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Obama to give US missile defense secrets to Russians Posted by Matt Lacy • January 10, 2012 • Printer-friendly

Decision comes amidst massive Russian military modernization while US faces upwards of $1 trillion in cuts U.S. SM-3 by Matt Lacy –

Coming on the heels of massive troop drawdowns and massive cuts to the U.S. military, the Obama administration is planning on sharing U.S. missile secrets with the Russians. The military could face cuts of close to $1 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years. Currently the Pentagon is expected to cut $490 billion over the next 10 years, however another $500 billion in cuts could come because of the congressional deal reached last year during the debt ceiling debate.

As part of the cuts, for the first time since World War II, the U.S. will not have the ability to fight on two fronts at the same time. Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman has said he wants the two war posture kept and believes it can be done even with the defense cuts. Coffman is a Marine Corps combat veteran who served in Iraq.

“I’m all for making cuts so long as they don’t compromise our national security.  I’m afraid from what I’ve seen so far of the direction that the Obama administration wants to go, it does just that by signaling to our adversaries that we are incapable of simultaneously fighting two conflicts at the same time.”

On top of the cuts, president Obama has signaled Congress that he is considering sharing U.S. missile defense secrets with the Russians.

During the signing of the controversial Defense Authorization bill into law, Obama issued a signing statement indicating that he felt restrictions aimed at protecting top-secret data on the U.S. Standard Missile-3 could impede his foreign policy authority.

The Washington times reported several weeks ago that U.S. officials were planning to provide Moscow with the data from the SM-3. The SM-3 is part of America’s missile defense program that was begun under President Ronald Reagan.

Reagan’s program was ridiculed in the press who called it Star Wars. The plan called for America to develop a missile shield to shoot down incoming nuclear missiles.

The Star Wars program has been credited as the beginning of the end of the Cold War as Moscow realized they could not keep up with American know-how.

Security officials have expressed concern that the technical data provided to the Russians could compromise the system’s effectiveness and allow Russian technicians to counter the missile. The SM-3 is considered to be some of the most highly effective missile interceptors in the U.S. inventory.

The proposal to share our top secret technology while we are facing upwards of $1 trillion in defense cuts comes at a time when the Russians are doing the exact opposite.

DefenseTech has revealed that Russia is currently in the process of a 10 year, $640 billion military modernization.

The modernization will include 600 new aircraft, 1000 new choppers and an additional 100 vessels added to the Russian Navy including 20 submarines.

Section 1227 of the Defense Authorization bill prohibits spending any funds that will be used to give Russian leaders access to our top-secret missile defense technology as part of any agreement until Congress is sent a report identifying the secrets to be shared, steps to protect the data from being compromised and how the secrets will be used.

Additionally, the president must certify to Congress that the technology will not be shared by the Russians to any other countries.

During the signing ceremony, Obama indicated he did not feel bound by the requirements of section 1227, saying while he intends to keep Congress informed, he also intends to implement the section “in a manner that does not interfere with the president’s constitutional authority to conduct foreign affairs and avoids the undue disclosure of sensitive diplomatic communications.”

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Pre-emptive appeasement. In case an Iran-USA war flares up, Russia has it’s word of honour to lose as well if it hits the USA. National pride in the eyes of all winners and survivors will have a bitter taste if the USA fell only because Russia broke it’s word by striking when they were fighting. With this tech transfer, Russia probably has promised not to attack USA if Iran is attacked. Don’t worry the WH is on the problem, no Mad Max, Waterworld scenario yet, though that BP and Corexit spill along with Fukushima type radiation could lead to ‘Predator (1987 John McTiernan) Mandibled’ Whales and gills on horny ‘Mutos’.


Once upon a time, cheating was something only pupils did. They would secretly take notes into their exams, copy each other’s homework and get a little too much help from their parents while doing their coursework. But over the last twenty years, cheating has spread. Now the teachers cheat too. In fact, I would argue that so much “cheating” goes on that the teachers themselves don’t even realize they’re doing it. Kingsdale School in Southwark has been fingered by whistleblowers who say that teachers unfairly helped pupils with GCSE and AS-level exams and coursework. The school has been rated “outstanding” by Ofsted and David Cameron said it was “brilliant”. Certainly the word on the street is that Kingsdale is an excellent school. It was once a place where security guards with dogs roamed, but the Head, Steve Morrison, turned the place around. Parents are keen to get their children into the school and children are proud to go there. Whistleblowers say that marks for non-existent coursework were sent to the exam boards. The coursework system works like this:
i) teacher collects in the work and marks it
ii) teachers in the department moderate the coursework by sample marking the work of others
iii) all marks are sent to the board
iv) the board asks to see a sample of the coursework, and if the marks on these few pieces are accurate, all of the teachers’ marks are approved.
It is a good system. While it respects the teacher enough to trust him to submit proper marks and to have followed the rules, it is able to ensure that teachers who are not skilled at marking accurately get the required support. But without the certainty of teachers’ professionalism, the system falls apart. One can see how a teacher, under pressure to get in all of his coursework, with kids who are lazy and refuse to do it, simply makes up a mark that he thinks the kid is likely to get and then submits it, with the intention of getting the coursework from the child at a later date. Kingsdale is also accused of allowing pupils to correct their exam papers after the exam had finished. It is also alleged that pupils who were late to their exams were not quarantined and were in fact allowed to sit the exams after other pupils had finished. Apparently, teachers would go to a pupil’s home if they did not turn up for an exam and would let them sit the exam there instead of at school. Who knows how much of this is true. But it is clear that teachers all over the nation are under so much pressure to produce results that a culture of cheating has taken hold of our schools. I have known countless teachers go to great lengths to “help” pupils with their work.
The problem always lies in knowing where the line should be drawn. I remember once taking a boy into my office, sitting him down with a pen and paper, demanding he write something for his coursework, knowing that by just forcing a few lines out of him, his chances of a C would be possible, but without those lines a C was out of our grasp. When he begged me to tell him what to say, I refused. I could easily have hinted at what he should say. But I didn’t. I wasn’t about to “cheat”. But did I? Once upon a time, quite simply, the deadline would have been set, he would have missed it, and he would have failed. That experience would have taught him that in life, without effort, one fails. And the next time he may have behaved differently. As it is, that boy wrote some 6 or 7 lines and managed to get a few marks more than he would have done otherwise. In the end, he missed a C grade by one mark – just one.
And to this day, I blame myself for that miss: I always think to myself, if only I had insisted on 8 lines instead of 7, he would have got that C… That’s our system. The teacher is responsible for the grades and the teacher is judged by them. This leaves the pupil without any responsibility for himself, and it has our system in tatters, where teachers are actually sent on courses that tell them how to bend the rules of the exam board in order to maximise exam results. Children no longer take deadlines seriously, and “help” has come to mean something entirely different. It’s easy to point the finger at Kingsdale. But in doing so, we’re missing the bigger picture. (Katharine Birbalsingh is the teacher who exposed the failings of the comprehensive school system at the Conservative Party conference last year. Katharine has been teaching in inner London for over a decade and plans to set up a Free School in south London to help to serve underprivileged children. Her book, To Miss with Love, is out now.
Follow @Miss_Snuffy on Twitter to see what Katharine’s doing now. Katharine’s personal website is
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Just one of the symptoms of collusion from the ‘Feminist Agenda’ of NWO control and, an unethical promoting a poisonous oestrogen drenched environment rather than the ethics exuded from a testosterone drenched natural one. Yang = Structure and Ethics, Yin = Filler and Flavour. If you reverse that or miss out either ingredient, all the results would be chaos. In general only societies that function without an agenda are the only ones that will evolve and grow. the rest will stagnate and fall apart – try USA and it’s Sudra caste/military/plutocrat dominated zeitgeist. No future and no wonder, it’s Nero and his violin while the ‘West’ or Capitalist nations burn.
15 Examples That Show Many Americans Have Become So Desperate That They Will Do Just About Anything For Money
More Americans than ever are desperate for money and many of them will do just about anything to get it.  The crumbling U.S. economy has pushed millions of ordinary Americans to the brink of utter desperation.  When it comes time to choose between being able to survive or breaking the law, many people are choosing to break the law.  These days it seems like Americans will do just about anything for money.  All over the country, there are areas where just about anything that is not bolted down is being stolen.  A lot of people have resorted to making money however they can – selling drugs, selling their bodies, shoplifting, invading homes, taking bribes, running credit card scams and even stealing from their own family members.  You will have a hard time believing some of the things that you are about to read below.  When people have their backs pushed up against the wall, often they find that they are willing to do things that they never imagined that they would do.  Things are getting crazy out there on the streets of America, and as the economy continues to decline things are going to get a lot crazier.The following are 15 examples that show many Americans have become so desperate that they will do just about anything for money….

#1 In Utah, one unemployed 28 year old man is offering to be “human prey” for hunters for the bargain price of $10,000.  For an additional $2,000, he will let people hunt him down while he is running around naked.

#2 The Huffington Post is reporting that there has been an epidemic of air conditioning thefts all over the United States….

Across the country, in states like Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida, there have been reports of thieves stealing unsecured air conditioning units weighing as much as 125 pounds.

#3 In Corpus Christi, Texas thieves have actually been breaking into funeral homes in order to steal the embalming fluid.

#4 Even police officers are committing desperate acts these days.  Just check out what one police officer in Chicago is charged with doing….

A Chicago Police officer stole $50,000 from his ailing elderly father to pay off his bills and gambling debts and unsuccessfully attempted to swipe his dad’s retirement savings by impersonating him

#5 Nothing is off limits to thieves these days.  Criminals recently broke into a southwest Atlanta beauty supply store and took off with $30,000 in hair extensions.

#6 In another area of Atlanta, thieves have been breaking down walls and busting bathroom fixtures with sledgehammers in order to get their hands on copper, brass and steel….

Kids in two Atlanta communities won’t have their neighborhood pools to help beat the summer heat, at least for now. Thieves used what is believed to be sledge hammers to bust walls and break fixtures in bathrooms at Adams and South Bend parks to steal copper, brass and steel.

#7 One grandmother in Florida has been accused of trying to sell her newborn grandson for $75,000.

#8 In Antioch, California a total of approximately 300 power poles were recently knocked down by thieves and stripped of their copper wiring.

#9 In Minnesota recently, a mob of teen girls brutally pummeled a mother and her two daughters until they were black and blue.  Apparently the mob of teen girls was enraged over a pair of missing sunglasses.

#10 In Asheville, North Carolina thieves recently took off with 4 metal tables and 16 metal chairs that were sitting outside a pizzeria.

#11 In Florida, thieves have actually been stealing storm drain covers.

#12 In Oregon, thieves recently broke into a Salvation Army community center and stole 3 large air conditioning units.  Now all the people that come to that facility for help and for community programs this summer will be absolutely sweltering.

#13 In the Cleveland area, two young boys that had set up a lemonade stand were robbed in broad daylight.  The crooks got away with approximately 12 dollars.

#14 In Oklahoma, thieves recently broke into a church and stole “arts and crafts supplies meant to help teach bible stories to children”.

#15 A 59 year old man from North Carolina named Richard James Verone was so desperate for money that he actually robbed a bank and got caught on purpose so that he could be put in prison and be given free health care.

One day Verone walked into an RBC Bank in North Carolina, handed a clerk a note demanding exactly one dollar and sat down and waited for the police to arrive and arrest him. Verone has a growth on his chest and two ruptured disks but he does not have any health insurance.  He is hoping that in prison he will get the medical treatment that he needs.

As society continues to unravel, prison is going to look like an appealing option for more and more people. At least in prison you get fed, you have a roof over your head and they will take care of your medical needs. For a whole lot of Americans, that would be a major step up. Have you noticed that the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear? America is becoming a cold, cruel place and lawlessness is everywhere.

For ages, Americans have looked down on the crime and the depravity that goes on in other areas of the world. Well, now America has all of the crime and depravity it can handle and it is going to get a lot worse as millions of formerly middle class Americans descend into poverty. A regular commenter on my website who identifies himself as “El Pollo de Oro” recently described the kind of chaos that he believes is coming to the streets of America….

I live in Philadelphia, a city that used to have a ton of blue-collar manufacturing jobs as well as a great deal of white-collar employment, but the blue-collar manufacturing jobs have disappeared–and on the white-collar side, a college degree isn’t necessarily the ticket to prosperity it once was. Philly has its share of nasty, dangerous ghetto areas as well as ritzy, upscale areas like Rittenhouse Square. But then, there are parts of Mexico City that look like Beverly Hills except that the signs are en español. A minority of Chilangos are filthy rich, which is what you expect in a Third World country: an uber-rich minority and a poor majority. And when The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) signed on for globalism and ignored Ross Perot’s warning, it opted to become a Third World country—which means that you can kiss the American middle class goodbye.

But there will be some growth industries in The Banana Republic of America: kidnapping, drug smuggling, murder for hire, carjacking, armed robbery. And if you want a taste of what life will be like in American cities in the future, just spend a few weeks in Guatemala City, Johannesburg or Caracas—all of which have the type of horrible crime rates that BRA cities can look forward to in the future. Desperate people do desperate things, and hardcore desperation will be in the norm in the BRA. It won’t be fun (unless, of course, being robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight is one’s idea of a good time).

Welcome to life in a rotting, decaying Third World hellhole. Welcome to the collapse of the Roman Empire. Welcome to life in The Banana Republic of America, formerly the USA. America is changing.  The safe, secure environment that we all used to take for granted is dying.  The number of truly desperate people rises by the day, and many of those desperate people are willing to do just about anything for money. The United States used to have a thriving middle class, but our economic system has been so manipulated over the decades that now almost all of the economic rewards go to the very top of the food chain. 25 years ago, the wealthiest 12 percent of all Americans controlled 33 percent of all the wealth.  Today, the wealthiest 1 percent of all Americans control 40 percent of all the wealth. In the United States today, we are actually witnessing the death of the middle class.  Our jobs have been shipped overseas, the banks have enslaved us to debt, the government keeps finding more ways to tax us and the Federal Reserve keeps debasing our currency. Everywhere you go, despair is in the air.  According to a brand new Reuters/Ipsos poll, 63 percent of Americans believe that the nation is on the wrong track. Fortunately, many Americans are responding to these signs of trouble by preparing.

One local Oklahoma newspaper recently did an article that profiled a few of the growing number of Americans that are preparing for hard times….

Rod and Lauretta Smith estimate they could survive a year without going to the grocery store. A large garden on their 5-acre property in south Tulsa produces hundreds of quarts of canned and frozen beans, tomatoes and other vegetables. Chickens provide eggs. The Smiths are among a small but growing number of people stocking up on food to become more self-reliant in a time marked by natural disasters and economic uncertainty.

The truth is that all of us should try to become less dependent on the system.  The Democrats, the Republicans, the Federal Reserve and the big corporations are not there to help you.  They are not going to come riding to the rescue if you lose your job and your home.

We all need to do what we can to become more independent and to prepare ourselves and our families for the incredibly difficult economic times that are inevitably coming.  Those that have faith that their jobs will always be there or that the government will always take care of them will be deeply disappointed.

The system is dying and society is coming apart.

The only rational thing to do is to prepare for what is coming.

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Here’s a solution that will not need a single cent.

Offer each person on food stamps or ‘council housing’ (not working or homeless), land for subsistence farming and make them live in a tent. Very Soviet era-esque, but when American citizens begin herding their own animals, composting rather than buying fertilisers, burning firewood rather than using electrical heaters and begin growing their own food, collecting rainwater/digging wells, weaving cloth for making their own clothes from home grown cotton, ALL FOR FREE, USA will finally be rid of the debt caused by sequestration of land by the state and dependence on food stamps or funding of state funded homeless shelters (See below link on this group as well for homelessness solutions . . . ).

Is Ending Homelessness Just a Dream? – Joel John Roberts – 13th June 2011

As for education. Education does not need a millions worth elementary school, 10s millions worth high school, 10s billions worth University, do it like they did in the past – in a Warehouse-Barn and do not allow ‘Professor’ to charge exhorbitant fees (i.e. no more than allows him to retire in comfort or with some dignity, not extreme wealth) simply because he groups up with other Professor’s and calls a bunch of buildings a University.

Ditch those cars and vehicles, use draft animals which can also be eaten. Or use bicycles as in China, with ‘sidecar’ attachments if carrying goods. No more spending on fuel. You want to get there, you jolly well PEDDLE with your own legs (than charge fuel costs to the taxpayer if you’re in government).

The other thing of course would be to END ALL EXPENSIVE WARS and shut down all WMD silos of any and every type. How much does a silo or nuke cost to maintain yearly? How many nukes does USA have that it may NEVER use? All just to enrich military contractors.

Whos up for life in 1800s America? Better than post millenial decay as we see now for certain while USA indulges in wars without end.

For everyone else with some assets, liquidate EVERYTHING excess you have in fiat for precious metals, buy land to cultivate your own food, do not fuel ANY ‘Suit or Electricity using Industries’ and live like a Hillbilly. Grow biofuel crops for your electricity, grow your own cotton, get the wife to learn to use the loom, dump the car for a donkey or bullock and cart (no more road tax!), live in a Yurt made from your own skinned domestic animals instead of paying for construction, make your own beer, wine and yoghurt. Burn dung and firewood for warmth.

If enough people do all of this,the  ‘duopolist bilderberg stooge potus’ and government itself is finished. We will be out own militia, so army guys don’t worry about invasions, but do distribute those weapons. Ordinary folk should buy some gunz and bibles (or whatever religious text or kama sutra . . .).

And finally remember to vote ONLY for the POOREST candidate on the list. In the event every candidate is rich, then it is your duty to run for candidacy as a non-plutocrat.