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The Ships Of All States Are Sinking – by Jim Kirwan 1-30-12

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Ships of State around the world are all adrift upon the Oceans of Betrayal that are writhing in rebellion—everywhere. Each ship has its treasures on board, or rather they believe that this is true: But the truth is the hold is filled with empty boxes that were looted even before they set sail toward the tomorrows of life.

The horizons are no longer visible as the storms of avarice and greed have obscured the actuality under which each of these former sovereign states departed on their quest into a world of uncertainty and risk, The captains of these ships are deluded with treachery and lies upon which each has come to depend, in a world gone mad with a now naked-lust for everything that any other might still possess. Yet the storms intensify and the ships are each and all threatened by impending disaster. Who will save them from their own treachery and their treason?

Each ship when it left the safety of its home port was embellished with her own uniqueness, and the treasures of her people’s own way of everyday-life. But out here upon the high seas where treason vies with nature, nothing is certain any more, and the crew of each ship must take responsibility for the very survival of all, or for the ignominious ending of everything that they hold dear. The captains and their officers are arrogant, but have no knowledge of how to rectify the plight of everything that’s threatened by these unrelenting storms. The crew is barely human, starving and deprived and if the weather were less violent they would be in the chains which the captain and his men believe to be where they belong. But suddenly it is these same battered and nearly forgotten slaves to which the burden of survival now belongs. This is where we are at this moment in this blood-stained journey that has become our plight: The TREASON marked leaders are about to be forced to give-in to the demands of the crew—if anyone is to survive at all.

Reluctantly the Officers decide to give-in; while secretly planning to reverse themselves the minute that the crisis passes. But the crew knows the lie for what it is and decides instead to take over the ship, so that in the end there will be no reversal of fortunes to end their lives, instead they choose to save the ship and share in the bounty which survival supposedly would promise.

What has happened to allow the crew to become so bold—especially when all are facing almost certain death or destruction, along with their listing and now severely-damaged ship of state? The crew has thought about their plight and knows most certainly what will happen when the storm ends or the ship reaches any port where the false-authority of the useless officers is recognized above those who will be able to make this extremely unlikely feat possible! And in the depths of the now darkened ships’ holds the slaves begin to talk to one another, and compare notes about how to both survive and to regain the freedom that they had; when first their ship began this trip into that great-unknown that every man and woman faces as we try to live our lives. . .

Amid these conversations held by candle-light amid the tossing and turning of their wounded ships of state: These ordinary people begin to remember who they were and what they need in order to live the life they boarded with so many years ago. With ever-shrinking supplies and only rancid water for their thirst their memories began to crystallize about the plight they knew they faced together in the absence of the daylight or in hope of any kind.

Someone said:” Who are these creatures that tell us that only they know what is good for us? What happened to our right to think for ourselves and now most especially, when everything is threatened why are we still not allowed to even think or breathe for ourselves?” Another answered: “But they are rich and powerful and they own all that matters to us in the universe.” To which still another replies: “Who can still believe that!” They say that they are rich, but what will it matter if this ship goes to the bottom? Besides I knew this captain when he was just another human-being, before he appointed himself to be a god over all lesser beings.” ­ “AND” came the reply from many who were beginning to get interested. “It’s just that as he began to prosper he was promised so much more than most, so we could no longer remain as friends. As I watched his career begin to soar, I saw him on the rare occasion and years later went to meet with him. He was so arrogant and so confident that he bragged about his newly acquired position; believing that since I was barely human what I thought or said could never matter in the end.”

What he said was that he had joined with the real powers of the earth, and soon there would be no other choice: but for him there could never be a problem that his colleges could not fix. It seems that he had joined a secret-society that promised ‘everything’ provided that his soul belonged to them and them alone—forever! By doing this he thought that he had been adopted into the only group that mattered in the world: And that all of this had come about because he was special and soon he grew rich beyond his wildest dreams. I asked him some smaller questions until it was clear that he believed that he would always be a major player in their world, because he was needed and he was rich and that this could only grow as the society neared their final goal of absolute power over the entire planet!

One of the others who had been listening intently then asked: “But how could he so easily believe that he would not be turned-against, when the time came for the whole world to change?” I answered “Because he had become a Billionaire!” The questioner laughed aloud! “Did he not know that entry to the real club is reserved for Trillionaires!” he laughed and the others having figured it out for themselves, laughed too. “So what happens to him when the cabal decides to act?” He continued. “He’ll be thrown to the wolves and all his blood-stained loot will obviously be re-stolen and he himself will either be murdered or given to the rabble to be dealt with: With extreme prejudice no doubt ­ and he will never even see that coming”!

From a dank corner of the ships’ hold a voice of doubt was raised: “But that means nothing because for every one of them that dies, another will surely take his place! Could they not just be replaced?” “Sure” I said, “But NO, that will not happen because once word gets out that no one can survive for long in this continuing charade that
knowledge will always turn their whirlpool loose and that will destroy everything inside the cabal itself – because where there’s blatant BETRAYAL, there can never be any real success. The FEAR they have sought to promote in others will have been effectively turned into the one thing that they must individually react to – upon pain of death – if and when they fail to respond to actual REALITY!”

“So what happens next?” a voice inquired. “Next we arrest the officers and put them in those chains that they have reserved for us. After that we right this ship and then we deal with them. “But what happens when we again reach port?” groaned a doubter. Then we tell them the truth. The officers stole the cargo and endangered the ship, the empty cargo holds will PROVE what we are saying in triplicate. We simply put them in chains so that they could not do more damage, until we could safely bring this ship of state back into a real and viable-port. And of course, since we now have the arms that they once held to keep us prisoners: We shall demand to be treated well, for having done what others failed to do—to save this ship that so many have looked to only for whatever treasures they could steal. . .

So what can we do? Definitely we can do a whole lot more than we have yet to do to date! Namely we need to take off those chains and use them to insure that these creatures can never use them against the global-population ever again.

YES this is just a metaphor but with your life and your entire future riding on what you do next: Might you not want to think about this just a bit further?

The reason that these ships are in such trouble is that their officers are not seamen or leaders they are just government appointees who know nothing about ships, or sails or engines. They are civilian appointees that mouth what they are told to say but have no clue about what to actually do to keep their ships from sinking. Since they cannot lead, they are incapable of navigation, and they only follow orders from half-a-world away they actually present more of a danger to this situation than would be the case if they were not there at all.

The only people who know how to do the work, and keep the ship afloat and upright, are those that have the thankless tasks of keeping everything operational and at optimum efficiency, for minimum wages usually, and without benefits or pensions. Those with all the benefits tend to be the ones making the decisions that usually only worsen the plight of each ship separately (the intended purpose all along); while they attempt to do what they’re told by people whose only interest is in giving orders and never in accomplishing any particular outcome, which is why nation after nation state is sinking under mountains of DEBT!

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Portfolios and posts held by anyone othjer than professionals, bureaucrats taking up posts due to the appropriate degree, and academics with a track record. It is not because they are old that they are allowed  to take seats or be allowed to run for candidacy, but because it takes years for professionals and academics to prove their worth. However when unqualified or industry unrelated persons take cabinet or political posts by cult of personality or nepotism or plutocractic status, being a careerist, dominating a political party with family blocs in a political party, the nation will from lack of professionalism and appropriate training become those Captains and Officers as described in the article above.

Try the below chart for a clear look at how to prevent the unqualified and inexperienced regarless of their cult of personality (politicians are but grass roots, and do not have any business taking up cabinet or political posts – ESPECIALLY beyond their 2 or 3 terms at very most . . . )

The ships of all races will sink if the unqualified or portfolio inexperienced are left to run any state. Still no word on your candidacy or an open comments site Jim?