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Peacocks, Prostitutes & TVs Found In Mexican Prison – The Australian – 8 November 2011

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ACAPULCO, Mexico — A surprise search at an Acapulco prison netted two peacocks, 100 fighting cocks, 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma TVs and two sacks filled with marijuana, authorities told journalists on Tuesday. Police found six female inmates living in the male part of the prison, which was also the section where the peacocks were found, the BBC reported. Police in the Mexican resort city also found several bottles of alcohol and knives, The Associated Press reported. Guerrero state spokesman Arturo Martinez says federal and state police searched the prison before dawn Monday. Martinez didn’t say how the women, birds and the other banned objects got into the prison. He referred to the peacocks as “pets.” In July, prisoners in the northern state of Sonora were found to be raffling off a luxury cell fitted out with an air conditioner, refrigerator and DVD player, according to the BBC. The resort city has been plagued by crime since last year when gangs began fighting for control after the arrest of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, also known as “La Barbie.” Cock fighting is popular in parts of Mexico.
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Eye for eye tooth for tooth. If someone had been torturing others sexually by withholding access to partners, the punishment of disallowing sex in turn would be relevant.
But for entirely unrelated offenses like robbery or smuggling, a relevant punishment like helping to search for, or at least sort and number stolen or smuggled goods of equal value would be more relavant. Prostitutes should be legal in prison especially to the unmarried as they do much to lessen the aggression factor between inmates by relaxing sexual tension.
Unless prison is intended to be a sexual discipline centre, there is not reason to deny inmates access to sex, thus prostitutes or interactions between male inmates and female inmates at least are relevant. Very much like incarceration or fines (denial of access to pets, denial of general entertainment) do not address the reasons for some crimes, especially victimless crimes, denial of release of sexual tension or having access to emotional comfort of pets (though pets should also have access to similar species to socialise, their stints with ‘owners’ – employers more than anything else a form of WORK that requires compensation . . . ), and general entertainment (though selection of certain programmes specific to their offense should be prevented) in prisons is equally meaningless.
Riots, killings and breakouts will be less likely if prisoners are entertained or have something to occupy themselves with. Include chain gang stints (though not under inhumane conditions and with consideration for the inmates’ health) as well to make them productive. With all that pent up energy, little wonder the riots, killings and breakouts. Incarceration worst of all, costs money to the taxpayers and ethically and morally, it is unconstitutional to apply punishments that do not address the causes of specific crimes, results in a 3rd world paradigm of punishment, waste of resources. There should be no issue with the ‘finds’ above.

One Year of Prison Costs More Than One Year at Princeton – by Brian Resnick – 1st November 2011

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One year at Princeton University: $37,000. One year at a New Jersey state prison: $44,000. Prison and college “are the two most divergent paths one can take in life,” Joseph Staten, an info-graphic researcher with Public Administration, says. Whereas one is a positive experience that increases lifetime earning potential, the other is a near dead end, which is why Staten found it striking that the lion’s share of government funding goes toward incarceration.
The comparison between higher education spending and correction spending highlighted in the following chart is not perfect. Universities have means to fund themselves; prisons rely on the government. So it makes some sense that a disproportional amount of money flows to the correction centers. Also, take note, comparing African Americans in college and African Americans in dorms is not completely fair. For one, college implies an 18-22 age range, and incarcerated adults can be of any age. Also, it doesn’t take into account African Americans who commute to school.
Despite these shortcomings, this chart helps illustrate a large discrepancy in this country: America has the highest incarceration rate by population, but is only 6th in the world when it comes to college degrees. Our government’s spending reflects that fact accordingly. Prison vs Princeton – below chart created by: Public Administration
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The prison contractor profiteering from the above bags a cash cow whenever someone goes to jail. So think about the productivity wasted in people who could contribute to the economy and the amount saved by releasing all non-violent, victimless (consensual drug takes, ‘moral’ offenders etc..) intentionally incarcerated persons.
Put it this way. 2 million multiplied by 37,000 = 54 BILLION yearly – the USA could actually hold random lotteries instead of abusing citizens so that some parasite minded or unthinking citizen decides to profit of taxpayers by abusing citizens in this shameful manner like this. There would be 54,000 millionaires created yearly instead of this nonsense. And in 40 years 2+ million millionaires would be in the USA instead of 2+ million unemployable RETIREES and continual abuse of citizens and the American constitution.

Woman who murdered her toddler son in house of squalor and left body in cot until it ‘mummified’ is jailed for 15 years By Emily Allen Last updated at 3:52 PM on 12th January 2012

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Shame: Kimberley Hainey murdered her son Declan and concealed his death. She has been jailed for a minimum of 15 years

A woman who murdered her toddler son and left his body in a cot for so long it ‘mummified’ was today jailed for a minimum of 15 years.

Kimberley Hainey, 37, was found guilty by a majority verdict last month of murdering her son Declan at a flat in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

His decomposing body was found in a cot in March 2010 – eight months after he was last seen.

Hainey was also convicted of failing to report Declan’s death to police or other authorities and of concealing his body at the flat.

At the High Court in Glasgow, she was handed a life sentence and told she will spend a minimum of 15 years behind bars.

Hainey was also sentenced to seven years for attempting to defeat the ends of justice, which will run concurrently with the 15 years.

The court heard that the child’s body was partially ‘mummified’ when it was found on March 30, when he would have been 23 months old.

He was last seen alive in August 2009 and experts estimated he had been dead for up to eight months.

Sentencing Hainey, Lord Woolman said: ‘Declan’s first birthday took place in April 2009, he appeared to have all his life in front of him.

‘He was surrounded by a loving family and people thought you were a loving mother. A few months later he was dead.’

Lord Woolman said: ‘You were Declan’s carer. You did not allow others to get close to him. Instead you isolated him from your family, your neighbours, your friends and from the welfare services.

‘None of them thought that Declan’s life was at risk. You engineered that situation.

‘The jury convicted you of willfully ill-treating and neglecting Declan, of failing to provide him with adequate nourishment and fluids, of leaving him alone unattended for excessive periods of time, and of failing to seek and provide medical aid and care for him.

‘In addition, you took significant steps to cover up what happened. I take all these matters into account in assessing the seriousness of the crime.’

He added: ‘You embarked on a systematic and elaborate course of conduct to prevent people knowing, or suspecting, that Declan was dead.

‘It was a lengthy course of deceit that prevented proper inquiries being made.’

He said that Declan’s death had a ‘devastating effect’ on the family.

In mitigation, he acknowledged that Hainey had had difficulty with drink and drugs and that her son’s death was a ‘huge tragedy’ for her, as she said she loved the boy ‘more than anything in the world’.

Hainey’s defence counsel Edward Targowski QC said his client, a former heroin addict, denied killing the child.

He said: ‘As far as Miss Hainey is concerned, she is still adamant that she had no involvement in the death of her child.

‘Her position is that she found Declan dead in the morning, as she stated in her evidence, and her actions afterwards in relation to the charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice were as a consequence of that.

‘That position is one that she has held at consultation from the outset. She held it during evidence and it is one she will continue to hold after the sentence.’
Rubbish strewn cot: Declan Hainey’s bed filled with waste including empty bottles of Irn-Bru, 3 Hammers cider, Lucozade, viodka and crisp packets. On the table are strewn cans of Tenants beer and more snack packaging, with more rubbish on the floor

Rubbish strewn cot: The bed where Declan Hainey was left dead for up to eight months is filled with waste including empty bottles of Irn-Bru, 3 Hammers cider, Lucozade, vodka and crisp packets. On the table are strewn cans of Tennents lager and more snack packaging, with more rubbish on the floor

The cause of Declan’s death is not known.

Hainey pretended the child was being cared for by family members or that he was at nursery, leading people to believe he was still alive.

Following the trial the Crown Office yesterday released photographs of rooms inside Hainey’s flat piled with rubbish.

One shows what appears to be a travel cot or playpen filled with empty plastic bottles and debris while others show apparently mouldy milk bottles.

Filthy: A dirty kitchen counter in the flat in Paisley, Renfrewshire, covered in unwashed dishes, empty containers including Clover margarine, Lurpak butter, a host of microwave meals, hamburger packaging and a bottle of pills

Squalid: A table in the living room is covered dirty plates, cans of beer, Irn-Bru, shampoo bottles, a Pot Noodle container stuffed with cigarette butts, a curry house menu (indidental racism!) and even Christmas cards

The Crown is considering whether a Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) should be held into his death.

A report on the case was commissioned by Tim Huntingford, the independent chairman of the Renfrewshire Child Protection Committee (RCPC), on behalf of Renfrewshire Council and the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board.

The RCPC oversees the services and agencies which look after vulnerable children in the area and will consider the report later this month before it goes to the appropriate council policy board.
Shocking: Bottles of rotten milk in various states of decay line up along the top of a radiator near Declan’s cot

Shocking: Bottles of rotten milk in various states of decay line up along the top of a radiator near Declan’s cot

A number of changes recommended in the report have already been implemented in Renfrewshire.

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has called for an inquiry into the death and said she was seeking a meeting with the First Minister to explore how best to address the ‘scandal’ of child abuse.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: ‘The death of Declan Hainey was an appalling tragedy and these shocking images simply underline the dreadful suffering he was forced to endure.

‘The First Minister will consider any request for a meeting and a decision on holding a Fatal Accident Inquiry is a matter for the law officers.

‘The Scottish Government is ensuring protection is in place for all children at risk of neglect, and in 2010 launched new National Child Protection guidance clearly outlining expectations for local risk assessment procedures – including where children are in potential danger from substance misuse issues.’

Barely room to walk: Photos taken by investigators also show several empty vodka bottles, Dorito packets, clothes alongside a bag of nappies

Appalling: A remote control on a reclining sofa is swamped by a dirty duvet, beer cans, lighters, cigarette papers, tobacco, ashes, crisp packets and a half-eaten microwave meal

Evidence of a young life: Declan’s bedroom with a wardrobe filled with a few of his tiny outfits with toys on top. Right, his barely used push chair surrounded by rubbish

Despite the squalor elsewhere, Declands socks and slippers are arranged neatly beside toys and a fabric book on a shelf

Pitiful: Despite the squalor elsewhere, Declan’s socks and slippers are arranged neatly beside toys and a fabric book on a shelf

Strathclyde Police detective inspector Maxine Martin said: ‘I take no personal satisfaction from the sentence delivered to Kimberley Hainey today, although I am satisfied that justice has been served.

‘This has been a very traumatic time for Declan’s family and I sincerely hope that they can now try and move on with their life.

‘Declan Hainey’s death was a harrowing and tragic case.

‘I doubt that anyone involved in the investigation or who has followed any of the media coverage of the case will have encountered anything quite as distressing.

‘A team of highly-experienced detective and uniform officers worked on this inquiry. They were supported by some of the best forensic experts in the country.

‘I would like to thank those officers for their commitment and professionalism whilst working on this harrowing investigation.

Wretched: Declan’s bedroom with the floor covered in clothes and toys, including the box of a Mothercare Happy Safari Mobile

A life of grime: An empty milk bottle sits alongside several packets of Heinz Tomato Ketchup and a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder beside the TV set

Grime: An empty milk bottle sits alongside several packets of Heinz Tomato Ketchup and a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder beside the TV set

‘We will never know the extent of Declan’s suffering, nor will we ever understand how a mother could behave in this way towards an innocent and defenceless child, her own child.

‘There was one person and one person alone who was responsible for Declan’s death, and that was his mother Kimberley Hainey.

‘She deceived everyone who was close to her. She went out of her way to conceal what she did from her friends, her family and also from the various agencies who only wanted to help her.’

Kenny Donnelly, district procurator fiscal for Paisley, said: ‘Declan Hainey was born a healthy child.

‘However, he was later neglected and murdered by his mother, Kimberley Hainey. She then concealed Declan’s body and embarked upon a course of deception in which she led others to believe that he was still alive.

‘This was a tragic and distressing case and today Kimberley Hainey has been rightly punished by the court for her actions.’

Rancid: The disgusting toilet festering bacteria after being unwashed for a very long time

Health hazard: The filthy and stained toilet in the flat with dirty clothes strewn around it

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The article went : ‘She deceived everyone who was close to her. She went out of her way to conceal what she did from her friends, her family and also from the various agencies who only wanted to help her.’

Perhaps a moment of insanity? What conditions were around her that incited this? This shows that it is best to have MENTALLY SOUND people about when there are vulnerable persons under the care of supposed abusers. In the case of collusion in abuse by numerous caretakers, there could be ‘audits’ carried out on all caregivers by your English Orwellian state – such jobs (nursing, general care providers of the aged, ill or unfit)  need to come with a measure of sacrifice by transparency, the rest of the population though must not be subject to such invasions of privacy much less those caused by vicious and mentally ill busy body rumour mongers!

She needs counseling and socialisation and healthy relationships with people that have toddlers, and also who have lost toddlers – not cost the taxpayer 15 years of jail. Whats the justice system’s obsession with imprisoning people and enriching prison contractors at taxpayer expense? Is this a medieval throwback of some sort that the Tories and even Labour are profiteering off?