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Why are Babies Vaccinated for a STD? – by Jack Ragnarok – 26th June 2011

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( The widespread medical practice of administering Hepatitis B vaccines to newborns is something that should sound mental alarm bells. Why? Hep B is contracted chiefly by sexual contact, first appearing among male homosexuals then later spreading to the general population by adult heterosexual promiscuity. Hep B is but one of many STDs, but is not yet an epidemic. Why not vaccinate for common contagions that become epidemics? And why subject newborns to their first Hep B vaccination at 12 hours, then a booster shot at 4 months, and another at 4 years when the vaccine ‘memory’ has faded? Is it because babies are going to be sexually active in their first 4-5 years? The answer is Yes, but this type of sexual contact never happens by mutual consent; it’s called child molestation. Pedophiles now pepper the professions landscape like warts on a witch. Some pedophiles are members of parliament that legislated exceptional powers be given to Child Protection agents. Other pedophiles are police; others are found in religious orders, there are doctors and lawyers, and teachers, and engineers, etc.etc.. Many pedophiles have Hepatitis B and are carriers infecting others, including children and babies. Where though is the wholesale threat of Hep B infection to children?
Enter the thugs of Child Protection agencies. These regularly abduct, or forcibly remove, children from parents straight into the waiting arms of individuals of an elite pedophile clientele. In nearly every office of any Child Protection agency there is at least one Frau Goebbels that liaises with the elite clientele. Sometimes it’s upon request for a particular victim that a child is forcibly removed. An MP or doctor or policeman is attracted to the child through official capacity and requests Child Protection agents to intervene to remove the child on the flimsiest of pretexts. Other times a child is removed by Child Protection from foster care by midnight raids, or foster care perverts are actively engaged providing the elite client with ‘meat’. Many children that die in Child Protection care were victims of a blind eye policy to satanic practises. To avoid the scandal that too many children and sucking infants in Child Protection care get infected with Hep B, complicit legislators drafted a series of Hep B vaccinations into law or into standard medical practice as something good and healthy for the nation’s infants. Fortunately, most children are not sexually molested during their tender years; those that are may never remember the incidents. For the former, the side-effects of vaccination cause death or maim by contaminants carefully planted within the witch’s brew of vaccines. The range of vaccine contraindications is extensive but seldom are parents informed.
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Henry has accessed the material factor of this. The vaccine substance supposed to prevent brain development that humanity is evolving into prevents growth of certain parts of the brain i.e. pineal 3rd eye probably. HPV was initially created and spread to prevent Humanity from evolving into their next stage of consciousness. The preserve of the pineal will be limited to the supposed cadres to allow trhem to communicte with REALITY and thus shape the world according to their orrupted fdseiree. This however has been countered and REALITY is aware. Hence ths natural disasters and increaisng frquency. The next generation of truth sayers are being targetted, preemoptively hence the young babies are hit with a vaccine intended to target teenagers (teens also are hit with vaccines) to prevent any pineal development at all. We are being enslaved on a certain dimension of reality, and very few are aware of this, only the cadres and so called religious are accessing this now or being culled under guise of religion.

2 Articles on Abuse of Surveillance – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – early November 2011

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Banking issues bore – by Ram Anand – 31st October 2011
STEPHANIE CHONG is not happy with the long wait for her loan and what she claims to be a “disrespectful” bank staff. She applied for refinancing on her house loan at Hong Leong Bank’s Brickfields branch in Kuala Lumpur on June 1. Although the standard procedure takes two months, she requested the bank to speed up the approval process. “But four months on, I am still waiting. My numerous calls to them are also proving to be futile.” CHONG is also fuming over the treatment she received from a customer service executive at the bank’s Jalan Cheng Lock branch on Sept 2. “Since the bank had no directory, I asked for directions, but the staff was disrespectful to me.” CHONG claims she complained to the branch manager but the latter’s assurances never materialised into action. “I never got a reply from them regarding my experience at the branch.” ? IN response, a Hong Leong Bank Berhad spokesman says they have acted affirmatively in solving both issues for CHONG. “Our staff had contacted her accordingly and apologised to her for her experience at the said branch. “Our mortgage centre manager had also called the customer personally to explain the delay in her disbursement process.” The spokesman, however, did not specify when CHONG could expect her loan application to be approved. When contacted, CHONG says she is satisfied with the bank’s response on her issue with the staff’s treatment, but is still waiting for a final confirmation on her long overdue loan process.
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The local community probably has a spy microphone, spy cam in your bathroom or even bedroom and have been watching and listening to you. They probably overheard what you say about them and are responding appropriately. Don’t wonder about the rudeness, it’s a more ‘Village Mentality’, narrow minded world we live in than we can possibly imagine. Not that survelliance society is normal or legal but until the laws and sale of devices, expositions and illegalisations of such technologies or methods and perhaps illegal installations are detected by regular police counter sweeps, you can expect that your breached privacy could cause you trouble so long as you stay in that neighbourhood or in extreme cases, the rest of the country as well.
An electronic or other engineer can access what you watch on TV or the computer or say at home. It is likely that privacy of your own was also breached by a privacy disrespecting slippery and dishonest neighbour. So when the sudden rudeness begins, know that you have been breached in privacy and need to relocate, get a new job and hope that the new place’s people and your employer pretends not to notice you simply out of humanitarianism. These invasive tech mobs and rude people are nominally politically linked IMHO, but the spy setups are so closed and secretive there is no point trying unless you have your own spooks or are willing to invest in them to make a case, but especially when the judiciary entertains Anwar sodomy cases, and likely indulges in the same, I’d suggest relocating until a more serious government comes into power. The above is a years long corroborated finding, make of it what you will and be warned.
Big Brother’s THREE MILLION targets: Massive surge in intrusive surveillance by state snoopers – by James Slack – 4th November 2011
The astonishing extent of Britain’s surveillance society was revealed for the first time yesterday. Three million snooping operations have been carried out over the past decade under controversial anti-terror laws. They include tens of thousands of undercover missions by councils and other state bodies which are not responsible for law enforcement. Snooping operations include tens of thousands of undercover missions by councils and other state bodies which are not responsible for law enforcement Eye spy: Snooping operations include tens of thousands of undercover missions by councils and other state bodies which are not responsible for law enforcement Cases include a family who were spied on to check they were not cheating on school catchment area rules and so-called ‘bin criminals’. The campaign group Justice is demanding the hugely controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act – under which all the operations were authorised – be scrapped altogether.
The group’s report, titled Freedom from Suspicion, says: ‘The UK has, in the space of 40 years, gone from a society in which mass surveillance was largely a theoretical possibility to one in which it has become not only ubiquitous but routine.’ RIPA, billed as ‘anti-terror legislation’, was passed by Labour in 2000 supposedly to regulate snooping by public bodies. But Justice, which has campaigned on privacy matters for decades, says the result has been a huge increase in intrusive surveillance. Since the Act was passed, there have been: More than 20,000 warrants for the interception of phone calls, emails and internet use; At least 2.7million requests for communication data, including phone bills and location information; More than 4,000 authorisations for intrusive surveillance, such as planting a bug in a person’s house; At least 186,133 authorisations for directed (covert) surveillance by law enforcement agencies; 61,317 directed surveillance operations by other public bodies, including councils; 43,391 authorisations for ‘covert human intelligence sources’. In total, the report says there have been around three million decisions taken by state bodies under RIPA, not including authorisations given to the security and intelligence services. Yet fewer than 5,000 of these – just 0.16 per cent – were approved by judges. In the remaining cases, they required only the approval of a bureaucrat or, in a small number of cases involving large scale intrusion, a Secretary of State. Powers the snoopers have
The report says: ‘RIPA has not only failed to check a great deal of plainly excessive surveillance by public bodies over the last decade but, in many cases, inadvertently encouraged it. ‘Its poor drafting has allowed councils to snoop, phone hacking to flourish, privileged conversations to be illegally recorded and CCTV to spread. It is also badly out of date’. The report follows a string of revelations by the Mail about over-zealous officials training hidden cameras and even undercover agents on the law-abiding public. These include spying on those suspected of dropping litter and attempting to cheat school catchment area rules. Council staff – who have been accused of having James Bond delusions – have been secretly taking photographs and video of the public. In some cases, cameras have been hidden in tin cans, or inside the homes of the neighbours of their ‘target’. Crowded: The latest official projections show that the population of the UK will increase from 62.3million in 2010 to 70million in 16 years’ time. People watch: Fewer than 5,000 of the snooping operations – just 0.16 per cent – were approved by judges RIGHTMINDS JAMES SLACK: I would agree with every word of the JUSTICE report. But, overwhelmingly, most of the damage was done between 1997 and 2010. New Labour may not have cared much for being tough on real criminals, preferring cautions and fines to proper jail sentences. But it was painfully hard on the innocent. Most notoriously, Poole Council admitted spying on a family to find out if they were really living in a school catchment area. Jenny Paton and her family were put under surveillance without their knowledge for more than two weeks. The council admitted using RIPA powers on six occasions in total. Three of those were for suspected fraudulent school place applications.
The Coalition’s Protection of Freedoms Bill will reform RIPA – forcing councils to get authorisation from a magistrate before they can go on spying missions. But Justice says the new safeguards are insufficient and RIPA should be scrapped. It calls for an entirely new regime to be put in place. Justice’s Angela Patrick said: ‘The time has come for Parliament to undertake root-and-branch reform of Britain’s surveillance powers and provide genuinely effective safeguards against abuse.’ The report also warns that Britain has the largest DNA database in the world and the largest number of CCTV cameras. It highlights how the public readily hands over information, via supermarket loyalty cards and Oyster London Underground travel passes, which can be used to track a person’s movements. A Home Office spokesman said: ‘The first duty of the state is the protection of its citizens, but this should never be an excuse for the government to intrude into people’s private lives. ‘This is why we are changing the law to restore common sense and prevent local authorities using surveillance for trivial offences.’ ***Commentator responses : This is exactly what we used to criticise the communist states for and now it’s here. Are our present rulers communists in disguise? Seriously though folks, isn’t this just a ruse to make us all fear our every move? Or could it be a method of discovering what else we can be taxed on – ‘Oh look, there’s some people down there breathing air, we’d better tax that!’ – Glad2B-in Spain , Valencia, Spain, 05/11/2011 16:36 Imagine ANPR, CCTV, store loyalty cards, debit and credit cards, internet usage, GNP, oyster cards, etc. being linked together for the comprehensive monitoring of the average citizen. Paul, GB – – – – It already is linked, they’ve had this ability for years, they just don’t want us to know about it.
CDommentator comments :
When a Government and it’s agencies get paranoid, they spend a fortune of TAXPAYER money on doing everything they can to monitor us all. – It’s for your own good, Swindon, 05/11/2011 11:32 I`d hazard a guess that this surviellence isn`t INTENDED to work as made out but to provide a `cut and paste evidence` in the near future for court microchipping orders, firstly against those the authorites wish to make an example of and then the rest of the population once it becomes accepted ( resigned to) along with everything else since 1997. – Dual Nationality , Born Lucky, 04/11/2011 20:28
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Some of us had little interest in the issue minding our own business and using cautious and legal methods to demand our rights, until as possibly, fundamentalist faith practicioners, political power mongers (some quite violent and pathologically unstable), colluding with the equally fundamentalist psychiatric institution, decided to ‘retaliate’ against the involvement in propagation of the Articles of the UNHCR, LGBT equal rights issues, or challenges to forced Military Conscriptions and other unconstitutional and undemocratic laws, including ending APARTHEID in political, legal and constitutional systems in this region/nation.
What followed was the above article 1 described invasive surveillance, use of poisonous and mind destroying regimes of sedatives and anti-depressants and neighbourhood persecution. Then neurotech implants, nanoparticulate control via EMF/ELF cell phone type tech etc. were applied when the target is considered ‘insane’. If any humanitarian agency, legal advice group (the Local Bar Council being entirely aware has not lifted a finger hereabouts, possibly being a mere appendage of the abusive government of the day), dealing with such abuses is able to act/advise/help, please contact the email or drop a message. The destruction of reputation, even personality, neural structures for given Human Rights elsewhere, suffering for being an individual in some regions of the world is immense in these socially 3rd World regions. Please help the forcibly, secretively electronic based, deconditioned/force-conditioned minds living in Mental Captivity, a house arrest or even prison affords more dignity than what some people are put through here. Please help.

Someone complaining about neurotech and illegal injections without consent. A victim of sabotage by the establishment for opposing apartheid presumably. Hopefully justice sought will be found, the victim's health be restored . . .