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Recapturing The Robber Barons – by Jim Kirwan – 2-3-2112

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Had we not become as willfully ignorant as these fools
That failed to resist the Spanish Inquisition;
None of what is happening now,
Could have come to pass!


Before the Crash of 1929 the banks under the guidance of the Robber-Barons played repeatedly with the stability of the markets to create the Bank-Failures that were used to manipulate America’s money supply which each ended in a CRASH. The largest of these was the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

After that disaster, the government instituted a whole series of new laws to keep that from every happening again (In-effect to chain the criminal behavior of the banks & the Robber-barons). From that day to this the old-line junk-yard dogs have been working furiously to repeat 1929, globally, to assure total-global control of the financial world, for the same forces that created the crash of 1929. The difference is that this time the GLOBAL-COLLAPSE will be a thousand times greater than anything anyone has ever seen before.

Under the Clinton administration the very last piece of that protective legislation the Glass-Stiegel Act, was totally destroyed—thus clearing the way for Bush & the Bandits to begin what Obama is now putting the finishing touches on.


All governments tend to be corrupt, especially when they have remained in control without a rebellion for over two hundred years. In our case, what we have seen is the government moving from its official duties to watch over and control corruption from the power-brokers, while supposedly protecting the public from corruption and outright theft. What we have now is the government having let itself be purchased by the global-new-world-order: which has thus become the instrument of massive criminality that takes payments from the corporations (and lets them create all legislation ­ for a bribe) in order to crush the population and enable the takeover of this nation; by the same corporations that this government was supposed to be PROTECTING us all from.

IF government had been doing its job we would not need the IRS (it’s a private for-profit agency) registered in Delaware, and is not officially a part of the US government: Instead we have IRS as the collection arm of the private for-profit Federal Reserve who collects taxes that go straight to the owners of the Federal Reserve, in exchange for printing our DEBT-BASED money.

If the US was a real country with an effective government we would all be getting quarterly dividend checks from the government instead of having to pay them the outrageous taxes they continue to demand. End the IRS & the Federal Reserve which they unswervingly serve!

“HOW” you might ask? It’s really very simple. The government of the United States (you & me) own huge amounts of property, natural resources, infrastructure and on and on and on. The government was supposed to be the custodian of our property and riches: IF they had been doing their jobs, instead of taking bribes and creating “laws” which officially allowed the corporations to acquire all of what we once owned, for next to nothing. Our property has been what all the PRIVATIZATION has always been about: Hiding behind the supposed “business-excellence” which privatization would supposedly bring to the hopelessly flawed publicly owned properties and assets. What a farce this has been! Corporate management is nothing more than a shell game to siphon off massive profits for themselves while literally raping this nation and its people.

For instance the people of the state of Alaska get between $8,000 and $10,000 each year from the government for what they have lost to the government in the natural resources that the government and the corporations steal every year from the citizens of Alaska. Why is this policy not nationwide?

All the national parks have been used and abused by cattle grazing, which has polluted the streams and damaged the land, for pennies an acre that equals massive profits to those “using” these almost-freebies for their own private profits. We have done the same with huge tracts of government land, that is auctioned off (again at rock bottom prices) to the oil-companies and the resource seekers including foreign nations, for almost nothing: compared to what that land and property could have brought on the open markets of the world. The corporations WIN big, the government was paid to allow this to happen and the only real losers have always been the US citizens. ‘The people” that owned everything that was sold at auction, not only have not received anything ­ instead we get our taxes raised in exchange for ever diminishing services ­ along with massive lay-offs that are as dependable as the sun rising in the East!

The truth is that the people of every country ought to be sharing in the wealth that each country produces: Instead the Greedy-Global-Owners keep all the profits made from resources they have basically stolen from the populations that own the forests, the minerals, the water, and the oil in every country, not to mention the land itself along with the publicly financed infrastructure, that here we are now selling off, to be turned back into foreign-owned toll-roads that were only there because we paid for them to be built in the first place.

Another example of what should have happened HERE is what was done by Gadaffi, in Libya; because he actually tried to funnel that countries profits directly back to the people of Libya, the way that we should have been doing things here, all along. (1)

However because we have done, to ourselves, the exact opposite of what could have not only kept this country free, but prosperous as well—we are now looking at prison camps and Martial Law with US troops about to roll into US streets and cities in just 29 more days!


When that day arrives that the first US GI kills the first American citizen on US Soil that will signal the end of the era that began with Kent State during the Viet Nam era that saw US National Guard troops shooting down unarmed students on campus.

When that day comes, every person wearing a government badge of any kind will become a legitimate target, because the wearing of a badge has never given the person behind the badge the right to be judge, jury & executioner of any US citizen—without due process!

If this country is going to survive this groundless and blatant attack upon every man, woman and child in the United States, then that first death ought to send the signal loud and clear to
everyone that owns a weapon to stop whatever you are doing and pick up arms because an armed population will not be treated the same way the unarmed demonstrators have been treated since Bush was in office.

As citizens we need to begin to share in the wealth that we have created in this country. What we do not need is yet another tyrannical administration trying to exterminate the public in every conceivable way, while this government pursues its own Global-Agenda that seeks the total destruction of everyone here who is no longer valuable to the powers that have declared themselves to be above all the laws, of both man and the universe.

Here’s just one more LIE that has been exploded regarding 911.

American Airlines itself is the source for information that AA Flights 11 (North Tower) and 77 (Pentagon) did not fly on 911. These flights are critical to the government’s crumbling cover up! Bush’s ‘official conspiracy theory’ of 911 is, therefore, a lie! If either of those ‘flights’ were mothballed on 9/11, then Bush’s ‘big lie’ ­the official conspiracy theory ­is not merely false, it is a bald-faced lie!

Conan Doyle, the brilliant creator of the character Sherlock Holmes, said: “When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however implausible must be the truth!” You can, therefore, eliminate Bush’s official conspiracy theory of 911! It is not only impossible; it’s absurd and insulting to intelligent people!

The Bush Conspiracy Theory is a Lie. If neither flight was in the air as American Airlines itself has so stated, then numerous ‘official versions’ of the ‘official conspiracy theory’ are but a pack of malicious lies. There is, then, probable cause to indict Bush and his co-conspirators for the crimes of mass murder and high treason. See: U. S. Codes, Title 18, Section 2441. That includes every statement made by Bush.

WikiScanner discovered that it was American Airlines itself which changed their Wikipedia entry to state that Flights 11 and 77 did not fly on 9/11. The original entry was as follows: Two American Airlines aircraft were hijacked and crashed during the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack: American Airlines Flight 77 (a Boeing 757) and American Airlines Flight 11 (a Boeing 767).
New entry [as of the date of this article] is as follows and includes the bolded text below:

Two American Airlines aircraft were hijacked and crashed during the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack: Flight 77 (a Boeing 757) and Flight 11 (a Boeing 767).
Although these flights were daily departures before and a month after September 11, 2001. Neither flight 11 nor 77 were scheduled on September 11, 2001. The records kept by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics ( do not list either flight that day.
­Wikipedia (2)

Sooner or later “everything is going to come out about all the LIES: When that happens would you not rather still be a free and conscious human being, rather than just another mindless idiot in service to this global fantasy!

1) Libya & Gaddafi -The Truth you are not supposed to know 9 min VIDEO

2) AA Exposes ‘Big Lie’: Flight 11 Did Not Fly on 911

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Kirwan wrote : “For instance the people of the state of Alaska get between $8,000 and $10,000 each year [[[wealth distribution!]]] from the government for what they have lost to the government in the natural resources that the government and the corporations steal every year from the citizens of Alaska. Why is this policy not nationwide?”

Try quality of life fee as well sample clauses below (payable by the beneficiary of the receipient of the contract) :

i) everytime a new hi rise appears in the neighbourhood
ii) or a green lung disappears
iii) village sized municipality ‘upgrades’ to township or township ‘upgrades’ to a city or a city ‘gains’ a tourist or mega project
iv) everytime a public mass transport facility is installed – highway, bus interchange, MRT, airport (those near enough to hear noise or be affected by pollution)

Which MPs or Governors can understand what was written above and will write and amend laws for the 99% so that they (if not over term limits) remain votable? The 99% must see the above ‘quality of life compensation bill’ be written into law, not those who write ‘Forced Military Conscriptions backed by fines and jail terms WITHOUT abstentioon options’. Any who write or pass bad laws (like forced NS) are unvotable and a new MP or governor must be voted in the next election to place a MP or governor who will remove that same bad law. The above example is something even the academics have not noticed or are too entrenched to want to address . . . good article Kirwan! Now how about running for election as well if not sabotaged by psy-oppers and EMF/ELF/smartmeter pro-bad law writing ‘careerist politician’ colluding citizens?

The Lingering Stench Of Fascism – by Jim Kirwan – 6th November 2011

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In trying to grasp the reasons why too many Amerikans still refuse to see what is happening to them, right in front of our eyes or on the Utube videos, has to do with our first collective experiences of these events. Because for many this is not only not the first time they’ve experienced this; but in fact what this nation is now undergoing has been happening now for decades-just not to the kinds of people that are going through it today. The prison population of this country has never known very much of anything except these kinds of behaviors. During the Iraq War, what we saw in Abu Gharib was nothing new to prisoners in US maximum-security prisons. The rape, the torture, the dogs, the isolation and the nudity were nothing new here: but this information was not common knowledge inside Amerika, where those ‘illegal practices’ have been flourishing for decades. And on the streets of too many American inner-cities, we have seen exactly the same kinds of treatment of minorities, the brutally impoverished, and in general wherever any group is not part of the mainstream.
The OCCUPY movement has imported people that are unfamiliar with traditional police thuggery into what has heretofore been the sole domain of rabid and demented officers that love to wallow in brutality and excessive force. When I was a young-teen I got a taste of this in Oklahoma where the double-wide officers rode three to a car and delighted in throwing “suspects” into the back seat and drove them around the back streets and alleys while they beat people, pistol-whipped kids and then threw us out into vacant lots bloody and injured, without a second thought. If you died then it would have been ‘gang-related’ if not who would believe you? The ‘patrol-cars’ flew black flags from the tops of the cars supposedly to remind drivers of the death toll from traffic accidents; but to those of us that came under their ‘special treatment’ programs; it marked these “cops” as the Gestapo! In that Oklahoma if you had an IQ that exceeded 100 you could not be a cop, because you might question too many things. Now I’m seeing this same treatment being carried out religiously against the whole country-and these new victims seem to have become petrified whenever they find themselves facing armed criminals that are hiding behind a badge that is not displayed on a uniform without a name.
Here’s what one reader said: “Their motto is protect and serve. They take an oath to the US Constitution. And yet they appear to violate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights every time they execute a search warrant and engage in any home invasion. Why then do police use the worst profanity possible when they engage in home invasions and swat attacks on whole families to get one alleged person or execute a search warrant which is often in error or based on the hearsay from a drug offender informant?” k ­ Because they are sociopaths and they are terrified by what they’re doing, so much so that they seem to believe that the more enraged they become the easier it will be to do what they came to do and get away with it. “Police officers have been reported (and recorded) engaging in these often illegal and unconstitutional swat type home invasions expressing the most angry vocalizations imaginable in front of known to be innocent women and young children who just happen to be there. Usual phrases with a loaded cocked gun to the head of women and children, “if you move I’ll blow your f*cking head off”, or “if you move a muscle motherf*cker, you are dead”. Also accompanying this disgusting verbal abuse of citizens, especially women and children is a great deal of physical abuse : slamming women and children to the floor, standing on their backs, cuffing them, slamming up against walls while the stream of profanity, anger and true hate speech continue.”
They are also personal cowards, and that desire of theirs to inflict serious harm to innocents is based on a massive hatred for all of society who they believe needs to be punished at every opportunity. They know they are inferior creatures, virtual slugs in a world where without their uniforms, they know that they are less than nothing. So with the uniform as license they feel empowered to wreak havoc upon anyone and everyone they can and to hell with the laws! “Why are these police never prosecuted for assault (making a verbal threat of physical harm), actual physical battery, terrorist threats, and violation of Constitutional rights? They usually kill harmless family pets, shoot dogs that are no threat even small dogs, and have been known to smash the skulls of cats with their boots, all in front of children. And they often toss flash grenades inside bedrooms where women and children are. There are several cases where they have blown children’s or infants hands off or killed innocent folks doing this. Sometimes they hit the wrong house (wrong address, didn’t read the map and search warrant correctly). Sometimes they get bad hearsay info from a demented convicted felon informant trying to reduce his sentence. Sometimes these police officers murder innocent folks they swat in error, or because they want to seize their property, like the Donald Scott affair in California. Yet these police who commit these assaults, batteries, terrorist threats, tortures and even blatant murders never get charged or prosecuted. They never get punished for the gross profanity in fact their training never addresses this GROSS HATE SPEECH and abuse of innocent women and children. I have dealt with some of these types of police in my past profession and they were undoubtedly sociopaths (anti-social personality disorder-i.e. character disorder), and at least one a sexual sadist too.
My conclusion is that this is the likely personality profile of many of these criminals hiding behind a badge. Even when an arrest is valid, it should be done off-premises and no profanity or anger is ever justified (according to top and well respected retired senior law enforcement–there is no place for Nazi storm trooper type uniforms and not displaying badge numbers and officer names). Anger only decreases the effectiveness of the police anyhow and they are supposed to be true professionals enforcing the rule of law which is all laws including the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.” k – Here’s what they did to yet another Iraq-War veteran (1) k – All true, but the public which now seems powerless when they are suddenly confronted by these roid-induced savages, has no idea of how to confront them, and instead seem to believe that if they try and shame them or intimidate them by saying things like “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!” or “The Whole World is Watching!” That these phrases will somehow cause these criminals to go easy or even back off. Instead this has an opposite effect upon the Gestapo: Because if makes them think that the public is weak and terrified of them, so they swing harder and more often than they would have before. The proper behavior when confronting thugs is to pick out the biggest most vocal one there and back him down, overpower him with numbers then disarm him and put him to shame in front of his lackeys: that works! But that is not something that the peaceful people will ever even consider – which is why things are getting worse instead of better. What the public must begin to do is to find ways to make these creatures start looking over their shoulders each and every day.
They are just people, they are not supermen or superwomen, and in fact they have a very long way to go before they could even be considered to be related to human-beings. Afterall this is about DEFIANCE ~ SUBMISSION! They all shop somewhere, they have to commute to work, and they probably go somewhere to watch the games etc.? It is time to get to know your local cops, and to let them know you know who they are, and what they do for a living. Most of all they need to know that they cannot continue to hide inside that bulletproof armor for the rest of their pathetic lives; and they need to be aware that the community knows who exactly each one of them is. Where did they go to school who their friends are, and what they like to do when they’re not pretending to be a Gestapo officer? Afterall that is exactly what they are doing to each and every one of us 24-7, 365 days each and every year: So why should they not enjoy the same kind of notoriety they we live with whether we want to or not? The Attorney General of the United States is a WAR Criminal, a traitor and a coward, so it is doubtful that the public will ever get any help from either him or from the criminal-imposter and war-criminal who currently OCCUPIES the Tarnished House. That leaves us to do our own protecting and that begins with gathering information, and using that information to take back what belongs to us and not to them. In this case it involves taking back our streets and our communities from these terrorists in uniform that were never intended to serve as any part of the government of this or any other country! This is the situation that we actually have to confront right now: And given the severity of this problem, we really must begin to rid ourselves of these creatures that are making all our lives into just another aspect of this living nightmare. (2) 1) Army Ranger the Oakland Police Brutally Attacked 2) The Uptown Pepperoni for Your Pizza from Hell – VIDEO
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Never realised it was that bad in the USA. Thanks for the warning. But if you don’t offer yourself to run for candidacy, it will be a waste of that right mindedness and for those expecting you to pull that dead weight for America. All that outrage and no action to challenge the fascists when it counts otherwise? Run for election in your constituency Kirwan, and leave after 2 terms. Show them what USA is all about, show them that TERM LIMITS are needed for democracy – make an especially pointed exit around the TERM LIMITS issue to warn about oligarchy and nepotism. A serious case of hypocrisy and cynicism otherwise if you don’t at least try – or if you’re worth 20 million and above so that you dare not declare assets as all . . . Exemplary citizens and EVERY representative should declare their assets ! Hope you make the effort for the country you have been raving about the past how many decades? Best wishes, and good art and mostly heartfelt articles thus far. Keep up the good work and punctuate it with that candidacy !