Swan song night for Cheryl Cole on X Factor U.S. as axed judge takes final bow – by Chris Johnson – 29th September 2011

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Her screen time on last week’s premiere show was somewhat limited. But axed X Factor U.S. judge Cheryl Cole took her final turn on the Fox show last night as footage was aired of the last auditions she filmed in Chicago. Last week the 28-year-old singer was sitting pretty on the panel during the Los Angeles stop before her seat was filled by replacement judge Nicole Scherzinger just an hour into the talent show. All over: Cheryl Cole made her last appearance on the X Factor USA last night All over:

Cheryl Cole made her last appearance on the X Factor USA last night She was not seen at all during the second episode last Thursday. But it seems producers have given her a consolation prize of sorts by spanning her contribution over two weeks rather than one – ‘killing’ her off more slowly, so to speak. Girls Aloud star Cheryl was sensationally axed from the show back in May after just four days of filming in LA and then later in Chicago. Last night she was billed as the ‘UK’s biggest pop star’ returning to the X Factor ‘for one last city’ in a voice-over by Welsh host Steve Jones. Moving on: The British pop star was axed back in May after just four days of filming She had big dreams of conquering America but Cheryl – but has only appeared in around two hours of air time on the show over the two weeks.

Fans were quick to take to Twitter and praise Cheryl’s performance on the show. One wrote: ‘Why can’t Cheryl Cole be a judge instead of Nicole? Cheryl is much hotter and has a sexy accent.’ While another added: ‘Can Cheryl Cole come back to X Factor America? Because she is precious and I don’t know what to do without her precious accent.’ Round of applause: Cheryl was replaced by Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger after just one week Another tweeted: ‘Nicole Scherzinger is unbearable. Bring Cheryl Cole back, please! #xfactor.’

As a fourth wrote on Twitter: ‘Why did Cheryl Cole get fired!?! She’s way better than Nicole!’ Last week after a big introduction, Cheryl vanished without any proper explanation to viewers. It was quite the disappearing act, with a voiceover from presenter Jones that said: ‘With a new city comes a big change – the arrival of a new judge.’ When asked about his controversial decision, Simon Cowell, 50, recently said he replaced Cole because she seemed ‘bewildered’ – and many may well agree. While some U.S. critics branded replacement Scherzinger a ‘downgrade’, those who had watched Cole for years on the British X Factor were certainly left wondering where her stardust had gone.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

From a video handphone , any number of stars or even qualified music teachers and music professors, could send in their live broadcast votes at any time from anywhere if they were watching. This way hundreds of votes could be given than just the 3 live judges who should be expanded to as many seats as any number of stars wanting to attend.

The renumeration of course should be split among any stars appearing at the studio, though the current renumeration to have an attitude and thumb up or down is excessive. We should value the opinions of as many judges as possible and practise democracy. This is harmful and hegemonic especially when the same judges are used again and again.

By this logic Cheryl should not feel bothered at all by the ‘axing’. Who knows they intentionally decide who is to be ‘axed’. Well this nullifies the effect, as hegemony is quite worthless and Cheryl, like all judges should sit in for a session at most. It’s not something to bleed the TV network or indirectly the taxpayers (hence viewers) by.


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