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5 Articles On Better Sentencing – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – February 2012

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Mother left baby and toddler locked in car while she went drinking in bar… at 4am – by James White – 26th August 2011
A mother left her two young sons alone in an unlocked car while she was drinking in a bar until nearly 4am. Police found the youngsters – one aged nearly three, the other just eight months – on a street in Rusholme, Manchester, after a passer-by raised the alarm. Officers rescued the boys and waited by the car for 40 minutes until mother Kayleigh McNaughton, 21, emerged from a nearby bar at around 3.45am. Drunk mother: Kayleigh McNaughton is facing prison after leaving her young sons in a car while she went drinking in Rusholme, Manchester The vehicle, which belonged to a friend of McNaughton, smelled of wet nappies and vomit and there was no sign of any food, Manchester magistrates’ court heard. When the police asked the older child where his mother was, he pointed up the street and said: ‘Mummy that way.’ McNaughton has been warned she could face jail after admitting two counts of neglecting children in a manner likely to cause them unnecessary suffering. She left the court in tears, with her lawyer describing her as a ‘loving mum’ who was ‘distressed’ about what she had done.
McNaughton had driven into the Rusholme area in the early hours of August 13. Just before 3.10am, police received a call from a concerned member of the public who had passed the parked car. They rushed to the scene and found the older child standing up in the rear footwell and the baby strapped into a car seat. When McNaughton arrived she was unsteady on her feet and smelled strongly of alcohol, the court heard. She initially claimed she had only been away for a few minutes – but later confessed she had been with a female friend drinking in the Saki Bar for up to an hour. Matthew Wallace, defending, said McNaughton had intended to go to a chemists to buy painkillers before ending up in the bar. He said: ‘She is distressed about her behaviour. For reasons she cannot explain she just wanted to get away. ‘Normally she is a loving and caring mum and is totally ashamed of herself.’ Mr Wallace said that McNaughton, who has never previously been in trouble, had been in a very violent and abusive relationship. She had been having problems with the children, one of whom was teething and was feeling depressed, the court heard. Magistrates sent the case to Manchester Crown Court for sentencing, warning McNaughton that she needed ‘greater punishment’ than they were able to give.
Hugh Keachie, chairman of the magistrates, said:’ We don’t think we’ve sufficient powers in this court to deal with you. ‘The offences are so serious you need greater punishment than we can give.’ The children are now in the care of social services and McNaughton is said to be living in a Manchester refuge.
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More 3rd world prison favouring contractor injustice. After my comments on prison contractors, I’m beginning to see how much the current governent loves it’s prison contractors and probably military as well instead of being more considerate to it’s citizens. Is England a quietly ‘junta-fied’ nation? This will destroy the continuity of this already suffering young woman’s life and her 2 children as well. Punish her if something happened to the children, but since nothing actually happened to the children, instead of wasting tax payer monies and refuge operators ‘business’ or a reason to keep open – like so many Quangocrats, and later jail, it would be better to just give her a warning and be done with it.
Assign a counselor for her to report to for a day or 2 or few weekends at most, that would cost less than jail. England’s judges are so inconsiderate and England’s criminal code is so hateful. All that family destroying behaviour by the English for mere profit at the cost to taxpayers is sinful and shameful. All those Inns of Law are for naught the way judgments are passed. Little wonder those riots occurred. English citizens, time to remocve all MPs who refuse to amend laws or even the judges who are inclined to take advantage of the system by victimising the already unfortunate. The other issue is of course, was neurotech intentionally used to make her depressed then forget her children in the bar simply to enrich prison contractors?
Firstly I stand massively corrected on my assertion yesterday that the day of rage would fizzle out before it started. So now I know – next time I predict a quiet protest, it’s time to crack out the bullet proof vest. By the end of the week, it had become patently clear to everyone following the demonstrations here that the protestors weren’t going to succeed in ousting President Saakashvilli. Standing by the barriers just before the police advanced was like witnessing a large-scale version of a schoolyard brawl. Police did not distinguish between demonstrators and journalists, watch one of the task force take aim at our cameraman: The protestors would have played the role of the scrawny kid who’s trying to stand up for himself against the school bully. You know they don’t have a hope in hell of winning, but the fact they stand their ground leaves you morbidly transfixed. And this time, those catcalling for a fight were people who really should have known better. Absolutely no one comes out of this looking good. Not Saakashvilli, whose police force undisputedly used excessive force in dispersing the protestors.
Nor the opposition, who rallied their people into a fight they were destined to lose as they hot tailed it away to safety the minute violence broke out. Many of the crowd were of an older generation: And that was the saddest thing about witnessing the protests. The people caught up in the violence were simply the victims of a much more cynical political power struggle. Many of them had legitimate cause for complaint. But neither Saakashvilli nor the opposition who are after his Presidency seemed to care a toss. Had they, perhaps negotiations would have taken place sooner, and if they had been more constructive – it would have saved a couple of lives and a lot of totally unnecessary bloodshed. Tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets were used to disperse the crowds: As the numbers grew yesterday I commented on the fact that it seems strange that people calling for democracy choose to do it looking like something out of Mad Max – their faces covered and brandishing weapons. Someone brought up the old revolutionary saying – ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.’ But you know what you make if you break too many – a big bloody mess.
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Citizens outnumber po-po (police) 100 to 1 (10,000 to 1?) regardless of equipment. Guess who should do the arresting? Make sure you are coordinated enough to ARREST the ARRESTERS. Is your cause just? Do you need justice and have been abused, physically or even psychologically? Thus you will seek redress by the medthod you know best. Some write, some riot, others wait t vote, the organised, stand for candidacy to remove bad MPs or a bad political party. More importantly, many ‘borderline-case’ or emotionally immature Englishmen and Englishwomen who only deserve a reprimand or an ASBO or community work at worst, are in jail for unreasonable jail term periods and punishments way beyond the scope of offense, or unreasonable and whimsical application of judicial powers backed by police. Why should any citizen tolerate this? Would the UN or NAM send peacekeepers to liberate the English from the fascist application of laws? Why should a person who steals a bottle of water be imprisoned for 6 months? Why should government raise salaries beyong GDP growth? Why should taxes increase? And all the while being insulting?
Nobody has any sympathy for the way they apply the law in parts of England and parts of USA. In fact if enough *BAD* po-po (police) (the friendly ones should be left alone) are ‘arrested’ before they even step out of their homes to get into their ”pig’ mode, the unhappy prisoners could be freed and abused citizens could liberate England like Libya instead of tolerating the way the po-po (police) throw their weight around and the way the judiciary abuses their powers. No burning of shops or property destruction or theft though, but do CITIZEN ARREST any ‘uniforms’ who abusing power or arrogantly passing sentences without consideration for the supposed ‘criminal’. Revolting against abuse by authorities happens off and on, if someone is shot on in an act intended to casuse fear, then by all means let the sh1t fly but make sure the aim is well and good and that you are justified and act responsibly, not viciously in any altercation and arrest or counter-arrest. Get the goodly and fair minded among police on your side too, what better way to revolt eh? But do be correct and civilised in whatever actions so that popular support is with you. Time to throw out the oligarchs, plutocrats and nepotists – if it’s too serious OCCUPY City Hall and set up a respectable ‘shadow’ council and shadow government. England has to set an example and we’re not talking about citizens capitulating to police state repression . . . give them what they deserve. Maybe in coordination with hacking groups and perhaps also political support of international observers like UN, NAM, AU, EU or ASEAN. Coordinate if your fellow citizens are being abused, I believe too many Englishmen are indeed living in a police state. Opinions or rebuttals? Do as you will, but stay legal wherever possible disregarding illegal laws !
Ideal duration for judgment is one month – former judge – by  Malaysia Chronicle – Thursday, 14 July 2011 18:49PUTRAJAYA – One month is the ideal duration for judges to write and deliver their judgments, said former High Court judge Datuk Syed Ahmad Idid.He said judges should gather and write down the points immediately, upon completion of hearing their cases. A delay, he said, would cause the mind to be disorganised since they would have other cases to manage.”Very much better, you finish your case, you gather the points together and draw up…and from there, you already have an idea and know the main crux and what to concentrate (on),” he said.

He said judges should take two weeks to write the draft, and another week or two, to rethink what they had written before making some adjustments to their judgment.

Syed Ahmad said judgments must be clear, adding that the importance of writing a judgment was for people who were affected by the judgment.

Syed Ahmad, who is also Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration director, was speaking at a media conference after the launch of his book, ‘Writing of Judgments: A Practical Guide for Courts and Tribunals’.

The book was launched by Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi at the Conference Hall in the Palace of Justice here.

In his speech, Zaki reminded judges that their judgments should be written in a concise, clear and succinct manner to make it easy for parties in a court case to understand the judge’s grounds of judgment, as well as for the appellate court to understand the rationale of their decision.

Meanwhile, Syed Ahmad said the book was intended to give judges, particularly the younger ones, guidance and equip them with knowledge and ability to write judgments.

On some judges who delayed writing judgments by between two and eight years, Syed Ahmad said the chief justice was concerned over the matter.
– Bernama

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How about allowing for minor cases not exceeding a certain amount to be judged by lawyers at their offices with the entire process recorded on camera as proof of appropriate judgment and also for records where students could study and learn? This way the main courts could be freed for more cases.Meanwhile, no respectable lawyer will tolerate a lack of :1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.They would petition and sign and boycott or contact the UN or whatever legal world body to challenge the Asabiya form Bumiputra APARTHEID aka enforced Dhimmitude which is by proper application of Islam a munafiq practice to be denounced by Muslim lawyers as well.


Stalkers to be given ‘substantial’ jail sentences under new plans to protect victims – by Leon Watson – Last updated at 9:42 AM on 5th February 2012

A major inquiry will recommend that stalking should be made a specific criminal offence, it was reported today. MPs believe the problem has got so bad a new law is needed to protect victims from emotional and physical abuse. The all-party parliamentary group, following a six-month investigation, will say this week that stalkers should face substantial jail terms.

Lurking: Stalkers who harass their victims should face tougher sentencing, a report will claim

It comes before the result of a separate Home Office inquiry, which completes its consultation on how to protect stalking victims today.

Prime Minister David Cameron has already conceded that there is a gap in the current protection for stalking victims.

The Observer reported today that Home Office ministers Theresa May and Lynne Featherstone are also understood to be in favour of a change.

The parliamentary group on stalking heard evidence from lawyers, psychologists, academics and the parents of murdered stalking victims.

Chairman Elfyn Llwyd MP told The Observer: ‘We are very firmly of the view that there needs to be a change in the law.

‘We’ve looked at other countries, such as the way Scotland has done it, and they have a law which resulted in several hundred successful prosecutions in the first year.’

Tragedy: Tricia Bernal with her daughter Clare, who was shot by her stalker in 2005

British Crime Survey figures show there are an estimated 120,000 cases of stalking in the UK each year, 53,000 are recorded as crimes by police and only one in 50 of these leads to an offender being jailed.

A study released in December by the probation officers’ union Napo warned that just two per cent of suspected stalkers are being jailed.

It found that police, probation and court staff are continually failing victims, some of whom have suffered 20 years’ harassment at the hands of their stalker.

High-profile cases include that of Clare Bernal, shot dead by her stalker in 2005 as she worked at the Harvey Nichols department store in London.
Jailed: Stalker Shane Webber arrives at Southampton Magistrate’s Court today

Stalked: Ruth Jeffery was targeted by her ex-boyfriend over a period of three years

Stalker and his prey: Shane Webber, left, was jailed at Southampton Magistrates’ Court for his campaign against ex-girlfriend Ruth Jeffery, right

Ultimate betrayal: Shane Webber’s online harassment made girlfriend Ruth Jeffery so ill she was prescribed anti-depressants and aborted their unborn child

Former store security guard Michael Pech, 30 was on bail awaiting sentence for harassment of his former girlfirend when he murdered her.

The Czech-born immigrant then killed himself.

In October, a man who stalked his girlfriend online for years without her knowing it was jailed for four months. He had admitted causing harassment. Ruth Jeffery, 22, said Shane Webber had ‘wrecked the past three-and-a-half years of my life’.

The actions of the unemployed 22-year-old, from Nottingham, ‘made me feel sick and so stressed because it was happening every single day’, she said.

Researchers recently found that two-thirds of victims said the police and prosecutors did not take their complaints sufficiently seriously.

Laura Richards, of the charity Protection Against Stalking, said: ‘We know first hand that, for too long, victims have suffered in silence or at the hands of the criminal justice system.

‘The inquiry has now given them a voice.’

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According to Ken Clarke substantial will be three weeks.

– Stantheman 133, Vera Spain, 05/2/2012 14:32
Rating   38

Stalkers to be given longer jail terms? Thats me busted…..

– Ryan, Ireland, 05/2/2012 14:30
Rating   11

Oh, well, time to let Anne Widdecombe alone then 🙂

– Marko, Birmingham, 05/2/2012 14:08
Rating   3

“The parliamentary group on stalking heard evidence from lawyers, psychologists, academics……” The stalking industry again making money and political gain from the expansion of the abuse industry. The appalling disregard for justice that resuts is likely to lead to many cases of increased violence rather than less, murders are rare and may not have happened at all were it not for the stalking propaganda in the first place. There are already more than enough laws including the draconian harassment act, where unwanted conversation absent any threat and regardless of motive or context can lead to 5 years in prison. Vindictive malicious accusations will abound yet they wont lock up the thousands of female so called stalkers. If looking up someone on google can lead to a prison sentence under new laws then evil really has taken hold of the justice system and we have become worse than third world despot countries.

– truthforthepublic, uk, 05/2/2012 14:08
Rating   5

“‘substantial’ jail sentences” What exactly does that mean though? sentences for serious crimes are a complete joke in this country and even if they are given a long sentence it doesn’t mean they actually serve it. A friend of a friend got sentenced to 18months for something serious she served just 4 and half months in prison so the judge wanting to make an “example of her” was a complete waste of breath. Serving a quarter in prison and a quarter on tag makes the sentence laughable.

– Mea, Here, 05/2/2012 12:52
Rating   14

I hope you will understand that it is women as well as men who can bestalkers. I was stalked by a woman until I got a restraining order. She threatened two of my women friends too. Not pleasant, whoever you are.

– Alistair Hillier Manser, Sandbanks UK, 05/2/2012 12:37
Rating   37

Why does it take enquiry after enquiry? It’s called common sense which obviously no one in Parliament has. What type of idiots are running this country? Jail stalkers for 10yrs minimum, depending on the circumstances, end of story.

– Iacapa, Lurgan N.Ireland and UKIP, 05/2/2012 12:16
Rating   11

Going on the usual farcial sentencing by our learned judges substantial jail terms will be measured in hours rather than years for these criminals.

– rwb, Ayrshire, 05/2/2012 11:40
Rating   18

Making stalking a criminal offence should have been done years ago. A friend of mine was stalked by an ex-boyfriend who was trying to threaten her into going back to him. It went on for years. The police would only do something when he put bricks through the family’s windows and smashed up their cars, for which he only received a short sentence and then was straight back carrying on stalking as before. My friend ended up having to move abroad just to get away from him. He carried on harassing her parents for a while, but eventually gave up. It was really frightening for both her and her parents and yet the police said they could not stop him.

– Sue, Cheshire, 05/2/2012 11:25
Rating   35

About time too. We should be protecting the victims of such crimes and closing the loopholes their tormentors are exploiting. No-one should live in fear.

– busy as ever, worcestershire, 05/2/2012 11:24

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Don’t enrich the prison contractors. Use an electronic anklet and warning tracer for the victim. Anytime the item registers stalking, the police are alerted and the stalker will be required to relocate at cost to themselves at least a few 10s of kms away everytime they stalk as well as make a public apology in the local paper at cost to themselves? These are mentally ill people and fines or incarceration doesn’t change anything, the above relocations should however help the victims tremendously. Who wants to move house everytime they stalk people (effectively they are trying to displace well being so  equitably the same type of punishment being meted would be mor meaningful) who have dropped them from their list of normal people that can be mixed with? Try another one for sickos who follow about the internet thinking they’re so cool when all they are is so SICK. Bar the creeps from using internet or remove their mobile handphone rights for an increasing period of time everytime they electronically stalk!




Former RAF sergeant, 60, revealed as transsexual named Foxy Roxy is jailed for offering kinky sex with boy – by Daily Mail Reporter – Last updated at 9:06 AM on 8th February 2012

A transsexual former RAF sergeant has been jailed for eight months after he was discovered offering sex services with a 15-year-old boy.

Martin Shaxted, 60, who used the name Foxy Roxy, appeared at Canterbury Crown Court yesterday to admit a charge of keeping a brothel and three counts of making and showing 32 indecent images.

The court heard that police officers had raided his home in Cliftonville, Kent, in December 2010 and discovered the boy.

Jailed: Martin Shaxted has been locked up for eight months after admitting keeping a brothel and three charges of making and showing indecent images

But the prosecution accepted that Shaxted believed the boy was 19, rather than his real age of 15 after he confessed to police.

The youngster also admitted smoking cannabis and taking ‘legal highs and poppers’ and engaging in sex.

Police who raided the home also found child abuse pictures on Shaxted’s computer and took away objects including sex toys.

During the hearing Oliver Saxby, prosecuting, told how Shaxted had advertised his services online

Military past: Shaxted, who used the alias Foxy Roxy, served in the RAF for 23 years

He admitted meeting the youngster at a bar but denied encouraging him to take part in sex with other men.

Diaries revealed his services had earned him annual totals of £5,620 in 2008, £5,180 during 2009 and £5,955 in 2010.

The court heard Shaxted was a former RAF sergeant but no details were given of his military records, apart from the fact he served for 23 years.

John O’Higgins, defending Shaxted, said: ‘He became associated with a person who masqueraded as a much older person.

‘He took up escort work five years ago. But he did not entice this young man into providing the services.

‘He is not in the best of health and is now a recluse and is very embarrassed.’

Judge Adele Williams rejected a call from the defence to suspend the sentence because ‘of the kind of experiences he could expect in prison’.

Judge Williams then sentenced him for eight months after telling him: ‘The mischief here is this, that even though you believed him to be 19, he was in fact 15 at the time.

‘You are 60 years old. You allowed a very young man to be providing these services. But I accept you did not exploit him’

Shaxted was also ordered to sign the Sex Offender’s Register.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Whats so illegal about a brothel per se? Brothels offer sex workers safety in numbers and create a sense of community, a communicative atmosphere and camaraderie. What is so offensive? Whats so illegal about making and showing indecent images especially to persons obviously matured enough ‘appreciate’ the images? Some people subsist on a diet of porn, others exist off making porn. What’s criminal here?

The judgment on the teen is good, but the sentence of 8 mths is meaningless, which taxpayers want to pay for that jail stint? Porn is everywhere (actually it’s just art in nature of people unclothed in general . . . ), enjoyed by not everyone but a democratic and human right for those who do enjoy porn. Finally brothels in spirit are harmless! This judge is wasting taxpayer funds and colluding with prison contractors.