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BONANZA: Retiree wins RM57mil jackpot from Vincent Tan’s Toto Saturday, 21 January 2012 07:22

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SELANGOR- A retiree’s massive RM57mil Supreme Toto 6/58 win has set a new record for jackpot winnings in the country.

The retiree, who is in his 70s, said it had been hard to keep calm after he first learnt of his win from a local daily a day after the draw last Wednesday.

“It was so huge a shock that could even have triggered a heart attack!” he quipped, in a press statement from Sports Toto Malaysia Friday.

The Supreme Toto 6/58 jackpot has only been won twice before, each time coming up to less than RM48 mil. The retiree’s win not only marks a new record for Supreme

Toto 6/58 winnings, but also for jackpot winnings in Malaysia.

His record-breaking win comes only days after the Toto 4D Jackpot of RM7.1mil was won by a Sabahan in his 40s on Jan 15. The Toto 4D second prize of RM171,000 was won on the same draw.

The retiree said he had created his winning set of numbers, 2, 12, 24, 25, 32, and 33, after diligently studying all the numbers that had been drawn before. He said he enjoyed studying number trends and creating lucky number combinations to bet on, and spent moderate sums on number games in his free time.

“It is certainly a great Chinese New Year gift,” the retiree said of his win.

Asked what he planned to do with the money, the retiree said he planned to dedicate most of his newfound fortune to his grandchildren’s future educational needs.

He added he had no big plans for himself, but wanted to use the money to help the less fortunate.


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Mr Retiree, fund 25 MPs with 2 million each and wipe out the lapdog Chinese in MCA and Gerakan or even DAP’s potential Hudud acceptance turncoats. Keep 7 million and enjoy retirement.

Actually Tan Sri Vincent Tan could very well fund/field 50 MPs at 20 million each and wipe out the same lapdog Chinese MPs, if not for the fact that Tan Sri Vincent himself is a lapdog who cannot even get the government to legalize all forms of gambling at 4D outlets instead of 4D alone.

Turn on your captors if you are Chinese or a freeman much less titled nobleman at all Vincent! All that wealth and influence has a purpose, you are not using that wealth properly, the Sultans would not grudge especially you (no prizes for guessing why) equality  . . . and remember that equality is not an attack on the Malay race or Islam, it is just freeing yourself and the minorities. So being this wealthy and influencial and doubtless with access to any number of private armies of thugs and goons for protection or even offense if needed (I doubt anyone could escape alive from that sort of thing . . . ), so why Vincent do you not dare broach subjects some of us have been near hounded to death over and prefer to cower and hide? Raise those black flags – for the end of apartheid at any rate. India, China, UN, Russia and USA would not fault a constitutional lawsuit for ending apartheid.

Having gambling outlets not based on franchises or with individual licenses not an attack on Malay sovereignty or Islamic tenets, as both would not be using the facilities in any case. With all that wealth behind you and no courage to think or act? See Donald Trump eyeing the Presidency (Back to the Future II comes to mind . . . USA would be nigh glorious with Casino King ‘Griff’ in charge . . . ), but what I suggest above to Vincent Tan in fielding candidates is not even lifting a finger.

Oh and citizens, don’t be too impressed with that jackpot. In such a business, the wins are likely calculated events to ‘friendies’. After Toto has made 570 million, Toto will drop 57 million, and probably to selected persons (who likely are astrologically friendly) to boot, no big or kiasu boss would dare bestow such riches on an unfriendly unless he was so bored he wanted a challenge – for Vincnet, I think the challenge should be ending apartheid.

That’s all for today’s lesson on the contrived nature of society. It’s not luck, it’s planned. And wishful thinking about lotteries only merely waste ‘subtle energy’, though the organic playing formats as suggested with on the spot games other than 4D is the best way to gamble. No computers, and probably as random as it gets.