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“Tolerance” Doesn’t Extend to Christians – Taki’s Magazine – 31st August 2011

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(Taki’s Magazine) “This reaching-out to other cultures while pushing away the host culture took a particularly bizarre form at a nearby college about fifteen years ago when a Protestant chapel was being built.”( Excerpt from “More Tales from the Collegiate Looney Bin”) I’ve recently started recovering from forty years among pseudo-academic weirdos in the collegiate loony bin. One persistent aspect of modern college life is its obvious loathing for anything that smacks of Christianity. This includes whiting out Christian symbols and references to Christian holidays from the academic landscape. In the fall of 2006, a bronze cross was carted out of Wren Chapel at William and Mary lest it cause offense to unidentified spectators. Faculty members I’ve had the misfortune of knowing usually vibrate with excitement at such displays of sensitivity, and whenever the possibility exists for replacing “Christmas greetings” with “Have a blessed Kwanzaa,” “Peace to you on Ramadan,” or an inspirational listing of white racist sins, academics will run to make this happen. Staff members once changed a “Yule Bowl Party” to a “Season’s Greeting Festival,” arguing that “Yule” references were an affront to non-Westerners. Perhaps an itinerant Hindu would wander into the gathering and go bonkers at the mention of something once associated with Christianity.
This reaching out to other cultures while pushing away the host culture took a particularly bizarre form at a nearby college about fifteen years ago when a Protestant chapel was being built. Plans had been made to crown the newly constructed steeple with a simple cross to indicate a Christian house of worship at what was then a quasi-denominational institution. But this was not permitted to transpire because a Jewish faculty member protested mightily against the blood-curdling symbol. It seems the cross reminded her of the Holocaust, an association that is perhaps understandable given that authors who are abundantly present in college libraries always make the same dubious connection. The proper answer in this instance would have been to tell the employee to look elsewhere for a job if she found Christian symbols so intolerable. Instead, the “cross was reconsidered”–that is, replaced by a less offensive spherical object.
***Selected Commentator Comments :
Johnboye let’s get one thing straight, right from the start. No Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist amongst us has any reason to object to the traditional celebration of Christmas. And, in my experience, they don’t. The only ethnics I have ever seen getting all fired up about Christmas celebrations are Jews. Why? Who knows…maybe the Talmud can enlighten us on that one. Don’t believe all this guff about Muslims objecting to Christmas. Take a trip to (predominantly Muslim) Malaysia in December and you’ll find the department store jingles just as irritating as in any NY or London emporium. It’s the Jews, stupid!
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
APARTHEID occurs in Malaysia yet the net effect of the article on the last link which you are about to read makes light of it. In Malaysia, Churches have been firebombed, Indian and Chinese temples have been demolished, Raids on Churches are still done to single out apostate Muslims. Did you know that the Native Malays in East Malaysia some of whom are Christian converts are disallowed to build Churches or even to have a Malay language Bible? We may not like Christians or any other peoples but this misrepresentation of what Malaysia is, is not fair to the suffering citizens of Malaysia, especially minority races and non-Muslims, including Malays who are non-Muslim or Muslims who have gone apostate.
What is wrong with @Johnboye? What is wrong with henrymakow’s site? Henry you cant be this ignorant of current affairs to allow Johnboye to post such a comment can you? Or are you secretly fronting for the Masons to allow masking of such obvious attacks and democratic abuses the Malaysia carries out? What was posted on YOUR site is a sheer lie in terms of misrepresenting Malaysia as a safe place to be Christian. It’s like a holocaust denial when a picture is painted that things are well in Malaysia. There are most certainly NOT. What if you were subject to 2nd class undemocratic citizenship? Or were Malay and became a 2nd class citizen denied the choice of religion, AFTER being persecuted for becoming apostate and adopting another religion? Did you see the Lina Joy case? She is a real person suffering REAL persecution in Malaysia.
Those store jingles are but a thin veneer to hide severe rot in the issue of tolerance to diversity. Also, please allow an open comments system. Your site is kinda closed to the public opinion and thus passe or at least selectively propagandist. HONESTY or at least know whats going on in your site Henry ! Did someone with deep pockets send you something to clear the conscience to allow such comments? If you want to speak against Malaysia’s apartheid, do it directly – be forthright, not hide behind upfront activists (or people who do not take to all this manipulation which confounds the less intelligent masses till the prefer to take the bold faced lies that the NWO/Illuminati or whatever Globalist plutocracy agenda’s advantage) by provoking in such articles. Otis McWrong? I see someone bought wholesale into the Aramaic Christian faith to end up defending it like this. That is the native faith of Aramea (part of modern Iran and Syria) NOT that of any ‘white folk’.
Read my earlier article on the true ‘white’ gods : Tuatha de Danaan, Wiccanism (deer skin clad woad wearing) Celtism, Druidism, for red haired green eyed, Odin’s Nordic Pantheon, for the blond haired blue eyed Viking Scandinavians, or Holy books Mabinogi and Prose Edda Celt, Irish and Scot (before the English slaughtered and proselytized, colonized the Isles). The dark haired dark eyed ROMANS being God Remus, God Romulus and Goddess Lupa, their holy book perhaps the body of knowledge preserved in tarot, the planetary intelligences that shine brightly on the Roma Gypsy communities or ‘Travellers’ – former Legionnaires of the Roman Empire rightfully from Italy to Romania at very least. The English are NOT native Christians, the Anglicans were a rather non-descript tribe which only occupied the eastern portion of the island of England and adopted whole sale Roman thought, and Aramaic faith then later warred upon the Arabs and Persians, near destroyed the Red Race and occupied India and China.
The only folk who were originally Christian were the somewhat brown skinned, brown haired, brown eyed, near Middle Eastern Arameans (Aramea was situated in what is North East Iran andparts of Syria now – your ‘sand n1gg3rs’ as it were . . . ) and they spoke and wrote ARAMAIC on their own Holy Scriptures, the Dead Sea Scrolls. Don’t be like the Nazis who stole the Aryan concept and even Swastika from the Northern Indians. You are stealing from the Arameans and doubtless even revised the original intent of the Aramaic faith which states that the Church is in the heart of Mankind and not a BUILDING which only Satan inhabits and posses those who enter. Seek your own LOTR-esque roots and stop being copycats.
Finally many evil actions occur behind Church doors, some of which Henry has been condemning, rabid feminism, militant LGBT (though pushes back abit too hard sometimes, think Boy George – Do You Really Want to Hurt Them? A sense of Civilisation and Freedom of Life stays our hand . . . ), paedophilia, being an outlet for white washing consciences AFTER evil actions (being indulgences, effectively buying right to be evil), and of course Oligarchy and Nepotism in committee management, politics or wealth rather than merit for promotion in the Eclesiastic hierarchy . . . because the Testaments stray from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Christianity is but a corrupted shadow churning out corrupted citizens and not even a native faith for the ethnically proud and philosophically and culturally pure minded to embrace. Remember your roots, native faith systems, for a people with no roots are but locusts seeking themselves without contentment (warmongering as seen by English colonial actions in Africa, India and China, the Americas (who were the property of the Red Race of Man, but are now still under occupation) repatriate yourselves if you have a sense of justice or at least speak for the Red Race in a sense of reparation . . . then even the Jews get blamed. Think clear, not all Jews are Zionists.
How about a rethink and rewrite of your below article Henry?