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18 Workers Fined For Smoking In Offices – Bernama – 3rd November2011

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KUALA LUMPUR – Eighteen workers have been fined for smoking in centralised air-conditioned offices in a major Ministry of Health enforcement blitz at private offices throughout the country on Oct 25. Director General of Health Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman said a total of 54 employers were given written warnings for failing to display no smoking notices in their premises. “They were employees and employers of 570 private offices with centralised air-conditioning inspected in the operation, including banks and financial institutions, government-linked companies, office complexes, factories and hotels,” he said in a statement Thursday. On July 21, the government gazetted all workplaces with centralised air-conditioning as non-smoking areas under the Control of Tobacco Product Regulations. Hasan reminded employers to display the no smoking sign as they could be subjected to a fine of not more than RM5,000 or imprisonment of not more than one year if they failed to do so. – BERNAMA

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This action is illegally invasive and afflictive of the autonomy of the private sector company. Very likely unconstitutional. The private sector is free to set it’s own policy and government has overstepped it’s governance charter internationally regardless or not if the MPs had decided that it had powers to persecute or prosecute or fine or issue warnings of any sort.

I suggest that the 18 workers and perhaps their bosses of the 18 companies so targeted for socialised abuse nominally backed by government authority, contact the UN for confirmation against the UNHCR on this issue, engage a human rights inclined lawyer, and demand a public apology and perhaps compensation by the department or ministry in question for the ‘threatening and officious/vexatious behaviour’, and that all MPs who had approved the law that allowed this action be considered unvotable henceforth.

The offending MPs or bureaucrats who penned or approved this law were either neglectful of democratic principles in governance internationally or simply oppressive of the citizenry and fascist minded. Not a word on this Bar Council? The government is abusing the citizens, what is the purpose of a Bar Council internationally if not to address such issues? Do not capitulate to this incusion, private sector !

Nothing against the Federal Government or Malaysia itself, though for sure there will always be bad bureaucrats and bad enforcers willing to carry out unconstitutional acts against the citizens. As for the 18 workers, fear not, it is very likely that private companies and private sector workers do not need to accede to such invasive governance as smoking signs and warnings. A man’s home and office is his castle (think to vote only for the 222 politicians who will promise to grant Allodial property rights and abolishment of Eminent Domain).

Up next, the right for staff to bear arms in the surfeit of hired security who can bear arms (though training probably will be a requirement) . . . smoking is a Human Right – more so in private premises owned and run by the private sector.

Smokes and Guns

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Smokes and Guns

Death of the Gun Toting, Smoking American symbol of freedom (and colonialism in those cases where Native American Red Indians were ever dealt with less than fairly). No more Rednecks left? Just Metrosexuals?

For every street or shop that is no-smoking, there shuld be another for smoking. None of that hegelian dialectic or absolutism in application of law.

Am surprised that Texas isn’t here, those 10 Gallons could be banned next for being symbols of ‘racism’ if you guys aren’t careful. 2 and a Half Cowboys (Men) remain from the looks of it.

Illinois and Wisconsin are the very worst here probably, with extreme deterrents to gun ownership. These 2 states have made public a list of registered Gun Owners (effectively punishing forthright and open people while unregistered owners go unlisted) and personal information of Gun Owners.

The entirety of the USA needs to re-establish the goodly Cowboy (Totin’ Smokin’) culture instead of the 10th Crusade Corporate Ziono-inVADER nonsense USA has become.