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Seven phwoar seven! Secret VIP customer buys Boeing’s latest jumbo and plans to pimp it out as a sky palace – by Graham Smith – Last updated at 3:53 PM on 29th February 2012

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No expense spared: Falling asleep on a plane has never looked as easy as it does in this rendering

Boeing has handed over the first passenger version of its upgraded 747 to a secret VIP customer, who immediately sent the plane along to a modification centre to transform it into the ‘jewel of the sky’. The delivery of the 747-8 Intercontinental – Boeing’s largest and most recognisable commercial airplane – caps a development delay of more than a year.

Seven phwoar seven! Secret VIP customer buys Boeing’s latest jumbo and plans to pimp it out as a sky palace

Delivery of the 747-8 Intercontinental caps a development delay of more than a year
Anonymous VIP customer now has to wait 2.5 years for custom modifications to be made

Boeing has handed over the first passenger version of its upgraded 747 to a secret VIP customer, who immediately sent the plane along to a modification centre to transform it into the ‘jewel of the sky’.

The delivery of the 747-8 Intercontinental – Boeing’s largest and most recognisable commercial airplane – caps a development delay of more than a year.

Boeing, the world’s second-largest plane-maker, marked the milestone with an understated ceremony, keeping the media at arm’s length to safeguard the identity of its customer.

On the move: A Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental airliner taxis before taking off at Paine Field in Everett, Washington, yesterday. It will undergo extensive modifications before it is delivered to an undisclosed VIP customer

Expensive toy: Boeing has taken 36 orders – nine from non-airline customers – for the aircraft, which lists at $332.9million

Jim Albaugh, president and chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said: ‘The 747 is the most iconic airplane in the world, and I know customers are going to love what we’ve done to enhance its performance.

‘The Intercontinental is fast, efficient and quiet, offering real savings and a great flying experience.’

Boeing, which competes for orders with rival Airbus, has taken 36 orders – nine from non-airline customers – for the aircraft, which lists at $332.9million.

Boeing does not identify VIP customers, but past buyers of customised planes have been multi-millionaires and heads of state.

The airplane is more than 12 months behind its initial delivery schedule and some experts say the order book is puny.

VIP customers for planes as large as the 747 often request extensive modifications such as bedrooms or bathrooms to accommodate the special needs of the primary passengers and their entourages.

These modifications typically are done outside of Boeing, but the company must sign off on the changes.

Playboy’s paradise: An artist’s impression of how a potential customer might want the jumbo’s interior to look

No expense spared: Falling asleep on a plane has never looked as easy as it does in this rendering

Conference in the sky: A more business-minded owner might want to include a state-of-the-art conference room aboard the 747-8

Boeing Business Jets president Steve Taylor, who was set to fly the airplane from Paine Field near Seattle, Washington, said it will spend about six months at Boeing’s Wichita facility – the plant that modified Air Force One – for basic modifications.

From there it goes to a facility in Hamburg where it will spend two years receiving customer-specific outfitting like bedrooms, dining rooms and galleys, he said.

Mr Taylor said the unnamed customer wants the new Intercontinental to be the ‘jewel of the sky’.

The Intercontinental is an elongated, upgraded version of the classic 747, which first flew more than 40 years ago. The 747 was the world’s largest airplane until 2005, when Airbus unveiled its A380.

Alex Hamilton, an aerospace analyst and managing director at EarlyBirdCapital, said: ‘The 747-8 has been slow to take off, and the success of the aircraft is still questionable given so few orders.’

Boeing had delayed the delivery to 2012 from the fourth quarter of 2011. The company blamed delays in flight testing and the time required to incorporate flight-test driven changes.
Confidential: Boeing does not identify VIP customers, but past buyers of customised planes have been multi-millionaires and heads of state

Front-on: The Intercontinental is an elongated, upgraded version of the classic 747, which first flew more than 40 years ago

The first airline set to receive the plane is Germany’s Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which has ordered 20. Boeing has not set a delivery date for Lufthansa’s first Intercontinental.

The Intercontinental incorporates some of the technology of the lightweight, carbon-composite 787 Dreamliner.

It can seat 467 passengers, 51 more than the current version of the 747, but fewer than the competing 525-seat A380.

By some estimates, the new 747-8 is 8 to 10 tonnes overweight.

Elizabeth Lund, 747 program manager, acknowledged the plane is heavier than originally planned. But she said a redesigned wing makes up for the weight in terms of performance.

Additional weight can reduce the distance a plane can fly or the amount of cargo it can carry.

The freighter version of the 747-8 was first delivered in October. Orders for the freighter have been strained by an economic downturn that has dampened cargo markets.

Boeing made first delivery of its 787 Dreamliner last year after three years of delays. The 787 represents a bigger leap in technology than the 747-8.
Off to a new home: The 747-8 takes off for Boeing’s Wichita facility – the plant that modified Air Force One – where it will spend about six months for basic modifications

Off to a new home: The 747-8 takes off for Boeing’s Wichita facility – the plant that modified Air Force One – where it will spend about six months for basic modifications

The Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental can seat 467 passengers, 51 more than the current version of the 747, but fewer than the competing 525-seat A380

Commercial plane: The first airline set to receive the plane is Germany’s Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which has ordered 20

Watch video of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental’s test flight here:

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Numerology and false flag article intended to elicit a response not withstanding  . . .  Palatial LUXURY is an open air deck and not rushing at a few hundred miles an hour to keep afloat. That means VTOL style engines and air craft carrier sized decks, or a blimp moving slowly enough so the wind won’t buffet. Otherwise it’s not much of a Jewel of any Sky.

If you can’t step outside and enjoy the sun, scenery or even breathe fresh air, which is rushing past at 100s of miles an hour, it’s a glorified and misnamed meme that ‘jewel’, much like Branson’s misnamed ‘commercial spaceport’ which is on the ground and has no craft that can reach space though reaching sub-orbital and not ‘commercial’ because it carries passengers and does not have cargo capacity but does carry passengers, has little relation to.

If I were said VIP, I’d either develop VTOL based Fusion energy powered craft, or to save money, invest in an extra large blimp or few at a fraction of the price as the below company in formation is doing, that hosts as large an ‘on top’ (instead of below hanging) high tech light weight material platform as possible so the passengers can catch some beams – sea cruise style . . .

Palaces are leisurely like the pace a balloon gives (not too much like the one in Æon Flux (2005 Karyn Kusama), that Boeing (and all other) planes (the larger the worse) are just another metal box with seat or a office-like lobby inside, rushing to certain doom. Cheers instead, from balloon platform twice the size of that narrow cabin, as the countryside floats by . . .  who needs to get to any major capital in 16 hours? 2 weeks (or 80 days?) is fine by the wealthy with time to burn . . .  try that for real phwoar !

This is an ‘Aircruise Concepts International’ ™®  – no cybersquatting – company and concept in formation. A series of ‘Aircruise Concept International’s’ ‘TSA FREE Cruise Balloon Airfields’ perhaps with docking towers featuring retractable walkways which are being identified internationally is being considered. We get you to any major destinations worldwide, slow and pleasant (sails perhaps?) instead of hurtling in metal cylinders (much like MiGo Brain cylinders, who knows what neuotropic gases could be introduced in such enclosed places . . . )  powered by equally dangerous engines . . .

In any case, a ‘jewel of the sky’ does not rush past at 100s of mph, but drifts close enough, not ‘Costa Cruise’ close though . . . so probably there are no flying ‘Ice Banks’ to crash into or ‘Cloud Banks’, especially when close enough for earthbound spectators to see the ‘whites of their eyes’ – no racism intended  . . .  for all to appreciate and admire.

Whats so paradisical about being in a ‘bullet’ (those passengers mights as well be grains of gunpowder), about not being able to feel the sunlight on your skin, breathe air that has not been filtered through half a dozen venting systems and filters – recycled even? . . .

Enough with the cooped up, low ceilinged death trap cabins of aircraft and seacraft of the day – do we really need that sort of speed? –  . . . ditch the TSA for private seaports, private airports or private airstrips (no spaceports yet though?) and there you go – real luxury – looks like USA needs private roads as well too, TSA is targeting roads now. No USA congressmen or governors or senators ready to end TSA yet huh? If I were Russia, I’d build a TSA free replica of NY, Manhattan, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Florida and Texas then ask the citizens of USA to migrate there WITH preferred autonomous zone type laws based on preferred parts of the US constitution (i.e. no TSA, no Food Bill, no Federal Reserve etc..).

Meanwhile Muslims ready to martyr themselves (MRTMTs???), don’t ever target or accidentally kill civilians because the Islamophobia does not exist in your average citizen  – it’s a sin to target the innocent (especially non-Muslims who are free to commit Haram acts who have nothing against Islam and are minding their own business, living their Haram lives . . . ), but only comes from a very small minority who are influencing your typical Western politicians – who are still full of bad judgment for allowing what goes in in some parts of the West. I’m not referring to non-Muslim stuff like alcoholic drinks or legalized gambling (other than 4D or Lottery, the whole gamut of games rather) or legalized prostitution, but humanitarian or Abu Gharaib type abuses . . .

5 Articles on Malaysian Politics : Nepotist PAP fettes apartheid BN, Gomes Bodeks, All MPs Are Intended to be 2 term Tissue Paper – Jessie Ooi stand against Aparatheid and GTFO of the Dewan (no term limitless Oligarchs even with those with – in this case inconsequential – t1t5), Parrot Rehashes MY 2001 ’cause’, Danger and Warning signs all over Pakatan (a second BN arising) – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 1st March 2012

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BN Is Not Racist Although It Comprises Race-based Parties – Tuesday, 28 February 2012 13:36

SINGAPORE, — The Barisan Nasional (BN) does not practise racism as claimed by the opposition parties although the coalition is made up of race-based parties.

Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said although there were parties within the BN that were set up based on race, this did not mean that the party was racial.

“All this while, the opposition had always portrayed the BN as a race-based party,” he told reporters after participating in the forum titled “Voices: Emerging Malaysian Leaders”, here last night.

Zambry was among the four panel members participating in the forum organised by the consultant firm, KRA Group.

The three other panelists were Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Gan Ping Siew and Senator V. Subramaniam.

At the forum attended by about 200 people comprising academicians and corporate figures, various political issues in Malaysia were discussed including the opposition claim that BN practised racialism.

Zambry said that the opposition parties such as the DAP were the ones practising racialism.

“Despite the opposition claim that we purportedly adopt racial politics, we notice that the DAP history shows the party (DAP) contests in areas where the Chinese form the majority,” he said.

He said that if the DAP was truly a party for all races, why did the party not field its candidates in Malay-majority constituencies in the general election.

Earlier, Zambry held a meeting with Singapore investors and they had expressed interest to invest in Perak particularly in real estate and mining.


Commentator comments :

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 16:57 posted by Mamakry

If Bn is not practising racialism why is government departments employ 90% Malay, why universities should have quota systems, why government scholarships are given to one race, why Mara is open to other races, why contracts are given to a particular race? And the list can go on. Zambry please make us stupid

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 16:11 posted by FAKE MUSLIMS

Oh what a pity.
You mean Singaporeans do not know about the UMNO/BN Gomen ? Just ask the Singaporeans why so many bright non-Malay students are studying in Singapore.
Furthermore daily how many non-Malays are travelling to Singapore to work.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 16:03 posted by V

wait… IF DAP field a malay candidate the same BN will say it’s political gimmick… then IF DAP not putting malay candidate, they’ll say it race based since all nons r in the list but malay….
hantu pun dia, manusia pun dia…. piraah….
please PR, just field those ppl that really can serve the ppl instead of like the BN that think ppl owe-ing them a living…

please watch Vendeta if you haven’t… i like the quote
“ppl should NOT fear of the government, the government should fear the ppl”

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Any coalition BN or PR which cannot claim the below 3 items are accurate :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;are racist parties. Any ’emerging’ leaders will be swept aside by Joe Public independents. This is the way colonial minded LKY and Mahathiru Kutty have been USED by the English colonials to parasite off the people of both nations – strawman equality while racist policy exists.


The night Rosmah’s face melted and Palanivel became the Agriculture minister – by  Mathias Gomes, Malaysia Chronicle – Tuesday, 28 February 2012 20:59

A live telecast on Astro Beyond channel 222 and the belated Ponggal Festival in Kapar began without the the true essence of Ponggal in the air or in the hearts of those who attended.

Why this “kolaveri ” Ponggal celebration, and why did MIC make a fool out of the Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Dr Rosmah Mansor, ministers in dutiful attendance Koh Tsu Koon, Liow Tiong Laiand Rais Yatim. Well, the answer lies in the 13th general election or GE-13. Najib would have said to Palanivel ‘go ahead, make me a fool but make sure you get the numbers and wrest Kapar from Big Mike’ ( MP for Kapar, S Manickavasagam).

It was like watching the Tamil movie ‘SIVAKASI’ where protagonist brings on a famous movie star (Nayantara) to dance and captivate the people to vote for him, but the hero, Vijay whose sister is the opposition candidate, steals the show right under the protagonist’s nose. I was expecting Big Mike to do it, but he didn’t make an appearance.

Well, MIC and Astro went to all the trouble of bringing in the famous “Koothu” singers and film stars from Kollywood (Tamil Bollywood) to grace the event by singing “koothu” songs and dance to the tune of these. The Kapar Kilat Clup ground was fully covered for the event, I’m sure big ‘moolahs’ were spent for the artistes as well as the TV direct telecast. Well, perhaps it could have been free since Astro has a soft spot for the current government.

Rosmah’s face began to melt

For 3 solid hours Najib and Rosmah sat through the show looking bored and tired. During closeups of Rosmah, you could see that her face was melting. Why such an effect I don’t know, but it was weird.

The highlight of the show apart from all the “Koothu” was Najib’s speech and as usual he gave out money for a temple in Shah Alam and Tamil schools in the vicinity. This is his trade mark “lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu” (you scratch my back, I scratch yours). It was a speech that we all expected, so no surprises!

Palanivel too praised Najib and Rosmah and said that the hope of Indians laid in his hands. He then shamelessly asked for their support. But the kicker was when Palanivel, the MIC president, took on the role of Agriculture Minister and asked Indians to plant food items in front and at the back of their homes to supplement themselves. I was expecting him to provide land for agriculture to the Indians, but he chose to make them beggar farmers instead!

Treat Malaysian Tamils with more respect

So MIC thought that if they put a show and entertain the people with Tamil film stars, people will be captivated and come back in droves to vote for them. This cheap mentality of treating Malaysian Indians like uneducated and unprincipled bimbos is disgusting. The people here are more intelligent, hardworking and trustworthy.

All you need to win their hearts is to show them that you care and treat them as equals and tell them that you are Malaysian First and Malay, Indian, Chinese, or any other race Second. Then you win them lock, stock and barrel. Just treat them like Malaysians. As Najib said, “ORE MALAYSIA”

Malaysia Chronicle

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Just treat them like Malaysians. As Najib said, “ORE MALAYSIA”??? WTF? Without :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;Najib or any MP can do a full bollywood production and dance along, and also speak Tamil/Hindi all year round, yet still, nothing changes.

ORE what ORE? Throw a local word at the 2nd (3rd?!?) class citizen and expect them to vote you all the way? Gotta be joking. EQUALITY or nothing. And no need to drop a single ORE. Who are these guys kidding?

As Najib said? Woah Matthias Gomes, you’re losing respect big time by bodeking like that (ignoring apartheid) and the bluffing of Indians as if the Indians were so easily taken in . . .

Note on Propaganda : Some writers Neurolinguistically Programme readers via the title of their article. Gomes NLPs via his closing statements. All are still NLPs. So readers, in this article’s case Indian readers, learn the PARTS of an article or essay, and read each PART independently as if it were a separate article. This is your ‘learning about propaganda articles’ note for the day. Joseph Goebbels would doubtless have noticed. Whats wrong with ending apartheid Gomes?


What I think of Jessie Ooi – by  Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle – Saturday, 25 February 2012 08:48

Coming across a post on Sin Chew Jit Poh (scroll below), urging the people especially the cyber-citizens to forgive Jessie Ooi caught me by surprise. Unable to follow the debate televised live on national TV as it was in Mandarin, I was wondering what was the fuss all was about?

Further reading of her open statements to the public and the ugly comments that followed had me stupefied. The Chinese, presumably the commentators are really Chinese, are really crucifying her without mercy.

How can the Chinese do this to one of their own kind? After all, she is only human and her only mistake was the series of silly questions she posed about tow trucks and the assessment rates! What’s the big deal?

And why are they calling her Ms Tow Truck? To me, she looks quite attractive actually. Kinda remind me of Angelina Jolie minus the mike she’s holding. Not in any way like a tow truck. She’s got flair, long flowing hair and sweet lips, perfect for a shampoo advertisement, if I may add. But then I admit I have always liked the Chinese lasses, but sad to say, till today have not summoned up the courage to ask one out for a date.

Explanations made the people even angrier

Anyway back to the subject matter of Jessie Ooi; my initial thought is that she looks quite innocent to be an inexperienced politician out to impress her boss Chua Soi Lek. In her statement after the incident, she had made a halfhearted attempt to apologize, hoping to raise public sympathy and understanding, while exhorting the public to leave her and her family alone.

Obviously horrified at the torrent of vulgar outrage pouring into her Facebook pages, she has made Police Reports and has threatened to sue for defamation.

However, her first statement only served to inflame the already sizzling anger, with enraged commentators mocking her unrepentant attitude and the way she tried to wriggle out of her predicament by lamely trying to lay the blame on the DAP. Kinda’ remind me of Hassan Ali when he was caught in a similar fix.

The wrong ‘brand’

Yes, we shouldn’t involve her family or children. It’s not her fault and neither is it her family’s. She has every right to ask questions at the debate. The crowd could have over-reacted and given her a rough time but that could be because of her political affiliation to the MCA.

No doubt, Jessie also benefits from the heightened profile and is now basking in fame that she would never otherwise have gained if not for the fact that she had also hit out at Lim Guan Eng and DAP. But this is actually an eye-opener for her and other young aspiring politicians.

Representing the right ‘brand’ is important. Choose the wrong one like the MCA and you get smeared and stereotyped into the same mold as Chua Soi Lek and believe me, no one wants to be like CSL!

Oh yes! The debate was in Mandarin. But if it was in English I think the Indians and Malays would join in the chorus to pick her off too. Again, for the same reasons. Sometimes public reaction on such scale is better than any so-called independent polls and popularity surveys. This is spontaneous, off-the-cuff, knee-jerk, Honest-Injun response.

You would do wise to take heed, my dear Jessie. Life is a long journey and there are up and downs along the way but keep savvy but don’t stay on the wrong path for too long or it will be tough to make a serious return – ask Dr M, whom people are now saying wants to become prime minister again.

‘Ah Ying’? [[[ *** Typical low browness of the local Chinese lapdogs, much like Ah-Niu was used to sabotage Ong Ka Ting . . . *** ]]]

Anyway, not to be outdone, Jessie issued a second statement to defend her innocence, which caused even more public uproar.

It’s not so much about the silly questions she posed, but the uncouth way she presented herself in public that left the audience shell-shocked, the commentators roared. What’s worse was the tone of her voice (near screaming) and the way she waggled her fingers while debating with a fellow politician on live television! That’s what they say anyway, my dear, so sorry to be so rude on your personal traits.

To be fair, after sifting through the comments, quite frankly, the people were genuinely taken aback at her impoliteness and her uncouth attitude. She portrayed herself as the the female Ah Beng – is it Ah Ying? – and that was part of the basis for the furious backlash.

Sad to say, she doesn’t seem to realize the combination of factors for her current infamy. At this point in time, she may even be congratulating herself – no publicity is bad publicity! But I am old-fashioned, I disagree. I rather do without this sort of fleeting notoriety and neither do I want to be called an ‘Ah Ying’ for that matter.

Don’t be used by others in the MCA

To recap, the topic of the debate was: ‘The Chinese at the Political Crossroad.’ Sincerely, what have tow trucks and assessment rates got to do with that topic? And the ‘half Penangite’ attempt was simply hilarious!! Half of the Penangites on Penang Island are still laughing away, or so I hear!

Sad to say, the episode is likely to cost BN a lot of votes for Selayang, where she is an MCA Beliawanis member. Someone has also retorted that she deserves an Oscar Award for her sterling ‘performance’.

MCA leaders were startled at the response and initially thought it was a good thing – much like a corpse given a new lease of life. But they are now feeling a bit embarrassed and avoiding the issue, reluctant to come to her defense.

Many believe that she should just tone down, be humble, apologize and put it behind her. Stop issuing a third statement – unless it is very well-thought-out and sincere –  and close her Facebook account until the coast is clear and hope it will blow over soon. Any more clumsy attempts to explain her actions will only fan the flames of disgruntlement and may permanently blight her still-young career.

Incidentally, Jessie must take care not to be used by others in the MCA – it is her name and career on the line here.

Arrogance in politics is always asking for trouble

This is indeed a lesson for her that arrogant actions – yes, she was arrogant – can trigger an ugly side in people who normally may be very polite. The herd instinct once roused is very powerful.  She should know by now that unlike the Malays, the Chinese are not so forgetful and she wouldn’t want to be in the bad books of the community if she values her political career.

Meanwhile, let’s forgive her and leave her alone for a while. Unless, of course, she stirs up another provocative statement. We believe she has a lot on her mind right now. If the response had been public adulation, she can bet her last dollar Chua Soi Lek and team would rush to garland her and claim the victory as theirs. But if the response is like it is now – terrible! – it looks like she may have to sit on the ‘cold bench’ for a while.

Also, in the meantime, can someone please ask that cowardly Chua Soi Lek to release the transcript of the debate and not sit on it for so long? I am seldom so blunt, but this is the outside of enough. If CSL doesn’t dare to release the transcripts, just announce he won’t but don’t get a minion to lodge police reports against the DAP for asking. Isn’t that simply crazy?

Finally, remember that tow trucks in the city are not just for clamping vehicles but they also play an important role when your car seizes up in high-traffic roads like Jalan Ampang or along the highway. Do give the operators some credit.

Malaysia Chronicle

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

What we should think about Jessie Ooi, is much like every other MP deserves in thought as well, is that AFTER 2 terms at most, we do not ant to see her as an MP anymore. What is Jessie Ooi’s stand on :

Section 8 of the Land Acquisition Act? Aye or Nay?
Ending APARTHEID in all aspects of law and constitution? Aye of Nay?

Other than that we don’t care, because term limits means democracy means Jessie Ooi is OUT in 2 terms.


Putrajaya can afford RM50b to scrap highway tolls, says Guan Eng – March 01, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, March 1 — DAP’s Lim Guan Eng today denounced the federal government for striking a lopsided deal that benefitted highway toll companies without public consultation, arguing that it could afford to pay RM50 billion to abolish the concessions.

The Penang chief minister accused Putrajaya of “victimising” Penangites when it decided to extend the length of toll charges for two highway companies for another 17 years in exchange for not raising the rates by only 10 per cent.

He argued that if Penangites were given a choice, they would have rather paid the 15 to 25 per cent hikes every five years until 2021, compared to forking over money until 2038 to use the Penang Bridge and the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE).

“Tan Sri Nor (Mohamed Yakcop) should also explain how the revision deal of extension of the Penang Bridge toll concession from 2021 to 2038 in exchange for no toll hikes of 10 per cent indeed benefits Penangites,” he said, referring to the minister in the Prime Minister’s Department who is also Umno MP for Tasek Gelugor.

He had previously dared Nor Mohamed to a public debate on whether terminating toll collections by profitable concessionaires would force the government into bankruptcy, after the minister reportedly said such a move would lead to government insolvency.

“BKE is even worse than the Penang Bridge as there will be toll hikes of five per cent for every three years after 2016 instead of every five years,” Lim added.

According to Lim, Putrajaya would only need to pay a maximum of RM50 billion to scrap the toll contracts for the North South Expressway (NSE) and the Penang Bridge, adding that the federal government could afford that much.

“RM50 billion will not bankrupt the nation. It is corruption, abuse of power and cronyism that will bankrupt the nation. After all the new MRT project costs more than RM50 billion,” the Bagan MP said, repeating a point he had made on several occasions.

Government-linked Projek Leburaya Usahasama (Plus) Bhd is the largest toll company in Southeast Asia and operates the 772km-long NSE and BKE, among others.

Citing from the Global Financial Integrity Report, Lim said that Malaysia’s outflows from illicit money had amounted to some RM1.077 trillion.

Lim urged the federal government to stop toll collection on the NSE “immediately”, adding that the operator had recouped three times over its original investment of RM6 billion.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Oh look, MP Parrot takes up a cause ‘Members of MARAH’, ‘tabled’ in 2001.

Make DAP a better party by ending limitless terms and oligarchy and not being too arrogant to the grassroots (i.e. respond when communicated with) otherwise Pakatan will still be a dinosaur coalition led by another handful of families. Pakatan is NOT the solution and the solution to Toll Concessions is in fact by ending nepotism, limitless terms, abuse of council laws and 750K funerals, with most important of all, the below 3 items :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Where are those Local Council Elections at 66.6% quorum? Pakatan Coalition has forgotten EVERYTHING.

Where are those MP Asset Declarations (not EXCO Asset Declarations – you are hiding behind you liars . . . )

See below Article for more FAILURES of Pakatan that makes 3rd Force Coalition the best way out, we do not need a second BN in the form of Pakatan :


Nepotism and Cronyism in Pakatan : posted on January 10, 2012 by editor

It can go beyond being preposterous and a classic case of nepotism and cronyism rearing its ugly head in Pakatan.

The latest fiasco is that the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), which comes under the purview of the Selangor Pakatan government, had appointed legal firms connected to a few PKR leaders.

Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin had named PKR vice-president N. Surendran, Petaling Jaya councillor Derek Fernandex, PKR central committee member R. Sivarasa and MBPJ councillor Latheefa Koya as having enriched themselves by taking the lion share of the council’s legal work.

He had alleged that Sivarasa had now moved into a new posh office and that Surendran was now chauffeured around in an expensive car after being appointed legal representatives for the council.

The MBPJ had however claimed there were no legal firms linked to either Surendran and Derek Fernandez that were officially appointed by the council to deal with its legal matters.

That does not mean that the two PKR leaders were not engaged as individuals and paid direct for legal advice and work done.

Well the MBPJ statement could have been well drafted by the PKR leaders themselves so as to absolve any blame or wrong doing on the council.

Then the classic explanation by MBPJ was that it was alright and was not a conflict of interest for Sivarasa’s firm Daim & Gamany to be appointed as a panel firm for the council.

Their reasoning – Sivarasa is not a councillor and that Latheefa Koya who is a MBPJ councillor was only a legal assistant with the firm.

How absurd can it go. The very fact that Sivarasa is a PKR leader and that Latheefa is a councillor, partner or not a partner with the firm, does not matter.

Even a Form One student can tell you that it is a clear cut case of conflict of interest and clear elements of abuse of power in question.

Politicians should not be appointed to represent the council as far as legal matters are concerned as they are complex matters. This is to ensure neutrality and impartially.

The appointment of PKR politicians on the legal panel will breed miscarriage of action within the administration of the council. Important action might conveniently be overlooked as a result of partisan parties being on the legal panel.

The council’s argument was that the appointment was discussed at a full council meeting in August, 2009, and that Latheefa was absent at the time does not give MBPJ the passport to appoint Sivarasa’s firm to be on the council’s panel.

Worse still the MBPJ’s legal adviser said there was no conflict of interest. He should be sacked for not giving proper advice.

The conflict of interest bug seemed to be an “in thing” within the Pakatan administration.

Just recently, this portal reported that former Perak exco member Nga Kor Ming had a lot of explanation to do after it had been revealed that his wife’s company was previously awarded the tailoring contract to make lounge suits for Ipoh City councillors when Pakatan Rakyat was ruling Perak.

His wife’s company Ethan & Elton Sdn Bhd submitted the highest bid among five bidders but was eventually awarded the contract to make 24 lounge suits for the councillors.

Ethan & Elton Sdn Bhd which submitted a bid for RM650 per suit ended up being awarded the job in 2008, when four other bidders who submitted much lower bids did not win the contract.

I rest my case.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The above article says it all. Once again I remind all voters :

It is best that the voters run for candidacy as independents to remove such laws including apartheid laws or join 3rd Force political parties like :

KITA, JATI, MCLM (whats left of MCLM, but homophobes could find it a good party that has 20 candidates), PCM, Borneo Front, Konsensus Bebas, HRP/Hindraf and PSM.

BN                       Racist, Nepotistic, Corrupt
PR                       Nepotistic, Corrupt (also abusing Land Acquisition Act powers now . . .)
3rd Force        Corrupt only? Or potentially flawless.
Independent  Any single or combination of the above.

Chinatown is being taken apart by PAP style MRT companies under Pakatan Coalition, private property being threatened with destruction and invasive by-laws by Pakatan, 750K funerals from OUR taxpayer funds are being signed off in laws to YM Lim Jr types, and their term limitless oligarch families . . . petty traders (not the regular types who afford REAL shops which have rent assessments (that can also be reduced to zero with the right MPs en masse) and hire foreign workers, but those barely scrapping by in terrible conditions on the 5 footways or roadsides and even the loansharks would feel bad about taking away their gas tanks or cheapo goods damn those bad-by-law continuers who refuse to amend, vote them to hell) are being targeted and threatened and more . . . with the below 2 comments very much telling on the unvotability of BN and Pakatan, so it’s best to vote for 3rd Force :

@Zeki says: January 11, 2012 at 10:08 am

BN’s power hinges entirely on its control of the PDRM, the AG’s Chambers, MACC and Petronas. The presence of Umno-BN tentacles in all corners of the system is an open secret. If we look at the police, MACC, Attorney-General’s Chambers and the other government departments, they are all aligned to Umno-BN. A good example is Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is untouchable. Similarly, Umno Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil is another. The only way to stop the cancer from spreading further is to throw out Umno-BN in GE13.

However, the Umno old guards are very worried that their elaborate retirement plans will soon be scuttled. The whole Sodomy 2 fiasco was having the opposite of its intended effects, meaning that the opposition was gaining support as a result, and BN was bleeding because of it. They now wished they had never started it. This verdict was their least-worst option. It wasn’t a great option for them, but the other options would be far worse. Umno-BN has dug its own grave. It’s a matter of time they fall into it.

@PR Hipokrit says: February 6, 2012 at 1:00am

Please, everytime I see an allegation that BN is rotten and corrupt, I see a mirror image in Pakatan. Wake up, politicians and parties need funds, and you can bet your last taxpayer’s sen that money is being siphoned off from Selangor and Penang to fund PR’s campaign for GE-13. I feel it is fine for us to criticise BN, but don’t daydream PR is your knight in shining armour. What’s important is the rakyat and NGOs are granted basic freedoms to query and protest, and I think we are all enjoying that even as we write and complain on sites like these, not to mention so many times people been let off easy for street demos. I still put my trust in BN to manage the country in a time we face a terrible global recession, and I hope they finally wisened up and stop fooling around with rakyat’s money. Think things are changing, but putting PR into power ‘just-to-teach-BN-a-lesson’ will derail reforms and change taking place in the Government. We cannot afford to have the next 5 years of inexperienced, squabbling politicians. Surely you are not to blind to see PR will only fall apart once they takeover Putrajaya. Their uneasy coalition will start feuding over irreconciliable differences, especially between PAS and DAP. Everybody in PR is lying low, but when Putrajaya is in their hands, everyone will start fighting again as they have done in the past. PR will never match BN in terms of unity. We need unity of the Ruling Party. Wake up guys, ever heard the phrase ‘from the frying pan into the fire?’ BN is trying to clean itself up, and I think we can see for the first time in Malaysian history big names like Tun Ling, Khir Toyo (and hopefully soon Shahrizat) are turning up at court. In times of extreme global uncertainty, I’ll go with the proven managers. That’s conventional wisdom, be good if Malaysians heed it for its own sake. But then again, maybe it is the rakyat that needs to be taught a lesson, not BN. Maybe the rakyat needs to suffer under PR before they wisen up :)

@PR Hipokrit : The Rakyat HAVE suffered, it’s not too widely known yet. See Teo Beng Hock? Or the Gambier Threat? Or the Chinatown MRT spat? ALL under Pakatan’s watch. Some of us NEARLY were martyred for DAP’s selfish and people unfriendly, family-clique based cause and are still suffering. All who have suffered will fight the creeps, especially the new ones pretend to be saviours to the end. More of the same, but in different form . . . though I”d take out the family blocs and party cliques in Pakatan first and formost, the rest seem to be quite alright.

3rd Force being little associated with the GLC and Globalist (Zionist?!?) bunch world wide, is less likely to collude and will indeed amend laws rather than use the same laws to threaten the Rakyat. Choose the poorest, least known (less chance of international collusion), least educated, least family linked, most local, and most ordinary type of candidate (indie candidates), or 3rd Force political parties to avoid the arrogance and self serving bastardy of the above 2 coalitions. I have brough up many issues, and the only response by Pakatan was cynical and defensive gestures, and an absolute refusal to welcome people with independent views.

Overview of what value is left in Pakatan :

Stick with the non-family bloc or non-clique types, which is abut 50% of Pakatan. Ther rest are quite difficult and should be replaced by 3rd Forcers. Being heavily influenced by PAP and PAP’s nepotism and authoritarianism par excellence Mubarak and Gaddaffi (all family member types) does not help DAP. Being heavily influenced by ‘some’ factions in the USA (the Zionist lobby?!?) does not help PKR (See Note 1’s comment below). Being overly enamoured of the Hudud bunch does not help PAS (there are 2 clear factions in PAS, with a thread of ethics that none have matched, lets hope the less fundo-types in PAS temper their less all encompassing brethren. Save for the unambiguity of the PAS Supporter’s Congress in the context of membership and voting rights (why not absorb entirely as regular members???) PAS looks much less nepotistic than PKR or DAP where it’s all oligarchs and term limitless family blocs. I had much hope for Pakatan but now I know that 50% of the lot are UNVOTABLE do not like independent critical thinking members in Pakatan, and need to be replaced by 3rd FORCERS!

Note 1

@dugosays: January 11, 2012 at 10.39 pm

Immediately after spending 6 years in jail and jobless throughout, Anwar bought a rm7 millions mansion in Segambut. Can anyone beat that? the poorest and jobless with millions to spend? the one who appointed his father Ibrahim to be in the board of numerous public listed companies during his reign as finance minister and dpm? who established the so-called Class A Wibawa for government contracts worth billions of ringgit and single-handedly approved these projects to his cronies, Kam J being one of them? the one who flew everywhere in helicopters, even for hari raya open houses when he was dpm? wish I am the poorest finance minister too. well, tun tan siew sin poorer than this sudumisai(subject to appeal)? beats me!!!!

To recap : Vote for 3rd Force, non-nepotist, non-GLC linked, non-racists, non plutocrat, non-oligarch ONLY.