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Romney says he wants all Americans to be rich – APAP – 22nd September 2011

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ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says he wants everyone to be rich but isn’t comfortable defining that threshold. The Republican presidential contender said during a debate on Thursday that he wants all Americans to have the same opportunities to build wealth while President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party wants to raise taxes on wealthy workers and give that money to poorer Americans. Romney is a retired business executive who has a vast personal fortune. He says he has the background to help jumpstart the struggling U.S. economy. Romney says his experience creating jobs in the private sector has prepared him for the presidency. Romney says the middle-income families have been the worst hit under Obama and his economic plan would help them.

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‘ . . . and his economic plan would help them. . . . ‘ How about signing 50% of that wealth to prevent a few foreclosures? Do you need to be worth 250 million? Does anyone even worth 2 million that appears needy? Romney’s worth 250 million, thats near 40 times less than Mayor Bloomberg (who has 2400 times average wage in personal assets), but still EXCESSIVE considering the average wage of America. Anyone who votes ANYONE with assets worth 100 times (much less 2400 times) more than the average of national average is an idiot. USA’s average wage is 40711.61.

So a 4 million cut off point for a reality rooted candidate is the standard maximum ‘normal’ to not be considered a plutocrat, to be votable. Wealth-Class war’s a bitch, and the American voter should not give any quarter to 250 million dollar FAT CATS by voting them into power, much less 14 billion dollar FAT CATS to boot.

This Romney (he’s got his Mitts on ya !) guy’s worth 600 times USA’s 401K standard, guess who needs to be replaced? No hard feelings Mitt and Bloomberg but : If you have the money? You don’t need the power.

If a candidate has the power? That candidate doesn’t need the money. Since a candidate has both money and power, the people don’t need that candidate!

Unless his wealth was ill gotten or loophole and collusion gained, don’t worry about Mitt dear voters, he’ll be fine without his power since he’s got the moolah. Lets vote someone who doesn’t have either money or power into power, give them their 15 minutes in the limelight instead. Say goodbye to 2 Plutocrats who probably are quite alright as citizens but don’t get the picture about sharing the fat and the power with everyone else when the country is being buried in debt. Term limitless is as bad as dictatorship. USA ! USA ! USA ! Democracy !