not where I am what with the psychotic, aged brutes in positions of authority and monopoly minded nepotists and 3rd world governance . . . ).

I’ll shut up now. *Snigger*.