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Warning and General Concerns On Society : Voting Method – Original Article – late September 2011

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About The Governments of the Day and treatment of Prisoners Since 1980, JDI has worked to end the sexual abuse of detainees, in the U.S. and around the world. At the heart of JDI’s mission lies a conviction that when the government removes someone’s freedom, it takes on the absolute responsibility to protect that person’s safety. JDI works with policymakers, corrections leaders, advocates, and prisoner rape survivors to end this form of violence, once and for all. No matter what crime someone might have committed, rape is not part of the penalty. “Prison rape not only threatens the lives of those who fall prey to their aggressors, but it is potentially devastating to the human spirit. Shame, depression, and a shattering loss of self-esteem accompany the perpetual terror the victim thereafter must endure.” Introduction to Rohypnol and Drugging of Citizens In Conjunction with Neurotech Use Rohypnol, generically known as flunitrazepam, is produced for prescription as a sleeping aid in countries outside of the UnitedStates. “It has physiological effects similar to Valium (diazepam), but is approximately ten times more potent. It is used also as an illicitdrug, often in combination with other drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and alcohol.” The effects of Rohypnol, similar to all “date rape drugs”, are “impaired judgment and impaired motor skills”.

While the individual under the influence of the drug remains awake and somewhat conscious, they are often unable to properly make decisions or weigh consequences. Therefore, the individual is much more likely to be swayed by others and act on impulse without reason. The combination of impaired judgement, disinhibition (lack of social inhibition)and the impaired motor skills (similar to the ingestion of large amounts of alchohol), makes the taker vulnerable of sexual attack. It is strongly believable that, combined with neurotech, rohypnol and various other psychotropic drugs are also used on citizen dissenters with oppressive governments (this extends into public school systems where the same drugs can be used against unsuspecting students).

Fully expect the use of hypnosis, some computer or text message handphone based, in conjunction with other drugs on any person who has entered the opaque prison system to control their mindset, prevent dissention, and when combined with neurotech, the abuses become sever and Technfascist Police State. Prison System And Potential For Abuse with Psychotropics Combined with the fact that the prison system in most of the world has no tolerance or leeway of timing for visits and prisoners are strictly controlled at all times, and that food is not allowed into prison from the ‘outside’, it is very likely that such abuses routinely occur in the least developed nations as well as by people with access to such medications or in concert and link to medical fields. Crypto-Fascist Governments The medical profession is not about the Hippocratic oath, it could very well be a cabal of rapists who do not respect their charges even their families because of the ‘power’ they yield.

Fully extending into the sex trafficking network the criminal cartel, turf gang or even the police AND the MILITARY. Yes, the Military. Any country with a coercive National Service without Abstention options and backed with fines and jail terms (especially forced ones as in Taiwan, Malaysia and even the duplicituous citizenship entitlement offered by France via the Foreign Legion stint) and the military itself where VERY LIKELY many of the soldiers are drugged, then hypnotized into certain belief systems, with promotion criteria based on the ‘confessions’ given during ‘interrogation under influence of drugs. Religious Oppression Via Drugs and Neurotech Hence the attack on religious freedoms of all types, WITH – MOST CYNICALLY – the ‘elite’ being immune or passed over for such ‘treatments’.

The elite, such as the cartels of globalists centered around IMF and the military arm of NATO and the Commonwealth allies, locally ‘controlled’ and monitored by the local porch-Masons (note the possible drugged drinks induction where the new ‘member’ is subject to hypnosis and AGAIN used on members to ensure their allegiance) and psychiatric establishment, are used as a form of control – all the way up to, and back to the students who go to Western countries to doubtless get implanted or hypnotised. Investigations into use of hypnosis amongst other technological (neurotech) methods against any and all citizens should be considered alongside an open and transparent with publicly accessible security cam system for the prison system so that general citizens can watch over their charges, even though that system itself can also be abused or falsified. The only protection for the citizens of the world is cautious and logical voting patterns where the ONLY acceptable criteria for citizentry to vote are that the Candidate :

1) must be unaffiliated with non-foreign centred organisations (any seminar one goes to ‘with refreshments’ is likely a drugging opportunity)
2) religious groups – which is why China disallows Catholics
3) countries that disallow Burka illogically (in fact this may have neurotech written all over it, a prominent vendor I once knew said that Arabs use their wives to steal items when you are not looking – probably using neurotech then ‘Islamic honour’ to not allow a search)
4) FreeMasons, even ALL English Inns of Law if one wishes to be cautious)
5) perhaps strange groups with strange claims like Scientologists and Melchizedeks which appear to be controlling Hollywood???
6) ALL plutocrats worth 20 million and above, 2 million to be safe

The only people one may vote for are :

1) organisation uninducted Joe Public masses – the poorer the better
2) non-outstation traveling persons
3) unassociated or networked via ‘big business’ people who ‘suddenly made it rich’

There is very little sincerity in the Technofascist world we live in, and any poor voters had better not have any delusions of how free their country is and vote along strict criteria and study the logic behind every single bill and mode of thought of all their existing representatives.

From my own untrained viewpoint being a non-user of drugs (unless affected by the earlier described horrors of systematic abuse of citizens by LGBT and Organics or RLD advocacy unfriendly or perhaps APARTHEID governments – you know who you are, and if I were Boer I’d make sure I was no racist), and after years of study into politics as an activist and experience of persecution as the same, it would SEEM that the drugs trade constitutes an entire dimension of awareness that all such governments want to destroy, hence the immense popularity of the mind strengthening drugs (though equally as many government mind destroying drugs are being floated around – use organics only when in doubt but with GMOs one can hardly be certain these days) and the fear of governments of the same – including coca chewing itself that the UN, has most fearfully and suspiciously, banned recently.

Is Capitalism and the Commonwealth, the true Axis? Are the Communist thought methods, inclusive treatment of drugs by Mexico and Venezuela for instance, the true way forward for humanity, with their strict VISA vetting requirements a telling cautionary? In summary just VOTE POOR and UNEDUCATED and non-NEPOTISTIC.

Got the money? They don’t need the power. Got the power? They don’t need the money. Got both money and power? We the people don’t need them.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with politicians!” French star – 23rd November 2011

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Carole Bouquet was in French comedy Protéger & Servir. The star of That Obscure Object of Desire, the former Bond girl and Chanel model, French actress Carole Bouquet has revealed her uncompromising attitude to directors, actors and politicians.
In an exclusive interview with RT, one of France’s most sought-after actors praised by presidents Francois Mitterrand and Nicolas Sarkozy, among others, said that despite popular belief, she doesn’t see anything in common between actors and politicians. “No, absolutely not!” the actress who has a number of times met the two French presidents tet-a-tet exclaims.
“Politicians are obsessed with power, we are not! The actors I like are poets. They are out of that world, they are gypsies. Unlike politicians, you don’t want to impose your view, you want to share a story,” Bouquet explained. “I don’t want to have anything to do with politicians, even though I work with them through my charity. But I fight them all the time,” added the actress well-known for her charity work. But as she speaks of her job as an actress on set, one of France’s most beautiful women doesn’t become less demanding.
“When you arrive on the set you know from the first minute almost if the director knows what he is doing or not. Even a good director can sometimes make mistakes.” She’s worked with such gurus as Louis Bunuel and Francis Ford Coppola, but says “you don’t do beautiful movies all the time, even though you try.” “I’ve been extremely lucky already to have done more than one. I started with Bunuel. But sometimes you do have to wait between movies to feel the same satisfaction, the same pleasure, the same joy of sharing something, and it’s quite rare.”
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Carole could help lobby the Judiciary or MPs to table laws that prohibit LIMITLESS TERMS. That way, no citizen could identify with politics or make a living off the allowances as the income stops after the 2nd or 3rd term at very most. Thats the best way to fight ‘politicians’, removing the quasi-permanancy of ALL posts. Make it meaninglessly impermanent so that some NEPOTISTIC moron ‘Careerist Politician’ will not hang on to that seat like Gandhi or Nehru and attempt to pass it on to his children (it’s happening with Rahul Gandhi now, Aquino, Arroyo, Suharto etc. each generation becoming increasing corrupted . . . ) or until someone assassinates (Gandhi) or topples (Mubarak). Pity voting is just as bad as pity sex . . . i.e. don’t vote for someone’s children because of an assassination – the prevention of Oligarchy from NEPOTISM is more important, feeling bad for them does not mean their children are to be voted into power, resulting in a vested interest Oligarchy of FAMILY BLOCS in government who imagine the country belongs to them to write bad and unconstitutional laws that parasitise off the people, and ultimately fight among themselves to retain ‘power’, and even pull an Ampatuan Massacre in time to come.
Also citizen apathy and refusal to run for election does not help too. Table those laws or run for election to table those laws Carla! And Russia, how about a series of KGB glorifying ‘Bond’ Films written by one of your outstanding writers? Whats a cool Russian name for a KGB spy? Whats the equivalent of Hollywood over there in Russia?
Give ANY superpower or even religion hegemony and somehow elements of abuse will creep in again. And watch out for that Hegelian Dialectic as well, don’t bad cop good cop the world between the best and worst of Capitalism/Plutocracy, Communism/Dictatorship and worse still Fundamentalism/Theocracy – with Techno-fascism/Spiritual Slavery, the next danger to Humanity. Citizens do not have to adopt or accede to any single system or standard, taking the best from all systems – Communism, Capitalism, Theocracy (Capitalism with Socialist Limits, with revival of Native Faith Systems etc..) – diversity is the best way to ensure HEALTHY and viable evolution of Mankind. Blue ocean strategy would be to make space as mainstreams arise and fall, meanwhile maintain and continue recording and appraising history, that is where all mistakes can be learnt and avoided.
Try Article 31 of the Human Rights Charter – MENTAL AUTONOMY.
A suggestion for an appended Article (Article 31) for Human Rights Charter (2011 update on the back of new developments/confirmations/discoveries on serious and unwarranted (also illegal) methods of invasion of privacy. Proposal for ARTICLE 31 of the Human Rights Charter :

Signatories of the HRC are required to renew their commitment to Human Rights by acknowledging/acceding :

‘in relation to Neurotech Technologies (EMF/ELF/Celltower/Wiifi Emitters) or Neurotech Spiritual Methods (various forms of Tantra and various Sympathetic methods if applicable and detectable)’

; to conform with the Human Rights Protective Laws below :

1) Exposition of all Neurotech-like Technologies or Spiritual Methods
2) Illegalisation of all Neurotech-like Technologies or Spiritual Methods except to registered persons
3) Limit of Registration and Access specifically to only ethically and professionally trained enforcement or professional persons bound by code of ethics
4) Public Apology by Governments to all Individuals Affected by Neurotech-like Technologies or Occult Methods
5) Equitable Damages and Reparations to All Illegally Implanted Persons including release and freeing of all currently interred illegally in ‘Mental Asylums’ due to such abuses

Ideas for portions of proposed “Mental Privacy Act” Implementable at National Levels

i.) Injunctions against slandarous actions or privacy invasive acts by persons with currently unregulated access or formerly with access to private mental spaces via illegal or unregistered devices

ii.) Appropriate punishment for ALL ordinary citizens (perhaps warning via implemented devices which will warn of access) and deregistration of formal Enforcement personnel or registered Psychiatric establishment who abuse or misdiagnose on illegal premises or inappropriate personal reasons etc..

iii.) Appropriate Punishment for causing misdiagnoses via rumour mongering

All citizens of the world conscious and aware of the potential abuse and destruction of democracy and self determinism via Neurotech (EMF/ELF/Implants) or any Occult/Tantric methods should with good faith and conscience immediately endorse, inform and engage the U.N., N.A.M., W.H.O. or any appropriate organisations on this very serious issue.

(note any scars or head injuries especially in previously experienced and possibly pre-planned accidents by persons serving the citizen oppressive ‘establishment’) . . .

Reality TV show sees woman get plastic surgery on her genitalia – 23rd November 2011

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It has been called the ‘final frontier’ of cosmetic surgery. Now, one woman has openly shared her experiences of labiaplasty – plastic surgery for female genitalia – on U.S. daytime television. The Doctors, aired yesterday on CBS, featured a 23-year-old who wanted nothing more than to correct her ‘painfully long labia.’ The segment was part of the worryingly-named ‘Gross Anatomy’ episode of the series. Painful: Shannon, who featured in last night’s The Doctors, had labiaplasty to address her ‘painfully long labia’ The trainee nurse, known only as Shannon, said that that her ‘deformed’ genitals are not only a daily discomfort but that they discouraged her from having sex – and were a factor in her relationship breakup. She said: ‘I’m self conscious. I don’t really want to have sex – I try to avoid it, so it’s kind of a big strain on a relationship.’ She described how she avoids swimming or any activity in her swimsuit and how she first felt different other girls in middle school. Shannon’s surgeon, Dr Grant Stevens, of Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, California, removed a finger length’s strip from her labia.
Labiaplasty: While genital augmentation may be in the rise, many women undergoing the drastic options have nothing wrong ‘down there’ He said that while ‘no one would be cruel enough to suggest a woman should live like [Shanon]’ he admitted that many of his clients may not need surgery. ‘If I hear the word pain or chafing or tenderness, it’s an entirely different consult than if I get the “I’m embarrassed, I think it looks funny.” But “I’m embarrassed” doesn’t automatically disqualify somebody,’ he said, reports the ABC. ‘Vaginal rejuvenation’ is the umbrella term for a set of procedures that include labia reduction, labia augmentation and vaginal tightening. Some women – such as those who have suffered vaginal prolapses during childbirth – find rejuvenation surgery absolutely necessary. For many however, the problem may be more contemporary. As Dr Travis Stork, the show’s host, put it: ‘Let’s be real… Looks do matter, whether it’s your face your hair or even down there.’ Massachusetts General Hospital obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Erin Tracy, seconds Dr Stevens’ findings – and Dr Stork’s beliefs. According to the news site, she said: ‘Most of the patients I have coming in asking about this are teenagers that look entirely normal. ‘The majority of them, after some probing, seem to have some underlying body dysmorphic disorder or problems in their relationship that make them think they’re abnormal.’ ‘For every single thing that’s normal about a woman’s body there’s a man trying to change it’ Her findings are echoed by Dr Hilda Hutcherson, an obstetrician and gynaecologist at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. She sees men as being partly to blame for the rise in labiaplasty. ‘For every single thing that’s normal about a woman’s body there’s a man trying to change it…
The last frontier was the vagina,’ she said, reports ABC. ‘They’re taking this beautiful, fluffy vulva and making it look like newborn baby’s,’ she says of the blood-vessel-rich area around the vagina. She is unswerving in her criticism of society’s treatment of the female form: ‘They’ve taken every part of a woman’s body and convinced us it’s somehow abnormal.’ Shannon is thrilled with the results of her surgery: ‘I’m so excited…they look amazing… I couldn’t be more happy,’ she said on the programme. But not every woman is so lucky. Risks involved with the surgery include infection, bleeding, pain and discomfort. Misguided women may be causing more problems than they began with in the first place, especially as there is no one standard size or shape of labias and vaginas – or indeed for any part of the body. ‘I think women should have options, but I think it’s up to doctors to educate them about what’s normal,’ says Dr Hutcherson.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Dr Erin Tracy said : ‘For every single thing that’s normal about a woman’s body there’s a man trying to change it.’
Look whos lobbing sexual discrimination? Stay that way if you want to, but don’t rain on what women do to please their loved ones. Lots of men also try to match what women tell them. Working out for muscle definition, colouring hair etc.. It’s just that the ‘parts’ are more complicated . . . but I think it’s up to doctors to educate them about what’s normal,’ . . . Not really Dr. Hutcherson, any doctor may not have a sense of aesthetics that qualifies them to educate anyone on what looks good. You might as well get an untrained person to decide if a work of art was authentic. Try the below format instead :
1) Make a collection of vastly different ‘Labio-types’ – from a fair number of women of SIMILAR Phenotypes who are considered model level beautiful
2) match the photos (or artistic drawings as close as possible to the real thing) of the Labia-ae to the models and distribute the comparisons as a booklet of sorts. See below link for example (though with more persons pictured for a single type in this version) WARNING EXPLICIT MATERIAL :
This should challenge what is a beautiful vagoo or not. It is possible for a beautiful model to have an ugly vagoo or an ugly person to have an beautiful vagoo. This sort of thing should be best done by the ‘wealthy poon surfers’ (who should have a good sense of the puke/beauty factor) alongside sexologists with doctorates, artists who do draw poon, AND experienced plastic surgeons (there to learn also a sense of aesthetics) so that it does not become mere porn, not by ‘doctors who educate’ (sounds quite Orwellian).
This could be done locally by various ethnicities so that it becomes an international project of sorts and not just limited to the Hollywood set and who knows, the particular vagoo(s) that is(are) dominating the entire look of all vagoos which do go under the knife as of now. It’s like everyone trying to look like Marilyn Monroe. A single doctor educating? Come on. All you’ll get is one lousy opinion that will end up imprinting that doctor’s mindset on the unsuspecting patient. More Orwellian b.s. eh? Now will the panels of above suggested experts address the problem of every poon trying to look like Poon-lyn Poon-roe? Finally quit using technical terms like body dismorphia etc..
There is no such thing as Morphia to begin with. Even Human beings genetically mutate, and cultural mores differ. Try a woman who wants to have her feet bound, wears a corset to slim up, wears rings to extend her neck, gets plastic surgery for her breasts and buttocks, gets a tattoo.
This is not so-called ‘dysmorphia’ this is a sub-culture that those outside of WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND that the psychiatric establishment nominally driven by religious fundamentalists intent on social control will imprison perfectly sane persons by. And the psyche community as usual also make it into something they can peddle their big pharma meds about at massive commissions, profit margins or give them power over people having fun in their life, imposing uniformity and conformity . . .
Try this documentary : The Perfect Vagina (2008)

On the potentiality of abuse by the Psychiatric Establishment – posted on 25th November 2011

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Counselors and therapists belong to a professional association and are obligated to adhere to a code of ethics as a condition of membership. The code is a statement of standards of conduct towards clients and others. Ethics Audit for Therapists
a) Waiver of confidentiality?
b) Manner in which asked about psychological pain (psychache)?
c) Risk manangement to be main concern
This principle impacts the clinical response to all individuals. It calls for respect, dignity, and choice. The last often takes precedence. The abuse of the psychiatric establishment by oppressive governments is profoundly dangerous for large segments of the population in 3rd world countries, especially in light of the widespread failure to diagnose and treat ethically in many cases compounded with the abuse of neurotech, hence this ‘General Cautionary Relevant to Oppressive Governments with a developed Psychiatric system in place’.
The conduct of clinicians is guided by ethics codes that provide nominal protection but this has been ignored at the behest of a dictatorship, with the Hippocratic Oath has been forgotten when dealing with dissenters.
Autonomy – Respect for the individual self-determination
Beneficence – Doing the greatest good possible
Non-maleficence – Minimizing or preventing harm
Justice – Fairness and equal access to care
Bioethics has developed responsibilities based on autonomy:
Respect for person – The basis of client rights
– Telling the truth and giving all the facts
– Disclosure Confidentiality
– Maintaining client privacy Fidelity
– Doing the job” and “being there” for the client.
Ethical dimension. Victims of abuse are driven by pain not choice. They are affected by the accumulation of risk factors and the diminution of protective factors, both of which can be MANUFACTURED by the ‘establishment’, (i.e. politicians and business interests). “On the wall of every institute training therapists, there can be a motto known as The Five B’s Which Guarantee Dynamic Failure: Be Passive Be Inactive Be Reflective Be Silent Beware J. Haley (1969) “The Art of Being a Failure as a Therapist” Amer. J. of Orthopsychiatry 39(4) p. 695 But when psychiatrists act at the behest of abusive and intolerant political parties, or those in government, activists with non-establishment views come under severe suppression.
At this point the pall of manipulation via dangerous psychiatric medications or EMP/EMF based neurotech abuse becomes abundantly clear. An unfortunate result of this non-consensual approach and abusive of medications may be under the guise of ‘insanity’ (of the victim) or ‘stress’, to produce an air of mystery, uncertainty, and ignorance about what actually occurred an atmosphere that may itself foment litigation which causing of suicide is the preferred method of abusive governments and collusive citizens without use of outright murder, suspicious poisonings or use of suspicious physical accidents.
Severe abuse occurs for those whose autonomy and well-being are already compromised by poverty, lack of access to good medical care, or membership in a stigmatized social group or systematic abuse by oppressive governments. In a health care system and society that cannot effectively protect against the impact of inadequate resources and ingrained social disadvantage – especially for targeted individuals.
As a means of redress and to protect others, ethics complaints will only be effective when made to extra governmental overseeing groups such as WHO or UNHCR, though collusions even at this level depending on the case have been known to nullify entire cases (i.e. unilateral wars, unaccountability of leaders of certain countries, institutionalized abuse of citizens let off with mere sackings or forced retirements etc..).
“I have been struck by how little value our society puts on saving the lives of those who are in such despair as to want to end them.” – Kay Jamison
Respect for personal rights: This duty sanctifies choice by telling the truth: Clients deserve candor as to their exposure and means of intervention. And confidentiality: Where the victim has been intentionally marked as lacking in mental capacity or under ‘guardianship’ without their victim’s knowledge’ . . .
Non-consensual medication is never mandated but in oppresive political environments where mental capacity is cast in doubt, the psychiatric establishment has free rein to destroy the mind of the target to the requirement of the abusive government.
Fidelity: Clinicians are to be faithful to clients. Fidelity also demands that clinicians update their views and skills. Outmoded views of suicide put clients at risk. Clinicians must strive to protect clients from harm. In many cases they do not as clinicians merely equate what’s legal with what’s ethical without consideration for the issue of empathy or spirit of the law. In most cases, the law sets only minimum standards of conduct which lead to further flouting of consideration for the health of the victim amounting to neglect and severe abuse of medications. Medical Ethics demands more.
“Confidentiality is not a barrier to support, to empathy, to exploring the family’s experiences — their…feelings, their wishes, their guilt, their sadness, and so on.” – T.G. Gutheil
The clinician usually has no basis to assume or suspect risk if a victim does not confide any ideation, plan, or threat or did not acknowledge such behavior if queried by the clinician. A clinical or custodial relationship cannot exist without the client’s consent or if in some cases the client is targetted by abusive governments in collusion with the psychiatric establishment to cast doubt on the victim’s mental capacity. The clinician or provider had intentionally created risk, via citizen collusion. Means of prevention or intervention were available but were not regarded by colluding psychiatrists. This applies where a clinician with knowledge of the individual’s wishes and consent encourages completion by providing the lethal means and guidance as to use. This mode assumes capacity and rationality. Thus driven by extreme stress and/or chronic intractable pain which impair capacity and rationality created by colluding citizens and psychiatric establishment creating conditions where intentional medication which further damages the victims lucidity is unethical and illegal, where report to a higher authority or world body or advise to seek legal recourse to stop future abuse or seek compensation with appropriate expositions of the collusion so that future incidences will not occur, should be the solution.
Each association has a complaint procedure identifying the complainant, the professional, what happened, and when. Witnesses or other sources of substantiation should be given, if available – in cases of citizen-government collusion this will not be possible. The complaint is confidential and eventually buried as a case of suicide.
The professional thus does not have to respond evading sanctions ranging from reprimands to expulsion will not be applicable under certain nations abusing the UNHCR via the opsychiatric establishment. State licensure regulations include codes of conduct. Complaints by the abusing parties or ignorant family members, even colluding family members will not reach the state board, which means the psychatrist has escaped imposition of serious penalties. Psychological Abandonment alongside collusion with abusive government follows with the victim being forced into suicide (indirect murder) from mentally ill citizens indulging in ‘gang stalking’ or general incursions into privacy, typically and sadly, far too often for mere political ends or worse yet, religious views.
Note : This article was composed by a survivor of the latter 2 methods, the subject has claimed subtle forms of lynching for beliefs and actions in activism as well as dissenting political views who intended and may yet run for candidacy if the stigma colouring the subject’s reputation will not disadvantage too severely. (The name of the writer of this article will be withheld to protect whatever autonomy may be further at risk.)
Justice delayed is justice denied.