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Reality TV show sees woman get plastic surgery on her genitalia – 23rd November 2011

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It has been called the ‘final frontier’ of cosmetic surgery. Now, one woman has openly shared her experiences of labiaplasty – plastic surgery for female genitalia – on U.S. daytime television. The Doctors, aired yesterday on CBS, featured a 23-year-old who wanted nothing more than to correct her ‘painfully long labia.’ The segment was part of the worryingly-named ‘Gross Anatomy’ episode of the series. Painful: Shannon, who featured in last night’s The Doctors, had labiaplasty to address her ‘painfully long labia’ The trainee nurse, known only as Shannon, said that that her ‘deformed’ genitals are not only a daily discomfort but that they discouraged her from having sex – and were a factor in her relationship breakup. She said: ‘I’m self conscious. I don’t really want to have sex – I try to avoid it, so it’s kind of a big strain on a relationship.’ She described how she avoids swimming or any activity in her swimsuit and how she first felt different other girls in middle school. Shannon’s surgeon, Dr Grant Stevens, of Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, California, removed a finger length’s strip from her labia.
Labiaplasty: While genital augmentation may be in the rise, many women undergoing the drastic options have nothing wrong ‘down there’ He said that while ‘no one would be cruel enough to suggest a woman should live like [Shanon]’ he admitted that many of his clients may not need surgery. ‘If I hear the word pain or chafing or tenderness, it’s an entirely different consult than if I get the “I’m embarrassed, I think it looks funny.” But “I’m embarrassed” doesn’t automatically disqualify somebody,’ he said, reports the ABC. ‘Vaginal rejuvenation’ is the umbrella term for a set of procedures that include labia reduction, labia augmentation and vaginal tightening. Some women – such as those who have suffered vaginal prolapses during childbirth – find rejuvenation surgery absolutely necessary. For many however, the problem may be more contemporary. As Dr Travis Stork, the show’s host, put it: ‘Let’s be real… Looks do matter, whether it’s your face your hair or even down there.’ Massachusetts General Hospital obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Erin Tracy, seconds Dr Stevens’ findings – and Dr Stork’s beliefs. According to the news site, she said: ‘Most of the patients I have coming in asking about this are teenagers that look entirely normal. ‘The majority of them, after some probing, seem to have some underlying body dysmorphic disorder or problems in their relationship that make them think they’re abnormal.’ ‘For every single thing that’s normal about a woman’s body there’s a man trying to change it’ Her findings are echoed by Dr Hilda Hutcherson, an obstetrician and gynaecologist at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. She sees men as being partly to blame for the rise in labiaplasty. ‘For every single thing that’s normal about a woman’s body there’s a man trying to change it…
The last frontier was the vagina,’ she said, reports ABC. ‘They’re taking this beautiful, fluffy vulva and making it look like newborn baby’s,’ she says of the blood-vessel-rich area around the vagina. She is unswerving in her criticism of society’s treatment of the female form: ‘They’ve taken every part of a woman’s body and convinced us it’s somehow abnormal.’ Shannon is thrilled with the results of her surgery: ‘I’m so excited…they look amazing… I couldn’t be more happy,’ she said on the programme. But not every woman is so lucky. Risks involved with the surgery include infection, bleeding, pain and discomfort. Misguided women may be causing more problems than they began with in the first place, especially as there is no one standard size or shape of labias and vaginas – or indeed for any part of the body. ‘I think women should have options, but I think it’s up to doctors to educate them about what’s normal,’ says Dr Hutcherson.
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Dr Erin Tracy said : ‘For every single thing that’s normal about a woman’s body there’s a man trying to change it.’
Look whos lobbing sexual discrimination? Stay that way if you want to, but don’t rain on what women do to please their loved ones. Lots of men also try to match what women tell them. Working out for muscle definition, colouring hair etc.. It’s just that the ‘parts’ are more complicated . . . but I think it’s up to doctors to educate them about what’s normal,’ . . . Not really Dr. Hutcherson, any doctor may not have a sense of aesthetics that qualifies them to educate anyone on what looks good. You might as well get an untrained person to decide if a work of art was authentic. Try the below format instead :
1) Make a collection of vastly different ‘Labio-types’ – from a fair number of women of SIMILAR Phenotypes who are considered model level beautiful
2) match the photos (or artistic drawings as close as possible to the real thing) of the Labia-ae to the models and distribute the comparisons as a booklet of sorts. See below link for example (though with more persons pictured for a single type in this version) WARNING EXPLICIT MATERIAL :
This should challenge what is a beautiful vagoo or not. It is possible for a beautiful model to have an ugly vagoo or an ugly person to have an beautiful vagoo. This sort of thing should be best done by the ‘wealthy poon surfers’ (who should have a good sense of the puke/beauty factor) alongside sexologists with doctorates, artists who do draw poon, AND experienced plastic surgeons (there to learn also a sense of aesthetics) so that it does not become mere porn, not by ‘doctors who educate’ (sounds quite Orwellian).
This could be done locally by various ethnicities so that it becomes an international project of sorts and not just limited to the Hollywood set and who knows, the particular vagoo(s) that is(are) dominating the entire look of all vagoos which do go under the knife as of now. It’s like everyone trying to look like Marilyn Monroe. A single doctor educating? Come on. All you’ll get is one lousy opinion that will end up imprinting that doctor’s mindset on the unsuspecting patient. More Orwellian b.s. eh? Now will the panels of above suggested experts address the problem of every poon trying to look like Poon-lyn Poon-roe? Finally quit using technical terms like body dismorphia etc..
There is no such thing as Morphia to begin with. Even Human beings genetically mutate, and cultural mores differ. Try a woman who wants to have her feet bound, wears a corset to slim up, wears rings to extend her neck, gets plastic surgery for her breasts and buttocks, gets a tattoo.
This is not so-called ‘dysmorphia’ this is a sub-culture that those outside of WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND that the psychiatric establishment nominally driven by religious fundamentalists intent on social control will imprison perfectly sane persons by. And the psyche community as usual also make it into something they can peddle their big pharma meds about at massive commissions, profit margins or give them power over people having fun in their life, imposing uniformity and conformity . . .
Try this documentary : The Perfect Vagina (2008)