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NHS failed my dying father, reveals health secretary Andrew Lansley – by Daily Mail Reporter – 26th June 2011

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89-year-old was left in observation bay for days because no beds were available. Former pathologist discharged himself due to lack of care. Health secretary Andrew Lansley has told of his grief after his dying father was left in a hospital observation bay for several days because there were no beds available. Thomas Lansley, a distinguished NHS pathologist, died last year from cancer after spending the last six months of his life as an NHS patient. The health secretary, who was drawing up plans for NHS reforms at the time, said there were significant shortcomings in the way his father was treated especially during the final stages of the illness. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was planning NHS reforms while his father Thomas, who was suffering from cancer, was one of the organisation’s patients Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was planning NHS reforms while his father Thomas, who was suffering from cancer, was one of the organisation’s patients Highlighting a lack of co-ordination between the many doctors and departments, he said he had been unable to work out who was in charge of caring for his father. Writing in the health service journal he said: ‘Those six months leading up to his death were very difficult.
‘I may have been secretary of state at the time but I still had a Sunday evening where I was trying to find him in the hospital that he had been taken to by an ambulance, and that took me about an hour and a half. ‘He was still in the observation bay next to the Accident and Emergency department for three or four days because they had no bed where he could be transferred to. ‘It was difficult – I’m the secretary of state for goodness sake – trying to work out, at any given moment, who was in charge. ‘Was it the GP… or was it at that moment the oncologist, was it the palliative care consultant, was it the hospice?’ Last month at a conference to mark the 20th anniversary of the National Council for Palliative Care Mr Lansley talked about how his father, who was one of the first scientists to work for the NHS, had found life difficult as a patient. He said: ‘He was in an inpatient bed in a community hospital and he discharged himself, because he thought, ‘Nothing’s going on here’.’ However Mr Lansley said that things improved in the final stages of his father’s illness and that he eventually had a ‘good death.’ He said: ‘Things at the end did get joined up. ‘When we talk about what does a good death look like, I have had a chance to see it’. His comments come as a report into end-of-life care is due to be published next week. It is expected to advise that the £104 million currently spent on emergency hospital admissions should be redirected into care for the dying in their own homes. While most people say they would like to die on their own home, currently four out of five die in hospital. Thomas Lansley, who was 89 when he died last November, ran a pathology laboratory in London from 1955 to 1983.
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If not that the Health Secretary was allowing his father’s natural death to be used in a propaganda story to justify so many other abuses or shortfalls in the English system, the neglect in the system itself is unbelievable and when it affects even a pathology lab skillef medical person shocking to the extreme. England is really gone. Little wonder the issues with the English economy. This is what nepotism and lack of meritocracy does to a nation. Very chilling that it even affects the Health Secretary!?! Falling through the cracks personified . . .

Rubbish police snatched my bin because it was 3ft out of place – by Colin Fernandez – 28th September 2011

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A load of old rubbish: Jane Pugh, from Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, was fined £30 by her local council when her bin was found to be two feet out of place Putting out the bins is not normally a chore that requires any great level of precision. But it is in the case of single mother Jane Pugh, who had her wheelie bin confiscated by the council for health and safety reasons after it was left three feet away from what was deemed the correct spot. To add insult to injury, the council demanded that she pay a £30 ransom for its return. The stand-off began in August when freelance writer Mrs Pugh found her bin had gone missing from the communal alleyway behind her house in Ansdell, in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

When she phoned up Fylde Council to report the loss, she was told the bin had been confiscated because it had been left in the wrong place. The official warned her to keep it in her back garden or face a fine of up to £1,000. Last night Mrs Pugh, 47, said: ‘I found the whole thing bonkers. I really couldn’t work out where I was supposed to put it. ‘I’ve got a really small garden and no garage so I had no choice but to put it in the back alley.’ After pointing out that the council’s edict was impractical, her bin was returned. A member of the council’s waste enforcement team also visited Mrs Pugh and agreed she could keep the bin in a smaller passage, known as a ginnel, leading off the main alleyway. But to ensure that she was complying with the new restrictions, council officials were secretly dispatched to inspect the alleyway five times to check she had kept the agreement. And it was not long before Mrs Pugh found, once again, that her bin had gone missing.

Wheeled away: The alley, with the smaller passage (centre) which leads to Mrs Pugh’s house She explained: ‘It seemed like too much of a coincidence so I emailed the council saying, “Why have you taken it again?” ‘And they came back with a long explanation that they have been inspecting the alley on a weekly basis, which I find baffling in itself, and that my bin was found to be out of place. They said on three out of five occasions the bin was found to be in the incorrect position and they’d even taken photographs. ‘It was like they were hoping to catch me out. The bin was only three foot from where it should have been.’ This time Mrs Pugh was told she would have to pay a £30 ‘release fee’ to get her bin back. She said: ‘The reasoning of the council is just bizarre – especially as officials were making frequent visits to check on the progress of my wheelie bin. Mrs Pugh said she found the whole thing bonkers and could not keep to the council’s edict because she had no room in her garden Mrs Pugh said she found the whole thing bonkers and could not keep to the council’s edict because she had no room in her garden ‘The fact is the bin had merely moved a few feet, not, as one would imagine, several miles.

‘I’m a busy single mum and I’ve got enough to do without frequently having to go into the back alley and check my bin is OK. ‘Am I supposed to go out every day to make sure no one has moved my bin?’ Since her bin was confiscated, Mrs Pugh has had to double-bag all her rubbish, put it in the car and drive it to the tip. A spokesman for Fylde Council said the bin had been removed following ‘a number of complaints’ but that Mrs Pugh could now get it back without charge. The spokesman added: ‘We would prefer not to waste public resources on minor issues of this nature and are quite happy to return the bin to the householder once again if she is prepared to stick to her agreement.

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If she is prepared to stick to her agreement? She has not agreed to be subject to a stolen bin or to pay for council services that STEAL her bin. It’s time to give the local government and local council the sack. It is time to remove all of the policy abusers. Perhaps a mass boycott of the council’s dustmen in favour of citizen created rubbish collection services? How much does a rubbish truck cost? How much does a driver and collector cost to hire? Drop the idiots who steal bins and open your own profiyable non-abusive business. In fact compete with the Dustmen by offering the same service at lower price until the colluding contractors become redundant. This is imposition of a ‘fear’ by threat of force (burglary of a bin in this case), mindset on the citizens if anything.

The councillor wants to control 3 feet of space? Vote the entire government and it’s abusive policy setters and colluding contractors out instead. The alternative is that people like Mrs Pugh get herself elected into office and then FIRE all neglectful councillors that allow such thefts and allow supercilious impositions of rules’ without amendments to occur, FIRE all spokesmen (who by being willing to be used by such Councils are not much better) and presumptuous ‘dustmen’ (who could have in spirit of the law REFUSED to take away bins but inconsiderately did. If the bureaucrat and quangocrat, even judiciary dishing out expensive jail term sentences that cost the taxpayer so much to enrich the prison contractors, don’t stop attacking the citizens, the citizens will attack them and make them into the pariahs they are.

In fact if enough independent MPs who understand and are in touch with such issues work together, the tax system could be overhauled (i.e. removed) as well, or limitless terms for MPs and especially Councillors ended, bureaucrat salaries lowered to (example : no more than 3 times average wage for the Cabinet, 2 times for senior management, 1.5 times for management and 1 time for all others). A bureaucrat’s salary should be no more than 3 times average wage. See below link for institutionalized corruption.

Average Wage Discrepencies With Reality Don’t tell the citizens anyone deserves anything more than the average wager much less free luxury services at the taxpayer’s expense. Time to take out the garbage in government.