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Tsu Koon and Soi Lek: Which century are they living in? – by Richard Loh – 22 August 2011

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Tsu Koon and Soi Lek: Which century are they living in? Are MCA Chua Soi Lek and Gerakan Koh Tsu Koon caught in a time warp? Both of them have to be reminded that we are living in the 21st century and the present political scenes and what the rakyat wanted are different from what they used to be. From their talks and political speeches one can see that they are truly out of touch with reality. Since I am from Penang I will write and use examples from this state. First, we must acknowledged that no government is 100 per cent perfect, it is just which government performs better than the other in terms of acceptability by the rakyat. Of course the choice of government elected must be from a free and fair election. Penang is now under Pakatan Rakyat with YB Lim Guan Eng as the Chief Minister. After three years, CM Lim Guan Eng’s performances are being challenged, not by the rakyat but from individual opposition party like MCA, Gerakan and Umno. From local Penangnites and throughout most of the country and far beyond people are saying that Penang is performing better under PR and that is a fact. Can Chua Soi Lek and Koh Tsu Koon admit this fact is true? Below the belt Going down stream and into more details of policies and progress developments there are bound to be some dissatisfaction from the rakyat, some for personal reason that may have affected their lively hood, some not getting what they asked for and those opposing just for the sake of opposing. There are surely some flaws in the state government if MCA and Gerakan were to really look into it. Instead of telling the rakyat the flaws of the government (if any) they rather wedged senseless and baseless accusations (or because they could not find any flaws?) against CM Lim Guan Eng. Lets have a look at a few senseless and baseless accusations from MCA and Gerakan: 1) Insinuate that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng wants to be prime minister.

I see nothing wrong if it is true that YB Lim Guan Eng wanted to be the PM. There is no law or any clause in the constitution that barred anyone that aspired to be a PM as long as they can get the mandate from the rakyat. But common sense tells us that it is not possible for a Non Malay to be a PM at least not for the next few decades. What purpose does it serves Chua Soi Lek, MCA or the rakyat for this stupid insinuation? 2) Tsu Koon claims sowed seeds of Guan Eng’s gains What does this kind of statement proves “(But) I would say that if BN were to [have won] in March 08, based on the momentum we have created 21 years under Tun Lim Chong Eu, [and] 18 years under me, Penang would have achieved the same achievements (as the present DAP government.)” Claiming credit is not wrong but you must question yourself why after 18 years the seeds that you sowed cannot grow and bear fruits. Does it really takes Koh Tsu Koon 18 years plus 21 years of Tun Lim Chong Eu’s hard work to enable CM Lim Guan Eng to complete and achieve both previous CMs hard work within three years? When the first three runners failed to reached their targeted time and lagging behind others in a 4 X 400 meters relay before the last runner pull in all effort to catch up lost time and still manage to win the race, whom do you think the spectators will praised? 3) Penang MCA has repeatedly accused the DAP-led state government of being anti-Chinese Is this the best that MCA can do to stir the Chinese sentiment against DAP?

MCA did not response to Umno’s accusation of the Penang administration under Lim being racist for allegedly discriminating against the Malay community. Anti-Malay and Anti-Chinese Now I put the question back to MCA, if CM Lim Guan Eng discriminate against the Malay community and is also anti-Chinese at the same time, whom then is CM Lim serving or favoring? By now MCA and Gerakan should have known very well that the Malaysian Chinese can stand on their own two feet, work with their two hands using the brains inside their heads to survive without any handouts. My personal views why the Malay contractors are getting the bulk of the state government projects are, i) the tenders are open and transparent, no more cronies getting the jobs without tender hence better opportunities ii) proves that the Malays are capable in a competitive environment and are willing to stand on their own two feet iii) fewer Chinese tendering state projects most probably they prefer private projects There is no point for MCA and Gerakan to use race, claiming historic credit or accusations as basis to win votes, its not going to work anymore but again they may still be caught in the time warp of the 20th century. Fight fair MCA & Gerakan should instead challenge CM Lim that they can perform better, by proving the following examples that; 1) BN can give RM500 to each senior citizen yearly instead of RM100 being given now. 2) All schools, government or private, religious or non religious as long as they are legal will be allocated RM2 million each, every five years 3) BN will subsidised 50K for first time house owner earning less than 3k and given priority to own an apartment costing less than 200k build by private developers 4) All straight A’s student will received state scholarship for tertiary education should they failed to get from Federal. The list can go on, just think of how you can assist the rakyat like what CM Lim has being doing and show that BN can do even better instead of all the silly and meaningless politiking.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

@Richard Loh (writer of article) . . . plus 21 years of Tun Lim Chong Eu’s hard work . . . Hard work?

Post-colonial neo-colonial masters DO NOT DO ANY HARD WORK. You mean collusion with dr.Evil rather? It was not intellectual but sycophant KTK or untalented clique forming and nepotist LGE who got investments into Penang. Like Singapore, there were GLOBALISTS investing in Muslim countries, militarising places like Phillipines amd attempting to control Vietnam, Cambodia (via Hollywood) and even via Thaksin/Lee Dtynasty collusion Thailand as well, to try to topple the regional powers after the Indians sent the English packing. One does not have to be a Muslim to say it, but DAP (who’s rubbish policy writing and abuse of power speaks for itself), a branch of PAP which is beholden to USA, and USA beholden to the Zionist faction Israelis . . . can’t you see the bigger picture before showing how much bodeking you can do?

Praising a cult of personality like Lim Chong Eu, a colluder with half-blood bumi Mahathir (where every other mamak is not a bumi) is going to get you nowhere, though lots of mob mentality types would concur with you just to look clever or harmonious. The truth is JARRING and unpleasant – ALL the way from Tan Siew Sim’s time ! There was NO investment even since the Federal Reserve was formed in 1917 to blunt the US War of Independence – neo-colonialism, even Christian convert-colonialism continues through wannabe whites and the War of Independence is being fought like mad this day in the USA since JFK died. It was all a show of investment ‘Richard’, building quickly militarized non-Muslim areas in Muslim regions under the guise of investment. Penang is a potential military base Singapore/Israel style because it is an Island.

So don’t let anyone ask you where your Christian and Masonic loyalties lie given the dhimmitude inspired apartheid here and the clash of civilisations going on. Are you a Chinese or some convert dishonestly ‘playing ball’ at everyone else’s expense? Try applying to be a ‘Crusader’ and get slant-eye chinked out, all the way back to China ! Better sincerely work for the nation and fight for equal rights, freedoms and end of apartheid, regardless of the b.s. you have bought into (this bodek Lim Chong Eu thing shows where the minds of the supposed intelligensia are) instead of using more smoke and mirrors when you can’t even see the big picture enough to actually praise someone like Lim Chong Eu.

It is sad when your supposed heroes are just opportunists and because you chose wrong role models, and end up spouting articles the do the readers more harm. You would do better fetting yourself than people who have harmed, abetted or tacitly aided by inaction the state of the minorities which you yourself are from. It is not a race issue, it is an ethics issue. Fortunately we have more people aware than unaware, but work on the right side Richard, what you do will result in enslavement of entire races by ‘White-Zionist Interests’. Thoughts? @Richard Loh also said :

1) BN can give RM500 to each senior citizen yearly instead of RM100 being given now.

NEVER. And old folks DO NOT fall for this keep a political party in power for cash mentality. We want to see DEMOCRACY and TERM LIMITS and end of NEPOTISM. Your vote which @Richard Loh dares claim is merely worth RM500 is worth more than RM5000 or even RM50,000 in an envelope which the ‘Fiat Currency’ machinery can print limitless quantities of that @Sam Chee Kong (probably another ‘funny money’ ‘monopoly money’ advocate) seems to be pushing. The dishonest politician (like Pakatan 1 foot in the door) of course wants to be in control of such governance paradigms that allow unlimited printing of fiat. Shame on you @Sam Chee Kong !

PAS, please send one of your Dinar proponents to handle this DAP globalist fiat stooge, stop the promotion of fiat by greedy and unaccountable F(i)atheads !

2) A citizen’s vote can in fact DEPRIVE the self serving, corrupt and nepotistic and term limitless of the power they have over you, and that is worth more than RM20,000. End the APARTHEID and CORRUPTION or institutionalized vote buying as Richard Loh suggests/supports here ! Writing 4 million+ of tax monies to oneself under a fake government post is the same kind of institutionalized CORRUPTION that this sort of ‘give cash’ mentality breeds. The givernment can increase taxes in ways that TAKE BACK whatever they give you, government is that mean, under coalitions that dare to promote themselves by using *your* taxpayer monies to make themselves seem generous. ITS YOUR MONEY THEY ARE GIVING YOU STUPID. Vote for ethical politics that REMOVE taxes not shift money around with government toll keepers that charge fees to process this money shifting around nonsense.

Someone is Lacking ETHICS in their politics and treatment of the Rakyat – @Richard Loh and @Sam Chee Kong, fronting that 750K funeral law supporting coalition!

***Commentary : This comment was not allowed on Malaysia Chronicle again. They can’t argue logic so they censor. Or too lazy to argue which means they would make lazy statesmen too. Fonally they don’t respect Freedom of Speech. I never knew Malaysia Chronicle was staffed by ‘love fest’ syiok sendiri writers who were unable to defend their points (which are indefensible anyway). Readers beware ! Despite the neutral portal titled article ” The garbage politicians in BN and Pakatan ” by @Sebastian Loon, which appeared on 22 Aug 2011, there was no address of verious issues I kept bringing up. Voters. Could you vote for a party that does not have a 66% quorum, that will take a 8% or 0.002% quorum as the defacto result and refuses to hold elections again to correct the mistake? Meanwhile for all the falsehoods promulgated by slanted media, when in doubt, vote only for non-racists or Joe Publics.